Melody’s Way Ch. 05

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*** Back to the Present ***

Amanda was curious about how DC’s trip home went. She found him in his room and asked. He decided to be honest.

“I’m back together with Melody and I guess we are being public about it now.”

“Oh. Um, you’re dating Melody?” She tried to act surprised.

“Yeah. Didn’t you see her social media barrage?”

Melody’s high profile postings is what prompted her to seek DC out. She hoped he didn’t know about her spying. She laughed, “Yeah, she was pretty obvious, wasn’t she. Nice pictures. You looked good. You should always do your hair like that.”

“I might need some help learning to do that.”

“I can help.” Then she added hopefully. “We are friends.”

“Listen, I know you have been telling Melody about what I’m doing. About Anne.” Amanda’s mouth fell open. “It’s okay. I’m glad you did.”

Amanda still looked concerned so he let her know, “I’m not mad. I still want us to be friends.”

“I’m sorry. I feel bad about tattling on you. I’m glad it worked out though. So, you’re going to break things off with Anne, right.”

“Yeah, I feel bad about leading her on.”

“She thinks she’s going seduce you away from Melody. She says you kissed her.”

“She caught me off guard and kissed me. But yeah, I didn’t stop her. I’ll straighten things out with her.”

“Good. Don’t make me have to lie to Melody.”

“You’d lie for me?”

“I don’t know. I won’t say anything about the last couple weeks as long as you break up with Anne. I hate being in the middle.”

“Just tell Melody the truth. I don’t think secrets are doing any of us any good.”

“Speaking of secrets,” Amanda looked around even though they were alone. “What is your secret? How are you doing it?”

“Doing what?”

“Apparently you seduced Melody last year to the point she’s stalking you after you broke up with her. Now, we come here and in a few weeks you have Anne throwing herself at you. Both of them are the prettiest girls around. You’ve never been a ladies man before, you’re nice and all, but-” She paused trying to find the right word. One that would not offend.

“I’m a dork.” DC provided.

“I don’t mean it that way.”

“It’s okay. I’m comfortable with who I am.”

“Well, neither of them were the type to go for a ‘dork’, as you say, now they are both obsessed. You should hear the way Melody talks about you. She thinks the world of you. Anne is almost the same. Why?”

“I don’t know. I liked them and set my sights on dating them.”

“And they both instantly fell in love?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Okay. We’ll need to talk about this more later. Maybe you can use your ‘ways’ to help me get a date with Trevor.”

“He likes you but is afraid of you.”

“Afraid? That’s not very attractive.”

“Not afraid, that’s the wrong word. He’s asked you to lunch three times, you said no every time. Now he thinks you are going to say no if he asks you out.”

“I had tests to study for on those days. I told him so.”

“He heard no. He thinks you aren’t interested.”

“How do you know this?”

“I was there when he asked and you rejected him.”

“I didn’t reject him. I had to study.” Amanda gave an exasperated growl. “How do you know he thinks I’m not interested? Did he say something?”

“No. I can just tell.”

Amanda looked at him trying to figure out what she was missing about DC. He was too intuitive.

DC asked, “Do you still want him to ask you out?”

“Yeah, if he wants too. Not if you have to hold his hand and tell him it’s okay to ask.”

“Come with me.”

They walked to the common room where Trevor was sitting.

DC asked Amanda so that Trevor could hear, “Are you busy right now?”

“No.” She wondered what the hell DC was up to.

Trevor immediately piped up asking Amanda, “I’m about to go off campus for dinner, would you like to go with me?”

“Sure.” she answered stupefied at the ease with which DC had directed the result she wanted.

DC said, “You two have fun, I’m going to study tonight.”

Amanda watched DC walk away. ‘He’s definitely doing something, even if he doesn’t know what it is.’ she thought to herself.


DC immediately found Anne in the dining commons. She was sitting alone and stirring her food with disinterest. He sat across from her.

“Hi.” he offered.

“Hi.” she replied without energy.

“Something wrong?”

“You are back together with your girlfriend, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” he said quietly.

“I knew it would happen if I didn’t get to you before you went home for break.”

“I think it’s for the best for both of us.”

She looked at him curiously. “How is this best for me? It feels sucky if you ask me.”

“You are beautiful and smart. There’s a perfect man out there for you. Now you’ll be free to meet him.”

