My Mother’s Daughter Ch. 03

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Even all the screaming and yelling from her and Drake didn’t kill my desire. As soon as I was in my room I mounted the toy on my chair and proceeded to fuck it hard and fast. Trying to mimic what I had just seen between them. The thing was it wasn’t working. It felt good but the fake toy and lack of a man connected to it seemed hollow and empty. I lusted for more and couldn’t get it from the toy.

It took a half hour before the knock sounded on my door. I think Mom was trying to figure out what to say to me. I was still going to town on the toy when the knock made me stop. I stood up off of it but left it stuck to the chair, pushing it under the desk. Quickly I put a nightshirt on but nothing else and told my mother the door was open.

“Can we talk?” she asked walking slowly in.

“I think we have to,” I responded.

“I’ve been a fool, a stupid fool. I should have seen Drake’s true intentions and never forced you to participate in any of this. I feel horrible, can you ever forgive me?” my mother asked.

I was slightly taken aback by her humble apology. I thought for sure she would twist this around and blame me for seducing Drake or pinning it on me some other way. Too stunned to respond I hesitated for a half a minute while she waited for an answer.

“I don’t know. I’m conflicted. This has changed me. You have changed me. I can’t stop thinking about sex and blowjobs and penises now. It’s like something inside me came alive and wants to take over. I mean look what I did to Mr. Gilles! What’s wrong with me?” I asked.

“Nothing. Oh, Sweetie I’m so sorry. I should have seen this coming. You’re like your mother and once the spark ignites us it’s difficult to control. I was hoping you would take after your father but I see that I was mistaken. I never told you why your father really left. He left us because I was too demanding sexually. He couldn’t handle it anymore especially as he got older.”

“So what happens now? What do I do with this… this desire and hunger?” I asked.

“Feed it, it’s the only way. I’ve tried to bury it, smother it, resist it but it’s impossible and the more I tried the more it made me a terrible person. Mean, spiteful, always angry. Drake kept me almost normal, he satisfied me and quelled the urges and fire. And now he’s gone and I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said breaking down.

“You’re going to find someone else or get Drake back.”

“How can I forgive him for this?” she asked.

“He’s only human and a man. Him wanting me is natural and something you’re going to have to deal with, with every man you bring home until I’m out of the house.”

“He should only want me and control himself. His lust for you is unacceptable. I should be enough, especially the way I am.”

“You’re right, you should be. It’s just I can’t…”

“You can’t stop thinking about him and his penis, I know… I know. It’s our curse and I’m sorry I gave it to you.”

“Shit! It’s bad, Mom. Right now I’m turned on and wet and want cock, all I can get!”

“I know, Honey. I’m truly sorry,” she said walking to my desk where the toy was. She pulled the chair out, like she knew it was there. “Use this, it will help for…” she trailed off seeing the toy coated with my juices.

“For what? For a while? Eventually it’s not going to be enough, is it? I’m afraid it already isn’t. I had the toy on the coffee table but I went to the couch. I wanted Drake’s cock. I wanted something real. Here in my room I tried to satisfy myself but it’s not working!”

“I don’t know what to say, Suzy. My actions have accelerated your condition. How stupid can I be!? The toy won’t be enough. You’ll want more and more and do unspeakable things to get it.”

“I already have! I’m a total slut now and I don’t even care. It’s all I think about, Mother.”

My mother had awakened my inner slut and it was only getting worse. The toy didn’t appeal to me, I needed the real deal. I needed flesh, hard throbbing cock with veins, tastes, and cum! I sat on my bed with my hands under my legs so I wouldn’t touch myself with her in the room. Her face looked concerned. I was pretty sure she had gone through this before me.

“I know what you’re going through. Try and relax, Mommy will be back soon,” she said, walking out of my room.

As soon as the door closed I was off my bed and fucking the toy and rubbing my nipples through the nightshirt. It wasn’t what I needed but it was better than nothing. I heard the garage open, her car start and drive out going somewhere. I wondered if she bursa eskort was going to find Drake and bring him back so I could share him. This thought fueled my urges, speeding me up, driving me down harder and faster. I had never felt so horny before. My entire body tingled with sensation. I felt alive, full of energy and basked in the pleasure it produced.

I came three times before she got back and still I wanted more. Hearing the garage I got off the toy and noticed the collection of cum I had produced. It looked like the toy had ejaculated and the cum had run out of me down the toy to the chair, but it wasn’t possible, it was all me. I pushed it under the desk and looked toward my door.

Mom knocked soon after and came in.

“Did you find Drake?” I asked.

“No, and he won’t answer his phone.”

“Do you think he’ll cool down and come back? Do you want him too?” I asked.

“I don’t know. If he does come back you’ll have to leave, I think.”

“I don’t want to leave, I’m not ready. We can make it work.”

“He’ll never stop wanting you and now that you’ve begun this you won’t be able to resist.”

She was right; I knew as soon as I could I would fuck him. It was a guarantee especially if he was in this house.

“Well, what if we share him, is it really that terrible?” I asked taking a huge risk.

