Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 09

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Drunk & asleep, stripping Sophia’s little sister, Regina, naked.

Continued from Chapter 08:

Ready to take out the pot and give her a joint, I asked the question.

“Do you smoke?”

I looked at her sitting pretty in her smart, short, blue skirt and her sexy, sheer white blouse. Whenever she crossed and uncrossed her legs, she flashed me a triangular patch of her white panties and every time she leaned forward, I was rewarded with a nice down-blouse view of her ample cleavage. Damn, she has nice tits.

‘Stop staring, Jimmy,’ I repeated to myself. ‘Stop staring. You’ll scare her. She’ll think you’re a pervert.’

Yet, feeling so much like the pervert that I am, I felt as if I was leering, especially every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs or leaned forward. It had been months since I’ve seen a woman’s panties and a long, line of sexy cleavage. Showing me more than I thought I see, showing me all that I hoped to see, it had been months since I had sex and Regina was making me horny by unintentionally or deliberately flashing me.

“No,” she said with a toss of her hair, the same toss that Sophia did and that made me crazy with sexual desire for her. Whenever she looked up at me and was about to tell me something about herself, she tossed her hair. “I was a runner in high school and in college.” She gave me a sexy smile. “And I’ll have you know that I was on the swim team and did some nude modeling, as well,” she said putting a hand to her hip and flashed me a supermodel smile.

‘Nude modeling? Maybe if I tell her that I’m an artist, she’d allow me to paint her in the nude in the way that Paul painted Sophia in the nude,’ I thought. ‘I wondered if she ever modeled or Paul. Perhaps, there’s a painting in Paul’s studio of her and Sophia naked. Wow!’

Yet, I’m no artist. The only art supplies I have are lined paper, markers, and a few broken crayons. Nonetheless, instead of painting her, I’d love to photograph her without her clothes.

‘Maybe if she drinks enough, she’ll allow me to take some sexy photos of her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked for me to masturbate over after she leaves for home,’ I thought. ‘Say cheese.’

It was hard for me not to stare at her, drool over her actually. She looked so much like her sister.

“Yeah, I can see that,” I said admiring her figure. “With your broad shoulders and slim waist, you have more of a swimmer’s figure than you do a runners body.”

As if thanking me for my compliments with her eyes and her smile, she looked at me with interest.

“What about you? Do you smoke?”

Not wanting to give her father another reason not to like me, I decided not to tell her about the marijuana. I didn’t want her to tell her father that I not only use alcohol to numb myself over the memories of losing Sophia, I use drugs too. Only, nothing stronger than a few tokes of Mary Jane, I’m far from a pothead.

“Nah, I never did. I was into boxing heavily at a very young age, ergo the reason why I have arthritis in my shoulders and hands.” I took a sip of my coffee. “My uncle owned a famous boxing gym in Boston across from the Boston Garden. I was the only white kid there.”

She yawned and showed the impressions of her erect nipples through her sheer blouse and white bra with a long, sexy stretch.

“I’m getting tired,” she said.

I stood ready to show her to her room.

“Come, let’s get you to bed. We can sit and talk tomorrow. You must be tired after that long drive,” I said.

‘After all of that sexy talking about spring break and nude beaches, I’ll be dreaming about her and sexually fantasizing over her while masturbating myself tonight,’ I thought.

Seemingly, suddenly re-energized in the way that only the young can do, she smiled.

“No, actually, if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay up and talk for a while longer and have another glass of this delicious wine,” she said while pouring herself another glass of wine, her third glass wine.”

‘Hoping for the later instead of the former, either she’ll be sick or drunk,’ I thought.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re not driving because if wine treats your head in the way that it attacked your sister, it has a way of sneaking up on you.” I laughed. “Let me know when you’re ready for the wet T-shirt contest and I’ll get the hose and some dollar bills ready to stuff down your panties.”

I shocked even myself when I said what I was thinking.

‘I can’t believe I said what I did to Sophia’s, kid sister. Why would I say something as sexual as that to Sophia’s young and innocent sister? What’s wrong with me to show her the dirty, old man that I am? Maybe I should apologize,’ I thought.

Yet, my apology wasn’t necessary when she participated in my sexy game with her comment.

“I think one more glass will put me in that mood,” she said with a sexy laugh and a naughty look.

We adjourned to the comfort of the living room. I offered her the softness of the sofa, while I took my usual voyeur seat across from her in the soft, worn leather of the recliner. She had another casino oyna glass of wine, her fourth glass, while I settled for another cup of hot, strong, black coffee.

