Hunter’s Surprise

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Hunter let the phone line hang empty while I considered his request. I’d always gone along with the bondage because it was a sure way of getting him into bed. No matter what scheme he had for teasing me while I was helpless, we almost always ended up with him on his back, his legs on my shoulders and my sex buried deep in his ass. But this suggestion was risky.

“What if you’re in a car accident?” I asked.

“I’ll be careful.” Just the sound of his voice made my cock press the inside of my jeans. I could picture him laying on the bed in his apartment, his clean cock in his hand, his bare chest heaving, his abs straining as he spasmed. I wanted to see him so badly, and since he’d taken a job three hundred miles away we’d only been able to get together every couple of months.

“OK, I’ll do it, but for God’s sake don’t forget your key.”

“I’m gone come,” he whispered. If I wasn’t working the late shift I’d have my cock in hand too. He grunted, and I felt pre-cum soaking into my boxers.

“Was it good?” I asked just as a customer pushed into the store, browsing the New Releases.

“I’m covered,” he replied after a few heaving breaths. “Right up to my chin.”

“I can’t wait for Friday!” The customer, a cute guy, smiled. I’m sure he thought I was talking to a girlfriend.

“Do this for me and I promise I’ll make it worth your while,” said Hunter, his voice still breathless.

“Don’t be gentle,” I whispered with one hand over the phone. “Bye,” I added as the customer slapped an action flick on the desk. Funny, I’d somehow thought this customer would work his way back into the porn section. Wishful thinking, I guess. I relaxed as if I’d also just come and ran through the customer’s card.

Apprehension filled me on Friday, however, so much so that I jumped when Hunter phoned from his cell.

“Do it,” he said. I could hear the highway in the background.

“So you’ve only half an hour to go?”

“Yes, do it now. I want you naked, helpless and ready for me. Do it.”

As much as Hunter tried to be a dom, he was a closet sub, but I loved it when he tried.

“Drive safely.”

I hung up the phone and dropped my pants, my skinny six-inch cock popping free and excited. I love having my own apartment, mostly because I’m young and single, but also because I can shape my environment without having to answer awkward questions, like why I own a sawed-off hockey stick with an eye ring screwed into each end.

Naked in the dark, only a weak street light washing through the blinds, I spread my legs to either side of the hockey stick and bent over. I securely tied each ankle to each end of the stick using good rope with lots of wraps around my ankles so that they held securely without pinching. I was going to be here a while.

Now I stood and tested the feel of having my legs held twice my shoulder width apart. It was taunt, but I’m flexible, and my barefeet had good purchase on the hardwood floor.

I reached for the blindfold–really just an old sweat sock with a pair of swim goggles to pin them over my eyes, but experiments proved this combination to be an unshakable and unpeekable blindfold. The room went black.

Now for the last step, the part that frightened me the most. I reached in the dark and fumbled the hand cuffs off the nearby table, key and all. I slipped them on, my pulse quickening with the clicks. I put the stops on so they wouldn’t overtighten, and held the key between two fingers just in case. I stretched up for the caribiner that swung from the end of a chain that hung from my ceiling, again a peculiarity of the apartment that I didn’t have to explain.

I was a tough reach, one that I’d carefully measured in the two days since our phone call. Just when I thought I’d miscalculated and wouldn’t be able to reach, the center of the little chain on the cuffs slipped over the caribiner and snicked inside.

Then something happened that I hadn’t planned. As the cuffs settled to the bottom of the caribiner, I slipped forward, all my weight hanging momentarily on the cuffs and biting my wrists.

“Oh!” I straighten quickly, but the brief moment of pain caused me to drop the key. I had planned to cheat Hunter; I had planned to give myself a way out in case something prevented him from getting to my apartment, but now I’d dropped that plan, and it rang merrily at my feet.

I was naked, spread taunt and helpless in the dark, just as Hunter had requested, and he wouldn’t be here for half an hour. If he didn’t show, I could hang here for days before someone at work called my family, who would call the police, who would force the door…

I had a long time to think about that humiliation. It may have only been half an hour, but it seemed like three or four. As frightened as I was, my cock only got harder. I pictured two cops eager to blackmail me in return for their silence. “Bend over and suck my night stick and we’ll forget all about this, you horny little bastard. Yeah and my partner’s gonna fuck you while we’re at it.”

When İstanbul Escort a key turned in the door, however, I forgot this fantasy and my heart raced. Hunter was here! I licked my lips.

