Ron , Trish

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Ron awakened when the alarm went off and he lay in bed for a few more minutes thinking about the day ahead. He finally decided to get up and moved the covers aside. He looked down and saw a slight bulge in his abdomen. He moved his hand down and it felt on the firm side. He felt nothing though as he was a paraplegic and had no feeling from his chest down. He pulled himself up with the trapeze bar over his head and moved his hips towards the side of the bed. His wheelchair was still in place from last night. With one hand on the trapeze and the other on the wheel of the chair he moved his rear over on to the seat. He pulled his limp, very atrophied left leg over and put the foot on the foot rest. The short stump of the right leg had already followed him into the chair.

Ron was a war vet and his leg had been blown off and back broken in Iraq in the first war. His spinal cord had been severed at T-11 along with other internal damage. He did not mind the paralysis or no leg; it was the lack of feeling below the injury that bugged him sometimes. He rolled himself into the bathroom and got a urine catheter kit out. He had to cath himself several times a day as the sphincter that closed his bladder was in the closed position which was actually a good thing as he did not have urine running out of him all the time or need a Foley all the time. He washed the head of his penis and used the steri wipe to clean it. He put a glove on and removed the catheter and bag and dipped the end into some lubricant. He inserted it into his urethra and gently pushed it into him. He felt nothing but soon the catheter would not go any further. He pushed a little harder and nothing happened, some type of obstruction.

He knew not to do anything further, removed the catheter and rolled into the shower. He washed and dried and got back into the bedroom. He called his urologist’s office and explained why he needed to see someone right away. The receptionist asked him how soon he could be there and he said in about 45 minutes. She said that was perfect and someone would see him then. He got dressed and into his van and headed to the doctor’s office.

He unloaded from the van, got inside, on the elevator and into the office. Seemed like everyone had a big smile for him which he always returned. The receptionist welcomed him by name and showed him back to an exam room saying someone would be right in. A very short time later there was a knock on the door and Ron said come in and a tall, slightly thin woman came in. She stuck her hand out and said hi my name is Trish and I am one of the nurse practitioners here to get things started. They both laughed at the dual meaning. They had seen each other in the hall a couple of times but had never talked. He had noticed she just stared at him and he thought he might have done the same thing. She asked lots of questions, taking notes, and then asked him if he was able to get on to the examination table if she put it down for him.

Ron said no problem and when it was down to the height of his wheelchair seat he moved himself over. Trish asked if she could move his leg up for him and he said yes, thanks. She did and seemed to hold on to it a bit longer than she might have. She asked if she could slide his pants down and he rocked from side to side so she could. He had not put underwear pants on. Grinning at him she said she hoped her hands were not too cold knowing he could not feel anything. She palpated his abdomen and said yep, full bladder for sure. She said she was going to see if she could get a catheter in him and got a box out of the closet.

She got things ready and put on a pair of gloves and washed his penis head off again. After getting some lub on the catheter she looked at him and said this will not hurt again grinning. Grinning back Ron said her hand sure felt good. She did a double take and said you can’t feel that can you? Ron just continued to grin at her. Just as she got the tip of the catheter in he said ouch and really had Trish going. She continued to gently push the catheter up his penis all the time watching his face. She finally ran into the same obstruction and looked at what she was doing. She estimated she was at the bladder but not into it. After pushing harder a few times she taped the catheter in place and said she was going to get an x-ray while injecting some die to show where it was.

As Trish was taking her gloves off, Ron took hold of her arm and said sadly I could not feel your hand or anything else. They were quiet for a bit then Trish put her hand over his and said quietly I’m so sorry. Ron said yea, me too.

The x-ray tech came in with her machine and Trish was back with a syringe with a clear fluid in it. They got the film cassette in the right place and the girls put led aprons on. Trish said she would say now when she wanted the tech to take the picture and started pushing the plunger in. When about half of it was gone she said now and pushed harder getting all of it in. The tech took the film to be developed and Trish said Ataşehir Escort she had talked to one of the Doctors and she would be in when the film was ready. The doctor that Ron had seen before came in with the x-ray and they said hello. She stuck it up on a view box right by Ron and pointed at the problem. Right at the entrance to the urethra from the bladder was a kidney stone that was stuck blocking everything.

