Me and Georgina Pt. 04

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Friday week soon came around, and in the intervening period, I had not allowed Georgina to orgasm at all, just to keep her excited and full of pent up frustration. I had licked her and played inside her cunt, but I wouldn’t go any further so that she was really randy by the time we left in the car on the Friday afternoon. It took us about 3 hours to get down to the New Forest, and most of the time, I was able to caress the thighs that were kept apart during the drive. Georgina had worn her black dress during the journey, the obligatory nylons, and as soon as we left, I asked her to pull the hem of the dress up so that I could admire her and play with her sexy, white flesh above the stockings.

I had an idea that the beautiful village of Brockenhurst, right in the heart of the Forest, would be an ideal base, if we could find some accommodation. As it turned out, the first pub we found there, advertising bed and breakfast, had vacancies. Brilliant. We booked in for two nights and were shown to a lovely room, with en-suite, and a wonderful view for miles right across acres of the New Forest.

It was only about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so I told Georgina to get changed and told her I would take her for a ride round the Forest. She put on the suede boots, ideal for walking, the suede skirt, a thin, transparent shirt and the black sleeveless jacket to keep her warm. I made sure I took my camera and we set off down the lanes to explore. The sun was still warm, as it was May, and the scenery varied regularly between gorse bushes, to open greenery to thick clumps of trees which went on for miles. A wonderful part of the UK, so serene and peaceful. After half an hour or so driving, I stopped at the foot of a small, green slope which led up to huge boulders and a few wooden seats for sight-seers.

We got out of the car and started to walk up the little gradient, and we were all alone apart from the forest ponies that just wandered about at will. There was no path but the ponies kept the grass down by endlessly chomping it, and it was a pleasant trek in the afternoon sun. We reached the wooden benches and sat down, and the view back across the hill we had just walked up was breathtaking. The sun was getting lower in the west and came across the top of the trees, and the scene was peaceful and idyllic –idyllic for me, perhaps!!

‘Georgina, this is so wonderful isn’t it, like a being in the middle of a paradise island, isn’t it? Well, this is where I want to take some pictures of you, before we go and find a lovely cream tea. Now, give me one of your special kisses,’ and I pulled her to me and our mouths met and our tongues entwined. She really felt hot, and ‘abstaining’ for a few days had been well worth it, I thought. I pulled away, leaving her wanting more. ‘Would you like that, Georgina, are you going to sit on this seat and look really sexy for me,’ and I kissed her again, and felt her warm thighs. I was rampant, and I think she was.

‘Of course, Paul. Oh, it’s wonderful to be alone here with you, just the two of us. I feel so relaxed and secure. Shall I just sit here –is this where you want me?’

‘Yes, on the wooden seat. Now, I don’t want to prompt you, I want you to show yourself off to me, to give your body up to the camera in the most provocative way. If you don’t I shall ask you again and again, and we shall keep going until you give me the pictures that I want. Have you got that Georgina?’ I grinned but she knew what I meant, and she looked coy and sheepish but was going to be quite obedient, I suspected. I had a roll of 36 pictures and 3 or 4 more rolls back at the pub, so I was ready.

She sat on the seat which faced down the hill, and she swung her legs up onto the seat as well. She bent her knees and rested her arms across her knees, and the view up her thighs was magnificent. I clicked away as Georgina allowed her thighs to be exposed more and more, and then she opened the poppers at the side of the skirt, leaving only the top one holding the skirt together. Her dark thong peeked into view and I told Georgina to put one leg on the ground, leaving the other one on the seat, and she got even sexier. Her stockings were pulled taut across her thighs, and the tops of her thighs were so white and luscious and firm, and Georgina held her legs apart knowing that the photos were picking up the sexual arousal enveloping her body.

I got her to stand up and lean forward against the back of the wooden seat, and then I said,

‘Georgina, undo the last popper, and just hold the skirt in place with your hands.’ She smiled another coy smile, but I watched her pop the stud that held the skirt together, and I took a few shots of the wonderful legs from the rear. ‘Take the skirt away, Georgina, and put it on the seat.’ Without hesitation, she obeyed, and just slipped the skirt over onto the seat and then stood so sexily. Her hands were on the back of the seat, and she gave the impression that she was simply looking out across the Forest, taking in the gaziantep grup escort bayan beautiful scenery, completely disregarding the fact that she only had on a thong. This gave her ass no protection at all as the thin strip of material had disappeared between her cheeks, and the view I was now getting was making me as hard as hell.