A click followed by a glow through the blindfold told me that the lamp by the door had been switched on; I was naked for inspection and surprised that he wanted light. Usually he preferred to play our games in the dark. I tried to picture myself, slim, graceful, blindfolded, legs spread, and wrists shackled. My chest was as clean of hair as Hunter’s.

He said nothing, and for a panicked moment I wondered if some fluke had brought my landlord. I swallowed and called out tentatively: “Hunter?”

No answer.

A hand grabbed my cock and squeezed. After so much time hard and untouched, it sent a jolt through my body, causing me to arch and thrust.

“Oh my GOD!” I nearly came just from that grasp.

Lips clamped to mine, a tongue intruding into my mouth, hands reaching around to cup my buttocks and drive my sex into rough jeans. The lips broke contact and descended, first sucking one nipple, then the other until the tongue finally working its way past my belly button and over my flat stomach to the top of my pubic hair. The mouth left me, forcing a gasp from me and a thrust from my hips as I sought for relief. His mouth had been so close.

A mouth engulf my cock, jamming down fast and greedily. I shouted and actually pulled back from the surprise onslaught. I came to my senses though and thrust my hips forward again, those hands on my ass helping to drive my cock all the way into that hungry mouth. One finger pressed at my anus to encourage me to shove deeper. It was only with the greatest self-control that I didn’t blow my load.

The mouth abandoned me just as abruptly, leaving the wetness to cool my penis. I felt big hands on my hips and lips near my right ear, although the angle surprised me. He must be leaning out over my shoulder.

“Beg to suck me,” whispered Hunter.

I swallowed and drew a deep breath. “Never,” I said.

“Brave slut,” he whispered. I heard his belt unbuckle. I was in for it now.

I heard the whistle through the air a split second before the belt cracked over my buttocks, causing me to jerk against the hand cuffs. I’d have to wear a long sleeved shirt for a few days to hide the marks on my wrists. The blows continued, weak at first but gradually getting harder. My bum was on fire when he stopped.

He stood behind and cupped me, my skinny buttocks a perfect fit for his hands. The massage sent sharper jets of pain than the last three blows.

“Oh, wow, oh man,” I gasped as he kneaded the punishment in, sucking on my neck like a vampire. I’d have a hickey.

“Beg to suck me.”

I hesitated, measuring the burning to see if I could stand any more, and drooling at the thought of deep-throating his purple head.

“You need more convincing if you’re not sure,” said Hunter. Instead of the belt, however, I heard rustling in a paper bag. Hunter pinched my nipples savagely enough to make me wince and pull back, then he put a clamp on each– judging by the wood, simple clothes pegs.

At first it was erotic, but the whipping began again, and as my jerks became more desperate, the clothes pegs began to feel as if they had weights on them because the least little movement made them pinched all the harder. Finally, my nipples and buttocks on fire, I gave in.

“Stop, please!” I gasped. “I’ll suck you! I’ll suck you dry and swallow every last bit!”

Lips mashed into mine, and a chest crushed the clothes pegs between us, bending them at sharp angles, the hands reaching around my skinny hips to grab my flaming buttocks and squeeze.

I screamed into the mouth, excited beyond all reason because Hunter had never had it in him to be so rough before. I just about came from the pleasure my cock felt against the jeans even as pain spiked from my buttocks and nipples. For the first time in my life I wondered if I wasn’t really a sub. I do anything for this man.

The hands moved up to my shoulder blades, the lips staying locked to mine. The belt sang through the air and cracked across my butt.

I screamed into the mouth more from the realization than from pain. Two hands gripped my shoulder blades; someone else had swung the belt. Hunter was not the only one in the room!

Hindsight clues tumbled from my brain: the big hands on my hips, too big to be Hunter’s; the three o’clock shadow on the cheeks, too rough for Hunter’s baby face; the mouth that took my cock so deeply and greedily, too aggressive for Hunter’s tentative cocksucking; hell, the whole whipping was far too savage for Hunter. He usually asked me a dozen times if he was being too rough.

The tongue, the stranger’s tongue, probed deeply into my mouth. I lost myself in it. Some man I’d never seen before had turned on the light so that he could better scrutinize my helpless naked figure, and then tortured me into a blithering slut. The İstanbul Escort Bayan lips let go and closed on my earlobe.

“Beg me to fuck you hard,” said a husky stranger’s voice.

If it were Hunter I’d have given in at that point just to move things along, but this man deserved better.

“Never,” I whispered, truly afraid.

