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For me, birthdays came and birthdays went with very little fuss, but my father had always asserted that ‘0’ related birthdays were significant milestones in our lives, so we should celebrate them accordingly. I accepted that advice, so my 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays had all been celebrated with due reverence, a lot of food and drink, and a damn good party!

My children thought that when my 60th came along I would treat it a little differently, having lost my wife of 35 years to cancer just 18 months before. But I thought it was important to keep the tradition going, so I expressed my desire to have a large gathering on my birthday. Fortunately I had been blessed for the last 20 years with a Secretary without equal .. I’m sure at times she even thought the way I did – only sooner! I was the owner and managing director of a small but prosperous company which employed about 50 people and had led the field in some computer developments over the years …making me quite a wealthy man in the process …so on this special occasion I decided to go all out and have my workers and their families at the party as well as my family.

Mary Stein was 5 years older than me and on the verge of retirement, but she set about organizing my little bash like it was a military exercise …the music, the catering, the decorating of my large house in the suburbs, everything. I think she saw it as her farewell gesture to me after so many years working together, and I appreciated it greatly. She’d decided it was time to take things easy and go and live with her children a few thousand miles away, and I knew I was going to miss her and be a little lost without her, she had almost become a family institution, and all three of my kids had grown up calling her aunty.

But the night had finally arrived, and when I came down the stairs into the main hall area I could hear the noise of music and people talking, coming from the large entertainment area.

I glanced in the mirror to see if I was ready to meet the throng, and saw reflected back at me a slim, silver haired man, with a slight tan still evident from last summer. A little over 6ft, my shoulders just beginning to stoop a little, a lined face, though not ancient looking, rescued from age, I think, by the twinkling eyes and the smile that I had been told was warm enough to melt an Eskimo! I was dressed relatively casually in a light floral shirt and thin slacks, because the weather had turned unexpectedly warm for so early in the year. Satisfied that I was presentable, I opened the door, to be assailed by the loud rumble of many voices all talking at once, and the music struggling to be heard over the top … I smiled … just the kind of party I liked, lively and animated.

My children quickly came over and hugged me and wished me a happy birthday .. they’d given me their presents earlier.. and my eldest son handed me a glass of my favorite Vodka and orange. Then they were gone, into the swirling mass of humanity, leaving me to wander around slowly, greeting people, chatting, smiling, even occasionally dancing a little. Most of the workers had been with me as long as I’d had my company so were more like friends than employees.

I knew some of their families too, but, of course, I only got to see them on rare occasions, and time can create significant changes, especially amongst the young, so when my chief accountant Joseph berg introduced me to his 20 year old daughter Magdalena, I was astonished at what I saw. The girl that I’d remembered as an awkward buck toothed kid of 11 or 12 had blossomed into an absolutely beautiful woman. She was tall and slim and had black hair cascading down past her shoulders, hair that she had a habit of partially hiding behind as she gazed up at a person, giving her an air of innocence and even tentativeness. I found myself drawn to her immediately, and stood for quite some time talking to her.

Joseph and his wife were both small and rather plain looking, so I wondered how they had managed to create such an exquisitely beautiful daughter. We danced together, and I enjoyed the feel of her slim, tight body wrapped in my arms, she seemed to mold into me as we danced, making me seem a much better dancer than I really was, and her initial nervousness gave way to a delightful warmth. I was even sorry when the music ended and I had to hand her back to her parents and continue on my rounds of the party. A little something of her remained with me, and my thoughts went back to her time and time again, but when I finally caught up with Joseph and his wife again they said she had excused herself and gone home. I was surprised at the little twinge of disappointment that went through me.

By this time the gathering had thinned considerably, and was obviously winding down. Mary came and said goodnight and told me she’d organized a clean up squad for 10 the next morning , so not to worry, and I gave her the usual kiss on the cheeks and a quick hug, and she was gone. Followed soon after by my three children and their families, the musicians, the caterers, and the last slightly intoxicated company escort istanbul workers, all proclaiming loudly that it was the best bash they’d ever attended and they couldn’t wait for my 70th. I smiled as I let the last one out and walked over to refresh my drink, Mmm, only the second for the evening, I’d done well. I stood, gazing around at the empty room, the echoes of the party still humming in the air, and I sighed, alone at last … not that I really liked being alone, but I’d grown accustomed to it since my wife died and at times found myself eagerly seeking it out, perhaps a sign of my age, I don’t know.

