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The damned old truck just gave up the ghost. It coasted down to the bottom of the hill and died. It was very old, 400 and some thousand miles on the clock. Everything in it was worn out including the driver. Life can be a real bitch. I shouldn’t have tried to go that far with it anyway. I figured the little trailer we were dragging behind her didn’t help any. I hadn’t had much choice. My new truck was in the shop because it was acting up. The parts for the plane had to be picked up at the freight office. I had no choice but to try old Betsy, I don’t think she had been more than a mile or two from the ranch in years. Mostly she was strictly used on the place.

I walked back and looked at the trailer. It was only a ten foot trailer. Just a light farm trailer. Right now it was loaded with about $20,000 worth of aircraft parts.

I watched a car zip by without slowing. I knew it was useless but I checked the cell phone. I was right, no service. Bummer. I looked up the hill and saw someone jogging down the hill. Who ever it was, was making good time coming down hill. Now I could see a ponytail flipping back and forth. The form was definitely feminine. Very definitely. She slowed to a stop a few feet from me. She bent over with her hands on her knees and caught her breath. She stood and smiled at me, “Truck broke?”

“Yep! The poor old gal just blew her guts out. I should never have brought her.”

“Are those aircraft tires in the trailer?”

“Sure are. Not many people would know that.”

“Been foolin’ with them all my life. What are they off of?”

“An old Grumman Amphibian, a J2F-5 to be precise.”

“I know what that is, That’s a ‘Duck’, right.”

“Absolutely! Congratulations , You win the trivia prize of the day. Very impressive, you do know your planes.” She was more impressive than her knowledge. I guessed her age at thirty plus, She was a large girl in great shape. Her body was awesome, large breasts, small waist, slim hips and legs. I guessed she was about five feet eight inches and about a hundred and thirty pounds. A big strong beautiful lady with long brown hair and eyes, and red, red lips. Her breathing was slowing now. I hated that. I loved watching those large mammaries heave up and down.

“Would you care for a drink of cold water?” I asked.

“I would love that.” I moved to the truck and pulled out the cooler.

“I have ice cold water, coke, or light beer, Bud?”

“Hey, water will be fine.” I handed her a new bottle of spring water. She took a long drink.

She looked at me and said, “What are you going to do now, I wouldn’t leave that stuff along side the road. It will disappear pretty fast.”

“I wish I knew. I don’t have a clue, I can’t get anyone on my cell phone, and I don’t want to walk off and leave this sitting here.”

“Maybe I can help for a price.”

“Sure, I would expect to pay.”

“No, I want a ride in the Grumman for helping you.”

“Hey, all you have to do is ask. I would love showing her off to you.”

“Alright, wait here while I run and get my truck. I can help you get the truck and the trailer to my place. Then I can take your trailer to your place.”

“That will get you an airplane ride and a dinner on me. What is your name?”

“They call me Jessie Or Jess.”

“I am Fred Larimore. I live on my son’s place over off Route 318.”

“Hey, that’s not far. Is that the place with the long grass strip? Then I know where it is. I will be back in a bit. Don’t run off now.”

No way in hell anyone was going to get me to leave.

She was as good as her word. She was back in a Dodge Diesel Pickup. I unhooked the trailer and swung the tongue to where she could back up to it. I latched the trailer to her hitch and climbed in the cab and grinned at her. She pulled away and we went up the road about half a mile where she turned into a gate in a dark wood fence. She drove up a long drive to a nice house. She backed the trailer into a parking place and I unhitched it. We went back for the old truck and she dug chains out and she towed me back to the house. We put the old gal back behind a shed. I hooked up the trailer again and we were off. Jess had changed into shorts and a cropped top that should have been against the law, it was really hard to keep my eyes off of her. I think she knew about my problem. I saw her glance at my crotch when she thought I wasn’t looking. I was getting a definite bulge there. I guided her to the drive to Buck’s house and in no time we were at the hanger door. I opened the door and she backed the trailer in the hanger. While I was getting the trailer off the hitch Jess was looking over the Duck. She came back smiling. “She looks like she just rolled off the assembly line, she is gorgeous. You guys do great work. What is in the other hangers.”

I said, “If you would like to see follow me.” She held my arm and I could feel her breast press against it. The next hanger held two North American SNJ aircraft. World War II and after trainers. I had learned to fly in one like these.

