Meet the Parents Ch. 02

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As I woke up to the sun in my face I thought of the previous night with Richard. How many times he made me come. I didn’t get back to my own bed until well over 2 AM. I closed my eyes and remembered Richard’s hands as they ran lightly over my body, of his cock thrusting into me, of the things I begged him for.

Suddenly, I hear a knock at the door. I got up, grabbed my robe which was slung over a chair and opened the door up to Monica.

“My dear, lots of activities planned for today! Get up and come down for some breakfast. We will head out into the golf course.” I felt my face flush has I remember her husband’s mouth on me, slowly sucking and licking at times; but rough and hard at other times.

“Yes, Monica. I was just about to get up.” I replied and closed the door as Monica walked off.

“How am I going to get through this day?” I thought to myself. I walked into my bathroom and got ready for the day.

Jack, Monica, and Richard were already seated at the dining table as I walked into the dining room. Each one of them had a cup of coffee and a breakfast plate in front of them already. I walked over to Jack, gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat down.

“Morning sweetie, how did you sleep last night?” asked Jack. I felt Richard’s gaze on me at the question. I felt my heart speed up, and my palms start to sweat.

“I slept just fine. How did you sleep, honey?” I asked, hoping I sounded calm. Jack leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“I slept like a baby. Nothing woke me up.” Jack shot me a smile and started to fill a plate for me. “Eat. We are going to head out to the golf course today. Get your game face on sweetie.”

As breakfast came to an end, Jack and Monica stood up. “Babe, we are going to go get the carts ready. I will ride with Mom today, and you partner up with Dad today. He told me he wanted to get to know you a little better.”

I felt her mouth go dry. “How much more does he want to get to know me? He knows more than you do Jack.” I thought to myself as Jack and Monica walked away. I tried ignoring Richard, but could no longer when he wheeled himself around to my right.

“I am glad you slept well last night. I slept just as well.” Richard whispered to my ear. “I had great dreams as well. Dreams of your legs wrapped around me and you screaming as you came apart in my arms.” Richard slowly ran his hand up and down my back.

“Stop it. That was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened.” I whispered furiously to Richard.

“Babe, it was a mistake the first time. All the times after that…well, it was because you wanted it, just has much as I did.” I shook my head in denial.

Richard just calmly gazed at me with a small smile. “You hate yourself right now because you enjoyed it. You enjoyed me taking you…making you come. You can tell yourself whatever you want to, but all those times I fucked you through the night, it wasn’t because it was a mistake…it was because we both wanted it…just like you want this again.”

Richard’s hands are on my face, holding me in place as he kisses me. His tongue slowly teasing at the lips that I have clamped, trying to find an entry into my mouth. He applies gentle pressure on my chin, and I feel my lips open up under his. His tongue enters my mouth sliding up against my own.

My heart accelerates in my chest. I hear myself moan as my hands come up to his chest, I feel myself lean in and accept his tongue as he continues to thrust it into me.

Richard pulls away first, his hands still on my face. “There will be more of that. We should head out to the golf carts before they start wondering where we are.”

My heart still beats rapidly in my chest. I stand up and follow Richard out to where Jack and Monica are. I see that Richard’s golf cart is a little bigger due to the enhancement that enables his wheelchair to exit and enter the cart.

“Babe, you okay with driving my Dad’s golf cart?” Jack asks as we walk up to them.

“Yes, of course. It still drives just like any other cart right?” I asked.

“Yep. Just like any other cart. We will try for 12 holes. Sounds like it might storm this afternoon.” gaziantep yabancı escort bayan Monica answered has we all look up to the sky. The morning had started out nice and sunny, but now appeared to have storm clouds.

“Are we sure we want to go out in this?” I asked, a little worried that we might get caught in the storm.

“It will be fine. If it starts to rain, we can just head back.” Richard said.

Every nodded in agreement and got into the golf carts. We head out to the golf course in their back yard.

It will never cease to amaze me how large their house is. One could get lost out here, and you might never find them.

We started our game and got to the 8th hole before I start to feel some rain drops on me.

“I guess that’s our sign that we should call it a day.” Jack said looking up at the sky. “We can finish this game later this week.”

Monica nodded in agreement.

As I wait for Richard to get situated in the golf cart I hear Jack, “Mom and I are going to head back first. Follow after us when Dad gets in the golf cart babe. We are going to go make sure the other golf carts are put away in the garage.” I nodded.

Monica and Jack drive off first leaving me and Richard alone. As soon as Richard locks his wheelchair in, I start the cart off in the direction the Monica and Jack drive off, but the rain starts to really pound down. I am so focused on driving that when I hear the first thunder, I complete jerk the wheel.

“Sorry, Richard, that spooked me a little bit.” I apologized.

“That’s fine. Give me the walkie-talkie.” Richard replied with a smile. As I hand him the walkie-talkie, he presses a button. I hear Jack come on.

