New Play Thing Ch. 03

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Nancy had asked Denise to join her at the pool.

She looked incredible — Nancy was laying on a chaise lounge wearing a skimpy black bikini that barely covered anything — even the lips of her pussy were slightly visible. Her firm, round tits were barely supported by the little scrap of black fabric that was tied around her neck, and Denise could see her nipples protruding through the defenseless fabric.

Denise was wearing the bathing suit that Nancy had purchased for her. It was also a skimpy bikini in silver metallic fabric, but it still wasn’t as revealing as Nancy’s. Denise felt uncomfortable wearing it because she wasn’t used to showing so much skin, but even she was grateful that Nancy didn’t go overboard with her suit.

“Hello darling,” Nancy said from behind big dark sunglasses.

“Hello,” said Denise, as she shyly looked towards the ground.

“You look amazing in that suit. Come here and let me see how it fits,” said Nancy.

Denise did as she was told and stood right next to Nancy’s chair.

Nancy lazily reached out with her hand and ran her long french-manicured nails over Denise’s thigh. She trailed them up to the top of the bikini brief and tugged on it. She then dragged her index finger nail down the crease between Denise’s thigh and outer pussy lip. She began to stroke Denise’s pussy with the top part of her nail through the top of her brief.

“Doesn’t this fabric feel amazing?” she asked, as Denise closed her eyes. Nancy loved toying with her, and was planning on giving Denise a day to remember.

Denise loved the feeling of Nancy’s nail through her brief. She felt completely powerless when it came down to Nancy’s nails. She knew that as long as she used them on her, she would be her willing slave.

“Bend over — I want to see how the top fits,” said Nancy. Once again, Denise did as she was told and bent forward.

Nancy ran her fingers along the ties of the suit and around to Denise’s back.

“This top seems a little tight — let me loosen it up a little,” she said. Nancy grabbed one end of the tie between her thumb and forefinger nails and pulled. Denise’s top came completely undone and just hung from the strap around her neck.

Denise felt whatever support she was getting from the flimsy top vanish and her large round tits start to sway, and her nipples getting hard from the feel of the cool breeze against them.

“That’s better,” purred Nancy.

“And what do we have here?” a loud, unfamiliar voice called from behind them.

Denise instantly tensed up.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s Mommy’s special friend coming over for a visit,” Nancy said, “Now stand up straight, sweetie.”

“What do you think?” Nancy called. It was LaTreece. LaTreece was one of Nancy’s long time friends from back in the day. She was African-American, easily 6ft tall, and had nice thick thighs and tits as big as Denise’s. She was wearing a bright orange two-piece suit, and Denise noticed that her long acrylic nails were painted the same color. Denise felt her pussy instantly tingle.

“Hello LaTreece, I’m so glad you could make it today. I want you to meet my new little girl — Denise. Denise, this is one of my very good friends, LaTreece,” Nancy said as LaTreece sat down in the chair next to her.

“Hello,” Denise said.

“Mmm mmm, you’re certainly everything that Nancy bragged about,” she said.

Denise started to turn red.

“How cute! Your little slut is blushing,” said LaTreece.

“Why dont you go for a swim, sweetie? I want to catch up with LaTreece. But you’ll need to strip before you get in — I don’t like the chemicals from the detergent on the clothing to get into the pool,” said Nancy. Nancy really didn’t care about that — she just wanted yet another reason to embarrass Denise in front of her friend.

Denise did what she was told — she pulled the rest of her top off and then quickly removed her briefs. She hurried into the pool before they could make any comments about her body.

“She’s hot, Nancy…” LaTreece said.

“I know. And she has a fetish for nails…” Nancy said.

“Are you serious? You sure lucked out.”

“Oh yeah. I have an idea — grab her suit and hide it,” said Nancy.

LaTreece grabbed Denise’s suit and hid it under her chair.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” Nancy asked LaTreece.

“I was born ready,” she said.

Nancy called Denise out of Gaziantep Escort Reklamları the water to join them.

