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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 9 – Everything Comes Together.

It was a few days before I heard back from the lawyer, Murray Dann, but when we spoke again he had some good news for me. 

“Congratulations, you are now the owner and operator of Angel House Rehabilitation Center LLC.”

“Thank you, and do I need to know anything else?” 

“Yes, I used your current address on the paperwork, since you said you’d be operating the rehab center there, so your property is now listed as a business location.  I also completed the appropriate forms for the required zoning change and the occupancy permit.  You’ll have to stop by sometime to pick up the permit, because you are required to display it inside the building where it can be seen.  You won’t have to file separate tax forms for the business, because any money you receive will be taxed as personal income.  After you’ve done those things, I merely want to wish you the very best of luck with this venture.” 

“Thank you and I’ll stop by to retrieve the occupancy permit the next time I’m in the city.  Thank you again for your help.”

After I ended the call, I told Dakota the good news.  “Does that mean we can go get the other boys now?”

“Are you sure you still want to do it?”

“Yeah, I really want the three boys closest to my age to come here to live with us.”

“And what if one or more of them wants to have sex with me?”

“I want you to try to say no first, but if that doesn’t work then I guess you can have sex with them, just don’t make love to them like you do with me.  I want you to save that for just us.” 

“Wow, that’s a complete change for you, so do you really mean it?”

“Yeah, cuz I don’t want to hafta worry about them livin’ on the streets when it’s winter.  When can we go to get them?” 

“I suppose we could do it tomorrow, because I also have to stop by the lawyer’s office to pick up the permit, and then we could go looking for them afterward, if you really mean it?”

“Yeah, I do, and I’ll show you where I think we can find them.” 

Now that he’d made his decision, we began making plans about how we were going to find the boys.  He told me about some of the places we should go to look for them, and I said that when we located one or more I would stay back and let him approached them first, because I didn’t want to scare them off.  We also discussed what he should and shouldn’t say to them, and if they agreed with what he told them he should bring them back to speak with me.  After I had an opportunity to chat with them, I felt I would be able to tell if we should take them with us. 

Dakota was really getting excited now, and I think he was creating his own list of things he hoped to do with the other boys once we brought them here.  I wasn’t sure how much of it might include me as well, but if it didn’t then that would be ok too.  They would be able to keep one another occupied so they wouldn’t be constantly clinging to me.  I’ve enjoyed the time I have spent with Dakota, but I’m used to living alone and was concerned that this might become a problem in time, but I figured we could work something out if that happened.  If the other boys are living here, they might be able to entertain each other and won’t need me, thus allowing me some time alone.

Dakota had gone up to his room to play video games and I was puttering around downstairs when my phone rang.  I answered it and was greeted by a female voice. 

“Hello, my name Janet Friedenberg and I’m the physician assistant in Dr. Arpante’s office.  He asked me to call you with the results of the blood tests.  They all came back negative for STDs.”

“That’s fantastic news.  Thank you very much for calling to share this with me.” 

That was not only good news for Dakota, but it meant he hadn’t exposed me to anything after ignoring my wishes.  I was still upset that he’d done that, but at least there were no serious repercussions from his actions.  I waited and told Dakota the good news when he came downstairs to eat. 

“See, I told you I was careful and didn’t have none of that crap.” 

“You may have been careful, but you were also very lucky.  You can pick up those diseases through oral sex too, not just having intercourse, so I’m glad it worked out that you didn’t pick up a sexually transmitted disease while you were trying to survive.” 

Once we finished our dinner, Dakota seemed to be clinging to me even more than usual.  He asked if I would watch a movie with him, and when I agreed he sat so tightly against my side that it felt as if he was trying to merge his body into mine.  Part way through the movie I got up to use the toilet, and when I returned I had him stand up.  Even though he wasn’t sure what I was doing, he did as I asked, and when I sat down again I pulled him onto my lap.  He immediately melted against my body and placed his head on my shoulder, and before long it sounded as if he was purring in delight. 

“I really like doin’ this,” he finally admitted. 

“I do too, and it’s less painful than having you trying to bore into my side.” 

“What do you mean?  I didn’t do nothin’ like that?”