They could also see several other stones in the bladder. The doctor told Ron that he should be admitted to the hospital and she would take him to surgery right after lunch to remove the stones. She hopped she could do it with a scope up the urethra and not have to cut him open. Ron said so do I. The doctor told him he could get dressed and she would call and make arrangements. The doctor left and Trish removed the catheter and cleaned him up. She asked if she could help him get dressed and Ron said please. They had removed his pants and she picked up his leg and started it into the pants. She worked her way up to his stump and she picked it up and got it in also. With nothing to lift himself with, again he rocked from side to side as she got his pants up. Ron could see her face was flushed and she seemed to be excited at touching his leg and stump. He was about to ask her for her number when she asked if she could come and see him tonight. Ron said he would enjoy that very much.

Trish helped move his leg and stump over to the wheelchair and they said see you later to each other. He went out to the desk and picked up some paperwork. The doctor had mentioned he would be in the hospital for 3-4 days so he stopped and picked up some stuff at home. He got to the hospital and was admitted to a nice room and they started getting him ready for surgery. An anesthesiologist came in to see him and to find out about his paralysis, medications and any other issues. He told Ron that even though he was a paraplegic with no feeling, they were still going to give him a general anesthetic so he would be fully relaxed. Ron said no problem and the doctor started and IV and gave him some meds through it. As he was leaving he said no more liquids or anything to eat.

As Ron was waiting he thought about Trish. She was tall, about 5’10” or so and 28 years old he thought, short hair and a big smile on her face. She was also on the skinny side, maybe just 100 lbs, but wore lose fitting scrubs so it was hard to get a good idea of what the rest of her was like. He wondered if she might also be a devotee the way she looked at and touched his leg and stump. Since he had become one also he had no problem with it. He had not really been interested in dating since his injury.

Soon a tech with a cart came to get him and he was off to the operating room. Ron was soon asleep and it seemed like a very short time later someone was calling his name and shaking his shoulder. He opened his eyes and a nurse was asking him how he was. He said ok, just groggy and could he have a few ice chips. She gave him some and said call out if he needed anything. His doctor came in next and she told him everything went great and they were able to get almost all of them out with the scope. He had a catheter in and it would remain in for several days with daily changes. Ron said great news and no sweat about the cath changes. She said she would see him later today and left.

Ron was soon awake good and he was returned to his room. He asked for a milk shake and was soon feeling much better. A little after 6 there was a knock on his door and he said come in. Trish pushed it open and walked into the room. She was a knock out in slacks and a short sleeved sweater. He immediately noticed it appeared she had no breasts as the sweater was flat on her chest. She walked over to the bed and asked how he was. Ron said great, no pain at all. They both laughed and she said it was great he could joke about himself. He asked if she knew the results of the surgery and she grinned saying yes, she was there as she was his doctors scrub nurse also.

Trish also added she was not on duty now. Ron said great and reached out for her hand which she quickly took. The just looked at each other and then she asked if he had eaten yet. Ron said yes they had given him something about 30 minutes ago. He lowered the bed and asked her to sit by him. They talked about themselves and one thing that explained her slimness was that she was a runner. Ron then told her she could ask him anything she wanted. Trish looked at him for a few seconds then asked how he felt about what had happened to him. Looking her in the eye he told her he had no problem with the loss of his leg or the paralysis but the lack of feeling everywhere got to him sometimes. After a pause he added like yesterday when you had hold of me. Trish nodded her head in understanding and a slight smile.