The next hangar held a SNB-4 Twin Beech from the 1950’S. The last hanger was the largest. It held my favorite, a Lake Renegade 250, a six place amphibian fully equipped with all casino oyna the goodies. We also had several aircraft in various stages of repair. We had a Cessna 195, A Beech Stagger Wing and other wrecks. I looked at her and asked her if I could buy her a drink. She grinned and said it was very near Happy Hour. We went to the Double Wide where I was staying. I fixed her a drink and we sat and talked for hours. Then the phone rang, it was my son from the big house. He wanted to know if I would eat with he and his fiancée. I told him I had a very lovely lady with me and that I would love to have them meet her. Jess grinned her approval and we drove up in her Truck. Buck and his girl friend Lucy were delighted to meet Jessie. When I told them how we met they had to explain that they had met in almost the same way.

We had a number of drinks and ended up staying for dinner. The kids showed us through the house. They were in the process of renovating it. It tickled me to see how much in love they were. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

We left after dinner and I told her that the dinner we had just had did not count as the dinner I owed her. She grinned and said she knew that, she said she had had a wonderful time and that she would be expecting me to call her when the Duck was ready to fly. I assured her that I would do that. I wanted to follow her home in my Town Car but she would not hear of it. We kissed goodnight and I know she felt how aroused I was. She grinned and left me in agony. I had to relieve myself manually. Nothing new.

Two days later the Duck was back in tip top shape and I called Jess to invite her for a flight. I got no answer.

I called the next day. No answer. The next day I had my truck back and drove over init and towed old Betsy back home with a tow bar. There were no vehicles at her place.

I test flew the J2F the next day and flew over her house. No vehicles in sight. I gave up.

Several days later my phone rang. A sweet voice said, “Hi stranger, does the invitation for a ride in that old war bird still stand?”

“No, that one has expired due to lack of interest. However I will gladly extend a new offer.”

“Oh Fred, it wasn’t a lack of interest, I had to rush to my daughter in Utah, she had a baby and it came early. I forgot to take your number with me. I apologize, Please forgive me.”

“First I don’t believe you are old enough to have a grandbaby, second if you are old enough, I would want you with me if I were having a baby, so all is forgiven. When?”

“How about now, I can be there in 15 minutes.”

“Deal, I’ll roll her out and warm her up. She is a little drafty so bring a jacket.”

“Jump suit and flight jacket OK.”

“Perfect. Bye.”

The big Wright R-1820 was quietly ticking over when she pulled up. Damn if she didn’t look fine in that jump suit. She ran to me and gave me a big kiss. It startled and pleased me. She grinned at me and said, “Damn if I didn’t miss you. It seems like I have known you for ever.”

Didn’t know what to say. Just gulped and pulled her to me for another kiss, soft and sweet. “Come on let me help you get strapped in.” I showed her the steps and hand holds. I climbed up after her and showed her the head set and the mike button. I walked to the front seat and climbed in I put the head set on and keyed the intercom, “Jessie, how do you hear me?”

“Just fine, five square.”

“Ok. I’m going to taxi out. Here we go. I taxied to the end of the strip and held short while I went through the run up. She checked out perfect. I checked for traffic and moved on to the runway. I poured the coal to her and we were in the air half way down the strip. I climbed to fifteen hundred feet and throttled back. I slid my canopy shut and told Jessie to do the same. She said that she loved the wind in her face. I told her to leave her canopy open about two inches and I would open mine about the same and that would give her the best effect. She said I was right. I asked if she would like some lunch.

“You have a stewardess hidden aboard here somewhere?”

“No girl, we can land in the water at Cedar Key and tie up at the Dockside Restaurant.”

“That sounds like fun, I have never been in a water landing or take off before.”

I called the Dockside on Unicom and told them I was coming and they said they would have a space cleared for me. I had been there many times so they knew what was required. They loved me to come because the old plane always drew a big crowd.

I made a big circle around the bay and made a perfect landing then taxied up to the dock, The owner was on hand to tie us up to his floating dock. The port wings and float fit right over everything and the big main float was against the rub strip around the dock. It was perfect for the old bird. I helped Jessie down and we were greeted by Sam, the owner. He was glad to see me as always. I took Jessie’s arm and followed him into the restaurant. He recommended the Grouper sandwich. We concurred and were served shortly. The place filled up rapidly. No one was allowed to go down on the dock. The food was, as always, superb. We had a good conversation and afterwards I reached over and held her hand, I told canlı casino her I had been heartbroken when I couldn’t find her. “I thought I had frightened you off. I didn’t know what to think.”