“Can I have a towel?” Denise asked as she tried to cover her tits with her arm, “and where did my suit go?”

“You don’t need either — it’s plenty warm outside,” Nancy said.

“But I really liked that suit,” said Denise. She really didn’t, but it was still better than being naked.

“Tell you what — come eat my pussy and I’ll give you your suit back,” Nancy said, as she undid the side strap of her bikini. She pulled it open and revealed her tan delicious pussy.

Denise knew that it was an order from Nancy, and she really did want her suit back, so she did what she was told. She knelt down on the lounge chair and laid down on her stomach between Nancy’s powerful thighs, her face only inches away from Nancy’s glistening pussy.

“Have you ever eaten a woman’s pussy before, baby?” Nancy asked.

Denise just shook her head no.

“Well, it’s time you learned. Let’s see what you can do…” she said.

Denise brought her hands to Nancy’s pussy and used her fingers to spread Nancy’s pussy lips open. It was a beautiful pussy — all nice and pink and wet with nary a hair in sight. Denise decided to just go for it and buried her face in it. Her mouth instantly found Nancy’s protruding clit and she surrounded it with her lips and began to suck.

“Mmmm…..that’s it. Suck on Momma’s clit,” Nancy moaned.

Meanwhile, LaTreece picked up Denise’s bathing suit top and held it up between her thumb and index fingernails, “I found your suit, but it looks like you’re a little busy right now. Don’t worry, slut — I’ll give it back to you,” she said. She grabbed each tie and held it up like a piece of floss, and then proceed to rub the skimpy bathing suit top between Denise’s full hairless pussy lips, like she was flossing her pussy. LaTreece made sure she dragged it really slow and and hard across her clit, which got harder and harder with every pass of the top.

Denise moaned into Nancy’s pussy as LaTreece played her pussy like a fiddle. She continued to suck on Nancy’s thick pink clit, until Nancy said “Spread my lips open farther, and lick my clit. Use your tongue and lap at it, just like a cat. That’s what you are — my little slutty pet. Except I’m the one with the claws!”

Denise did as she was told, and she spread Nancy as wide as possible. She stuck her tongue out and proceed to lap up at Nancy’s clit with the flat part of her tongue, and then she would hit the clit with the backside of her tongue when coming back down at it. Nancy began to moan, so Denise knew she was doing a good job.

“Mmm…kitty knows how to lick Mamma’s pussy….” Nancy moaned.

“Looks like this slutty kitty-kat of yours needs a tail,” LaTreece said. She stopped rubbing the bathing suit top between Denise’s pussy lips and pressed one of the cups of the suit against her pussy hole. With a certain gentleness, LaTreece started to push the bathing suit top into Denise’s waiting hole with her long orange index fingernail. She would pull it out and push more and more in, making sure that Denise felt her nail enter her hole, as well as the disappearing bathing suit top.

Denise couldn’t believe what LaTreece was doing to her! She felt her pussy getting fuller and fuller with the bathing suit top. Every time LaTreece would push a piece of the fabric inside of her, she made sure to give a wiggle with her nail, to make sure Denise felt it all inside of her. LaTreece pushed all but one tie into Denise’s tightly packed hole, making it look like the tie was a tail sticking out.

“There,” LaTreece said, obviously proud of her handy work. She pinched the tie between her thumb and index fingernail and would gently tug on it — not enough for it to come out, but enough to drive Denise crazy, “usually kitty-kats hate it when you pull on their tails, but this one loves it!”

“And this one is about to lap up my milk!” Nancy moaned, “Keep it up, my little slut — I’m about to cum!” Denise felt Nancy’s thighs tighten around her head, so she tongued her clit faster, and sure enough — Nancy started to cum and she was rewarded with Nancy’s warn delicious cream all over her face.

“Mmmm,” Nancy said as she stroked Denise’s cheek with her, “Good girl. I see I taught you well. Why don’t you turn over and rest against me?”

Denise did as she was told and turned herself over onto her back,. She leaned up against Nancy with her head resting comfortable between Nancy’s round, firm tits.

