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I was 18 the first time I noticed her. She was the 36, the neighbors wife and she was very attractive. The first time I saw her was when I was working for her husband. I lived in a farming community at the time and it wasn’t out of the question to help neighbor out. I think I helped him cut brush that day. There are two times to cut brush, either in the winter while the ground is frozen or in the summer when it was dry. It was August and we finished about mid afternoon. We had been cutting brush all week and Tim invited me to the house for a beer to celebrate finishing brushing cutting. I walked up the drive and Tim told me to go around the back of the house and he would bring the beers to the porch for us to drink. I rounded the garage and heard splashing coming from the pool, I figured his kids were swimming so thought nothing of it. I rounded the corner and caught her getting out of the pool. Kathy was Tim’s wife of 8 years and WOW what looker!! She was 5′ 8″ maybe 130 pounds with light brown hair and a killer figure. I had never noticed how great she looked until that day. She amply filled out her modest one piece bathing suit and her legs seemed to go on forever. I just stood there and watched her as she flung her mid-back length hair back before diving back into the coolness of the pool. Tim surprised me by throwing me a beer, I barely came back to my senses in time to catch it.

We made small talk about the work and Kathy joined us on the porch. I swear my cock almost exploded in my jeans watching her towel off just feet from me. The way she lovingly rubbed the moisture from her body would drive any man mad, especially one just 20 as I was. She joined in the conversation and asked if we were finally done cutting brush. Tim told her, yes we were done, thank goodness for that. Kathy smiled at me and asked if I was as happy as Tim. I replied yes, that cutting brush was a nasty business. We made small talk for an hour, watching the kids swimming and enjoying a few cold beers.

Flash forward 4 years, Tim and Kathy went through some hard times, finally ending up separated. Kathy moved to town to figure things out, all the neighbors said they would get back together eventually, they just needed time to figure things out. Kathy took a job at the local bank and usually worked the drive up. At 23 I was a man of the world, in my eyes at least. I had slept with a couple girls and even spent some time with a lady twenty years older then me.

She was 42 to my 22 at the time and she taught me more about love then any girl my age. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t about to turn down a roll in the hay form someone my age, sex was great, but somehow until Mary, the 42 year old sex was just a motion, Mary really open my eyes to how a lady should be treated, she taught me how to make love, not just fuck. The girls my age were al wanting fucked, Mary taught me how to make love to a woman. She taught me the importance of touch, kissing and of course honed my oral skills. I never really liked eating out a girl until I did it to Mary. She taught me the importance of taking my time and making sure she enjoyed it. After spending time with her, every girl my age almost melted when I brought my tongue to her pussy, they came and came and came. Several told me they had never had an orgasm that strong. I got to the point that I took pride in my oral skills and wanted every woman that I made love to, to get as much pleasure as I could provide.

Now back to Kathy, any chance I got to go through the drive up I took. At first Kathy just nodded at me, recognizing me, but no more. I tried to make small talk but memories of the summer when I saw her in her swim suit came flooding back and I was tongue tied ever time. I even blushed a couple times, trying to talk to her. Finally after about 6 months I finally could make small talk with her. We talked about everything except her personal life. The best time to talk to her was on Friday nights when the bank was closed and the drive up was the only window open. A couple times we talked until it was time to close the window and she had to almost ask me to leave. That all changed one Friday night.

I stopped at the bank later then normal, every one was gone except Kathy and it was within 5 minutes of closing. I handed her my check from work but had forgotten to sign it, she Gaziantep Oral Escort smiled at me, handed it back and told me to take my time and do it right. I blushed as I signed the check and placed it back into the drawer. I swore that she smiled as she told my to take my time and do it right. She handed me my money and asked what plans I had for the weekend. I told her the same ol’, that I would head to the bars and see what was going on. It was then that she surprised me by telling me her kids were at Tim’s and she was alone for the weekend. Kathy surprised me even more by asking me what bars I usually went to. I told her on Friday’s I stayed local, I didn’t venture out till Saturday nights. She asked me which bar and I told her Pete’s was where I usually went. She just smiled the same smile and wished me good luck. I blushed again slightly and thanked her, putting the cash in my wallet and drove away.

I sat on the end of the bar talking with friends. We were on our fourth round when she walked in. The crowd was smaller then normal for a weekend night, maybe 15 people, my three friends and I, several couples and a few other people. My back was to the door and a friend was telling a story form his work when he stopped mid sentence and looked at the door. I turned to see what was going on and was pleasantly surprised to see Kathy standing at the door. What made her appearance even more enjoyable was what she was wearing. She was wearing a mid length denim skirt and a button up blouse that was unbuttoned halfway down. One of my friends decided to make the first move and walked over to her and offered her a beer.

