Park Maintenance Expert

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Big Tits

“Do you work for the city?” the cute, blonde 30-something woman asked me with a tinge of irritation.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I did. I had two degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, including a teaching credential in Secondary Education. I was actually the head of Pottsburgh’s Park Maintenance. I nodded my head and picking up my wrench stood up from the ground where I had been trying to fix the sprinkler head in Park’s park.

“Well then maybe you can help me,” she started and stopped. She was gauging me for something and looked like she was trying to find the right words. While she did, I checked her out myself and was impressed. She stood about 5’5 and 115 pounds and was wearing a cute blue flower-print sundress. She was wearing brown leather sandals that wrapped and tied high on her ankles. Her bare feet were small and cute and her toes were painted pink. She wasn’t wearing a bra or at least a very thin fabric one as her large C cup breasts and eraser-tip nipples pressed hard against the fabric of her sundress. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and her eyes hid behind rose colored sunglasses.

I shrugged my shoulders and waited for her to continue. Taking my hands, I wiped them front and back on my faded blue maintenance jump suit.

“You were saying?” I stated as I watched her bite her lip as she thought hard. Her lips were full and I wondered if she had had them injected. I liked her shade of lipstick. It went well with her dress.

“Have you been in the women’s room?” she asked and she seemed to cringe.

“No,” I said assuredly. I wondered what she might be getting at. I looked at her and asked, “Why?”

“Well,” she seemed to stammer as she looked from side to side as if she wanted to make sure we were the only ones around to hear what she had to say next. We were standing out in the middle of ball field behind the public restrooms. There were people in the park, a few mothers watched their kids playing on the jungle gym and swings a few hundred feet away to our right. An old man looked like he was a sleep on the bench under a tree 100 feet or so to our left. If they could hear us they would have had to have some sort of advanced listening device and I couldn’t see any.

“Well,” she repeated and her voice grew weak. “Well someone has,” she stated and looked around again but this time continued. “Someone has cut holes on either side of the ladies stalls,” she finished and seemed like she was proud of her ability to get it out and on the record.

“Really?” I asked. My mind trying to picture a women’s stall and the holes she was claiming to have found there. “Are you sure someone hasn’t knocked the toilet paper reel off the wall, ripping out the screws?” I asked, searching for an explanation.

“Maybe,” she responded liking my possible explanation and then shook her head and exclaimed, “No, no the toilet paper reels are still there.” She looked around again and professed to know how the holes were made and what they were for. “The holes are for, I mean I think the holes are for sex,” she blurted out and studied my face for effect. Again she looked proud of her assertion.

“What?” I asked, befuddled. I watched her face and I could tell she was a little frustrated. She smiled and I listened for her soft sell. She looked from side to side again apparently still not convinced we were alone in the park. She took a deep breath and put on an air of ‘knowing’ and began to tell me what she knew and what she thought.

“I’m Alexis Cartwright, people call me ‘Lexi,’ I’m the wife of mayor Cartwright,” she pointed out first, offering her hand. It was soft and smelled of lotion when I shook it.

“I think they are called ‘Gloryholes’,” she stated. Her statement was followed with an explanation that would make any English teacher proud. She told me the holes were for oral sex and she told me that they were popular with the ‘gays.’ She was pleased with her knowledge and told me how guys stuck their ‘things’ through the holes and guys or as in this case probably women ‘serviced’ them. I was laughing inside at her use of various words, the ‘gays,’ and how when she was explaining how the guys or in this case women serviced them, her right hand made a tight circle and moved slowly up and down ever so slightly at her side. She told me it was indecent and couldn’t believe it was happening right here in our fair city.

“Really!” I exclaimed and apologized for not knowing that the walls of the women’s stalls had been damaged. I told her I would definitely look into it and make sure that they were fixed. I told her that I have never seen guys going in the women’s restroom but I would definitely watch out for any suspicious behavior. I must have appeased her as Lexi smiled and thanked me for being so concerned and told me she’d tell her husband that I was doing a great job.

I thanked her for pointing out the problem said I appreciate any good word with any of my superiors. I watched her saunter away and how her sundress hung snugly to her tight little ass. Alexis Cartwright was escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları Mayor Ronald Cartwright III’s trophy wife. She was 31 and Ole Ronnie was 57. His family owned nearly 50% of Pottsburgh, Missouri. Lexi reached her black 2005 Mercedes as I reached for my cell phone and pressed 4 for my top assistant Larry. She paused before climbing in the front seat and waved ‘goodbye’. I waved back as Larry came on the line.