I suspected she’d be sleeping where she was sitting and I’d be carrying her to bed. I imagined having to strip off her clothes for bed. Not hard for me to imagine where she looked so very much like her sister, I imagined her in her bra and panties. I imagined her topless. I imagined her naked.

After a while, I watched her eyes briefly close as she started slurring her words. Sophia was the same way. Whenever she had more than one glass of wine, she was tipsy, and two would make her drunk. Now, with Regina consuming nearly four glasses of wine within a two-hour period and weighing about the same as Sophia, I figured she was a bit drunk. With her skirt raised past the top of her thighs, and her panty clad ass fully exposed, I watched as she set her empty glass down before leaning over to the side and falling asleep.

Chapter 09:

As soon as she fell to the side, her short skirt climbed up the back of her thigh and she gave me a wonderful up-skirt view of her white, bikini, panty clad ass and the back of her pussy mound. Now, with her taking a drunken nap, I could stare at her panties peace without making her feel uncomfortable and without her thinking me a pervert. Enjoying the view of her panties, I sat there while watching her to see if she’d awaken.

Regina had such a nice ass, an ass as good, if not better, than her sister. Still grieving over the loss of Sophia and with her baby sister looking so much like her, and now with me having an uninterrupted view of her panties, I couldn’t stop myself from staring. She was just so damn beautiful. Yet, I had a feeling that Regina was nothing like her sister, Sophia, in bed. I imagine her being not as sexually experienced as Sophia and/or Emma.

Notwithstanding her sexual experience or lack thereof, she had such lovely, long legs, as shapely was her big sister’s legs. Quickly, I became excited again by the sexy vision of her exposed panties. A double-edged sword, even though ogling Regina’s panties momentarily stopped me from missing her sister, ogling Regina’s panties made me horny. She had the same shapely ass that I remembered her sister having and I missed feeling Sophia’s ass and pussy through her panties.

When Regina didn’t move, using not wanting her to sleep on the sofa as my excuse, should she awaken while carrying her, I allowed my cock to react to the thoughts of carrying her to bed. As if the sensual thought was a fever, the sexually exciting thought of putting her to bed and undressing her took hold of me. Did I dare pick her up and carry her to her bedroom? No doubt with one thing leading to another, did I dare remove her clothes?

We joked about me taking sexually advantage of her when she was drunk and stripping her naked. Sexually teasing me, she even acted as if it was no big deal for me to see her naked. Like her sister and her mother, she could have been a nudist, she said. Now, with her nudism haunting my mind with naked images of Sophia, Regina, and their mother, I so wanted to see her naked. I so wanted to see how much she looked like Sophia without her clothes.

Only, undressing her would be wrong. She was Sophia’s kid sister. Even though we weren’t blood related, seeing, touching, feeling, and fondling her naked body would be sexually incestuous. Yet, missing Sophia so terribly much and, if only for just one night of pretending that Regina was Sophia, I so wanted to see her naked. I so wanted to touch her and fondle her everywhere that I touched and fondled Sophia while kissing her.

Not a difficult decision to make with the temptation of seeing more of her sexy body as she lay sleeping, I decided to go ahead and undress her. I needed to see how far she’d allow me to go before awakening from her drunken sleep. Maybe she wasn’t sleeping but pretending to be asleep. With her a confessed nudist, I imagined her allowing me to strip her naked. Besides, it was late, I was horny, and I needed to see Regina naked.

I hoped she didn’t awaken. I waited a few minutes to see if she’d awaken on her own but when she started breathing deeply and regularly, I figured she was sleeping soundly and it was time to put her to bed. Looking so much like a busty angel and looking so much like her sister, she was in a deep, drunken sleep. Gently, while trying not to awaken her, tempted to put her in my bed, I lifted her off of the sofa and carried her in my arms.

Even her weight felt about the same as her sister’s. With her the same 5’9″ height, I figured she was all of 120 pounds. I allowed my nose to smell the fragrance of her hair and her hair smelled wonderful. I so wanted to touch and feel her beautiful body through her clothes as I carried her, but not wanting to awaken her, I didn’t dare.

