Hidden Feelings Ch. 02

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The 2nd part of our continuing Saga of Rebecca and Alexandra, this is a very long story and there will be at least one more part. A long(ish) part 😉

Enjoy part two of Hidden Feelings.


Part Two “Memories Resurfaced”


I won’t cry. I really won’t. I like to think I’m stronger. Plus, I have no tears left to give. I knew we were leaving. And we weren’t coming back. But, I had questions. I needed answers. As she packed up my things, she turned to me and smiled. I did my best to smile, but it wouldn’t come.

As I looked around our burnt apartment, once our pride and joy, now just a smouldering wreck of what used to be. Some embers were still smoking, and the smell of burnt clothing and the ash in the air was playing hell with my senses.

Not much had survived, a few of her paintings, which I had suggested she had kept in a safe, some clothes, and our photos from when we were friends, before we crossed the threshold into Love.

As she zipped up my bag she kissed me and, despite my sadness that everything was gone, I felt elated. They were just clothes and paintings. They could be re-bought and re-painted. We were okay. Our Love was intact. Despite best efforts.

She opened what remained of the door and stepped out, holding my hand we left. To where, I don’t know. But as long as I’m with her, I don’t care where, as long as I’m with her. She feels the same way I think. I’ve always been able to read her like a book.

I guess right now, you’re wondering why we’re leaving. Why my….Our apartment was burned nearly to the ground. This is the second fire to rage against me, and twice I’ve survived, whilst my possessions hadn’t.

Sure, you have questions, I wish I had answers. I have some suspicions, but Police say they’re unfounded. I know the bastard did it. And I know why…..


*Two Days Prior*


I woke up with a warm sensation in my arms, and I knew then that last night wasn’t a beautiful dream. I snuggled against the warm body and heard a giggle. When I opened my eyes, I found Rebecca watching me intently, those blue/violet eyes filled with Love, Lust, and a whole paradigm of other emotions that I reciprocated entirely.

‘Good Morning Beautiful’ she said and I chuckled, closing my eyes and yawning. ‘There isn’t a mirror there you know’ I said and she blushed. She looked so cute (and not to mention sexy as all hell) that I couldn’t resist a quick kiss.

As soon as my lips touched hers I knew that a quick kiss was impossible. What was meant to be a chaste good morning peck turned into a searing kiss that left me aroused to no end!

Somehow, she ended up on top of me and was holding my hands next to my ears while she ravaged my mouth with her soft, pliant tongue. I was almost surrendering to this sensual woman’s will before my stomach groaned in protest, and my bladder complained along with it.

‘You….Feel….Good….But I….Need….To get u…. Up’ I said while she kissed me every chance she got. She reluctantly got off me and lightly slapped my ass as I walked to the bathroom.

‘Hey! You little minx, I’ll get you for that!’ I said with a grin and she smirked, arching an eyebrow. ‘That’s a promise’ she said, blowing me a kiss as I closed the door.

Once behind closed doors, I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. I looked in the mirror and laughed; I looked so goofy with my too-big-grin.

I got into the shower and turned on the water, yelping slightly as the frigid liquid hit me full force.

I shivered and got out, waiting for the water to heat up. I Poked my dripping head out the door.

‘Rebecca!’ I called and she stuck her head out of her walk-in closet. ‘Yes?’ she asked and I arched an eyebrow. ‘How cold is your shower?’ I asked and she smiled. ‘Why?’ she asked innocently and I just scoffed, turning back to the Devil Shower.

‘I’ll be too cold’ I said with a pout and she gasped, stepping out of her closet.

‘Well, we can’t have that can we’ she said with a sexy grin and I smiled right back as she sauntered over to me and drew me in for a kiss. I pushed her away and stepped into the shower again. It was still cold, but not that cold.

I made a ‘come hither’ gesture with my finger with my sexiest smile and she returned it, stepping into the shower and immediately claiming my mouth with hers. I fought for dominance, but she was just too in tune with my body. We had only slept together once though, what the hell was she doing to me?

She ran her hands into my hair and I groaned as her nails raked along my scalp, she broke the kiss and kissed just below my chin and I gasped when one hand trailed down my neck and gently, ever so gently, palmed my breast.