“So what should we do now?” LaTreece asked as she made herself comfortable on the deck chair between Denise’s legs.

“Well, you can do whatever you want to her naughty little pussy,” said Nancy, “I’m going to have some fun with these glorious tits.”

“Sounds like a plan,” LaTreece said as she started to rake her long bright orange nails up Denise’s creamy white thighs, “you say that your slut here like long nails?”

“Love’s ‘um!” said Nancy, as she started to grope Denise’s soft white tits.

“Good, cause this sweet little white pussy is going to be fucked by them,” she said as she used the nails on her left hand to spread open Denise’s dripping wet pussy, “Good thing your pussy is soaking wet — it’ll help getting all five of these nails up inside of you!” LaTreece slowly pulled the bathing suit top out of Denise’s pussy and sure enough, it was completely soaked through.

“You should blindfold her with this,” LaTreece said.

“I don’t think so — I want her to see EVERYTHING!” Nancy said. She continued her mauling of Denise’s soft white tits, leaving bright pink scratch marks all over from her nails, “How do you like my Baby’s titties?” she asked LaTreece as she pointed Denise’s nipple directly at LaTreece.

“Amazing. But it would be a shame if those titties got sunburned….

“You’re right, LaTreece — better take care of that,” Nancy said. She reached beside her and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion that was resting in a glass of ice water. She held up Denise’s right breast from it’s underside, so the hard pink nipple was sticking straight up. Nancy held the bottle up and squirted a stream of ice cold lotion onto Denise’s tender nipple.

Denise gasped as the icy lotion dropped onto her erect nipple. It made it tingle, and Nancy left the lotion in a puddle while she did the same thing to her other nipple. The cold of the lotion and the warmness of the sun made her tits extremely sensitive, and it was driving her crazy!

Nancy let Denise get used to the chilly lotion before she started to rub it all over her big white tits, making sure to tweak her nipples to keep them hard. She loved how Denise’s tits looked all oiled up, and she loved dragging her nails deeply into Denise’s tits as they made their way smoothly across her skin due to the lotion.

Meanwhile, LaTreece took her long,orange index fingernail and slowly pushed it into Denise’s hole. “No wonder Nancy is in love with this girl…” thought LaTreece, “this pussy is the wettest, tightest pussy I’ve felt in a long time!” LaTreece made sure to wiggle her finger around so Denise could feel her nail inside, and sure enough, she heard Denise let out a small groan.

“How many fingers do you have inside so far?” asked Nancy as she continued her assault on Denise’s tits.

“Just one.” LaTreece said.

“That’s nothing for my little slut here. Denise, I want you to tell LaTreece how much you want her nails in your pussy,” said Nancy.

“Beg for it, bitch!” said LaTreece as she pulled her lone finger out of Denise’s pussy.

“Please….” moaned Denise.

“Please what?” asked LaTreece.

“Please fuck me with your nails…” she begged. Denise was embarrassed — she couldn’t believe she was begging a woman to fuck her with her fingernails. She couldn’t believe how far much of a slut she had turned into in a matter of days.

“I want you to count for me as they enter your tight pink pussy.” LaTreece said as she positioned her fingers at the opening.

“Correction — it’s MY tight pink pussy now. And I give you my full permission to fuck her until she cums all over those beautiful nails of yours….” Nancy said.

LaTreece took the same finger from before and started to slide it inside of Denise’s waiting hole.

“One….” Denise moaned as the the long orange intruder was pushed in as far as it could go.

“Good girl!” said LaTreece. She pulled out the first finger and proceeded to push two in slowly.

“Two….” moaned Denise. Her pussy felt full with just the two in there, and she felt every movement of LaTreece’s nails inside of her. She felt the nails face up and start to work on her g-spot, and Denise felt the beginning of an intense orgasm starting to build down in her womb.

LaTreece pulled out her two fingers and Denise let out a small moan of disappointment.