“Brave slut,” he said as he stepped away. A sock was forced into my mouth, only increasing my concern. “Get ready, get ready, NOW!”

He ripped off the clips and grabbed my nipples, pushing them against my chest to massage in the fire just as the belt cracked more sharply than all evening. I screamed into the gag and writhed between the painful erogenous zones, not knowing which way to twist or turn. If it weren’t for the gag the neighbors would’ve heard me and called the cops.

It stopped just as suddenly and the gag was ripped from my mouth. That hot tongue took its place, and two fully dressed men sandwiched my naked figure, the jeans against my butt thrusting the pain deep as if fucking me, the denim shirt pressing my nipples, the jeans in front taking my cock as I thrust against him hoping to come.

Hunter sucked on my neck as his friend plunged his tongue in and out of my mouth as a promise of more sinister penetrations. Finally he broke the kiss.

“Time for me to fuck you.”

I thought he was talking to me, but Hunter replied.

“I’m so ready.”

“Take off his blindfold. I want him to watch me fuck his lover.”

The light made me blink for a few seconds and Hunter, blond and beautiful, smiled uncertainly.

“Surprise?” he said, his look a question.

Two hands, brown and large, snaked around Hunter’s chest from behind and grabbed his shirt above the top button; a stranger’s face appeared beside Hunter’s. He was young like us, maybe twenty-four, with blue eyes contrasted by short dark hair. His jaw was square and his lips thick and pouty.

“He’s surprised,” said that husky voice. “And he’s broken to my will. He’ll do anything I ask now.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. He was so right. I was like butter ready to melt. I’d do anything this man asked, not just for pain aversion, but because I’d never been so turned on in my life. I’d always been the dominate one in Hunter’s and my relationship, but I was so sub to this man I couldn’t wait to grovel for him.

“Steve,” said Hunter, his smile growing. “Meet Gavin.”

Gavin smiled and yanked his hands apart, tearing Hunter’s shirt open and scattering the buttons. Hunter stood there with a thrilled smile as Gavin pulled the shirt down leaving Hunter’s torso naked, that beautiful six pack open to my view. Gavin gnawed on Hunter’s neck as he undid the jeans, shoving them eagerly down until he could hook a boot into them and push them to the floor, the boxers catching and going down. Hunter stepped forward out of his clothes, pushed from behind until we crossed cocks and his lips pressed to mine.

Gavin’s arms reached around my back to squeeze Hunter into me as I pressed tongue and cock against him, loving the feel of his seven inch hardness crushed into my stomach. I would have blown my load, but Gavin yanked us apart.

“Hands and knees bitch.”

Hunter eagerly complied, pushing that bubble butt into the air, his face floating in front of my cock. Gavin had stepped back, and now he put a show on for me. He yanked his shirt over head, revealing a flat stomach with trace love handles; a thin down of black hair on his chest contrasted his pale skin, and the hair trailed in a line past his belly button to join his pubic hair. He undid his belt and shoved down his jeans. He wore no underwear, and I gasped when his erection sprang free.

He was eight inches at least, maybe nine, I didn’t have a ruler handy, and the head was fat. His was longer and thicker than Hunter, and much bigger than me. I was shocked that instead of being horrified I was eager. I’d always found Hunter a bit big for my tight backside, so I was surprised that I hoped this man would take me.

He smiled as he put on a condom and squeezed lube liberally over Hunter’s crack. He knelt down behind him. Gavin looked up at me and I waited eagerly for instructions.

“Don’t you come until I say,” he said. I nodded like an idiot.

“Yes, sir.”

He couldn’t care less about me now, however, all his attention was on Hunter’s butt, which he caressed for a moment, sending a tremble through my lover. Gavin grabbed Hunter’s hip with one hand, he grabbed his own cock with another and steered it up and down Hunter’s crack until he found the door he wanted. Target acquire, Gavin released himself so that he could grab Hunter’s other hip. He stabbed in, forcing a whimper from Hunter. Oh, this guy was a pro!

“Oh man!” said Hunter to my cock, his face a breathless inch away.

I could see Gavin’s cock disappearing as it slid deeper, but I couldn’t figure out where it was going. Hunter had always been a tight fit even for my six inches.

“I can’t believe Escort İstanbul you’re taking that,” I whispered.

Gavin fix those startling blue eyes on me.

“Oh, you’ll get your turn too little bitch, but I’m too close to coming now to do you right. I’ve got to take the edge off first, and Hunter here wants to get it from both ends at once. Suck him!”