As I carried her, my fingertips came in contact with the side of her bra clad breast. Her breast felt firm. I missed Sophia’s tits. Sophia had amazing breasts. An admitted breast man, I loved her tits. Careful canlı casino not to awaken her, I laid her upon her bed. As soon as I put her on the bed, her skirt had risen to the top of her thigh. In the way that I clearly saw the back of her panties, I could clearly see the front of her panties, along with the impression her pussy mound, her pussy slit, and her camel toe made in her panties.

It took all the self-control that I had not to fall between her legs and finger her pussy while licking her pussy through her panties. It took all the self-control that I had not to move her panties aside with my fingers and rub her clit while fingerfucking her pussy as she slept. Only, since I still wanted to strip her naked, I didn’t want to rush things and ruin things. I didn’t want to prematurely awaken her.

As if she was drugged, and indeed she was, drugged with alcohol, she slept so peacefully sound. Resisting the urge to strip her naked, trying to control my sexual lust for my dead girlfriend’s, baby sister, I thought about leaving her dressed in her clothes and sleeping. Fearing she’d be embarrassed, I thought about the ramifications of what she’d say if I undressed her. I feared she wouldn’t stay.

What if she was angry that I had taken it upon myself to strip her naked? Not wanting her to abruptly leave without having her tell me more about Sophia as a child, I didn’t want to upset her. Only, I was so very sexually excited seeing her lying there with her panties fully exposed to my horny eyes. While comparing her naked body to her sister’s naked body, I so wanted to see Regina naked.

# # #

Her parents already thought me enough of a pervert by sleeping with one daughter who was half my age, what would they think of me if Regina told them that I had stripped her naked? Yet, with a drunken, beautiful woman helplessly sleeping in my house, my horniness overruled my resistance to my sexual temptation and, selfishly, I decided that I didn’t care about her feelings, about what her parents thought, and about the ramifications. I decided to risk it all by stripping Regina naked.

Once I made the decision to remove her clothes, I was sexually excited. An opportunity of a lifetime, I may never have this chance to see her without her clothes again. Whether my justification for stripping her naked was imagined or real, if only to help me with closure for her sister, I needed to see Regina naked. Since she looked so much like her sister, I needed to see my Sophia naked, again, by seeing her sister naked.

Without turning on the light, with the moonlight giving me plenty of light to see all that I needed to see, I sat beside her on the bed while watching her sleep. I stroked her beautiful, lush hair, while waiting to see if the touch of my hand to her hair would awaken her. I so wanted to kiss her red, full lips.

Since she looked so very much younger than 23-years-old, she reminded me of a sleeping child. Since I was so much older than her, more than twice her age, and she was so much younger, more than half my age, I suddenly felt like a pedophile by having the thoughts of undressing her. Yet, she wasn’t a child. She was a woman, a beautiful, sexual woman.

As if giving my sleeping beauty the opportunity to awaken and to stop me from stripping her naked, unable to help myself, I leaned down and softly kissed her lips. It was a loving kiss and she surprised me when she opened her mouth, surrendered her tongue, and returned my kiss with a French kiss. I checked to see if she was still sleeping and, with her eyes closed, she was sound asleep.

Figuring that her kiss was an involuntary reflex, I couldn’t believe I had French kissed Sophia’s 23-year-old, sleeping sister. I couldn’t believe she had returned my French kiss with her sleeping French kiss. Now, I wondered what she would have done had I put my erect prick by her mouth instead of my lips. Would she have taken me in her mouth and sucked me in her sleep while dreaming of blowing someone else?

With only a two-year difference between the age of the sisters, I looked down at her face instead of her body. Barely looking 18-years-old, she looked so very young, so much younger than Sophia. Definitely, if I was a bartender, I’d card her before serving her a drink.

When she was born, I was 27-years-old. When she graduated high school at 18-years-old, I was 45-years-old. When she graduated college last year, I was 49-years-old. With plenty of lonely and horny woman around my age, what’s wrong with me to sexually lust over someone so young? With her young enough to be my daughter, I’m old enough to be her father. Yet, I didn’t care. Spurring memories of what I used to be like at her age, her young age made it that much more romantically appealing and sexually exciting.

With that one Sleeping Beauty kiss, she gave me an erection. I figured someone this beautiful must have been kissed thousands of times by hundreds of admirers. I wondered if she had a boyfriend, a steady man, a fuck buddy, or a friend with benefits in her life. Who knows? Maybe she’s a virgin. Maybe she prefers women kaçak casino to men. I have no idea. We never got to broach those subjects before the wine took control of her brain and had its sleepy effects on her body.