Of course, the cold water worked in her favour, but, oh my God, those talented hands were too much. bursa evi olan escort My breathing was becoming ragged as she moved down to the nape of my neck and gently sucked and kissed the sensitive zone there making me nearly lose it right there. She sensed it and stopped her ministrations, making me groan in protest.

‘Not yet baby’ she whispered in my ear and I shuddered. She pressed me against the wall like I did to her last night and stepped away. I swear I saw admiration mixed with the miriad of emotions in her violet eyes.

She picked up her shower gel and rubbed some on he rhands, then onto the front of my body.

The cold treacle-like liquid was a sharp contrast to my raging body heat and made the sensations that much better. Feeling her hands running free along my body was exquisite. I was moaning like I was in heat and she had that sexy grin on her face.

She looked good enough to eat standing there under the spray, her wet hair cascading down her shoulders and sticking to her skin. Her eyes were violet and clouded with lust, and that grin almost made me cum right there.

Her hands gripped my breasts and rubbed the shower gel into them, and I let out a soft moan when her fingers toyed with my erect nipples and gently tugged, twisted and teased them into submission.

I arched my back, wanting to feel her hands covering my breast, but she just moved her hands away and trailed down my abdomen, taking my lips into a kiss. I held her head there with all the control I had left in my body.

Her hands trailed, feather light over my dripping core and I gasped, and she chuckled, missing it entirely and washing my legs, massaging each inch of my exposed skin, leaving fire and goosebumbs in their wake. She knelt down to finish washing my legs, and her hands made inexorable progress towards my inner thighs, massaging and kneading exactly where she somehow knew would drive me crazy.

She kissed each of my thighs and moved back up to my shoulders, giving me the most sensual massage I had ever recieved. Rebecca is a witch I’m sure now.

My aches and pains were washed away with the shower gel, and I felt like a new woman. A woman held in the agonizingly delicious place between release and consciousness.

When she picked up the shampoo I smiled, and she smiled back, pulling me tightly to her body and pressing a wet thigh to my heated, wanton womanhood, and I gasped, beginning to grind my wet pussy against her thigh and groaning.

Suddenly, her lips were on mine and her fingers in my hair, rubbing the shampoo all over each strand of hair, massaging my scalp as her tongue danced with mine in a lover’s embrace only the truest lovers will understand. She ground her thigh against my centre and I moaned into the kiss as she removed a hand from my hair and palmed my left breast.

That was the final straw. My hips bucked on her thigh and a gush of fluid soaked her more than the water. I never wanted to stop, and she just kept grinding her thigh against me, washing my hair lovingly, ravishing my mouth so sexily and massaging my breast so beautifully.

I eventually came down and rested my head against her shoulder with a sinfully sated smile on my face. I kissed her and she moaned. We finished washing each other and when we stepped out, the room was steamy and our skin red. We chuckled and I watched a trail of water from her cheek down her neck and onto her breast, gathering at the nipple and falling off. I was getting aroused again and she knew it.

I pulled her in for a loving kiss, with less heat, but just as many emotions, if not more, than the last when i was lost in the paroxysm of pleasure as she was last night.

I stepped back and whispered three simple words into her ear; ‘I love you’

She turned and smiled her billion watt smile and pulled me into a tight embrace. ‘I love you too Alexandra’

I don’t know how long we stood there, but when we finally pulled away the steam was gone and all was silent. Hell, we were practically dry.

She took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, quickly setting me down on the bed and walking into her closet. ‘Wait here’ she instructed and I did. I didn’t have to wait for long as she came out with a beautiful Jade Green dress.

I gasped and felt the smooth silk. ‘Are we going somehwere?’ I asked with a grin and she nodded. ‘Yep. I am going to take my girlfriend out for a drink, and a meal’ she said and I blushed.

‘I like the sound ouf that’ I muttered and she kissed my cheek. It was more hearing her refer to me as her girlfriend than anything else.

‘Try it on, I’ll but mine on’ she said and I arched an eyebrow as she disappeared into the closet again.

I tried on the dress and sure enough, it fitted perfectly, hugging every curve that I had, without blatently flaunting it.

She chose dresses well, as I found out when she emerged in a blue part gown that accented her beautiful eyes that had returned to a cool blue now out of the altıparmak escort throes of passion, she wore a pair of sapphire earrings and a red ribbon around her waist. Her neck was wound in a lace pattern of threads that criss-crossed and wrapped over her shoulder.