“Hey Larry,” I said as Lexi swung her car out of its parking space and headed for the exit from the park. I couldn’t be sure but she looked like she was looking at her rearview mirror as she drove. “Yeah, a young woman just told me there are gloryholes in the walls of the stalls in the women’s restroom,” I told him and added, “Guess what? She’s the mayor’s wife!”


Two and a half hours later, a curious thing happened. Lexi Cartwright turned her black Mercedes back into the park. I had moved my truck to the far other side of the park away from the restroom parking lot. Larry’s truck was parked next to mine and we watched in amazement. She exited her car and after looking around the park, quickly entered the ladies’ room. She was still dressed in her tight, blue flowered sundress but had changed out of her sandals into a pair of blue high-heeled pumps.

Crossing the park in a hurry, Larry and I entered the restroom after putting up Restroom Closed For Repairs signs. Larry took the stall to Lexi’s left while I took the stall on her right. Looking through the cracks between the pre-formed walls we found the mayor’s wife sitting atop of the toilet top and waiting patiently. Her eyes swung from side to side as she scanned the holes on either side of her and bit her lip. She had heard us come in and as we stayed quiet she became concerned.

“Hello,” she called out. Her eyes looking around her for any sign of movement. I didn’t want to spook her anymore or keep her waiting so I put my index and middle fingers of my right hand through the ‘Gloryhole.’

‘”Oh,” she exclaimed and swung her legs around on the seat to face the hole. Her soft hand reached up and grabbed my fingers and gave them a playful tug. My mind remembered shaking her hand earlier and my mind recalled the sweet smell of her hand lotion. Holding my fingers, she began to tug on them and simulate stroking a penis. Not to be out done, Larry’s fingers appeared in his hole and when she didn’t notice them immediately, he knocked on the wall of his stall.

“OK, okay,” Lexi kidded as she turned her body until she could reach out to both sides and stroke our fingers. ‘”There’s enough for me to go around,” she added as she tickled our fingers playfully. She kept it up for a couple minutes and then slid of the toilet seat to Larry’s side and bending down took his thick fingers into her mouth and began to simulate sucking his cock. She was no amateur as her head went forward and back and she licked, nibbled, and sucked at his digits.

I had seen enough and wanted more. After watching her slurp on Larry’s fingers, I unzipped my jumpsuit and lowered it off my shoulders and down to my waist. My cock was aching from the waiting. I knew Lexi would be back and I had been thinking of her soft, warm mouth all day. It sprung from my boxers as I pulled my jumpsuit off my hips. Pointing it through the hole, I cleared my throat and watched as Lexi turned and spotted it. A smile grew across her face and she left Larry’s wet fingers and came to my side of the stall.

Lexi had a beautiful face and as she brought it closer to my cock, she playfully blew on my engorged head. The feeling was exquisite. My cock throbbed and rose before her eyes. Lexi cooed and laughed at the effect her breath had on me. ‘What a nice beautiful cock you have there Mister,” Lexi murmured as she turned her head to the side of it to study it’s length and girth. With a long extended tongue she lapped at the side of it and sent shivers up my spine. “Hmmm, hmmm,” she moaned as her tongue began a curly assault on my shaft and head. She played with it, licking it only, refusing to put me into her mouth. Her warm, wet tongue was incredible and was pushing me to the edge without sucking on it or tugging on it.

Larry’s impatience reared its ugly head again as he banged on the walls of his stall and he stuck his cock through his hole. Lexi giggled at Larry’s haste and left me throbbing in my hole. She stepped around the toilet and kneeled down in front of his cock and discarded the playfulness she had used on me. Instead she began to exhibit pure animal lust by sucking and tugging at his cock with abandon. I could hear Larry groan through the walls and laughed out loud. Lexi was a hot little number and I was amazed at her desire. When she came complaining about the ‘Gloryholes’ I knew she was a cocksucker. She played like it bothered her but she knew she couldn’t stay away.

Larry’s cock was wrapped in Lexi’s mouth as she sucked and stroked on him. The slurping sounds were incredible and Larry’s groaning escort gaziantep bayan telefonları was a crack up. I wanted more but I wanted Larry to finish first. I moved to the door to Lexi’s stall and looked in on her as she bobbed her head on his engorged cock. The door was locked but with a flip of a screwdriver, I undid it and the door came open. Lexi was oblivious to me as she stroked Larry closer and closer to cumming.