‘Now lean forward and arch your back, Georgina –stick your bum out,’ and I took loads more shots of her in various stages of undress, at least for 15 minutes, until Georgina was sitting on the seat, looking out over the Forest in just her bra, thong, boots and stockings. She looked incredible. She could also be seen by anybody coming up the hill, or anybody driving along the road at the foot of the hill. Fortunately, no-one was walking up the hill, but quite a number of cars went along the road down below, and there were one or two honks on car horns to encourage Georgina’s bravery.

‘One last request, Georgina —-I’ve got 2 shots left, and then we’ll do lots more tomorrow. I want you to open your legs, pull your panties aside and just caress your beautiful vagina.’

‘Are you sure, Paul? I feel ever so sexy, but they can see us from the cars, can’t they?’

‘Do it Georgina, just two shots, and then over a cream tea, I’ll tell you about the little surprise I have for you.’ Nothing more was said, but I could see that our words and my instructions were making Georgina as randy as I was. Slowly, she opened her legs as she sat on the seat, and began to caress the front of the little thong. She bent one of her legs up and I could see her close her eyes as the stroking became more intense. Every now and then she quickly looked down the hill to see if anyone was there, and then she went back to concentrating on her vagina. Finally, she did it!!

I moved a little closer and focused the camera as Georgina gently pulled the material to one side. Her pubic hairs came into view and shone in the afternoon sun, and her other fingers went straight to her clit to tease herself some more. The photo took in this wonderful sight, but I wanted something more for the last shot, and I pushed her again.

‘Push your fingers in, Georgina. Go on. Hold the material aside like that, and push your fingers inside you.’ Slowly, Georgina obeyed and I watched as two of her fingers slid into the gaping lips and slid in and out momentarily. I took the picture but she didn’t stop, so I encouraged her some more.

‘Go on, Georgina, do it, right inside, make yourself ‘cum” and she did!! It was a magnificent sight, right in the middle of the New Forest, this attractive woman in her fifties, almost naked and bringing herself to orgasm. It was enough to frighten the ponies. This is when I needed a video camera, but that could wait. For the moment, I went to her and cuddled and kissed her for a few moments while she calmed down.

‘Oh Paul, that was magnificent. I needed that. You’re so awful and you make me do such terrible things, but I’m glad you do,’ she laughed, and we snogged some more. ‘Now take me for that cream tea and tell me what that surprise is.’ I helped her to get dressed and tried to encourage my cock to calm down in my trousers, and then we walked back down the hill to the car, and soon found a lovely little tea gardens about ten minutes drive away, and sat down to enjoy scones with all the trimmings.

As we ate, I occasionally felt under the table and ran my hands up her skirt to feel her soft pubic hairs around the thong. She was still soaking wet. I then put a choice to Georgina, slipping my fingers under the thong to slide up and down her wet cunt. ‘Right, young lady. You have a choice. We can go back to the pub, have a meal and a few drinks and then we can spend hours in the bedroom, taking pictures of you doing all sorts of filthy things on the bed and in the bedroom, or…’

‘Sounds nice, Paul!!’ she giggled.

‘Listen, listen, you naughty, naughty woman. Or we can have an early night, get up early in the morning and take a day trip on the car ferry over to a wonderful Island that’s less than an hour away, but it’s like going back in time. It’s beautiful there. I’ve been there a couple of times a few years ago when I was working down this way, and there are some wonderful beaches and the scenery is breathtaking. Would you like that?’ Her eyes sparkled and I knew she would love to go.

‘You mean the Isle of Wight, don’t you? I’ve never been, Paul, and I would love to go. One of the women at work went there and she said it was lovely. Oh Paul, you are so kind, and I’ve got a little surprise for you, as well,’ and she smiled that wonderful smile of hers. ‘I bought a new, little outfit for myself when I knew we were coming away. I’m not telling you what it is, but I’ll wear it tomorrow and I know you’ll like it,’ and she squeezed my hand as if in thanks.

‘Of course, Georgina, the trip will mean that you will have to be extra naughty güneyşehir escort bayan for me, won’t it, you know, doing as I tell you, and wearing that new outfit just as I ask.’