I walked slowly towards the steps to the basement, we’d had a small In ground pool placed there many years ago, and it had become something of a tradition after any celebration to end the night by taking a dip in the pool. But as I reached for the door handle, I heard something, a small sound from another room. I stopped, listening, but it didn’t come again, but I was sure it had come from the library. I frowned, I was sure none of the guests would have had reason to go in there, but I walked slowly over and opened the door. The room was virtually in darkness, but there was enough pale moonlight coming in from the window to see a figure sitting behind my desk.

“Who is it? who’s there?’ I called out.

There was a slight gasp, and then silence, I’m not sure why I didn’t simply put the light on, but something held me back. I walked slowly forward towards the desk, and my eyes widened as the moonlight finally fell onto the person’s face, “Magdalena! What are you doing here? Your parents said you’d left earlier” I said.

She stood up, “I wanted to speak to you and I didn’t want them to know about it because they would have stopped me” she said, quietly, a slight tremor in her voice.

“Stopped you?, why?, they seemed quite happy for us to talk earlier, even to dance” I said,

“Yes, but they didn’t know I was going to ask you for a job” she said.

I smiled, “Oh, and you think the appropriate way to ask for a job is to hide in a darkened library and frighten the life out of me” I said.

I saw her raise her hand to choke back a laugh, “I’m sure I didn’t really frighten you” she said, ‘And if I’d come to the office daddy would have known, and I wanted it to be a surprise” she added.

“Well it certainly is a surprise” I said, wondering why I wasn’t angry about this intrusion, “And what job is it that you want” I asked.

“I want to be your Secretary” she said, with a slight swallow and squeak in her voice that told me how nervous she really was.

I laughed gently, “But I already have a Secretary, a very good one” I said.

“But she’s retiring soon, and you’ll need a new one, and I want to be it” she said, surprisingly forcefully. Then she hesitated, and her voice dropped, “I really need it, I’ll do anything to get it” she whispered.

I felt a shiver run up and down my spine. “We can’t talk here in the dark” I said, “I was about to go down to the basement pool and take a swim, why don’t you come along, and you can tell me why you think you’re qualified to take over as my Secretary” I said, and not even waiting for an answer, turned and walked out. I was surprised to find that I was a little aroused.

I opened the door to the basement and walked down, flicking on the lights within the pool rather than the overhead lights. So the room took on a beautiful blue green glow. I glanced up and she was standing at the top of the stairs, her eyes wide and her mouth a little open, “Wow, that’s beautiful, I didn’t know you had a pool” she said.

I smiled, “We had it put in quite a long time ago, it’s kept heated so we can use it all the year round, and it’s lit so we can pretend we’re out in the moonlight” I said.

She moved slowly down the steps towards me and I was struck again by her innocent beauty, “I guess you mean you and your wife” she said, “I’m sorry about that”

I shrugged, “I think I’ve dealt with that now, although it’s at times like this when I feel her absence most, we always made it a ritual to come down here after a big party, just the two of us, and we’d take off our clothes and swim, and … Well .. I blushed .. I guess you know what I mean”

I saw her tongue come out and brush quickly over her lips, “Yes” she whispered, “And now you come down and take your clothes off and swim alone”

I nodded.

Her head lifted and she looked at me, “Do you want me to leave?” she asked quietly.

Once again I felt that strange shiver run through me and my eyes flitted over her from head to toe, noticing…not for the first time, I’m sure, but quite consciously now .. the delicate thrust of her breasts beneath her thin dress, and I had the feeling that the nipples were much harder and firmer than before. Without even thinking, I reached out and trailed the fingers of my right hand down over her breast, feeling her nipple leap and jump, hearing her sharp intake of breath. Then I pulled my hand back, flushing, ashamed of what I’d just done, damn she was just 20 years escort bayan istanbul old, “I’m sorry” I whispered, “I guess I got carried away with your beauty … and my loneliness. Perhaps you better had go and wait for me in the library, I don’t want to shock you again, but I don’t wear anything when I swim”

I watched , fascinated, as the pink seemed to start on the upper slopes of her breasts and race all the way up to her hair line and beyond, she gulped, then lifted her head, tossing the hair aside, and almost glared at me, “I’m not a child” she said, “I have seen a naked man before”

I grinned at the spirit she’d shown, “But that doesn’t mean you want to see an old man like me naked” I said.

