Just One More Kiss

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You wake up in the early hours of the morning only to hear the rain settle on your window sill. You sigh softly, wipe back the stray strands of hair that fell carelessly across your face the night before as you restlessly tossed and turned. You had wished that things would perhaps be different. That your day would somehow surprise you and differ from all the ones you had had for the last twenty years. Downstairs you hear the sound of the kettle come to life and you know that the entire household is obviously awake…alive.

You close your eyes remembering the shards of the dream you had the night before. The one dream you have continuously where everything turns out relatively well. You are happy, they are happy, your world is too. Without thought you squeeze your eyelids even tighter. You smile as a small sigh escapes from between your rosy parched lips.

Only hours before you felt his hands caress your face, you heard him whisper that he loved you and that he appreciated you more than anything in the world. It was in these moments that you believed nothing more existed. You believed that the two of you were the only ones in the universe.

Looking up into his coffee coloured eyes you plead for him to realize all that he means to you. You plead for him to just know that despite anything that you are his and that he in fact means everything and perhaps even more to you.

With one more glance you close your eyes and lean further into his hands before resting your head on his shoulder. Breathing in all that is around you, you wish this moment to never end.

Gently you feel him push you away. Once more he looks into your eyes; a faint hint of a smile appears on his lips.

I love you. He whispers.

Smiling weakly, you nod. Those words, no matter how often they are said, hit you harder than the time before.

Leaning forward you press you lips gently against his. You try your best to memorize everything around you. With your hands on his cheeks, you sigh and moan softly as you feel him pull you closer to him. You feel his calm aura comfort you, his presence filling you, lifting you.

The words conveniently escape your mind and your heart comes to a halt.

“Aaah”, you moan as you feel his hand leave your face and slip down your body, lightly roaming your features, lighting you ablaze with desire.

You take a moment to pull away from him, to close your eyes, to savor the moment.

Instinctively he knows the next step. He knows you all to well. Removing his hands from your heated up body he lets you move onto the bed. You watch him step closer to you, not for one second do you take your eyes off of him. You sense his eyes begin to scan over your body, for a moment the insecurities rage throughout you. For a moment you question if this will be the first of many or this will be the last.

Closing your eyes for the briefest of moments you silently pray that your heart is right and not your mind. You need this, does he even know how much?

You reopen your eyes to see him standing above you, his body hovering perilously close over yours. You feel him reach down, his hand drifting over your female agent porno hip as he smoothly begins to push down your pants and at the same time you begin to feel him remove his. Softly, with absolute caution, you feel him place soft tender kisses on your face, your collarbone and your neck. You feel him reach up and slowly remove the top you had only put on an hour before to impress him. You allow him to remove yours, only so that you can remove his.

Lowering his head, he kisses the hollow of your neck, just as he places his hand upon your breast. His breath against your skin sends shivers down your spine; you feel your body begin to respond to him, to both your and his nakedness. You feel your nipples stiffen responding to his tongue as he traces tiny circles around them, paying careful attention to them both. Instinctively you moan, lifting your chest up to meet his keen mouth. Your mind begins to fill with the inevitable.

Lifting your hands, you place them on his lower back. Your head falls to the side and yet another gasp of pleasure escapes. You are clearly unsure of whether or not you want this ever to end.

Massaging his back with your fingertips, you feel yourself grasp him tighter as you feel his inquisitive hand slip down over your stomach and down between your legs. Slowly he plays with you and teases you with every caress, every flick, every stroke. You begin to plead with your every movement that he would just fill you, that he would take you right now and then. You plead that he would make you scream and cry out for more. You need this now.

Reaching down you take hold of his hand and place it by your side. Lifting up your hips you feel him push hard against you. His need is just as evident as your own. You open your mouth to speak, but your thoughts are interrupted as he, with one swift movement, pushes up into you and places his hand on your mouth. Gasping with obvious bewilderment and pleasure you let out a deep guttural moan, only to taste yourself on his finger tips. With a grin, you let your tongue trail over his fingers, you know hell enjoy this and unmistakably so do you.

You begin to feel yourself dripping with wetness as he slowly moves in out of you. You feel him slide against you. You feel his heart on your chest as he lowers himself against your own. The heat of your two naked bodies against each other, moving with every thrust, causes you to loose control.

With one swift movement you place your hands on his chest, pushing him up, you tip him over. You can still feel him positioned deeply inside of you. You grin and slowly you lower yourself onto his chest, allowing him to see your every movement. Taking your time you kiss his precious neck, while allowing your hands to linger over his perfectly carved out chest. This to you is perfection. He is perfection.

Selfishly you raise your body off his, you want to treasure these moments. You want to see his face contort every time you lower yourself onto him, every time you shift your body, every time you clench your muscles. You try your best to maintain a state of consciousness as you move with him, female fake taxi porno however the pleasure he brings you leaves you helpless. Somewhere amongst it all you want to give him all you have, you want to make sure he enjoys this, even more than you do.