She smiled at me tenderly, “Sweetheart, if I want to get rid of you I will tell you right up front to get lost. I don’t see that ever happening. I like you a lot.” My heart went into high get. I could only grin at her. She squeezed my hand. That ’bout curled my toes. I felt like a teenaged kid again. I told her so. She didn’t laugh, she gave me a little smile and said, “I know.” I paid the bill and we mounted up. I started the engine and Sam gave us a big push off away from the dock to where I could maneuver. I told Jessie every thing I was doing and about the problems moving a sea plane on the water when there was even a little wind. I finally worked us out to where we had enough room to take off into the wind. Well, almost into the wind. I had to get up to speed in the channel then turn into the wind for the take off. Works OK. We landed back at the farm and I parked on a concrete area. I got her out and hugged her. I told her to come with me, She said she knew I had to wash down the plane after being in salt water, and that she would help. “Honey, just step over here and I will show you how to do it.”

I lifted a small metal door in the deck and turned a valve and a cloud of spray covered the old plane from every possible direction. She laughed, “I should have known you wouldn’t put an old girl to bed with out taking care of her first.”

“I try to please my old girls.”

“I bet you do.”

I hooked up the little Tow Motor and pulled the Grumman over in front of the hangar doors. Jessie helped me push her back in. I shut the door. I took Jessie’s hand and led her to the double wide. “Sit down and I’ll get us something to drink, name your poison.”

“Do you have Captain Morgan Rum?” I said I did.

“I like mine with lemonade or just plain water.”

“I can do either, I drink a lot of lemonade. I have never tried it with the Captain, sounds good.” We sat on the couch and talked about our day. I told her I wanted to take her in my Lake down to the keys. I told her about my friend who lived down there and had a place we could put the plane and use his boat. If he was home he would take us fishing. We would stay in his house even if he was off some where. He was married to a Country Music star and they were only home half the time. Jessie asked who the singer was, saying she was a huge country music fan.

“Mackie Ann Stone.”

“MACKIE ANN, you know Mackie Ann?”

I had to grin, “Sure do gal. She married my best friend about a year or so ago. I would like to say I was at their wedding, but I missed it by a day, I didn’t know and dropped in on their honeymoon. She was sweet as she could be and wouldn’t let me leave until the next day. I love her to pieces, she is nicer in person than she is on TV. More beautiful too!”

“Gosh, I didn’t know she married again, and you say they live in the Keys?”

“Yep, that isn’t common knowledge so I wish you wouldn’t tell anyone. I think they like it there because they can move around pretty much as they please without photographers and paparazzi.”

“We will go down and visit when they will be there. Tag, my friend, will be tickled to death I have a lady friend. I think he thinks I am gay. I am really not at all inclined in that direction. After Buck’s mother died I was a mess. I wanted to die too, but I had Buck. I couldn’t join her until he was grown. I grieved pretty hard I guess. He was still in diapers when I started taking him fishing and flying. I had to do stuff to keep my mind off Chrissie. I still think of her often. Another friend of mine took me aside one day and asked me one question that changed my whole life, he said, “What would you have wanted Chrissie to do if you had died first, and what would she want you to do?” So that is where I am now.”

“You have never remarried?”

“Nope, never found a candidate, yet. Tell me about Jessie, is she married, have a boy friend, been married, tell me all about her.”

“Alright. Born in Maine, raised in Florida, been here off and on ever since. Married at eighteen, divorced at twenty with one child. Married at twenty two, widowed at thirty five. No present attachments. No prospects. Learned to fly ten years ago, own one aircraft, a Mooney 200. Have a private and instrument ratings.”

I picked up the phone a pressed 5 on the speed dial. It was answered after four rings. “Gordon Residence.”

“Mack, this is Fred Larimore, How are you guys? Are you ready to dump Tag and run off with me. Not yet, Oh well, I’ll just have to find someone else then. Yeah, I do love you too, let me talk to the big clown. Hey! Bubba how is every thing going. Yeah, well I would love to, may I bring a friend? Very female. I don’t know. Don’t know that either. OK. See ya.”

“Would you like to spend the weekend in the Keys with me?”

“Are you serious, was that really Mackie Ann you were talking to?”


“They invited you just like that, you didn’t even hint you wanted to go.”

“They kinda like me, I treat Tag like I have since he was a kid and I taught kaçak casino him to fish. I treat Mack like she is my little sister. I love both of them. They know that too.”