Anne smiled weakly. “Thanks.” Somehow she did feel a little better.

“Just keep your eyes open. Mr. Right is out there.”

She took a bite of her food as he left. Maybe he was right.


Dave and DC were ataşehir escort in the dorm room each packing for their respective trips home for the Christmas holiday when DC heard her signature knock on the door. He opened the door and went back to packing. Dave looked up curious about why he had opened the door. Melody waved her fingernails at him.

Dave brightened, “DC, your ex is back!”

She moved over to DC’s side and helped him fold and put his clothes in his bag. She held up a shirt with an Atari logo thinking about keeping it for herself. She didn’t think it was too geeky to be acceptable, but taking his nerd shirts had become a hobby and she liked this one. It was soft from wear.

DC had changed, even wearing a nerd shirt he now carried himself with a confidence that made him infinitely less dorky. Still a nerd, but without the awkwardness. If he only knew how sexy that was. The hair gel helped too, she thought. She wanted this shirt. He took it from her shaking his head and stuffed it in his bag.

Disappointed at losing the shirt, she asked, “Are you almost ready to go?”

“Almost, but you know, my dad’s on the way to pick me up.”

“No. Just me.”

“What happened to Dad?”

“I told him that I would come and gather you.” DC was about to ask how that got arranged, but she kept talking. “He’s nice. You know how guys say you should look at a girl’s mother to see what she’s going to turn into in 30 years, well I hope your dad is some indication of what I have to look forward to.”

“I’m not sure how to respond to that.”

“I’m just say’n, he’s very sweet and caring.” DC shook his head at her before she went on to say, “And he’s a bit of a hunk too. For an older guy that is.” That left him slack jawed.

“Does this mean you two are finally back together?” Dave inquired.

Melody looked at DC expectantly and he felt her hopefulness.

“Melody, do you want to be my girlfriend again?” He felt her hopeful expectation deflate with his request.

“No, that’s not the right response.” She turned to Dave, “Sorry Dave, not quite. I don’t think DC gets it yet. But he’s coming around.”

“I swear I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t work things out with her.” Dave said as they walked out.

DC carried his things out to her car and after putting them in the back, she threw him the keys.

“You drive.” This was significant. She never let anyone drive her car. It was a spotless, used black 350z. Back in high school, when he had tried to press her to drive it, she had not relinquished the keys to him.


“Really. Let’s go.”

They drove in relative quiet. At some point Melody, trying to sound casual, asked, “So, are you set on becoming a doctor like your dad and working in his practice?”

He could tell there was more to this question. “Yes. Is there a problem with that?”

“No, no problem.” She looked out the window thoughtfully. “I just needed to know for sure.”

She grabbed for his hand but he pulled away like she might burn him.

“Hold on! No more of that.”

“What?” She was genuinely confused.

“No more doing whatever you do to make me forget.”

“I was only going to hold your hand…” She sighed and looked out the window, “this time.”

“So, you know what you are doing?”

“Yeah, but it’s no different than what you do to me.” She answered defensively.

“We’ve never talked about our… connection?” He said.

“Since the first moment you touched me, I felt it. I knew something odd was afoot before; we had that creepy magnetic attraction like since forever. But that instant we touched, I knew we were tied to each other.”

“And you were okay with that?”

“No. I was pissed. I didn’t want you to have that much control over me.”

“Sorry I took advantage.”

“It was scary and overwhelming, but awesome too. And kind of cool.” She grabbed his hand. DC felt her anxiety. She was truly afraid of what he thought of her. “When we started fooling around I realized I could only ever be with you. I’m sorry, but at the time, the idea of my soul mate being the class nerd troubled me.” DC gave her a dirty look. She offered, “I’m sorry I was so shallow. But it should make you feel better, once I got to know you, I fell in love with you.”

“Wait, what?” They had never used the L-word with each other before.

“You heard me. Don’t you dare say it back, not yet. I want it to be special when you do.” She pushed past his startled expression, “Did you really think I could have thought what I was feeling was normal? I mean that first orgasm you had almost stopped my heart.”

“It almost stopped mine too.”