“Suzy, I know that’s the urges speaking and I’ll let it go for now because of what you are going through but you know deep down that could never work. Mother and daughter can’t share the same man, it just wouldn’t work.”

“But what if we only shared him together so you knew what he was doing and could monitor him. I know he could teach me a lot,” I said trying to use the teaching ploy again.

“That ship has sailed. The lessons were just his way of possible having you. I see that now. Even together it wouldn’t work. You need to forget about the idea.”

“You won’t even try?” I asked.

“I said forget it,” she said getting upset.

“So that’s it then. If he comes back and you take him in I have to leave. Where will I go?”

“College? Move in with some friends or a guy? I don’t know. You act like you want to live here forever?”

“Well… not forever but I’m not ready to leave now. I have no job, nowhere to live.”

“I know you’re scared. You don’t have to leave immediately. Even if we do work it out, him and I, you can stay until after graduation. He’ll just have to find a place until then.”

“Okay, I guess that works. Moving out isn’t the only thing that scares me. These urges I have now. What has happened to me is freaking me out. I can’t control them and I’m afraid I’ll do something like I did today again.”

“You mean with your math teacher? Yes, well that could present a problem. I think he’ll be smart enough to keep his mouth shut and you’ll just have to find another outlet for what you’ve become. Like finding a boyfriend. I don’t understand why you don’t have one. You are your mother’s daughter after all. You’re gorgeous, you should have boys flocking to date you?”

“Not if everyone thinks I’m a lesbian!”

“What? Why do they think that?”

“It’s a long story and I really don’t know how it got started and I didn’t really care to deny it since I was the complete opposite of what I am now.”

“Well, I’m sure you can convince a boy you’re not a lesbian and everything will work out fine. Just try and stay away from your teachers.”

“I’ll try.”

“It’s late. You should clean up and get some sleep if you can.”

She kissed me on the top of the head and left my room. I knew what she meant when she said if I can sleep. I was still worked up and for no reason. I mean I already had climaxed several times. Drake was no longer in the house so why was I so horny? I cleaned up the mess on my chair and washed the toy off, with the intent of giving it back to my mom since the lessons were over. I found her in bed reading.

“I’m giving this back since it’s really yours,” I said as she noticed me.

“No, keep it. I think you need it more than I do.”

“You sure? What if Drake doesn’t come back?”

“You assume that’s my only toy. I have plenty, Sweetie, you can keep it,” she said, grinning.

“Oh… right okay, thanks.”

I turned and left with my new toy in my hand and went back to my room. I knew if I had any chance of getting to sleep I should hide it in my drawer and try and not think about it or I could fuck myself silly and try and exhaust myself to the point of collapse like yesterday bursa escort bayan night. As I was contemplating what to do I heard someone messing with the lock on the front door. Drake was back! Just like in math class I don’t know what came over me. I acted without thinking again dropping my toy on the bed and hurried to the door, opening it quietly to find Drake with his key in the door, shocked to see me.

“Don’t say a word! If you want me you’ll follow me now and not speak,” I whispered.

His eyes got huge but he didn’t speak. I closed the door and grabbed his hand, pulling him off the porch and toward my car parked out on the street. I was still only wearing my thin nightshirt but it wasn’t too cold outside. He followed me quickly and we got in the back seat of my car.

“Mom says you can’t come back if I’m living here. So you have to find somewhere else until after I graduate, then I have to move out.”

He was about to speak but I silenced him with my hand on his mouth, “She won’t share you so this is my only chance to get your cock. Even though I hate you I still want it. You and my mother are responsible for that. Don’t speak or you’ll ruin it for me, just go with it.”

He nodded and I could already see the bulge growing in his pants. I didn’t hesitate, grabbing with both hands to release the monster and get what I wanted. I had his pants off quickly and took hold of his amazing penis. It was enormous, wider than I expected since I couldn’t touch my fingers and thumb when I put my hand on it. It felt wonderful in my grasp, so long, firm and throbbing. I only stroked it a few times before forgetting what my mother taught me and just inhaled it into my mouth. Damn! It was so wide and long, more so than anything I had put in my mouth before. Considering how many days it’s been since I started practicing I think I did a damn good job. I didn’t take him near as far as Mom but did just fine. He was moaning and arching into me so I knew he liked what I was doing.

I bobbed, sucked, licked and enjoyed every inch of his dick, noticing quickly that he tasted and smelled much better than Mr. Gilles. He shaved his hair, unlike Mr. Gilles and I was confident that helped with the smell. That reminded me again to shave mine off next time I got the chance. Drake did well and never spoke a word as I continued sucking and stroking his cock, making a mess of his balls and my backseat but enjoying every second. Finally stopping before he came since I wanted him inside me and I wanted it bad.

He moved to the center of my car so I could climb up on top of him and put my knees on either side. His cock was wedged between our bodies and I had to lift up and bend my head to the side so it didn’t hit the roof, to get him in. His head slipped in first, spreading me wider than anything before. I paused, feeling the stress it was causing before moving further. He was big, maybe too big. Ever so slowly I inched down onto his tool, letting him in deeper, filling me like no other. My breathing increased with the stress and excitement, I started to moan and shake and had to stop again until I adjusted to his girth and length.