“You’re not old” she blurted, “In fact” she blushed furiously again “you’re…you’re rather attractive”

I’m not sure if the flush that ran through me was a blush … or an arousal …I know I was surprised that she found me attractive…surprised…and pleased. “And you, Magdalena, are probably the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in a long time, and if I was 30 years younger. Or you were 30 years older, I’d be tempted to invite you to join me” I said.

“Invite me? … you mean .. to …oh” …she glanced again at the pool, her tongue again coming out to run over her lips, “It does look beautiful .. and inviting” she said.

There was no doubt this time, my cock, just lurched up into instant erection…the thought of seeing this adorable young girl naked. I groaned inwardly, but then suddenly felt a streak of wildness run through me, and without a word I started to unbutton my shirt, easing it from my trousers and tossing aside. Her mouth was shaped in an ‘OH’ of surprise, but she made no attempt to leave, or even to look away. I slowly undid my belt, then unzipped my trousers, and hooking my fingers into my underpants at the same time, stripped them down and stepped out of them. As I stood up, I tossed them aside, and I was standing before her totally naked …naked, and very, very aroused!

This time her gasp was loud and long as her eyes almost popped out of her head, staring, staring at my rampant cock, throbbing and bobbing out in front of me.

I reached out, and this time I slipped my fingers under her chin and lifted it, so she was looking straight at me. I used my other hand to brush her hair away, so I could see her whole face. “Now you know what your beauty does to me …you can either leave…or join me” I said. Then I smiled, “My last Secretary never came down here, never shared it with me … perhaps my next Secretary will” I said, and watched the shiver run through her.

Then I let go of her, turned around and dived, not as elegantly as I would have liked, into the pool. I swam backwards and forward across the relatively small pool, trying to get my erection to go down in the cool water, but it refused. So when I came back to stand just below her in the pool I was still visibly rock hard.

“It’s your choice Magdalena …head for home now and come and see me in the office next week with a job application for me to consider …or … Show me exactly what you have to offer a new boss” I said, smiling a little crookedly up at her, not quite sure it was really me uttering that slight touch of blackmail. I could see the struggle going on in her mind, see how much she really wanted the job, and I almost weakened … but before I could, she placed her small handbag to one side and reached behind. The sound of her dress zip was loud in the room, and she stared at me from a flushed face as she allowed it to cascade to the floor, leaving her in just a red, satin, half bra and pants set. I felt my cock surge even harder, and my breathing became ragged as she reached behind again and unhooked her bra. She hesitated a little nervously …and then , as she saw the expression on my face, a little provocatively … before she brought her hands forward, easing the bra from her high, firm breasts, and letting it drop.

I gasped at the beauty of her breasts, like two half oranges thrusting forward with surprisingly large, puffy nipples making them seem twice as large .. I heard myself groan, and she smiled, her confidence increasing as each moment passed. She was beautiful…and she knew it … she was turning me on…and she knew it. She reached down and took hold of her panties .. and then hesitated, looking at me, a mischievous grin suddenly coming onto her face … and walking over to the pool, she sat down on the side, facing me, her lower legs dangling in the water, “Wouldn’t you like to take them off for me , David” she whispered, and sent shudders right through me.

As I moved slightly forward, she lifted her gorgeous legs and placed them on my shoulders, putting her hands down by her side and lifting her backside off the tiles. I groaned as I reached forward and took hold of the waist band of her panties and drew them down over her hips and buttocks until …with a sharp gasp I was staring close up at her succulent young pussy …totally clean shaven and glistening with wet …and I knew she was bayan escort istanbul turned on too!! I drew them forward, lifting each leg high and slipping them right off, in the process, opening her pussy lips and gazing at her beautiful pink inner walls. Then she was naked, her legs still resting on my shoulders. I leaned forward and brushed my lips over her pussy lips. feeling her shudder, hearing her moan, slipping my tongue briefly inside to taste her sweet juices. Mmm she was so succulent.