Ron then asked if she was a devotee. Trish was a little surprised then said yes, she was, is that a problem? Ron said not at all, I am also and understand. You like what Kadıköy Escort you see I take it. Trish said very much so, your leg and stump are very sexy if you will pardon me for saying so. Ron said no problem at all; I have been looking for someone to enjoy it with. Is my not being able to function going to be a sexual problem for you. She laughed and said you get right to the heart of things don’t you. Ron said might as well get it all out into the open. Squeezing his hand she said no problem, I am sure we can find other ways to enjoy each other. She looked down at her flat chest and said any problem with nothing here? Ron said he had not noticed until she pointed it out and laughing he said no problem. He did notice that her nipples were now sticking out. He lifted their hands up and rubbed one with the back of his hand. It got bigger and harder. Trish said she liked that and leaned forward and kissed him.

They talked a while longer then Trish said she had to go as she wanted to take her evening run. Ron asked her if she could come back tomorrow evening and she said sure. How about I bring you in something to eat and Ron said sounds great. Ron said nurse, do you need to check everything out and be sure it is ok before you leave for the night and she said good idea. Trish pushed the door closed and pulled the sheet all the way down. She ran her hand up and down his calf and thigh and then rubbed his stump. There was not much there except for some bone and skin as most of the tissue had been blown off. She saw that the damage extended all the way up his hip and most of his buttock was gone she saw for the first time. She also noted that the left leg was damaged in several places and wondered if he were not a para could he even walk.

After a few minutes he pulled her down to him and they kissed passionately for a while with lots of tongue. They finally broke and she covered him up and said thanks and left. When Trish got home she was so wet she was glad she had dark slacks on. She changed into her running stuff and went out for a good one. When she got home again her endorphins and hormones were raging and she stripped out of her clothing and stretched out on the bed. Spreading her legs wide she used a large rubber penis to get herself off several times. She had noticed that her nipples had gotten very large and hard while she was running thinking about Ron. She liked him and his very direct ways.

Trish finally got into the shower and just stood and let it spray on her. She was glad she lived in an apartment so she did not run out of hot water! She finally sat on her bench and shaved her legs and pussy leaving a 3 inch wide strip above her clit. The black hair there was long and curly and ran high up on her abdomen. She had an abundant amount of pubic hair, one reason she shaved most of it. Sometimes the strip came above her undershorts and she had to be careful about what she wore when running. She did her underarms and looked down at her nonexistent breasts. She had never really been worried about the lack of them and she thought Ron did not have a problem with it either.

She had had one very unsatisfactory sexual experience where someone she thought was a friend had forced his cock into her and broken her hymen. He ended up in jail but the damage was done. She started using tampons and masturbated a lot with toys. After she got out of the shower she stayed naked and ate something.

After cleaning up the kitchen she decided to call Ron and got him on the phone. He was surprised at hearing from her and admitted he was just thinking about her. What were you thinking about she asked. Ron got around his real thoughts by saying just being around her today and liking it. He did not tell her the real reason yet. He had wondered what she looked like naked. Laughing he did tell her that it was not fair that she had seen him almost naked today, several times. She laughed back saying yes, lucky me. She got serious right away and said I hope you do not feel that I took advantage of you because of my medical position. Ron said no immediately, he had no problem with it.

After a period of silence Ron said I know you like looking at and feeling my legs and I have no problem with that at all. Trish said thank you and maybe I can think of something to show you sometime. They both laughed. Ron asked if she had a good run and she said yes fantastic tonight. She paused and then said thinking about you all the time. Ron then asked her if she masturbated and she said yes right after I got home from my run. I will admit that seeing you in the office, during surgery and then after had me really worked up. Does that upset you she asked? Ron said no, it just bothers him he can’t get hard for her and that she had to leave in such an aroused state.