You could tell from her body language that she was a little nervous, but accepted the beer and sat by him at a nearby table. I knew he was trying every move he knew, reaching out for her hand, sliding his chair closer to her, telling dumb jokes, trying to make her laugh. She just sat there, maybe a little dumbfounded by the attention she was receiving. My friend got up and walked to the restroom across the tavern, leaving her alone. She took a long drink from her beer and looked around the bar, her eyes locked onto mine and she smiled, looking a little more relaxed by seeing a friendly face. My friend returned and Kathy looked nervous again, she leaned in and talked to him, pointing in my direction. They stood up and walked over to the corner of the bar. Kathy looked great and smiled at me as I said hello again. We all sat around and made small talk until my friend asked Kathy how she knew me. She replied meaning besides the bank, my friends laughed and Kathy added that I helped her husband cut brush one summer. I nodded and added that it was a hell of a job, remembering how hot it was that year. Kathy added that she remembered that summer, she said she spent so much time in the pool that year her husband thought she would grow gills. Everyone laughed at that remark and the picture of her in the swim suit came flooding back into my mind.

The rest of the night went pretty much that way, everyone made small talk right up to closing time. The bar tender yelled closing time and our group broke up, walking out one by one. My friend, Kathy and I were the last ones left. I moved outside to give my friend room, allowing him a chance to talk to her alone once more. He walked out several minutes later, shaking his head, no chance. I smiled and started to get in my truck when I heard Kathy yell my name. I turned around to see he walking up to me. She told me about my friend’s advances and that she wasn’t ready to be picked up in a bar yet. I just smiled and explained that he was that way, never really dated, just hung out and tried to pick up girls at closing time. Katy told me that was fine for him but she wanted to know whoever she left with, she said winking at me.

I stood at my truck door more then a little dumbfounded. Kathy walked closer to me and reached for my hand. Her skin was soft and felt great in my hand. Kathy then told me that she really liked me and remembered how I looked at her several years before. I blushed and tried to look away, but Kathy’s hand caught my cheek and turned my head back bringing my eyes into her gaze. She ran her hand along my cheek and told me that she had heard rumors about me and wondered if they were true. I blushed again and nodded slightly. Kathy laughed and called a little scamp, you don’t even know what I am talking about. I gave her a skeptical look and she nodded, asking me if the stories about Mary were true.

I smiled and told her that it depended on what she heard. It was now Kathy’s turn to blush a little. She finally caught her breath and asked if Mary had taught me about oral sex. I nodded and said that I loved it and wished I could do it more often, joking that it takes practice to keep doing it right. Kathy moved closer and kissed me lightly on the lips, telling me she would love to be practiced on. I practically pulled her into the truck and drove her home.

We walked into her house, I pulled her to me and asked about her kids. She told me that they were at her husbands and not to worry about that. Kathy led me to the living room and turned on a light. I stopped her when she reached to turn on another, telling her that low light was sexier. She smiled at me and began unbuttoning her top. She turned her back to me and removed it, then took her bra off as well. She then turned slowly to me, saying that she hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed. Once she turned all the way around, I knew there was no way I could be disappointed. Her breasts looked great, D cup tits that still stood proud and capped with a large hard nipple. I brought my hand to her tits and rubbed her nipples gently. Kathy moaned and threw her head back causing her long hair to cascade over her back. I squeezed her tit flesh with one hand while continuing to play with her nipples with the other. Kathy moaned louder while I manhandled her tits and sucked harder and harder on her nipples. Kathy trembled slightly and I realized she had experienced a mini orgasm. She let out a guttural moan and smiled at me as I slowed my attack on her hard nips.

Her hands roamed along my sides and quickly found my belt buckle, undid it and unbuttoned my jeans. I ground my hips into her as she slid my pants down, revealing a my fully engorged cock. Kathy fondled my meat through the material of my shorts, causing my cock to rise to even greater heights. My hips thrust involuntarily at her and her hand stroked my aching cock. She then slid her hand into my shorts and stroked my meat. My eyes rolled back into my head from the touch of her warm hand. She slid my shorts down and pulled me forward by my meat, making me step out of them. She changed to an overhand grip on my cock and continued stroking me. Her thumb ran across my cock head and she smeared my precum across the engorged head. She smiled at me and brought her thumb to her mouth and licked my cum from it, smiling.

I finally came back to my senses and realized that she still was still wearing her sexy denim skirt. I held her tight and unzipped it, letting it fall to the floor. She backed up, letting me get a great look at her standing there wearing just lacy panties. As she stepped back I admired the pretty white hip huggers she wore and noticed a wet spot right on her mound. She smelled like sex and I knew I wanted a taste. I smiled at her and reached for her hand, Kathy smiled back and squeezed my hand in return.