“Awwww, poor little Denise wants more,” said Nancy as she continued to maul Denise’s round tits, “well don’t worry, slut — you’ll be getting more!”

LaTreece put three of her fingers together and slowly pushed them through the tight opening of Denise’s pussy. LaTreece could feel her pussy stretch a little, but she was able to get all three long nails and fingers inside of the tight wet pussy.

“Three….” Denise moaned.

“Wait! My pinky flinger wants to sneak in,” LaTreece said and she pulled out her hand slightly and brought her little finger up to join the rest. She pushed her four fingers inside of Denise’s pussy, and once inside, she started to scratch them lightly against her pussy, tickling it from the inside.

“Four…” Denise moaned. Her pussy felt completely filled up, and all she could concentrate on was the the hands of the women who controlled her body — Nancy with her hands grabbing and mauling her big sensitive tits and her long french manicured nails scratching and tickling her hard nipples, and LaTreece, with most of hand buried deep inside of her pussy, stretched out to the max, with her long orange nails tickling her g-spot.

“And now for the big finish- the big, thick, fat thumbnail!” LaTreece said, as she started to drag the thumbnail across Denise’s hard clit. The feeling was amazing to Denise, and she started to buck her lips slightly, “That’s it Baby, work that clit against my nail!”

LaTreece continued to tease Denise’s clit for a few more seconds, and then held it away. She brought the rest of her wet fingers out and joined them with her thumb. She positioned them at the hole of Denise’s pussy and said “Here we go, Baby — the Big Finish!” She slowly pushed her fingers into Denise’s pussy, and because of the previous stretching, it was taking all five fingers in quickly, almost hungrily. When most of her hand was inserted into the pussy, LaTreece gave it a little firmer of a push to make sure Denise felt the her knuckles pushing through her opening and into her dripping wet pussy.

Denise couldn’t believe that she had taken all of LaTreece’s hand inside of her pussy! It felt so full, and she could feel her long nails buried deep inside of her hole. She started to moan as LaTreece started to move her hand around inside.

“And how many fingers is that inside of that slutty little snatch of yours?” Nancy asked.

“Five…” Denise moaned slightly.

“How many?” Nancy asked again.

“Five…” Denise said louder.

“Here,” Nancy said as she grabbed a digital camera off of the table next to the chair. She tossed it down to LaTreece and she caught it with her free hand, “Take some pics of this momentous occasion.”

“Yes ma’am!” LaTreece said. With her free hand, she was able to snap some great pics of Denise — close ups with her hand buried inside of her, and long shots with her hand in her pussy, and a set of hands mauling her tits. Of course, she was careful not to get herself or Nancy in any of the pictures.

“So why don’t we make this bitch cum?” asked LaTreece.

“Go for it…” said Nancy. Nancy clamped down on Denise’s pink nipples with her thumb and index fingernails and tweaked them, while Nancy gently pumped her hand back and forth inside of Denise’s pussy. With her free hand, she started to play with Denise’s clit with her nails.

Denise felt the orgasm coming as Nancy proceeded to talk into her ear.

“How does LaTreece’s hand feel in your pussy?”

“All five of those long, thick, beautiful nails are buried inside of your pussy, fucking you…”

“This just proves what a slut you are. But you like it don’t you, slut?”

Denise started to buck her hips as an incredible orgasm rocked her body!

“That’s it Baby, cum on nails, you fucking slut!” LaTreece said.

Denise proceeded to buck and pant for a full five minutes before LaTreece withdrew her cum soaked hand.

“Let me clean your hand honey, while Denise’s rests up,” Nancy said as Denise layed on the chair between her legs, still shuddering and panting quietly.

LaTreece got up and brought her cum soaked nails and hand to Nancy. Nancy took the hand and proceeded to lovingly lick Denise’s juices off of it.

“She’s amazing, Nancy,” LaTreece said, “any chance of you renting her out to me for a night?”

“I don’t rent her out,” Nancy said as she continued to lick Denise’s sweet pussy juice off of LaTreece’s nails, “but I’d gladly let you borrow her whenever you want!”

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