“Maybe not literally, but you seemed to be trying to get even closer to me and your elbow was stabbing me in the rib cage.” 

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t know I was doin’ that.”

“I didn’t say anything because I knew it was important to you to be so close to me, but I was trying to figure out how to fix the situation and this is what I came up with.” 

“I’m glad you did, cuz this is much better.” 

We watched the rest of the movie like that, and when it ended we headed upstairs to get ready for bed.  “I want you to make love to me again, cuz we won’t be able to do it after the other boys are here.” 

“I know, so I’m willing to do it for you.  Let’s shower first and then we can do as you wish, but you have to promise something first.  Under no circumstances are you to have sex with the other boys until they have seen the doctor and been tested for STDs like you were.  Do you promise?”

“Yeah, I swear I won’t do nothin’ with them until you say it’s ok.”

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“Good, then let’s take our shower.”

After we undressed and had finished washing each other, I made love to him again, just as I’d done on previous nights.  It was just as enjoyable for both of us, and once again Dakota ejaculated without either of us stimulating his penis, at least not externally.  He certainly has a sensitive prostate and was very responsive when it came to that, but he insisted it had never happened when anyone else was fucking him.  I wasn’t convinced that was true, but he kept insisting that what we’d done was far better than anything he had ever done with anyone else. 

He slept in my arms again, and I was amazed that I still wasn’t having trouble sleeping on my back, but I guess holding my baby made all the difference in the world.  When we awoke, I not only felt refreshed, but I was also looking forward to the new day. 

After I fixed both of us something to eat, we got dressed and headed into the city one more time.  The route was becoming more familiar to him and when we made this trip he would comment about things we passed along the way.  As soon as we reached the city limits, he suggested where I should go first, but I reminded him that I had to stop at the lawyer’s office before we could go look for the boys. 

After I’d parked the car, he walked with me to the office.  I thought I would merely pick up the permit from Murray’s secretary, but she told me that he wanted to speak with me.  We only had to wait a couple of minutes before we were instructed that we could go into his office. 

“Nice to see you again, Eric,” he said as he reached out to shake my hand.  “Is this the young man I helped you gain custody of?” 

“Yes, it is,” I confirmed and then I introduced him to Dakota. 

“You’re very lucky that Mr. Schultz did this for you.” 

I think Dakota was slightly taken aback by his comment, because he’d never heard my surname spoken aloud like that before, except when I first told him what it was, but he handled himself admirably. 

“Yeah, Eric’s a great guy.”

Murray gave him a slight nod, and then he turned to me.  “The reason I wanted to speak with you is so I could explain the permit.  You were already a licensed professional, so I didn’t have to do anything about that, and I was able to get a copy of the blueprints for your house from the Planning and Zoning office.  After carefully studying the number of bedrooms you have and the square footage of living space, I applied for the permit.  They have given you permission to house and treat up to a maximum of sixteen patients at any time, and I’ll explain how this was determined.  Excluding the master bedroom, the other four bedrooms were determined to be large enough to accommodate two sets of bunk beds each, and the rooms also had sufficient closet space for that number of occupants’ belongings.” 

“Yes, I suppose I got a little carried away when working with the architect, because I helped to personally design my home.  I made sure it had everything I wanted, but seeing I was living alone at the time, I think the architect I was working with wondered why I wanted so many bedrooms.” 

“It worked to your advantage, because now you’ll be able to handle multiple youngsters at the same time.” 

He then filled me in about a couple of other matters before we left and gave me copies of the paperwork he’d submitted on my behalf.  He also explained that I needed to get a frame for it and prominently display the permit somewhere near the front entrance.  He also told me there would probably be unannounced inspections to make sure I was in compliance so this would have to be in place.  As soon as he finished telling me this, I thanked him for his help, and then Dakota thanked him as well.  He told the lawyer he was happy that I’d now be able to help the other boys that he’d met when he was living on the street.  I think it impressed Murray, because after he shook Dakota’s hand, he also patted him on the back as he walked us the door.  

From there, we stopped at a store so I could purchase a frame, and then Dakota directed me to a park on the city’s south side.  The place was fairly deserted when we first arrived, but then Dakota spotted a boy standing near a clump of trees in the distance off to his left. 