“Hey Dad, what’s holding you guys up?” Jack asked.

“Anna-Maria is just driving really slowly, she got spooked by the thunder my boy.” Richard replied. “I am thinking since we are still quite a ways out, we might go to the hunting lodge for shelter until the storm passes.”

I feel a knot in my stomach at this suggestion. I look over to Richard and his eyes focuses straight ahead of him.

“That would not be a bad idea, Dad. It might be safer. The rain is really pouring now.” Jack answers.

“Alright, that’s the plan then Jack. Anna-Maria and I will head out to the hunting lodge and be back when the storm passes, over and out.” Richard hands me back the walkie-talkie and clip it in place trying to focus on the terrain.

“Head right over there towards those trees. You will see a road as soon as we reach those trees.” I turn the golf cart to where Richard points.

In approximate 5 minutes, we are at a small cabin with an attached garage. As I pull up to the garage, the door automatically opens.

“We have sensors in the golf carts that automatically trigger the doors to open as we pull up.” Explains Richard as I pull into the garage. I put the cart in park.

“Come on, you must me cold. You close are all wet.” Richard gets out of the cart.

“No longer hiding that from me, huh?” I ask him as I follow him into the small cabin.

“No need to.” Richard replies as he turns on the light and turns the thermostat up. I walk over to the sofa and sit down. Richard walks around sits beside me.

I shiver. We are alone, once again and I think of the promise he said to me the night before, about fucking me anytime he wanted to and my agreement.

“Take off your clothes.” Richards whispers quietly as he looks at me.

I swallow. “Was I really going to do this? Start this affair with Jack’s father?” I thought to myself.

I stood up and walk to a window to put some distance between us.

“No, we can’t do this. Not to Jack. I am with Jack.” I say to Richard. Unsure of who I was trying to convince, him or myself.

I see Richard’s reflection in the window has he walks up behind me. I feel his lips on my neck. Feather light kisses that have me clenching my thighs together.

“What did I say last night? I don’t see Jack’s girlfriend.” I feel his arm slide around my waist and my back up against his front. I gaziantep genç escort bayan feel his hard erection at my back. “I see a fuckable woman, whom I desire very much.” I moan.

Richard continues to kiss my neck as one hand comes up to my breast and the other cups my mound.

“I know you want me to. I can tell…” Richard whispers into my ear.

For a few minutes, there is only silence. Richard continues to massage my breast and grinds his hand against my mound. I feel myself getting wet. I grab his hand at my mound and grind it against me harder.

“What do you want Anna?” Richard licks a path from my shoulder up to my neck, to my ear and sucks it into his mouth. My whole body clenches.

My body is burning, yearning for release. I hear myself breathing…rapid breaths. I know that I am close.

I turn around so that I am facing Richard. His eyes are dark as he is looking down at me; I lean up and offer him my mouth.

Richard crushes me against me, his tongue thrusting into my mouth and sucking on my tongue. I feel his hands go to my ass and pull me up against him. My legs automatically open to accommodate his hard dick up against me.

“Mmmm, Richard, take me. I want you.” I moan against his lip. My hand slides down his chest to his erection. It is large and ready.

Richard ushers my legs around his waist, picks me up and starts walking. I feel myself being lowered. My back comes into contact with a soft surface. I look around and see that we are in a bedroom.

Richard stands back up and starts sliding out of his t-shirt, next his pants come off. I see there is bulge in his boxers. I close my eyes. “I can’t believe I am going to do this again.” I think to myself.

“Open your eyes. I want you to look.” I open my eyes to see Richard sliding his hands under my t-shirt. “You are so beautiful.” His hands slide up my abdomen to rest just under my breast. “What do you want, ,my sweet Anna.” Richard whispers as he pushes up my shirt. I move against him, trying to goad him into action.

As if he reads my mind, I feel him smile against

me as he rains small kisses around my abdomen, “You’re going to have to tell me if you want something. I am not just going to give it to you like last night.”

I take a deep breath, “I want your mouth on me…everywhere.”

Richard raises his eyebrows. “And what next?” His hands finally move up to my breast. Gently squeezing and molding them to his hands. “What else?”

“Mmm, more.” I say.

“What else, Anna?” Richard slides one of his hands to rest on my clit and I make a sound of distress and frustration. Richard laughs. “What else do you want?”

I open my eyes to look at Richard. The color his high on his face and his eyes are dark with desire.

“I want you to fuck me. Fast and hard.” At these words, I see Richard’s face change, no longer controlled.

He pulls me up and helps me take off my shirt and unclasps my bra. As soon as my breasts are freed, Richard pushes me back on the bed, his mouth immediately aiming for my breast.