We stood there, each captivated by the woman in front of us, and when she paced over to me I kissed her full force on the lips. Oh, come on, what would you have done?

‘you look wonderful’ I said and she blushed again. ‘Thanks, so do you’ she said, holding me tight around the waist.

‘So, where are we going?’ I asked and she smiled. ‘A little place called The Harvester. You’ll like it’ she said and I leant on her bare shoulder and sighed. ‘As long as it’s with you’

She scoffed. ‘That was so cheesy’

‘But true’ I countered, looking into her eyes. She gave me a quick peck on the nose and she held my hand as we walked out of the door. She locked it behind her and we linked arms as we got into the elevator.

During the elevator ride I had to excersise every once of my self control not to ravish the woman next to me. She was wearing that vanilla perfume, and now my hair smelled of cocunut shampoo, so naturally I was going out of my mind.

As the elevator stopped at the ground floor, we linked arms again and walked through the reception.

‘Your car or mine?’ I asked and she laughed. ‘Mine of course, this is gonna be my treat, okay’ she said, gently lifting my chin and giving me a quick kiss as we walked to her stately BMW. She never really used it that much.

She opened the door for me and I got in with a smile as she got in the driver’s side and started it up, running her slender fingers over the dashboard.

She revved it once and started moving forward, pulling out carefully and speeding along the road.

Once we pulled into the parking lot of The Harvester, she got out and opened my door before I even knew what happened. I took her hand and she helped me out.

‘Welcome to the Harvester Mi’lady’ she said with a flourish and a courtsey, which I returned. We let out a laugh and walked into the restaurant arm in arm. A few patrons gave us wayward glances, but we ignored them. As we waited to be seated, I couldn’t help but admire my date’s hair as it was framed by the candle-light. Her blue eyes contrasted nicely with the fiery red tresses of her auburn hair as it became one with the ambient red lighting.

It was though her blue dress and eyes were surrounded by fire.

I was slammed, quite harshly, back into reality when the waitress said hello and gave us our menus, escorting us to a table by the window. The sun was about to set, and when I glanced at the waitress she just winked.

I scoffed and Rebecca laughed. ‘Yeah, that’s Jessie, a good friend, always gives me this table’ she said and I smiled at her, looking out the window at the reds and golds as the sun set over the ocean. The restaurant window wasn’t exactly on the coast, but it was close enough that the mirror-like waters reflected the sun.

I heard a sigh and looked over at Rebecca who was watching me with a smile. ‘What?’ I asked and she just shook her head. ‘Nothing, just thinking that at any moment I’ll wake up’

I smiled and took her hand. ‘If this is a dream, then I never want to wake up’

She smiled as the waitress came over and asked us what we would like. I let Rebecca order for me as I had never been to that restaurant before.

As the waitress walked off I idly looked around and saw someone walk in. Someone I had never wanted to see again. Alex.

He saw me at the table and started to walk over, and I just straightened up in my chair. Rebecca clenched her fists when she finally saw who I was looking at. She palmed her cheek as she remembered the slap. I closed a hand over one and she relaxed as Alex pulled up a chair.

‘Hey’ he said and I looked up blankly. ‘hello’. The silence that followed, well, let’s just say I was surprised the waitress didn’t crash into the solid it created.

‘Look, I, just wanted to apologize, and, well, maybe we can give it another shot?’ he asked me and I scoffed. ‘How about no?’

I swear I saw his eye twitch, but he remained calm. For the time being.

‘Allie, I know, I made a mistake..’

‘To put it lightly’ I said and he took a breath. ‘But, we’re good together. Please, give me another chance’

‘No’ I saod, reaching over to grab Rebecca’s hand. ‘I’ve found someone else, and guess what? She isn’t a woman beater like you!’

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say, but, can you really blame me?

He looked between me and rebecca as he absorbed the information. He stood up and straightened his clothes before slapping me across the face.

I gasped and felt the burning sensation. Tears threatened, and I was in too much pain, from shock and the actual slap, to hear what followed. When I did finally look up, there he was, face down on the table, Rebecca holding his arm behind gemlik escort his back and holding onto his neck, keeping him in place.

