Hawaii Five – Oh Ch. 04

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The gallery was packed with the usual buyers, former models, friends and hangers on. It was unveiling night for mom’s three pictures of me and my lovely little lady, Sharon, the 20-year-old bikini model.

Karla, at 50 a slightly larger version of me, was stunning in a red satin dress, her nipples protruding into the material like organ stops. For my slightly less lush 32-year-old figure I had chosen an ankle length black satin number, and from its sheer cut you could immediately tell I wasn’t wearing bra or panties.

It was getting on for unveiling time and still the dark-haired little vixen wasn’t here. Just as I thought we’d have to go ahead, without her, Sharon arrived with a beautiful blonde on her arm.

“Hi Darla,” said Sharon, breathlessly, as she brought her companion over to me. “Sorry I’m late, but I promised Karen here I’d introduce you and she was fuckin’ late. Darla – meet Karen. Now, I must say hi to Karla.”

And with that, my little subby left me with the blue-eyed blonde. “Sorry about that,” said Karen. “I’ve only been in Hawaii for a month or so and I got lost on my way to Sharon’s apartment.”

“Where are you from and why the move to Hawaii?” I asked.

“I’m from dreary old Wisconsin , but I made a move here for my line of work,” she told me.

“And what would that be exactly?” I asked, drinking in her full, firm breasts, encased in a sheer white evening dress, which stopped way above her knees.

“I’m a Sharon,” she laughed.

“A Sharon?” I said, puzzled.

“Yeah, a bikini model, Darla!” she replied.

She must have been disappointed by my reaction. “Hey don’t you think I’m built for it?” she asked, with a sweet little pout. “I work out every day and I hit the tape at 36-23-35. That’s OK isn’t it?”

A passing waiter pressed a glass of Taittinger into her hand, as I responded: “It’s not OK, Karen, it’s fuckin’ fantastic!”

And I meant it, she was a little stunner, just a bit taller than Sharon, but still a couple of inches below my rather statuesque height. “Now let me introduce you around.”

That had been some hours ago, and now the caterers had left, the crowds had gone – all gushing in their appreciation of mom’s three paintings of me and Sharon – and Karla, Sharon, Karen and I were up in the house, sipping on chardonnays and relaxing after the evening’s activities.

After some chat, Sharon stood brightly and announced: “Darla, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve promised to show Karla my apartment on Kuhio. Be a pet and look after Karen, will you?”

Then, mom and my little subby swept out. Showing her the apartment! Her pretty little pussy, more like! Then I glanced at Karen and saw a look of disappointment on her face, then tears started to dribble down her lovely cheeks.

I picked up my chardonnay and moved over to the couch and sat beside her, placing an arm across her lovely tanned shoulders. “There, there, baby,” I said softly, “tell Darla all about it.”

Between heaving sobs, Karen wept out her tale of woe. “I hardly know anyone here, Sharon’s the only person I really know, but she’s like a sister, I don’t fancy her.

“And tonight two disgusting old men hit on me – and I don’t like men, disgusting old men, or disgusting young men.”

Phew, I thought, that’s a relief!

“And then I saw those paintings your mom did of you and Sharon and I got, I got …” Her voice faded away.

I stroked her corn-coloured hair. “Yes, baby, you got what?” I said, as comfortingly as possible.

More tears, then: “I got jealous. I got envious, and I felt terrible with myself. Tell me, Darla?” Then her voice trailed away again.

“What, sweetie?” I said, still stroking her lovely head.

“Did she, oh you know, in that picture where’s she’s kneeling orhangazi escort behind you, did she? I mean, did she touch you there?”

I placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and smiled. “Yes, my darling, we posed for mom’s camera – she works from the photos – and yes, Sharon touched me there. But don’t ever be jealous darling.”

And with that I rose, unclipped the dress behind my neck and let it fall to the floor, leaving me nude but for my high heels. My 38-26-36, part-Polynesian brown body gleamed in the light. Then, slowly but deliberately I turned with my back to the lovely blonde bikini model and bent over, hands grasping my thighs just above the knees, feet spread a yard apart.

All right, it was, I must confess, a lurid, blatant sexual display, but I hoped it would serve its purpose – Karen would either accept my erotic offer, or storm out, or storm into one of two bedrooms. Mine, which would be fine, or the guest room, which I have to admit, would not have been so fine.

For what seemed like forever, but was probably only 15 or 20 seconds I remained bent, my heart pounding, waiting for Karen to make her mind up. Then I heard a zipper at work. My heart leapt!