I feel his mouth on my breast. His mouth warm and moist. He starts to suck at my breast like a dying man who has not had a woman for some time. I rock against his leg that he has positioned at my cleft. Richard moves over to my other breast and continues to suck.

“Take your pants off. Now!” Richard commands as he pulls back from my breast. He grabs me and pulls me up and has my pants off before I can even help him.

“On your knees on the bed.” Richard looks at me. My legs are shaky…unsteady. I turn and get on my knees with my ass towards him. “What a beautiful ass.” Richard compliments. I feel the bed dip has Richard climbs up behind me. I lift my ass in anticipation.

Richard slides a hand from my back down my hip and slides right into my cleft. “Yes. Yes, Richard. Just like that.” I exclaimed I as feel his hands start to move against my clit. I feel Richard behind me…hard and ready to go.

“You are so wet. I could fuck you right now.” Richard growls in my ear. I push my ass up against gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan Richard, but he doesn’t fuck me right away.

I feel his fingers probing at my entrance. I open up wider. I finally feel him slide his fingers into me.

“I wanted to take and fuck you right on the table that day I was finger fucking you Anna. I wanted your pussy on that table. I wanted to lick you clean after you came that first day. You tasted like honey.” Richard said against my back.

“I want your dick. Now.” I reach behind me, trying to grab his erection and guide it into me. Richard bats my hand away.

“Hands on the bed.” He says. “I will put my dick in you when I want to.” His fingers continue to work inside me. I am panting, my breasts heaving. I feel his other hand reach up to my breast. “Do you like this?” He squeezes. Hard.

“Yes. I want more.” Richard removes his hand from my breast and from my cleft. He places them on each side of my hips. I feel his dick at my entrance.

“You want more?” he says to me. “You want me dick inside you?”

“Yes. Please.” I beg. Yet, Richard does not make a move to come inside me.

“Who’s dick do you want inside you, Anna?” I feel him lean over my back. His chest right up against my back, I feel his dick slide in close, but still not in. “Who?” He whispers against my ear.

I moan. “Richard. I want Richard’s dick in me.” I scream. I feel Richard bite my neck has me finally slides home in all the way simultaneously. I scream. I feel full. Wet and full.

“Scream for me babe.” Richard starts to move in small, shallow thrusts.

“Oh, Oh, Richard.” I grasp the bed sheets in my hands. I squeeze his dick as he thrusts into me and hear him groan. As he thrusts into me, I feel a hand on my abdomen and the other sliding across my shoulder. Richard pulls me up so we are both upright but kneeling. He holds me in place has he continues to thrust into me. My head falls back onto his shoulder.

“Who is giving you pleasure? Who is fucking you right now?” Richard winds my hair in his hands and pulls my head to the side has he continues kissing and biting my neck.

“Richard, Richard is fucking me and giving me pleasure.” I say to him. This pleases him. His hand that was on my lower abdomen slides down to my clit and puts some pressure on, rubbing in sync with his thrusts.

I reach and push his hands away. I pull away from his dick and push him back onto the bed. I climb and straddle him. His eyes are glossy and I can tell he wants more.

I slowly lower myself onto Richard’s dick. “Mmmm. You’re so big Richard. You dick fills me like no one else has before.”

I continue to rock myself onto Richard. His hands come up to my breast. Caressing and squeezing. He continues to thrust as I rock on him. He suddenly jack-knifes up, his month right to me breast.

I squeeze his dick. He knows how I like my breast sucked. He wraps my legs around his waist. His mouth is still on my breast when he takes my hips and starts pounding into me.

“Richard, oh, Richard…please harder. Fuck me harder.” I grind against him. I hear him panting. “Oh, harder, harder.” Richard continues to pound into me. Deep, hard thrust. Just as I like it.

I thrust my chest more into Richards face, throw my head back and scream as I come. Richard, still hard inside me flips me onto the bed.

“I am going to fuck you real hard now.” Richard says as he kisses me, thrusting his tongue into me. I suck on it like I am going so suck on his dick later. His hard dick starts pounding into me rhythmically. Nice, long hard strokes into my pussy. I wrap my legs around his waist.

“More Richard, more.” I whisper into his ear. He fucks me hard. I feel myself come again. I squeeze him.

“Baby, I love fucking you. I am going to come right inside you.” Richard growls.

“Yes, come, come right inside me, Richard.” I

grab his ass and push myself against him. I hear the bed creaking from our frantic movements. I feel Richard bite me has he comes. His cum emptying into me.

“Anytime, you hear me Anna? I will fuck you anytime I want to.” Richard says to me.

I nod. There is no point in tell myself that I will resist him. “Anytime.” We both look out the window in the bedroom. The rain is still pouring and the wind was blowing now.

Richard moves his hand up to my breast. “Well the storm is still going. What do you think we should do to pass time?” My hands come up to where his lies on my breast.

“I think you could think of something.” I smile.

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