Yet, even though I so wanted to undress her, while watching her peacefully sleep, I felt as if I was watching one of my daughters’ sleeping. Suddenly feeling so much like the dirty, old man that I am, as if she was an innocent virgin, I was reluctant to despoil the image of her peacefully lying there. Then, I realized, while looking for justification to strip her naked, much wilder and more sexually sophisticated than was her big sister, removing her from my pedestal, this woman was no virgin.

Oh, yeah, with college dorm parties, drunken spring breaks, wet tee shirt and topless contests, she’s been around. Even her own sister called her a slut but with affection. Moreover, when she talked about drinking my delicious wine, she nearly dared me to strip her naked. When she talked about me carrying her to bed, she nearly dared me to take sexual advantage of her.

Expecting her to awaken at any moment, yet, after missing Sophia’s hand on my cock, I wanted her to touch me. I wanted her to feel me. I needed to feel the warmth of her soft hand on my hard cock. Gently, I took her by her hand and moved it to the bulge in my pants. As if her hand belonged there, her small, warm hand felt so good on my erection.

Controlling the urge to do so, I wanted to unzip myself, pull out my cock, and wrap her unconscious fingers around it. While I humped her hand, I’d love her to give me a sleeping hand job. I couldn’t help but wonder, if I moved my cock across her lips, if she’d take it in her mouth to give me a sleeping blowjob, while dreaming of blowing someone else. I needed to cum and would love to cum in Regina’s beautiful mouth. Wishing I could give her a cum bath, I’d love to cum all over her face, in her hair, and across her big tits.

# # #

She looked so pretty sleeping so soundly. Ever so gently, as if I was a pickpocket, I lifted the hem of her skirt with my fingertips and raised it to just above her crotch. I wanted to see more of her long, shapely legs. I wanted to see more of her panty clad, pussy mound. She had beautiful legs with slender and shapely thighs and well-formed calves. Then, slowly, as if I was a safecracker cracking a safe that had a trigger alarm, button by button, I gently unbuttoned her white, cotton blouse, while looking to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before continuing.

She wore a white, low cut, lacy bra. As if she was a woman from the 18th century, her breasts overflowed the cups of her bra and I gently massaged the tops of her breasts with both my hands. So soft, so supple, and yet so firm, I couldn’t wait to see, touch, feel, and fondle her tits. I couldn’t wait to suck her nipples.

Figuring she’d awaken any second, I was so brazen in undressing her. Only, bad enough that I put her hand on my cock through my pants, lifted her skirt to exposed her white, bikini panties, and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her bra clad breasts, did I dare remove her bra and panties too? The moment of no return, once I stripped her naked, having to live with the consequences, no apology would be big enough for her to forgive me. I just hoped she didn’t report me to the police.

Still on the fence about stripping her naked, I stared at her bra clad breasts. Her tits were a little bigger than Sophia’s tits and nearly as big as Emma’s fake breasts. Only, where Emma’s breasts were silicon confections, Sophia’s breasts, even when hidden by her bra, felt and appeared natural. Did I dare remove her bra? Did I dare strip Regina topless? Did I dare have my wicked, sexual way with Regina’s naked tits?

As nervous as I was sticking my hand down my Prom date’s gown to feel her tits and finger her nipples while in the backseat of my car more than thirty-years ago, I was just as nervous undressing Regina. Just as I thought I was doing something wrong then by feeling up a young woman who was so formally dressed, here I am about to feel up a young woman who’s so informally dressed while drunk and sleeping. It’s funny how times like these dreg up old memories and trigger familiar emotions.

I reached out my horny hands to feel Regina’s tits through her bra. Her breasts were so beautiful. They felt so wonderful. They felt so round, so full, and so firm. Definitely, without a doubt, they were natural. Without even removing her bra, as a self-admitted breast expert, I could tell. Clearly, I could see the impressions that her nipples made in the satin material of her bra and I thought it odd that her nipples would be so erect while she was so soundly sleeping. Now, I wondered if she really was sleeping or pretending to be asleep.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, figuring that she was really sleeping, perhaps, she was cold. Perhaps, she was sexually excited. Perhaps, she was cold and sexually excited. When seeing the impressions of her nipples, I wanted to finger them through her bra. Only fearing that I’d awaken her, I controlled the urge to pull her nipples out more with my fingertips. Then, I wondered if all women were the same as men getting sexually aroused as they slept. I know that I get plenty of erections when sleeping.

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