Pulling the cock from her mouth, Lexi looked at it as she stroked it and blew on his wet head. “Are you going to cum for me?” Lexi asked and began stroking harder. Larry was beside himself as he had grown quiet and his cock became rigid in Lexi’s small hands. “Cum on, Cum for me, cum for me,” Lexi urged as her mouth went back to work on his cock head and sucked on it while her tongue swirled around it.

“Oh fuck,” Larry blurted and I heard his hands bang on the walls of the stall as his cock spurted his white gooey load into Lexi’s wanton mouth and on her face and chin. “Oh fuck, Oh fuck,” he repeated as she licked and sucked on his head as she milked out every last drop of his jizz.

Lexi’s mouth was full as she turned to see me in her stall. Her eyes grew wide but when she recognized me she got a devilish grin on her face and giggled. Larry’s jizz was still on her face and chin and in her open mouth. Without missing a beat she swallowed his cum and got up from her kneeling position to walk over to me. She had her eyes on my face as she reached me and her small hands dropped to my crotch. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to fuck with this nasty little slut really bad.

“You aren’t going to tell anybody about this, are you?” Lexi cooed as her right hand began stroking my rod. I didn’t answer but instead spun her towards to toilet paper rolls and reached down and ripped off about twenty sheets. Lexi laughed as she allowed me to wipe her face and clean off the cum. I finished and threw the paper in the toilet bowl. I spun her back to me and with a gentle push on her shoulders, forced her to the ground and on her knees. Obediently, she looked up at me and smiled.

‘”I think we can keep this between just the three of us,” I said and reached for my cock. Lexi saw that and opened her mouth and brought her hands up to grab it. ‘No, no just your mouth,” I told her and smacked my cock on her tongue, mouth, and lips. Lexi did what I said and dropped her hands to her knees. “Yeah that’s it,” I said and with my free hand reached down and pulled her sundress off each shoulder. The fabric was silky and slipped slowly off her and down her arms, chest and back. It hung up on her nipples and I had to coax it off them with a gentle tug.

“You’ve got a smoking body Mrs. Mayor,” I kidded and she laughed. Taking my left hand I cupped and kneaded her right breast and then her left. She was a full double C cup and her stiff, perky nipples were incredible to the touch. Taking each between my thumb and forefinger, I gently squeezed and then tugged on them up and down. Lexi was sensitive to the touch and with each tug she groaned softly and wiggled her ass on her ankles.

“Let’s see what you have on under here,” I said as I lowered my hand from her breasts to her dress that was now bunched up at her waist. “Oh FUCK!,” I exclaimed which brought a urgent reply from Larry, “What?” Lexi laughed at my response and Larry’s question. She looked down between her thighs and at her lovely groomed and pierced pussy.

“Lil Lexi’s got a pierced twat!” I said and reached down to cup it. Lexi was accommodating and spread her thighs to accept my hand. My palm came in contact with her soft, moist pussy lips and the heel pressed firmly on her mound and clit. Lexi’s body rose and fell to my touch and she sighed which caused her to giggle.

“Spread your knees wider.” I told her watched as she slid on her knees on the cool tiled floor of Pottsburgh’s station

1 women’s restroom floor. Doing this caused her to drop her tight little muff onto my fingers and palm.

“Oooh,” she moaned as she felt my fingers spreading her lips so I could insert my middle finger. “Oh yeah,” she groaned as it slid without resistance into her tight passage.

“Suck,” I said as I looked her in the eyes from my hunched over position. She didn’t have to be told twice as she took me in her open mouth and began bobbing her head to and fro my crotch. The more I wiggled my hand and piston my finger in and out of her moist twat, the hard she sucked. She was on fire and I figured I could easily bring her off like this. She was sucking so hard that she would almost bottom out on my seven and a half inch cock. Her mouth omitted slurping and near gagging sounds as she seemingly egged my hand and fingers on with her mouth ministrations on my manhood.

“That’s it, gag yourself on my cock,” I told her as her hips rose and fell in my hand. She alternated pushing her pelvis harder into my hand then falling away as the sensations grew too great. I felt her moan on my cock as her little body escort gaziantep bayan videoları shivered with delight. “Come on, suck,” I told her and playfully pretended to take my hand away from her enflamed cunt. It proved too much for Lexi to handle and she gave an exhausted wail as her mouth clamped down on my cock and held me there. “I’ll stop, if you don’t suck me hard,” I told her put two fingers into her spread pussy.