‘Now now, Alex’ she said with such contemp I almost laughed. ‘You should learn by now that you DONT…’






Each time she spoke, she pushed his arm further up until I heard a crack. His shoulder was dislocated. She let him go and pushed him away, leaving him with the same look of fire he had at the hospital.

He got up and was about to start towards Rebecca when three men grabbed his arms. One pushed it back into place and the other secured his other one.

‘Now now sir, you don’t wanna do that. Not only do you face the wrath of two very hurt women, you have to face us. So be a good lad and go home, yeah?’ one of them said and moved him out of sight.

Rebecca sat back down and sighed. ‘Let me see’ she said, gently removing my hand. She gasped and put her hand over what I was sure to be a red hand-print.

I sighed as her hand lovingly caressed the mark and wiped away a tear.

‘It’s a good thing you got out when you did’ she said and I nodded. I never actually realised what an absolute control freak he was.

The night progressed without anymore disturbances. The meal was wonderful, and even more so, was the company.

As she talked, she would get this gleem in her violet eyes as she remembered a fond memory, or when she smiled. It made her all the more beautiful.

When the night finally came to an end, she wouldn’t hear of me laying a penny on the table for my meal. Not even for the drinks.

She payed for it all and escorted me back to the car. The moon was high in the clear sky by the time we got home. As I got out of the car, I just stood and watched the water and the beach by her apartment.

She stepped closer to me and held me around the waist as we stood there watching the moon and the stars on the beach.

‘I love the sea’ she said, and I looked up at her as she gazed, almost wistfully, at the rolling waves.

‘It’s so captivating, tempermental. You never know what it’s gonna do next. It’s a mystery to mankind’ She said, then turned to me.

‘Most of all’ she whispered as she leant in closer. ‘It’s beautiful’ she said when her lips were a centimetre from mine.

She captured my lips in a kiss and we stood there for goodness knows how long just letting the kiss go on and on and on. For the third time in my life, I felt my heart swell with joy. The first was when She said she loved me, the second, our first night together. The third, was now.

When the kiss finally broke, we stood there, forheads touching. I shivered when the wind blew and she laughed.

‘Shall we go inside?’ she asked and I nodded. Now, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disappoint you, in saying that all we did, was cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The sun was too bright, but, at least it woke me up. When I did, I found my lover, my love, sleeping next to me so peacefully with a smile on her face. I just lay there watching her eyelids flutter every once in a while and her gentle breathing.

I closed my eyes again, and I guess I must have dozed off again because when I woke up again, I smelt eggs cooking and I could hear the shower running.

I got out of bed and the first thing I noticed was the mess. Our clothes were laying on the floor, scattered. I shook my head and opened the door to the shower, watching Rebecca as her hands went to work on her body.

‘You know, we really should invest in a cleaner if we’re gonna leave our clothes on the floor like that’ I said, making her jump. She looked at me and shook her head.

‘I don’t know about you’ she said ‘But I don’t plan on needing clothes as much as I used to’ she finished with a coy grin.

I returned the grin and she turned her back to me, brushing her hair away. ‘Would you mind washing my back?’ she asked and I immediately stepped into the shower, running my hands over her back and eliciting a shudder from her.

I lathered up my hands and washed her back thouroughly, before planting a kiss on both her shoulders and then her neck.

‘Breakfast is gonna burn’ she said breathlessly, so I let her go. Staying in the shower and washing myself before getting out to join her.

I wrapped a towel around myself and walked into the kitchen just as she was dishing up breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. I smiled as she offered the plate to me and I accepted.

‘Thanks. You really should let me cook sometime’ I said and she smiled. ‘Sure, you can cook dinner tonight’ she said and I rolled my eyes as we walked to the balcony.

‘So, how did you sleep?’ she asked and I looked at her. ‘Very well, except someone kept pinching my ass in the night’ I said and she sputtered when she drunk her juice.

‘Well’ she said, clearing her throat. ‘If it wasn’t so cute and right in front of me’ she said and I laughed.

We continued our breakfast and afterwards I took her plate and washed it up. She offered to do it, but I refused to let her do anything.

As I washed up I felt something encircle my waist and lean into me. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face as she started swaying and I went right along with her to an unheard rhythm.

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