“I thought this,” she waved her hand in the air, “connection we have was something we were sharing, that it originated in both of us, although I wasn’t sure how it worked. I was content to let you sit in the driver’s seat but then you went and messed everything up.” She muttered to herself, “You broke up with me.” Then in a stronger voice, “I spent weeks trying to figure out how to use my… Powers to bring you back to me for kadıköy escort good. I think I’ve worked it out.”

“I think you’re much stronger than me.”

“I think I always was. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, just no more manipulation.”

“Too bad we can’t manipulate other people. I mean, think about what we could do.”

“I have. You don’t think we are the only two people who are like this, do you? There must be lots others and that means the government must know. They probably have some way of finding people who use this power for personal gain.”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

“Maybe they use people like us for stuff.”

“Like spying?”

“Maybe. All I know is that I don’t want a black helicopter to show up in the middle of the night and make us disappear. So let’s lay low and continue with our lives as planned.” He thought back to the original question. “Why did you ask about me becoming a doctor?”

“That’s really heavy. I agree we should lay low and keep things between us.” She reached over and held his hand. He felt her causing a stir in his loins. She smiled. “This is going to be so much more fun now that it’s out in the open.”

“Why did you ask about me becoming a Doctor?” He reminded her.

“I think it’s because I made you become my blood brother.”

“Huh?” He asked.

“Remember, when we were like 6 years old I cut our hands so we could be blood brothers.”

“That’s right we’re brothers now.” He teased. “I remember us sitting side by side on the examination table, my dad lecturing us while he stitched us closed and gave us tetanus shots.”

“I got paddled by my mom when I got home.” She got a gleam in her eye. “I still have the knife I used. I keep it with that quartz pebble you found and polished for me.”

“You kept that?”

“I thought it was so pretty. I still do. I’m thinking about getting it set so I can wear it as a necklace.”

“I can’t believe you still have it.”

Melody suddenly became bashful. DC used the quiet moment to direct the conversation back to his question.

“Why did you ask about me becoming a doctor.” He asked again.

“Okay. Well, I’ve been hanging out with your dad.”

“That’s weird.”

“Yeah. He approached me to say he was sorry if he scared me off. He wants to make sure I am comfortable enough to come around and see you. He eluded to the idea I could spend the night with you if I wanted.”

“He means well. Even if it is disturbing.”

“I was assuming that you are going to join his practice.”

“That’s the plan, but that’s going to take a while. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I am thinking about going to restaurant management and cooking school, to help me when I take over my mom’s restaurant.”

“So what, are you planning on just giving her the boot ‘Thanks Mom, time to retire’. That seems a little bit harsh.”

“No. God you can be an idiot.”

“Well explain it better then, you trollup.”

She laughed. “If you would give me a chance, ass hat.” DC laughed at that too. “I want to open a second location and well, I noticed your college has a school of hotel and restaurant management. However, before I invest my future in building a business in our little town, I want to be sure you are committed to staying there too.”

“Why didn’t you already start school if that’s what you wanted?”

“I always dreamed of escaping and going out into the world, seeing what is out there. I always felt empty, like part of me was not complete.”

“And now you don’t want to see what is out there?”

Melody blushed, “I think I found what was missing.” She squeezed his hand. “Staying seems like a good idea now. I’d like to have a life in town, raise kids there. But only if you are with me.”

“Do you really think I would leave you? I could leave you?”

“You left me once.” She snarled.

“Yeah, sorry. Never again.”

“I know, but maybe you were thinking about starting out in a new town or a bigger city. I think our parents will be happy if we both stick around. They want us to end up together.”

“So do I. Since you have confessed your love and started planning the next 50 years of our lives together, will you stop referring to yourself as my ex now.”

“Why?” She had the same hopeful expectation as before.

“Stop teasing me and just say what you want me to do for us to be back together.”

“But you’re so close to figuring it out.”


“Oh, you just got even closer to the answer.”

“You know, this is nonsense.”

“Wow, even closer. You’re so close you’re burning up.” He felt his libido kick up a notch.

“I’m done talking about it.” He warmed up her sex drive to match his own and put her hand in his lap. “Either knock it off or take care of the problem you are causing, will you.” He said, referring to his hard on.

She opened his shorts pulled his cock into the open. “This is a freebie because you are doing so well fixing our lives, okay. And besides it’s not fair that you have made me wait so long to enjoy this pleasure. But, don’t expect any more while bostancı escort bayan we are broken up though.”