“Would you like to come to my place for dinner? I have a flank steak if you like that. Baked potatoes and a salad?”

“I would love that, what can I bring? I have a nice bottle of Merlot.”

“Great, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what do you want to know.”

“What did you answer that you didn’t know when you were talking to your friend?”

“Oh! Well, He asked if I were finally in love, and he asked if we needed one room or two.”


“You will find that I have a very irritating habit of telling the truth.”

“Fred, I really must go home and get ready, do you know I haven’t been home since I left Utah last night.”

“You came straight here?”

“Yes, I wanted to see if you looked as good as I had remembered. You do. Come over about six, OK?”

I took a shower and shaved. I couldn’t get Jessie out of my mind. I put on a pair of raw linen slacks and a beige flowered silk shirt. Feather weight suede boat shoes completed the outfit. I put the Merlot in a cooler with ice. I was a little early but I left anyway. It was about ten till six when I knocked on her door. It opened and she greeted me with a kiss. “I knew you would be a little early, you look nice, I like that. Aren’t you coming in?”

I was still out side staring at her, she was gorgeous. She wore a wrap around dress of a pale green. It was perfectly fitted to her body. She had on high heels which put her eyes on a level with mine.

“Well, are you coming in?”

“Jessie I have to be careful I don’t step on my tongue. Dirt is damned hard to get off of it. May I say that you are exceedingly beautiful tonight?”

She grinned, “You make me feel good. That is nice.”

“What would you say if I told you I am going to have to carry this ice bucket in front of me over to where I can stand behind the counter?” She burst out laughing.

“Now I really feel good. You are sweet.”

“I am also embarrassed, this has never happened before.” She walked over to me and took my hand. She said, “I won’t look, come on with me so we can sit down and relax.” She led me to a couch. She looked before I could sit down.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to look, I just couldn’t help it. Hummmmmm. That is something to think about.”

“Well it didn’t help when I saw there is no back to that dress. Damn that thing is sexy.”

“I am sorry, The dress worked though, I wanted you to think I was attractive. I have had this dress for fifteen years and this is the first time I have worn it. I am such a big horse I have to do something to make you look.

I have always been described as being healthy, big boned, and full bodied. I was going for “Hot”.

“Sweetie you went way past that to boiling, steaming, white hot. Do you want to skip dinner and just start kissing.”

“Well it is almost ready and I don’t know why we can’t share a kiss or two before dinner.” I couldn’t think of one either, so I pulled her gently closer to me and kissed her softly. Her lips parted and I rubbed my tongue along her lips. Her tongue came out to play. Her perfume was intoxicating. I was excited by every thing about this woman. I wanted her. Now. I think she felt that because she jumped up and dashed into the kitchen, She yelled that everything was ready. I still had a boner in my britches. The hell with it. It was a fact of life. We would just have to live with it. By the time we were finished with dinner he was back to normal. She said she had some brandy she would like me to try. She brought two snifters and we sat close to each other on the couch. I could feel my blood stirring again. I asked if she minded if I smoked a cigar. “I can go outside, but I don’t really need it.”

“You can smoke it right where you are if you will let me have a puff or two.”

“I took a drag and held the smoke in my mouth. I let it out so it drifted up into my nose. I handed it to her. She blew a perfect smoke ring and handed it back. I blew one that circled hers. I looked at her and put the cigar down. Her eyes were on me, watching every move. I wet my lips and smiled softly at her, “Jessie, I want to make love to you, now.” She smiled back and stood and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She turned round and I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. I felt her hand grasp my erection. She stepped back and dropped the dress from her shoulders. She was nude except for her heels and thigh high stockings. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I leaned over her and kissed her lips. I explored her mouth with my tongue. I kissed her eyes and her cheeks and ears, I nibbled at her smooth neck. My hands were busy feeling her breasts. Her nipples were erect and hard as rubber. I had to taste them. Delicious, I loved them, her areolas were small and tight around the base of the nipples. Sweet, so damned sweet. My hands ran over her body. I loved what I was feeling. I followed my hands with my lips and tongue. I moved to her mound. It was as smooth as a babies ass. Smooth and silky feeling. I slipped down and gently forced her legs apart. I saw her lovely pussy. The vulva were puffy and swollen looking, her pink inner lips protruded from between them. I moved between her legs and they spread wider and wider. I could see her moisture dripping from her love tunnel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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