“That’s Glen,” he told me as he pointed toward the boy.  “I’ll go talk to him for ya.” 

He took off and started shouting to the boy when he was about halfway there.  “Glen, Glen.  It’s me, Kota.”

The boy turned around to look in his direction, and then he started running toward Dakota as well.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were too far away, but both boys were smiling.  Shortly after they’d greeted each other, I saw Dakota pointing in my direction while he was saying something else to Glen.  They talked for about fifteen minutes before both of them began walking toward me.  The boy was roughly the same height as Dakota, and he had light brown or dirty blond hair that was long and shaggy.  He also had brown eyes, and a bigger, more muscular build than Dakota.  He probably wouldn’t be bad looking once he was cleaned up.

“Glen, this is Eric,” Dakota announced when they reached me.  “He’s a really great guy and I’ve been livin’ with him for a couple of weeks now.” 

I reached out to shake his hand.  “It’s nice to meet you, Glen.”

It took a second before he accepted my hand, but when he did we shook.  “Same here,” he stated curtly.  “Dakota’s told me a little about you and he says you’ve done a lot to help him too.” 

“I’m glad to hear that, and I hope you might come to think that about me as well.  Did he tell you why we came looking for you?” 

“Yeah, he said you got custody of him and took him to live with ya, and now you want me to come live with you too.” 

“Not just you, but Jamie and Laine too,” Dakota chimed in. 

“Yes, Dakota told me about the three of you and I thought maybe I could help you the same way I’ve helped him.” 

“He lives in a really nice log cabin in the country and he owns a lot of land too.  I really love it out there and I feel really safe.  I know you’re gonna like it there too.” 

“I guess, cuz it’s got to be better than this,” Glen replied. 

“So Glen, I’d like you to tell me a little bit about yourself.  Dakota explained about how he came to be living on the street and that helped me figure out a way I could help him.  If you’d be willing to tell me what happened to you then maybe I’ll be able to help you as well.”  lara ucuz escort

He didn’t seem eager to do this, so Dakota prodded him a little.  “He needs to know that stuff so he can figure out a way to do this legally.  If you don’t tell him then he prolly won’t take you with us.” 

That seemed to be enough to convince Glen that he needed to cooperate, because he began telling me his story.  “It all started when my dad got busted for drugs and was sent to prison.  We didn’t have much money after that, cuz my mom had a really shitty job that didn’t pay very much, so she started having sex with guys to make more money.  She made a mistake and offered to let a plain clothes cop fuck her, and after she told him how much it would cost, he busted her.  That’s when I got sent to live in a foster home.  I hated it there and didn’t get along with the other kids, especially after they found out about what my parents did.  They started teasing me about it and I got into a few fights with them cuz of that, and when the people I was livin’ with punished me for fightin’, but not the other kids, I took off.  I’ve been livin’ like this ever since.” 

“How long ago was that?” 

“I’m not sure.  It was prolly a little over a year ago, cuz I was only twelve when I took off, but Kota and me are the same age now.” 

“I see and I believe I’ll be able to help you, if you’re interested in joining us.  I just need you to promise me two things.  The first is that you’ll be honest with me, because giving me bad information will make it harder for me to legally assist and protect you.  The second is that you promise you won’t steal from me.  If you can agree to those two stipulations, then you can go with us now.” 

Once again Glen seemed to be hesitating, so Dakota spoke up.  “It’s really great there and I don’t have to have sex with all those other guys now.  He even bought me some new clothes and a ‘puter, and he fixes some great meals.” 

That must have convinced Glen, because he looked up at me and smiled.  “K, I promise to do both of those things then.” 

“Great, do you have to get anything to bring with you?”

“Yeah, I’ve hidden some stuff over there in the bushes under those trees, cuz that’s where I slept last night.” 

“Do you need help with anything?” 

“Nah, I don’t got very much.” 

“Ok, then go get your things and then we’ll see if we can find the other two boys.

“I know where Jamie is, cuz I saw him a couple of days ago and he told me where he was goin’.” 

“Great, then go get your things and we’ll go find him.” 