Then I felt hot breath on my buttocks. My heart was now going like a steam hammer!

Then a pointy little tongue flicked out and licked at my tangy anus, tasting its primal fruit, flickering and fluttering over its dark brown orifice. My heart was no longer a steam hammer, it was a soaring jet engine!

Slowly, not wanting to dislodge the bikini model’s mouth from my nether regions, I straightened up, until her face was buried between my cheeks. Then I pulled away and turned round, placed my hand in her left armpit and made her rise to her feet.

The beautiful blonde was wearing a vivid white satin bra and sheer, see-through white knickers. “Come along, darling,” I said, quietly, “we’ve got a lot of things to do, a lot of places to explore.” And taking her by the hand, I led her into the bedroom – mine, of course, not the guest room!

As we kicked off our high heels, Karen unclipped her bra, revealing a stunning, mouth-wateringly tasty pair of breasts, the nipples large and pink, with hardly any areolae. Then her panties came off, to show a small patch of blonde hair on her mons, sweet, slender little lips at her pussy.

Leaving the lights on, I lay back on the piled pillows and Karen climbed onto the bed and stood straddling me. Her pussy was close, close enough for me to inhale the alluring aroma. I also noticed that wherever she had been sunbathing it was not secluded enough to allow to do it in the nude. A small white triangle of flesh showed where her pussy had been covered from the sun’s rays. So pretty!

Then her snatch was sliding onto my mouth, allowing me to taste the sweet secretions from her cunt, and the slightly salty, tangy taste of urine from between her flaps. She had obviously been for a piss a couple of times during the evening.

My mouth went to work first at her anus, taut and tight and exciting. I probed it, only by a millimetre or so, feeling her sigh as I entered, even just minutely. Then I was at her gushing cunt, sucking down her sweet sex juice, then at her slim labia lips, then through the divide there, tasting once more her saltiness, then up to her throbbing clit.

Soon she was taking charge of my forays, thrusting and pushing down onto my face, and when she decided it was time to experience the Big O, she held my head with one hand, and gasped: “Now, you wonderful woman, now!”

I flattened my tongue out across her clit and pressed against it firmly, and then she shrieked “Oh fuckin’ hell, fuckin’, fuckin’ hell” so loud I was afraid it would awaken the neighbours. After all, it nilüfer escort was gone midnight.

But the only sounds as she panted down from her plateau of pleasure was the thrum from my air conditioning and the hum from the cicadas outside the bedroom window.

Karen then slowly slid down my body, the thatch of her mons sweat-stained and slippery against my mouth, her taut, flat little tummy, then her upper torso, the valley between those superb breasts, then her throat then her mouth, until we were exchanging sloppy, yummy, “let me eat you all over again” kisses, the aroma of her sex on my mouth.

Then she was on the move again, her mouth tracing down my throat, down to one large breast, sucking at the erect nipple, then over my rib cage, down over my belly, onto my little short-haired forest before delving down past my lush labia lips, past my cunt to alight once more on my anus.

Her tongue was more adventurous this time, trying to force its way into my back passage, and succeeding as I relaxed totally to her tongue thrusts, enjoying the feeling of her pretty little pointed tongue just inside me. Then she pulled back, and the moistness of her tongue mingled with the dampness at my dripping cunt, before she sucked on my piss flaps, paused to growl “Yummy” before she alighted on my screaming-for-relief clit.

I widened my thighs, placed them on her shoulders, now slippery with sweat, and gave myself to her probing, clit- caressing tongue as the flood of climax swept me up in its all-embracing arms.

Soon I was emulating her cries of delight as I came on her mouth. “Yes, my darling, eat me, eat me, fuckin’ eat me” I yelled, as she brought me to a totally satisfying orgasm, which dragged on and on as she licked and sucked at my erect clit.

Finally, I had to push her voracious little tongue away and press my thighs together.

She smiled up at me, then rose and placed one of her glorious globes to my mouth. “Where did you learn to make love like that?” I said, still panting from my erotic exertions.

Karen grinned enigmatically, before replying: “Just let’s say an older woman.”

“How much older?” I asked.

“I was 18 and she was 30,” said my lovely little new conquest.

“And how old are you now?” I queried.

“I’m 20 – and you, you wonderful woman?” said the bikini model.

“I’m 32,” I laughed. “So your original tutor is the same age as me.”

“But nowhere near as good, my mature mistress,” she said.

Then, in a more serious tone, Karen asked: “Will your mom and Sharon be doing what I think they’re doing?”