He wondered. “What are you talking about?” Then she dropped her face into his lap. It was dark out so they had some privacy on the open highway.

It was a challenge to concentrate on driving while she blew him. This was his first blow job and hers too. Although it was hard to tell based on the skill she had. Apparently she had been watching internet videos and practicing on fruit or something. She spent the better part of an hour and a half getting him close then backing him off. She would give her jaw long breaks by licking every inch or giving him a slow hand job. One of the good, or bad, side effects of their close link is that they can read each other perfectly. Either one of them could hold the other teetering at the brink of orgasm indefinitely. Sometimes it is delicious torture, other times it’s just torture.

She lifted her head up. “Pull over somewhere, I want to finish you before we get home.” She went back to work.

They were almost home so he pulled into the high school parking lot around the corner from his house.

The second they stopped Melody went into overdrive. She sucked and pumped vigorously. He lost control immediately. Melody screamed around his member as he unloaded in her mouth. She somehow caught and swallowed every drop despite her squirming and quivering.

“Wow!” was all he could say.

Melody sat up, swallowed, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before declaring, “Damn it! You just made me squirt all over myself.”

“Huh? I thought you caught my stuff in your mouth.”

“I did. I’m talking about mine. You must have really enjoyed that because I went off like a fire hose.”

“You squirted?”

“Yeah, when you cum while we are closely linked like this I usually squirt a bit in my panties right along with you. You never noticed me getting really wet?” She started searching around the car looking for something.

“Well yes, I just thought you had a really wet pussy.”

“Yes, it’s a regular fountain.” Melody rolled her eyes. She found a t-shirt and started to mop up her crotch. “Damn it! My car is going to smell like a porn set now.”

“Do you need anything?”

“Yes, I’m sitting in a friggin puddle of my own cum.”

DC laughed as he went into his bag to get a t-shirt with a rebel alliance logo on it. As he tossed it to her, “Poor girl complains about a big orgasm.”

She was sitting on the shirt now ignoring him. “It’s soaking into the seat.” She whined.

“And I’m losing another shirt.” He bickered.

“Park at my house.” she said.

As he pulled his bag from the car she ran over and kissed him. He tasted himself in her mouth. He was a little repulsed but her indifference towards have his cum in her mouth was a turn on too.

“Save me a seat.” she said and she ran towards her house.


DC entered his house, said hi to his parents, and put his bag in his room. He went to the kitchen where his mother was cooking. He hugged her as she paused from stirring gravy on the stove.

“Do you want me to take over?” Melody asked.

DC was startled by her presence. She had changed her clothes and magically appeared in his house.

“No, I can finish up in here. Would you get the table?” Mom responded.

“Of course.” Melody left the room.

DC stood in stunned silence.

“Don’t just stand there, go help her.” Mom chastised him.

He went to the dining room to see Melody setting plates on the table.

“What is going on?” he asked bewildered.

“Smells like dinner.” Melody provided with a smart ass attitude.

“You seem to know your way around.”

“My family never sits down for dinner like this. You know, with the restaurant dinner service and all. I love sitting together, it’s neat. I should confess, I’ve been taking advantage of your parents.”

“You’ve been eating dinner at my house every day?”

“No, don’t be silly.” she paused, “Only the nights I’m not working.”

DC was going to ask for an explanation but his mother walked in and after glancing at the plates arranged one on each side of the table, commented. “Oh please, I’m sure you want to sit next to each other.”

“Thanks.” Melody said and she began the rearrange the table.

Mom smirked as she set a meatloaf on the table. She left to go back to the kitchen. “Go get your father.” she called from the other room.

“No need.” he said coming into the room. He stood behind a chair. “Melody?”

“Thank you.” she said sitting while Dad slid her chair in.

“Sit. Keep Melody company.” he said.

DC wondered if this all a farce designed to play with his head. He sat next to her.

His father went to the kitchen to help carry the last of the food to the table. He watched as his father helped his mother with her chair. DC smiled, his father always did that. He wondered when the last time his mom had to sit at a table unassisted. He supposed it was his turn to start treating Melody the same.

Melody squeezed his hand under the table. He could sense her contentment. She was more content than ever before in her life.

As they ate everyone was acting like Melody and DC were already married. Even his mom had come around to the idea, not that he would give her a choice.

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