Even though he said he didn’t need any help, Dakota still went with him and they seemed to be talking and joking around as they walked back to the clump of trees.  When they returned, Glen was carrying a dirty and tattered brownish colored gym bag, but that might just have been from the dirt and not its original color.  I was waiting for them beside the SUV, and when Glen saw it his eyes nearly popped from their sockets. 

“This is yours?” 

“Yes, and I’m glad I have it now.  I bought it so I’d have a vehicle to haul things around my place, but now it will come in handy for hauling around a small army of boys.” 

They both laughed and then Dakota responded.  “Yeah, specially after we get Jamie and Laine.”

“Glen, I thought maybe you boys would all be hanging out together, for protection,” I stated.

“We do sometimes, but we attract too much attention when we hang out together.  It makes people nervous and they call the cops to get rid of us.  And the guys we have sex with get scared off if we aren’t alone too, cuz they think we’re gonna gang up on them and steal their money.” 

“That’s something I’d never considered.”

Since Dakota didn’t want Glen to sit alone in the back seat, he rode beside him, and then Glen directed me on how to get where he thought we’d locate Jamie.  He was the youngest boy that Dakota had told me about, and I assumed he would be more excited than the other two about not having to live like this any longer.  Glen then directed me to an overgrown lot in a rundown part of the city. 

“Jamie told me he’d built a lean-to at the back of this lot and he used it whenever he came back here.  He said he’d learned how to make it when he was in the Boy Scouts.” 

“Ok, why don’t you and Dakota go see if you can find him, and if you do then bring him back here so we can chat?” 

They took off and were gone for about twenty minutes, and when they returned they had another boy with them.  He was carrying what appeared to be a filthy, beige colored canvas shopping bag, so I assumed he’d already decided to join us.  He was shorter than Glen and Dakota, and he had unkempt black hair and deep blue eyes, and he exuded a waifish appearance.  

“Jamie, this is Eric.  He’s the guy we’ve been tellin’ you about.” 

“Nice to meet you, Jamie,” I stated as I offered him my hand, the same as I’d done with Glen.  After we shook, I asked him how he came to be living out here on his own. 

“It was always just me and my mom, but one day when I was headin’ home I saw a cop car in front of our place.  I was scared about what it was doin’ there so I didn’t go home right away, and then one of the neighbors told me that my mom had been killed in an accident.  She was on her way to work when some guy ran a red light and crashed into her car and killed her, so I was alone and didn’t have no place to go.” 

“Couldn’t you have gone to live with your dad?” 

“I didn’t know who he was, cuz my mom never told me ‘bout him or nobody else.”

“So why didn’t you just hang around to see what happened next?”

“Cuz I knew some kids at school that lived in a big, group home and they’d told me how bad it was there, so I didn’t want to end up in the same place.  I just snuck back into the house later that night, grabbed what I needed, and took off.  I’ve been livin’ on my own for a few months now.”

I then told him the same things that I’d told Glen and asked him to make the same promises.    

“Yeah, they told me you was gonna say that and I promise to do those things.” 

“Since you’ve already got everything you need, then we’ll just get in the SUV and go look for the other boy.” 

“That’s Laine,” Dakota reminded me.

Jamie had a similar reaction as what Glen had done when he first saw my ride, and this time Dakota sat in the front passenger seat while Jamie and Glen sat behind us.  Before I started the engine, I turned around and spoke to them. 

“Does anyone have a clue about where üniversiteli escort we need to go to find Laine?” 

“Not really.  I just know some of the places that he likes to hang out,” Glen offered. 

“He prolly won’t be with Isaac and Chuck,” Jamie added.  “The last time I saw him he was really pissed at them.”

“When was that?” Dakota asked. 

“It was after he saw you in the police car at the mall.  He said he was hangin’ out there and saw one of the guards nab ya, and then he saw the police takin’ you away.” 

“Yeah, that was terrible, but it’s how I came to live with Eric and that’s been really great.” 

“So why did that make him mad at Isaac and Chuck?” I followed. 

“Cuz he went to tell them what happened to Kota and they gave him a whole lot of shit for even bein’ there.  Laine said they was being assholes about it cuz he wouldn’t give them some of his money when he was stayin’ with them before, so they told him he wasn’t welcome to visit either.” 