‘Oh, absolutely Paul. Just be there with me and I’ll do anything for you. It’s the first time I’ve had a break for ages, and it’s all down to you Paul.’ She leant across and pecked my cheek, and I almost blushed. We spent the evening in the pub, had a nice meal, a few drinks and then I made love to Georgina, holding myself back as long as possible so that I could enjoy her body moving through two wonderful orgasms. My God, this woman knew how to use her body to its extreme, and could fuck for England, probably.

However, she was going to fuck for me as often as I could make her. We woke early, had only a cup of tea, and were down at the port to catch the 8o’clock ferry. I had managed to book the ticket by phone, so we drove onto the car deck when instructed, and made sure the hand brake was on properly.

Georgina’s new outfit had nearly made us late as I had wanted to bend her over the dressing table there and then, but now that we were settled on the ferry, I could take my time over admiring it. She looked so fuckable once again.

She had chosen a little, pleated red skirt, and had shoes to match. Sheer white stockings, a see through white shirt and a little, flimsy bra that lifted her breasts and separated them beautifully, finished off her outfit. It looked incredible on her. The weather was superb, the early morning sun shining brightly, and I knew we were in for a hot, dry day. I just wore shorts and a T shirt, and I told Georgina not to bother with a jacket or a jumper as she wouldn’t need it. It was also said for my benefit, as it allowed me to ogle her stunning breasts and legs as we sat on the ferry. We had coffee and toast, and then I took Georgina up onto the top deck, not only to watch the little boats and yachts meander across the Solent water, but also so I could take a few more snaps of this delicious lady, especially as there was a warm breeze on deck.

Her legs looked magnificent in the little, red skirt, and every now and then, a little gust of breeze would play with the hem, and there was just a hint of stocking top and wonderful white flesh peeking out. The other passengers and crew members watched this vision of sexual femininity wander about on deck, and I took the opportunity to make Georgina sit on one of the wooden benches and pose again for my camera.

She crossed her legs demurely, showing acres of thigh, I made her face the sun so that it would shine through the thin blouse and accentuate her wonderful breasts striving to get out of her bra, and then I made her stand and look out to sea with her feet slightly apart so that her firm body could be seen in all its glory. I wanted to put my hand up her skirt to see if she was wet, but instead I put my arms around her as we leant against the side railing, and teased her as we watched the water lapping against the side of the ship.

‘Every man on this ship wants to fuck you, Georgina, you look so sexy.’ She blushed and took my hands right round her waist so that I could caress her body through the blouse. I pushed myself against her bottom and she could feel my cock in my shorts, hard against her bottom. ‘You will be fucked today, Georgina, you know that, don’t you, and we’ll find a lovely cosy spot to do it.’

‘Oh, Paul, yes please. Anywhere you want me. This is so romantic,’ and I slid my hand down her skirt at the front, to raise it a fraction so that I could run my fingers across her bare flesh. I’d got her randy again, in the mood, and I knew it was going to be a good day!!

All too soon, the boat reached the little harbour town of Yarmouth and we drove off the ferry to begin our adventure. I knew where I wanted to end up, at a little secluded cove, on a tiny beach surrounded by rocks and sand-dunes, and not accessible by car. It would be ideal for seducing and taking even greater liberties with Georgina, but I thought we could have a little drive around the Island first, to show her some of the natural beauty, and wonderful sights as far as I could remember them.

There were the Needles which are great white rocks in the sea, off the western tip of the Island, Osborne House where Queen Victoria stayed for her summer holidays, Carisbrooke Castle which still has a donkey walking round on a wheel, pulling the water up from the well, magnificent views from the chalk downs stretching across the centre of the Island, and lots, lots more beautiful, peaceful scenery.

Georgina marvelled at the beauty, and it really was like travelling back in time. I played with her legs under the skirt as we drove slowly around the little roads and lanes, and we even stopped on the ‘Downs’ and had an ice-cream from the little van parked there, and I was able to tease her with the ice-cream, threatening to push it in all sorts of unusual places. islahiye escort bayan

Finally, we were on the coast road to where I wanted to go. We passed the theme park at Blackgang Chine, and made our way to the tiny hamlet of Bonchurch, on the south-eastern coast. We drove down a bumpy old lane, through leafy glades with old cottages dotted about amongst the trees, and finally we could go no further. We parked the car in a little car park, and then we had to walk further on down the lane until we came to the tiny little, secluded bay. Known as ‘Horse-Shoe Bay’ because of its shape, it looked so wonderful and calm, and just how I remembered it.