You feel your first climax of the night draw near. You feel your breathing increase and your movements becoming sharp. You can’t help but have your moans fill the air.

With his hands firmly placed on either side of your hips you feel him push you harder down onto him as he swivels his hips. Leaning back, your hands begin to clench the bed sheet beneath you. You close your eyes and pray that this will never end. However just as quick as this pray begins, it ends. You open your mouth to cry out with pleasure as your hips buck up towards him, your body on fire.

“Fuck,” you mutter carelessly as you feel yourself lowering from the high and his hands and hips continually moving you. You smile and push yourself forward, resting your tired and sated body on his chest. You can still feel the tingle throughout your body and with a soft you chuckle you notice your toes are still curled.

While your mind continues to mull over the pleasure it had received minutes ago you begin to feel the pleasure and excitement rise again. You had become so comfortable with him in you that you didn’t take notice of his continual movements. Dropping your mouth to his neck, you leisurely kiss it before turning your head and resting it on his shoulder. Once more the words begin to rise up within you, but the next climax which begins to seer through you cuts them off in their tracks. This time around you feel almost paralyzed. Your body although tired, begs for more.

You want another one? He questions with a smirk. Your state of delirium drives him insane.

Flipping you over, he lifts your legs and pushes your knees against your chest. Roughly he pushes it your, grinding his hips against your naked moist flesh. Once more you feel yourself dripping, your juices running between your thighs and down onto the sheet. Your moans become more primal with every push.

You dare not open your eyes, as if to not ruin this all. You begin focusing on everything that is taking place. Your mind focuses on the soft, almost unnoticeable, gasps being emitted from his mouth. Your mind focuses on his hands which are now resting on either side of your head. Your mind focuses on the sounds of the bed as it pushes against the wall.

“Look at me.” He captures you off guard as he takes hold of your hair raising your face to his. Look at me.

With apprehension you open your eyes, at this point you are more than reluctant to break the moment. Catching his eyes, you quickly shut them. Once more he commands for you to open them, only this time he thrusts into you harder than before. You have no choice but to open your eyes.

“You know I love you?” he questions. This moment, as inappropriate as it is, could never be more perfect in your eyes. Your mind and your heart clash as he pushes into you once more, this time grinding his hips against you as he does so. glory hole secrets porno All you want is to be devoured by him, to feel him in you, pleasuring you till the day you die. Pinching your nipple he brings you back to reality with a sharp gasp. Your eyes fly open and you nod amongst the pain and pleasure; the two well matched.

“I’m yours, you can have me whenever you want.” He adds assuring you, his brutal love making never ceasing.

Hearing those words your eyes close and you smile softly. “Now…cum.” He demands knowing that every movement he had made for the last while had been driving you mad with desire. Closing your eyes, you allow yourself to go and let yourself loose as the next climax takes you over, the third being the best of the entire evening. Collapsing, you feel him move slowly in and out of you with absolute tenderness, the moments of rough before are abandoned, quickly forgotten.

Slowly he releases your legs, allowing them to drop carelessly onto the bed. Kissing you he tells you once more that he loves you and that he adores you. Blissfully you sigh and feel him move to your side.

Resting his head on your bare chest you languidly place an arm over his fiery shoulder and drop a kiss onto his head.

“Love you too,” you whisper. I love you so much it hurts. You add with a chuckle, the actual meaning of it all escaping him, or so you think.

Slowly the night begins to dawn on you. You hear the crickets outside and the people making their way to their destinations. Downstairs the halls are quiet and not a sound can be heard, not a sound but that of your beating hearts.

After several minutes you feel him stir beside you. You know what this means.

“tay, just one minute longer.” You ask silently. “Just…one.”

“I have to go.” He says, although he doesn’t shift from his position. However when the time comes you know he will leave. You know he will get up from this bed, in which he had so heatedly taken you away only a couple of minutes before, and walk out the door.

You bite your lip as to contain the emotions swirling within you. You consider begging him to stay. Promising him the world, if you of course had it, but you know it wouldn’t work. Despite the words, you are rather certain that he will in fact never truly be yours. Moreover perhaps he will never truly love you. Instead, you smile, tell him once more that you love him. You watch him stand up, and quickly dress back into the clothing he had removed earlier on for you. Walking back over to you he kisses you gently once more, before turning and disappearing out the door.

You wake up in the early hours of the morning only to hear the rain settle on your window sill. You sigh softly, wipe back the stray strands of hair that fell carelessly across your face the night before as you restlessly tossed and turned. You had wished that things would perhaps be different. That your day would somehow surprise you and differ from all the ones you had had for the last twenty years. Downstairs you hear the sound of the kettle come to life and you know that the entire household is obviously awake…alive. Sometimes you fool yourself to believe that when you finally open your eyes, he will still be there and the scent you inhaled throughout the night, will still linger on the chocolate brown pillowcases beside you. Carelessly you drape your hand across the empty void beside you. This to you is reality. This is nothing more than just another day in your existence.

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