The last command was to Hunter, who greedily took the head of my cock in his mouth. My eyes must have crossed because Gavin called out sharply, “Don’t you come! Not till I say!”

I bit my lip, my cock actually pulsing once before I reigned myself in. It felt ten feet long, and Hunter’s mouth slowly pushed all the way down until his nose was buried in my pubic hair.

He pulled back half-way and received a resounding whack on the left butt-cheek from Gavin’s hand.

“Take it all and keep it,” he said. “You can only pull back because he’s fucking your face, otherwise you take him all. How will you ever get used to me if you can’t take him?”

Gavin punctuated his instruction by giving three particularly deep thrust, pushing screams from Hunter that were muffled by my cock. I shook my head from the pleasure of his shouts, vibrating along my shaft. Any second now I’d come; I could feel it building, and there was no way I’d stop it this time.

“Hold on,” whispered Gavin, his blue eyes fixed on mine, his dark brows furrowed as he concentrated, his abs flexing as he fucked. I noted he had beautifully narrow hips, guessing that it was those that first hooked Hunter’s attention.

Hunter had my whole cock in his mouth. I was actually trying not to thrust in and out because I was so close, but Gavin’s enthusiastic fucking kept pushing Hunter’s face into my pelvis, which he’d bumped off causing him to pull his mouth back a bit mere seconds before Gavin again pushed him in. Even that little motion was too much.

“Hold on,” whispered Gavin. “Hold on. You can do it. You can do it.” He tightened his grip on Hunter’s hips and began slamming him with deep thrust.

“Come now!” said Gavin, his voice choked with the passion of his own orgasm.

I saw spots, I grunted, I was vaguely aware of Hunter choking and gagging on my cock. I realized that I was pumping, but I couldn’t remember when the spurting had begun. I sagged on the hand cuffs, not noticing the pain, as I wondered when I’d stop coming. Shot after shot exploded out of me, and after a time I realized I was the one shouting, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my fucking…unbelievable…”

My orgasm lingered like a tide reluctant to go out, washing up the beach just that one last time to soak some unsuspecting lovers.

When I looked down I saw Hunter’s head over my cock and understood that I was still deep in his mouth. My eyes traced up Hunter’s smooth back to his butt, and from there along the two inches of Gavin’s exposed cock to his abs, and from there over his firm pectorals to his face.

He sighed from his own orgasm and studied me through half-closed eyes, measuring and calculating his impact even as his own pulsing subsided.

“You’re next,” said Gavin, and this time he meant me. He ran a hand through his short hair and then snatched at Hunter’s hips, giving him two slamming thrusts as a good-bye before sliding all eight plus inches out.

Hunter groaned and his head sagged off my cock, which still hung hard as if it didn’t know what to do after such abuse. When Hunter looked up I saw my come all over his chin and cheeks. I have no clear idea how it got there except that the quantity must have fire-hosed off the back of his throat and out the seal of his lips. I know Gavin hadn’t let up on Hunter enough for him to pull off me.

Hunter smiled and wiped a hand through the goo, licking his fingers. He sat back on his haunches, his firm pecs and abs proving hard work at the gym.

“You’ve never come so hard,” he said. “I told you I’d make it worth your while.

Gavin hugged Hunter from behind, kissing his neck and turning his head so that he could taste some of my come off Hunter’s chin.

“Go jump in the shower and clean up, and remember, don’t come. That’ll be his job.” Gavin and Hunter both looked slyly up at me, and I knew this was far from over.

Hunter hopped up and gave me a good view of slim hips and bubble butt as he hurried for the shower with a quick look over his shoulder, reminding me that I was still splayed and hanging from my hand cuffs. Suddenly I was naked again.

Gavin must’ve sensed my embarrassment, because he stood slowly and flexed his arms over his head as if stretching after a good warm up exercise. The bloated condom drooped, but his cock was just too damn big to let it go, even though it was flaccid, like a weighty hose between his muscled thighs.

He stepped forward and grabbed my hard-on, squeezing it just as he had the first time he met me while I was blind-folded.

“Hello, Steven,” he said, his voice a purr. “Pleased to meet you. Let me make you more uncomfortable.”

He spun with business-like speed and grabbed my kitchen table. I live in a bachelor, so nothing is far from reach. He shoved it against my cock, forcing me to choose over or under, a bend of my hips put my cock under the table just before he gave it another shove so that I couldn’t change my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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