There was a narrow promenade that led along the side of the beach, and behind the ‘prom’ there were banks of grassy sand dunes, ideal for sheltering from the wind, or just having a picnic on. Huge rocks were clumped together at various points on the beach, probably to act as breakers when the raging tides came in on the high winds in the winter, but at this time of year they looked majestic and calm.

A tiny little café, catering for walkers and sunbathers, stood at the side of the promenade, and I thought that after our drive round the Island, we deserved another coffee and perhaps a cream cake. As we sat on the café patio, we could see one or two bathers in the sea, and others wandering about the sandy beach or playing amongst the rocks. Walkers went by on the prom, and others came in and out of the café to take trays down onto the beach. Georgina took a photo of me at the table, and then I took quite a few of her, sat at the little table, making sure, obviously, that I got her sexy legs and short skirt in the picture.

‘Oh Paul. This is wonderful, so peaceful and calm and relaxing. What can I say, you really are kind. I would never have come here on my own—I would never have been able to find it to start with,’ she giggled.

Two young men came up the steps to the café, haversacks on their back, and as soon as they spoke, I could tell they were Americans, or Canadians—Americans probably. They got their drinks and sat at a table adjacent to ours and after a while, they turned to us and asked about the local country-side and layout of the Island. I was able to give them some information and we got chatting generally. They were indeed Americans, from Washington State, and were on two months’ vacation around Europe before they went back to University.

Glen and Todd were very friendly, telling us about their adventures, and they must have been in their late teens, both tall and handsome and very fit through all their walking, no doubt. Georgina’s legs were still on view, and they couldn’t have failed to notice her wonderful figure and her breasts through the thin blouse. We continued to chat over the drinks, and then I asked if they would mind taking a photo of Georgina and me together. I thought it was an ideal opportunity.

‘No problem. Love to, you guys,’ answered Todd, kindly, although he was probably admiring the sexy figure as much as I was. I grabbed Georgina and pulled her over to sit on my knee and gave Todd my camera. I slid my hand onto Georgina’s thigh and, cunningly, gently pushed the skirt up right to her suspenders so that both young men had a wonderful view of her legs. They didn’t seem abashed, and smiled as Todd clicked away. I explained that we were having a little holiday together and wanted to take some pictures as a keepsake. Todd and Glen seemed more than enthusiastic and offered to take as many pictures as we wanted.

‘Georgina’s a very attractive lady, and we’d love to take your picture. We have no itinerary, so it’s no problem,’ chirped in Glen. ‘Would you mind if we took some with our camera as well. We are collecting from our tour round Europe, and this is a beautiful spot that we’d like to remember.’ Fantastic, I thought. Both of them clicking away with cameras –the possibilities are endless.

I pulled Georgina into me, and told her to cross her legs on my knee. It was a fantastic and wonderful pose, not lost on the two students, who just kept taking pictures of us together. However, I thought the café was a bit public for erotic photos, and I suggested that we go down to the beach just across the prom, and we could settle on the beach for a while.

The boys said they were starving hungry, they wanted a hamburger or something, and they would join us in twenty minutes or so, so Georgina and I wandered the few yards to some steps leading onto the sand, and we were able to lay a rug which I’d bought down onto the sand, up against the wall.

The tide was on its way in, about twenty yards away, so I wandered down to the water, just in my shorts, and had a paddle for a few minutes, and when I came back Georgina looked delicious sitting up against the wall on the rug, reading the paper. There were a few other people, but none too close, so I picked up the camera again, and started to take shots of my partner. I got her to bend up her legs once more, to undo a couple of buttons on her blouse, and I took pictures from all sorts of angles as she sat so sexily.

‘Do you feel sexy, Georgina? Do you feel randy and sexy and relaxed?’

‘Oh yes, Paul. I feel wonderful, and the weather is superb, isn’t it?’ She was right. It was just after midday and the hot sun was overhead now, beating down, and even I, in just my shorts, felt really warm.

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