Kathy led me down a hallway to a dimly lit room. She opened the door and led me inside. Her ass looked great as it wiggled in those panties. There were several candles burning and the room smelled sweet, like lavender. Kathy grabbed my hand again and led me to her bed. I turned to her and she leaned in and kissed me deeply, our tongues exploring our desires. She broke the kiss after several seconds and placing her hands on my shoulders lightly forced me to sit down on her bed.

I sat there with I’m sure a dumb look on my face. Kathy backed up again and I smiled admiring how great she looked for her 40 years. I reached out and held her by the hips and pulled her to me again. I lowered my head and smelled her musky scent. The aroma was heavenly and drove me wilder. I reached for the waist band and hooking my thumbs slowly lowered her panties. Kathy smiled at me as I did this and her panties actually stuck in her slit from her wetness and the tightness of them. Kathy wiggled a little and they slid down easily form there. She stepped out of them and raised them to my nose allowing me to breath deeply her intoxicating aroma.

Kathy joined me on the bed and took my hand and placed it on her totally shaved snatch. My fingers began to roam and son I was sliding my index finger along her smooth wet slit. Her clit was hard with desire and I rubbed it indirectly, causing Kathy to let out a squeal. She began to hump her mound against my hand wanting more. I laid her back onto the bed and she spread her legs wide in anticipation. I positioned my self between her tanned thighs and lowered my mouth to her wetness.

Her pussy was hotter then anything I had ever experienced. I could actually feel the heat rising from her slit and her cum formed like dew on her pussy lips. I began to lap gently at her outer lips, tasting and enjoying every drop of her sweet juice. Kathy moaned in appreciation and humped her mound up to my tongue. I worked slowly and I could tell from her moans that she was getting impatient and wanted to cum. I licked along her slit and Kathy moaned loudly. My tongue barely flicking her engorged clit. Kathy placed her hands on the back of my head and forced me deeper into her wetness with every flick of her clit. Kathy was screaming now and I placed all my attention on her clitty. She thrashed around the bed as I licked and sucked at her clit. She moaned louder and louder and I knew a huge orgasm was fast approaching. I focused all my attention flicking her clit repeatedly with my agile tongue. Her hands moved from the back of my head to my ears and she pulled me tightly to her slit. Kathy moaned louder and louder with every second and finally her body bucked and seized, every muscle tensed. Kathy gripped my ears tighter and I was rewarded by her squirting cum into my mouth. I lapped every bit and once her climax subsided and she let me, I got to my hands and looked at her with her juice covering my face. She apologized for creaming my face and I just smiled and laughed, telling her she could do that anytime. I rolled from between her legs and we both laid back catching our breath. Ten minutes passed and finally Kathy turned to me and kissed me deeply, thanking me for her climax. She also tried again to apologize for cumming in squirts. I smiled and told her that was a first for me but I loved it. She told me that she had done that one time before, the first time her ex husband went down on her, and it scared him so much that he never did it again. I ran my fingers through her hair and told her that if she ever wanted to cum that hard again to be cure to call me. Kathy laughed and smiled at me as she slowly ran her hand down my chest then slowly stroked my cock. My cock responded quickly and soon was pointing toward the ceiling.

Kathy cooed and held my cock tightly. She moved to her knees and lowered her warm mouth over my cock. She sucked lightly and played with my balls. I held her hair and began to bob her head up and down on my hard meat. Kathy moaned around my cock and the feeling almost sent me over the edge, my cock was ready to explode. I pulled her from my cock and Kathy sighed, wanting to keep up her oral assault.

I raised her up and brought her hips over my chest and stomach. Kathy knew what I wanted, swung her leg over, knelt on the bed and slowly lowered her wet slit onto my hard cock. Her pussy felt like a velvet vise as I slowly impaled her on my meat. Finally my cock was deep inside her, and I held her there allowing me to get accustomed to her tightness. Her pussy milked my cock, her muscles tightening and releasing every few seconds. I was totally surprised at her pussy control. I am sure that I would have cum from that alone but I wanted, needed more. I slowly began thrusting into her. Kathy’s hands braced against my chest, as she began to raise and lower her hot mound along my hard cock. I squeezed her ass and thrust into her with abandon wanting to fuck her as deep as I could, my desire driving me like mad man. I was going to last only a short time but knew Kathy wanted a hard fuck now. Her breathing became more labored and her pussy tightened on my shaft. With one final thrust into her my cock exploded filling her with my cum. Kathy pulled at my nipples as her own orgasm racked her body. She screamed and her pussy contracted once more on my spent cock.

We stayed in that position for several minutes until Kathy rolled off me, falling to my side. We cuddled for a little while and kissed softly. Kathy placed one leg over me, allowing our pubic mound to remain in contact. We fell asleep in that position and slept better then either one of us had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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