“Almost certainly, darling,” I said, “I’m afraid my lovely little Sharon has a thing about older women – older women like my mother, in particular.”

“Show me something that you think they’ll be doing, mistress,” Karen whispered.

That was easy. I made her lay flat on her back, her head and shoulders propped on the pillows I arranged lengthways down the bed. Then I knelt above her face and lowered my pussy, still damp from its earlier excitement, and felt her tongue flickering here, there and everywhere.

I lowered myself to her beautiful snatch, and pressed my mouth onto her mons, then down to her cunt, then even further to her most secret destination, before licking and laving there, as she attacked my clit.

Again I roared my appreciation of her youthful tongue as it worked me back to another noisy climax, then I slithered down from her mouth and arranged myself between her thighs, her pussy wet and inviting.

“Shh,” said Karen, halting me in my tracks. “Do you have a strap-on, darling?”

“Yes,” I replied, “but I rarely use it.”

“Please use it on me, I love the sense of invasion it gives,” she pleaded, as I gazed türbanlı escort at her magnificent minge. From my bedside table drawer I pushed aside my lovely lash, my punishing paddle and found my red rubber strap-on.

I pulled it up over my hips, adjusting the red rubber straps over my lushness, with the understrap between my pussy and arse cheeks and turned to face her. The bright red imitation cock, seven-and-a-half inches of stiffness, stood ready to invade her. The balls were bright red and firmly bunched.

She sat up and placed her lips over its head, sucking it until she had left a sheen of shining, slippery spittle on the rubber.

Then she lay back and spread herself. I knelt above her, positioned the cock head at her cunt lips and pushed gently but deliberately into her. As I did, I kept my upper body above her, my arms straight, my fists bunched on the mattress.

This allowed Karen to suck and kiss at my lush, large 38-inch breasts as they hung above her face. Her mouth was soft yet insistent, sucking my nipples into even larger erection than they had achieved when I had driven my strap-on into her.

Then I fell against her toned, taut body and relished in the wonderful contact as our pubic bones banged together, our mons mingling in hairy embrace.

“Oh yes, that’s so fuckin’ great, so fuckin’ good, yes mistress, fuck me, mistress, fuck me, oh you’re so fuckin’ fantastic,” cried my glorious little 20-year-old friend, thrusting her pussy against mine with every plunge of the dildo.

Then came her climax, but as she calmed I realised I still needed more! After her body had returned to normal, I pulled the strap-on back, until, with a small plopping sound, it dropped from her cunt. But in dropping the dildo, sopping wet from its insertion into her vagina, was now at her anal lips.

Why not, I thought. And without even pausing in my movement, I pressed the red rubber against the brown orifice. Karen tensed, but I kissed her on the mouth, at first gently, then harder and harder until our lips were locked into a mashing, smashing kiss.

As I did this, I pushed the dildo home and at first there was some resistance – nothing much to speak of, but resistance nevertheless. “Easy baby,” I cooed, “relax, let it happen.”

And then she opened herself to me and the rubber intruder slid inexorably up her anus, driving deep into her darkest regions, until my mons was thrusting and rubbing against her piss flaps.

Soon she was back on the verge of yet another orgasm, as the red rubber implement continued rogering her sweet little arsehole, then she exploded into another contented orgasm.

Laying exhausted in each others arms, I unhitched the strap-on and threw it to the floor. It could be washed and lubricated again later, now it was time to sleep.

I was woken with the sun streaming through the bedroom windows, the cicadas making an unholy Saturday morning racket outside, and Karen making a holy visit to my twat temple. What a lovely way to be woken up!

We were enjoying a totally unhealthy fry up of hash browns, bacon, eggs and sausages, washed down by large mugs of piping hot black coffee when the phone rang.

“Hi, this is Darla,” I said, formally. You never know, it could be a client.

“Hi darl,” cried Sharon, “it’s me. How’s it with you?”

I smiled, looking across at the gorgeous bikini model opposite me, clad only in her bra and panties, blowing a kiss in my direction.

“It’s rather wonderful, actually, my love,” I replied.

“How did you like Karen?” asked my little vixen of a subby.

“I liked her very much. She’s very – oh, how can I put this? – she’s very inventive, Sharon,” I replied, leaving her in absolutely no doubt as to what had gone on between us during the night.

“Oh, Darla, that’s so fuckin’ great,” said my dark-haired little subby. “She’s such a sweetie, but she’s like me – she’s got this thing about older women. And she’s so fuckin’ lonely.”

“Believe me, darling,” I told her, “she’s not lonely any more!”

To be continued…

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