“Damn, that was cold,” Glen commented. 

“They were always assholes, even when they let us stay with them for a couple a days, and that was before they asked us for money,” Dakota stated with a touch of bitterness in his voice. 

“Ok, so where should I go first?” I asked so we could get moving. 

Glen directed me to another park, but this one was on the east side, and then the three of them got out to look for Laine.  They finally gave up after about thirty minutes and told me he wasn’t there. 

“Where to next?” I asked. 

“He sometimes stays in the hills behind where they dug out an area to build a new storage shed at the high school.  Hardly anyone will be around there now since its summer vacation, so he might be stayin’ there.” 

I drove to that location next and the boys got out to look for him again.  They came back about fifteen minutes later without having any success. 

“Maybe he’s at the mall,” Jamie suggested.  “He might be there lookin’ to hook up so he can make some money.” 

I drove there next, but I wouldn’t allow Dakota to go with the other two this time.  “The guard already knows Dakota and I’m afraid he’ll grab him if he sees him walking around in there.” 

Jamie and Glen understood and went off together, and they didn’t return until nearly forty minutes later, and again they were alone. 

“We looked all over and he wasn’t anywhere in there,” Glen informed us.

“Ok, then where to now?” 

“We can try the cemetery.  He sometimes sleeps there when it’s nice out, cuz there are never many people hangin’ around and he can easily avoid them if someone shows up.” 

“Ok, then let’s try there,” I agreed.  When we got to the cemetery, I asked a question.  “Should I just drive around so we can look for him?” 

“Nah, cuz he’ll hide if he sees or hears a vehicle,” Glen pointed out.  “We’ll have to walk around and see if we can spot him.” 

“Aren’t you afraid someone might ask what you’re doing there?” 

“Nah, if anyone says anything we’ll just tell them that we’re helpin’ you find one of the graves.” 

I wasn’t sure if that was a good strategy, but it was all we had, so the three boys split up so they could cover more ground.  A short time later I heard someone shout and was tempted to go see if they were in trouble, but then I felt I’d know soon enough if that was the case.  They said they were going to use me as an excuse if anyone confronted them, so I figured if that was the case then someone would be showing up pretty soon to check out their story. 

The thing was, I didn’t hear or see anything for another twenty minutes, and then I spotted four boys walking back in my direction.  Unless they’d just found someone else, I felt the new boy must be Laine.  I got out of the SUV to greet them, and they appeared to be joking around and happy to be together again.  The new boy had long blond hair, brown eyes, a swimmer’s build, and he was a couple of inches (5 to 7 cm) taller than Dakota.  He was carrying some sort of dark colored duffle, and when they got closer Dakota nudged the boy and then pointed in my direction.  The new kid looked up and seemed to be studying me for a few seconds before they reached my location. 

“Laine, this is Eric.  He’s a really nice guy and you’re gonna love his house.” 

“I’m very glad to meet you, Laine,” I stated as I offered him my hand. 

He looked at me first, and then he glanced over at the other three boys next, and since they were all smiling, he finally reached out and offered me his hand in return.  Dakota then told him a few more things about me and where I lived as we were shaking hands, and the other two boys told him what they had agreed to and what they thought about me.  When they finished, I asked him a question. 

“The other boys have all told me why they were living on the street, so will you tell me what happened to put you here as well?” 

He definitely didn’t seem as if he wanted to do this, but the other boys kept encouraging him to tell me so he could come with them and stay at my place.  After a few minutes, Laine finally gave in and began his tale. 

“My dad lost his job at the factory and we were barely getting by with my mom’s paycheck and him getting money from unemployment.  When the unemployment ran out, things got really bad and we could barely buy enough food to feed all of us.  My little brother was always crying and saying he was hungry, so I thought if I left then he could have my share too.  I snuck out my bedroom window one night after everyone else was in bed, but I left them a note telling them what I was doin’.  That’s all I can tell you.”  

It seemed he had left home due to a hardship and he’d done it for a noble reason, since it was to help his younger brother.  That alone impressed me, and then I asked him to make the same promises as the other boys, which he did.  As soon as that was taken care of, we all got into the SUV.



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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