Then sliding my hands behind her back and ass cheeks, I lifted her off the tiles completely, stepped back, turned around, and hurled her into the cool, refreshing water. She screamed and choked as the water cascaded into her open mouth and she came up spluttering, eyes wide, shock written all over her face. I reached out and drew her to me, pressing her naked body to mine, “Welcome to my pool” I said.

She tried to strike out at me, pummeling me… “You! ..YOU! .. you could have drowned me” she squawked.

I grinned, “But then I would have had to give you the kiss of life” I said, and pressed my lips to hers. Drowning any further protests .. She wriggled and squirmed, still a little angry with me…but gradually her struggles became sensuous writhings, and her angry noises became moans of passion as I stroked her body, rubbed my hard cock over her succulent pussy, kissing her deeply and passionately, my tongue engaging hers in a hot dance.

Then I pulled away, smiling hotly at her, “Will your parents’ notice you aren’t home?” I asked, quietly.

Her breathing was ragged, “No” she whispered, “I have a small apartment of my own attached to the house, they never come in there unless I invite them, why?”

I trailed my hands down over her breasts, cupping and stroking them, rubbing my palm against those amazing, exciting puffy nipples … “Because I intend to check your job application very carefully … I let my hands stroke down to her pussy … explore your resume totally … and satisfy myself that all your references are accurate” I said. I grinned a slightly evil grin, “I did hear you say you’d do anything for the job? Didn’t I?” I whispered.

A shudder ran right through her, and her eyes dilated, then she took a deep breath .. “Anything you want me to do” she whispered.

I smiled, “Remember what I implied we used to do after parties? .. my wife and I?” I asked.

“Yes” she whispered, and without me even having to say anything, she reached down and started to stroke my hard cock, causing me to shudder.

I decided to see just how far this acquiescence of hers would go … “Well, what she liked best was for me to slide my big cock into her ass hole as she stood holding on to the side of the pool” I said.

She gasped, her eyes sweeping wide, and she gulped, “But I’ve never” she stammered.

That thought excited me even more .. a virgin ass taking my cock … I shrugged, and immediately saw the momentary flash of panic flit through her eyes, “Of course, you don’t have to” I murmured.

A whole series of shivers ran through her, “But … but .. wouldn’t it hurt?” she whispered.

I nodded ..”Yes. it probably will if you’ve never done it before … but sometimes in pain .. people find pleasure” I said, “It would undoubtedly be so tight that it would be painful for me too … But the thought of fucking your virgin ass is turning me on like crazy” I said, deliberately being crude to shock her, and all the time I was talking, I had one hand stoking her hot little pussy and the other stroking her ass cheeks, brushing a finger occasionally down over her tight ass hole .

She was shuddering and shaking under my ministrations, her mind and her body in total turmoil, each fighting against the other. But as I looked into her eyes I could see that the mind was losing …there was a hotness and a hunger in them that was growing and growing .. and with a shuddering moan she turned away .. turned to the edge of the pool and leaned down to hold on to it, arching and stretching her body backwards lifting her ass cheeks clear of the water. Immediately my hands were on those ass cheeks stroking and cupping them, loving their firmness. I pressed forward, rubbing the stem of my cock up and down her ass crack and heard her moan again.

I reached between her widespread legs and gently caressed her pussy and her clit, then slowly slid my cock into her pussy. She gasped with shock, her head snapping around, “I thought you were going to …” she gasped.

“Oh I will Magdalena, I will, but first we must get my cock all wet and juicy so it slides in better and hurts less” I said, “Any way, I want this too …don’t you?” I said, thrusting deep, impaling her with my full cock, fucking into her tight . hot pussy.

“Oh god yes!” she moaned with surprising passion, and thrust back at me, forcing me even deeper, then squirming around on my cock, “Mmmm , David, that feels so good’ she murmured, and I had to agree with her, my cock was loving the tightness of her, loving thrusting in and out of her, loving the aroma of her heightened sex, loving the hot juices oozing down over me. Mmm I could do this for ever … But I had to know for sure…know just how far she would really go! I slid my cock backwards one more time, and this time let it slide right out and guided it with my hand upwards to her tight ass hole, and pressed forward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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