Instead of going further down I came back up off of him, loving the sensation of his wide shaft leaving my body until just the head of his cock was in me. This was when his hands found my small breasts. The sensation shocked me; I don’t know why I didn’t expect it. I guess I thought he would just sit there like the toy and not move but as the pleasure rushed through me I was glad he wasn’t the toy. His hands felt amazing, gently caressing my breasts, cupping them and brushing the nipples with his palms. I kept my eyes closed so the image of his face didn’t ruin the effect for me. He wasn’t Drake. He was just a means to get what I wanted, a real cock for me to fuck and not think about anything else.

The pleasure from his hands increased, he pinched my hardened nipples through the nightshirt while I slowly eased back down, taking his mammoth rod further into my small body. He penetrated me deeper than anything before, went places I didn’t think existed inside my body. It was hot, tight and sent such a thrill through me I could scarcely control my breathing. My breath came in small gasps, and on exhale caused small noises or high pitched grunts. His cock bottomed out inside me before I reached the end. I just wasn’t deep enough to handle all of him. Maybe that would come with age and experience but I couldn’t go any further yet.

Realizing this I remembered görükle escort how far I could move off and on him and began speeding up my movement, as well as adding a side sway and hip rotation, rubbing his head where I wanted it just as the first few inches descended into me. I was in heaven, the pleasure was out of this world, making my entire body vibrate, tingle and spasm. When his hot hands found their way under my shirt, up my flat stomach and to my bare breasts I lost it. My body convulsed and I climaxed on his cock, the like of which I had never experienced before. Sound ceased, spots appeared before my closed eyes and I went somewhere out of this world as the phenomenal pleasure took hold of every fiber in my body.

He of course was nowhere near cumming yet. I hadn’t been moving fast enough for him to cum with all his extensive experience. I’m sure I was tight around his width and the excitement of what I was doing to him was there but since I remember him taking over and thrusting harder and faster into me while I continued to climax, I knew he wasn’t ready to cum. I was still in la-la land, unable to control any part of my body and that was probably why he had taken control.

My convulsing pussy went through spasms, grabbing and milking his cock as he thrust harder and deeper into me. Deeper than I dared go, but I must have lengthened during my convulsions because I felt his balls on my ass now when he drove me down onto him and thrust upward. My body had adjusted to take all of his lengthy cock.

Before long, the spots on my vision began to clear and I could hear the slapping of our bodies as my climax lessoned. I discovered my nightshirt was off, not remembering him pulling it over my head until his hot wet mouth found my left nipple and breast. He sucked hard taking most of my small round orb in and using his tongue to tease the stimulated nipple all the while not slowing down his thrusts. He was in control now, even though I was on top, I was too gone to engage much.

He was keeping silent, like I asked, other than an occasional moan when my pussy stimulated his cock just right he was quiet, content on fucking me with no dialogue. He must have realized he was now dominating and I was too overcome to order him around anymore, because I soon found myself on my knees, facing the side of my car, keeling on the back seat with my hands on the side of the backdoor. He moved quickly, kneeling behind me and fed his cock back in. This position added new sensations, even greater depth penetration and I felt like his extensive cock might come out of my mouth he was driving in so deep. I really had no idea where it was going and how I was taking it all.

He being much taller than me forced him to lean over my back so his head didn’t hit the roof of the car. He basically wrapped his hard body around me and held me with his arms draped around my back to my chest, each hand grasping a breast. With his leverage he proceeded to pull me back as he thrust forward effectively fucking me like I’ve never been before or since. I should have been concerned, that he was getting too carried away but another orgasm coursed through my small frame, rocking me with another round of mind blowing, senses overload, fits of pleasure. Good hell it was intense, and I knew why my mother put up with his shit when he could do this to a woman. Climaxes like this could make you overlook many short falls to the rest of the man.

My convulsing body and spasm inducing pussy must have been too much for him then because he too had reached his climax. Suddenly his cock was no longer in me, leaving me empty with my contractions still in full squeezing mode with nothing to grab. Seconds later long ropes of hot cum hit my back, so many I lost count. He moaned, groaned and plastered me with an enormous amount of semen, leaving me drenched, exhausted and very content. It was what I needed, I found my outlet and got my real life cum shooting cock, regardless of the consequences.

The realization of what we had just done must have hit him first, because without a word I heard the door to my car open and he was gone, leaving me with the mess, like a horse that had been ridden hard and put away wet. He was such an ass!

I ended up having to use my night shirt to clean myself off and sat on my back seat, trying to grasp what I had just done. The next problem was getting back into the house naked without being seen or heard. Good thing it was like three in the morning. I don’t think anyone saw me sprint naked across my lawn or enter the house. I did notice that Drake’s car was gone. Looked like he took off to think about what we just did instead of going inside to Mom. It was easier than I thought getting in and back to my room. My legs were like jelly; I was exhausted and fell asleep quickly without thinking much about anything.

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