Trish answered back that him not getting hard did not bother her in the least. He was a fantastic kisser and she bet his mouth and hands could work wonders on her if he was interested. Ron told her he definitely was interested Bostancı Escort but she had to be very open and not afraid to let him know what her wants and needs were. She promised she would and he was very easy to talk with. She laughed and said you have me soaking wet again. Are you in bed he asked? Yes she said and he told her to get one of her toys out and use it. Right here in front of you she asked? You bet, no time like the present and tell me what you are doing. Trish said I don’t know about this as she got her rubber cock out of the drawer. Ron said are you bashful and she answered we just met today. Ron said no, you have been watching me for the last several times I was in the office haven’t you. Guilty she said quietly.

Are you naked and she said yes, I sleep that way and I am sliding my toy in me. I am on my back with my legs up and spread wide open. How do you like the view? Ron said it was fantastic. I like you being shaved and she said in a shocked voice how did you know? Ron said you seem to be very sexual so I just figured you might be. He asked if it was all the way in yet and Trish said you bet. What do you call where it is at, and she said my cunt without hesitation. I like that word. Do you have a word for your penis and Ron said no, what would you call it and she said I like cock. Good enough for me he said. Trish said she was moving it in and out and using her other hand to play with her clit. Wish you were here to play with my nipples. Would you really like for me to be there he asked? Yes, very much so she answered now sounding short of breath.

Are you easy to make cum Ron asked? She answered most of the time and I can cum with just playing with my nipples; they must be extra sensitive because that is the only shape I have. Ron told her he thought she looked very sexy tonight and that he enjoyed using the back of his hand on her. Trish said I sure did also, I almost came and had to fight to not do so. Ron said he was sorry that happened and hoped to make it up to her sometime. As he was talking Trish was making noises and he knew she was having a good orgasm. He was quiet and when she was done he said sounds like a good one. She finally said it was all thanks to him.

Ron asked if she liked sex during her period and Trish was very quiet for a while finally saying she had never tried it at that time and would tell him more later. Ron said no problem and let it drop. Ron asked her to describe her toy to him and she did. It was solid silicone replicating what a penis looked like with a large head and veins all over it. It was also on the heavy side. Ron asked if he could watch her sometime and she said sure but he had to help her use it sometimes also. Sounds like a plan to me he said. Trish could hear a female voice come into the room and Ron said he had better go. She told him thanks for being so good to her and they hung up.

The nurse said she needed to check and change the catheter to be sure a blood clot did not plug it up during the night. Ron said no problem and if you don’t know, I have no feeling down there. She said she understood but would still be gentle. She had him put the head of the bed down and pulled the sheet out of the way. Ron could not really tell what she was doing but it made no difference anyway. The nurse told him when she was done that there were a couple of stones in the bag and that was good that they were coming out ok. When she was done she told him she had a sleeping pill if he wanted it and he said sure and took it wanting a good night’s sleep.

Trish had still not removed her toy and was sliding it in and out of her cunt very slowly while playing with one of her nipples. She wondered if he would be interested in her having implants. She also was going to see what kind of treatment might work on his cock wanting to get him hard enough to fuck her. She fell asleep with a big smile on her face thinking about riding him.

Mornings started early in hospitals and Ron was awakened when someone brought his breakfast tray in. He had slept all night and felt good. After eating the doctor came in and they talked about what was happening. She was happy he was passing stones. She told him they had a fairly large sized catheter in him and when there had been no stones for 24 hours they would start reducing the size. They were both happy with the progress. A nurse came in and changed the catheter and he could see this time. He was surprised at the size of the tube that was in him. He thought he saw a quick smile on the nurse’s face when she saw his size, long and thick. He was sure she had imagined what it would be like if hard. She gave him a big smile when she was done.

Trish called and said she had just a few minutes and wanted to know how he was. Ron told her she had not told him they had a garden hose in his cock. Trish laughed and said so you saw it did you. Good thing I can’t feel it he said. Trish said remember to not eat tonight and said good-by. A nurse came in and said she was there to help with his bowl program. He looked funny at her and she said don’t worry, my husband is a para and I don’t mind at all. She said the drugs probably made him constipated so she helped him with an enema. The only other thing that happened was a trip to x-ray to see the stones in his kidneys and bladder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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