“Ahhh,” she murmured with my cock in her mouth, feeling an orgasm begin to wash over her and buried her face in my crotch taking in all my cock. Her nose and face were buried in my pubes as she deep throated me to show her compliance. Reaching up with her hands, she grabbed both sides of my hips to hold herself to me and let out a tearful groan as her first orgasm ripped through her body.

“Yeahha,” I exclaimed with a guttural growl. Her mouth was hot and wet and feeling the head of my cock in the back of her throat was too much for me and I began to rock my hips and wiggle my legs, as I set off a series of explosions in her waiting mouth. “Oh Fuckin’ A,” I groaned as I felt my ass cheeks clench and release. I bit down on my lower lip and cupped the back of Lexi’s golden hair to hold her to my cock until I spent myself. “Get it all, God get it all,” I heard myself cry out as my eyes closed.

Lexi sucked like there was no tomorrow and swallowed as she gummed my cock. She had a very special mouth and I was privileged to enjoy it. She released my cock when she sensed I was done and slowly slid her mouth off of it. She looked up at me with a contented smile and wiped away so moisture from the corner of her lips.

I was speechless as she covered up herself and rose beside me. She pulled up the straps of her dress and adjusted her firm tits. Just watching her turned me on again and I pulled her to me. She laughed as I hugged her hot little body to me and felt up her tight little ass.

“You’re not done,” Lexi kidded and I think she was hoping I was. She seemed content to go home and I figured she had to get back to the Cartwright Estates before Ronnie missed her.

“No,” I said and lifted her dress up and off of her. Her naked form standing on heels before me. I hung her dress on the hook on the back of the door and swung her around and bent her over. She fell forward and rested her hands on the toilet seat lid.

“Oooh,” Lexi squealed with delight as I smacked her upturned ass. Reaching between her legs, I pushed each of her thighs outward so as to spread her ass wide. My cock by now was semi hard and I stepped in behind her and stuck it into her moist snatch.

“Oh yeah,” Lexi let out a low, guttural groan as I slipped deep inside her pleasure hole.

Her body pushed back against me and I could tell she was trying to hold me inside of her. I smacked her ass again and began bucking my hips into her tight ass cheeks. 31 years old and a kept woman allowed her to workout regularly and run around town looking for dick. I was going to make sure she remembered this tryst so we could have more in the future.

“Come on, fuck back into me,” I told her took hold of her shoulders and neck to turn her head to look at me. Lexi smiled over her shoulder and began a slow but deliberate grind back unto my cock. The feeling must have been incredible for her as she began moaning.

“Yes, yes, oh yes,” she moaned loudly and I was afraid someone wanting to use the restroom might hear her.

Her moans of delight must have gotten Larry rev’ed up again as his cock appeared in the hole on his side of her stall. He didn’t like showing himself to the lady as he said he felt awkward when he’d see her on the street and didn’t want the hassle. I could care less as the lady had as much or more to lose than I did. In Lexi’s case, it was much more.

Larry’s cock would serve as the perfect muffler for her orgasmic screams. Taking my hands, I grabbed her mouth from both sides and guided it towards Larry’s love muscle. Lexi’s moans and groans continued but were muffled nicely by his firm rod in her mouth.

“That’s it, suck his dick Lexi,” I said as I rotated her body to set her in the optimal position. Lexi began sucking his cock as she ground her moist hole on my cock and the little hairs on her naked back stood up and goose bumps formed as she was about to orgasm. One well planned grind of my hips against her set her off and her body undulated as she came hard and often. She wiggled her mouth of his cock to scream out but I forced it back on Larry’s cock.

“Oh yes. Oh yes, gafffghh,” she blurted out uncontrollably as she came on my cock with a rush of hot wetness.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed as her hot cunt felt incredible and I began pounding her sweet behind. “Come on, give it too me,” I told her as I fucked her until my cock wanted to explode. “Shit, shit,” I yelled as I pulled my cock from her twat and spun her around. I was selfish I my intent and figured she could finish off Larry after me. “Get down, get down,” I told her as I roughly pushed her to the cool floor and pointed my cock at her face and chest. I began spurting like I had never spurt before. I had never spurted as much as this on the second time in my life. As much as Lexi could catch with her open mouth, till most of it landed in her hair, on her cheeks, on her neck and on her lovely fake breasts. Lexi laughed as she felt the warm gooey coat her hot little body and face. “Oh wow,” I said as I squeezed the head of my member to wring the last drops out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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