Saga of Littown Ch. 08

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Author’s Note: I discovered a chapter of my Littown series that I forgot to post back when the others went up. Turns out the series was a little too ambitious and I kind of faded on it, despite having a lot of fun with it at the time. I’ve decided to post this chapter even though anyone who read the others has probably forgotten them by now. Honestly, the stories are mostly an excuse for silly, gratuitous sexiness and playing with tropes, so maybe this will somewhat work on its own, or people will be interested in (re)reading the other chapters too, or whatever. Read if you feel like it is what I’m saying, I guess.


Jaime sat at the breakfast table pouring himself a bowl of cereal. It was his second of the morning. Emily had started making a fuss about replenishing all the cum he expelled on a daily basis. Since breakfast was the only meal he ever seemed to eat consistently, she wanted to ensure he got plenty to eat.

Somewhat unexpectedly, something else came out of the cereal box along with the cereal. Jaime picked it up and examined it curiously. It appeared to be a ring inside a small plastic bag. Some kind of prize-trinket, it seemed. It was kind of a nice looking ring, though.

Jaime reached under the table to where his sister was sucking on his cock. He stroked her hair lovingly as her head bobbed along his shaft.

“There’s a ring in my cereal, Em,” Jaime said.

“Unnhh huhhhmmm?”

“I think it’s, like, one of those toys that come in kids’ cereal sometimes. It looks pretty fancy for that, though.”

“Hhnnn ffhhhnn hhhggnnn.”

“It’s, like, made of metal and has all these crazy runes inscribed on it. Super weird. Kinda neat, though. You wanna try it on? I’m not really the ring wearing type.”

Emily pulled her mouth off her brother’s cock with a loud, suctiony pop. She wiped at a few strands of saliva with the back of her wrist, then crawled out from under the table.

“I’m trying to get my breakfast, Jai,” she said. “What’s the big deal?”

Jaime admired his sister’s beautiful, naked form as she knelt on the floor beside him. Her big, innocent eyes could easily have fooled anyone into thinking she wasn’t the cock-hungry sister-slut that she actually was.

“Goddamn you’re hot,” Jaime said.

Emily beamed. “Thanks. Now let me see that ring.”

She got up and sat in one of the empty chairs at the table. She opened the small, protective bag and pulled the ring out. It was quite heavy for its size, and far more intricate than she expected.

“Crazy, right?” Jaime said.

“Kinda, yeah.” Emily turned the ring over in her hands. She picked up the cereal box it had come from and examined the back of it. “Oh here we go. It says right on the box, it’s part of an ‘adult toy promotion.'”

“Oh. Guess I should have checked that.”

“Yeah. I could still be under the table sucking your dick if you hadn’t interrupted.”

“Well let me make it up to you. Come sit on my lap.”

Jaime pushed back from the table slightly. His hard cock stuck out in an invitation Emily couldn’t possibly refuse. She happily changed seats and sat down on her brother’s lap. She sighed in abject pleasure as her tight, teenage pussy was stuffed totally full of brother-cock.

Emily read the back of the cereal box while bouncing on Jaime’s dick. “So yeah, I guess there’s a whole range of prizes you can get that they’re trying out. Little vibrators, butt plugs, cereal flavoured condoms, strippers-“

“Strippers? In your cereal?”

“I assume they’d come in a bag like the ring, so it’d still be sanitary.”

“Oh, sure. That makes sense.”

Emily scrolled down to near the bottom. “Here we go. Rings. Some cock rings, of course. But yours… hm, looks like it’s a pregnancy prevention ring?”

“A what?”

“Like, you wear it and you can’t get girls pregnant. It’s like a condom, but on your finger.”

“Seriously? That’s a real thing?”

“They couldn’t print it on a cereal box if it wasn’t true.”

“That’s a good point.”

“Quick, put it on so it has time to start working.”

Emily took her brother’s hand and slid the ring on his finger. She was so excited her pussy tightened extra-firmly on his cock as she bounced on it.

“You’re gonna let me cum in your pussy?” Jaime asked. His excitement lagged behind Emily’s but only a little.

“Let you? Pssh. More like I’m going to make you stuff my teenage cunt with a creamy filling.”

“Make me, huh?”

“Damn straight.”

Emily clenched and relaxed her pussy rhythmically. She impaled herself on her brother even more frantically. She was driven wild by the promise of finally getting her uterus packed with brother-cum.

“Maybe I’m going to be the one to make you take it instead,” Jaime said.

He pushed Emily upright, then bent her over the table. Cereal went everywhere as he started pounding his sister for real. Breakfast was forgotten in favour of their mutual incestuous needs.

The siblings were still vigorously fucking on the table when their Bayan Eskort parents came downstairs. Christine, their hot mommy, and Krissy, their sexy aunt/daddy, both stopped and stared with barely contained lust. They were each wearing robes that tried in vain to cover them decently.

“Morning, Mom,” Jaime said casually. “Morning, Aunt K.”

“Good morning, Mommy and Daddy,” Emily said, smiling innocently even while being taken roughly from behind by her brother.

“You two really shouldn’t be doing that at the table,” Christine said in a losing attempt at keeping order.

“Sorry, Mom. We have to,” said Jaime.

“It’s an experiment,” Emily added. “Jai got a ring that makes him unable to impregnate me. We need to test it out.”

“And what happens if it doesn’t work?” Christine asked.

“Well,” said Emily, “worst case scenario is I get pregnant with my brother’s incest-baby. I’d probably have to drop out of school, and I’d be a social outcast. My life would be totally ruined, and I’d be stuck taking care of a kid that I didn’t want and wasn’t ready for. And I’d have to pretend like it was somehow still a great, amazing thing, even though having kids is literally the worst, because otherwise people would treat me like a monster for not thinking my child was the bestest thing to ever happen to me.”

Emily paused for a breath. “So worth the risk, I think. I mean, I get my pussy filled up with brother-cum, Mom. Brother-cum. That’s the best kind.”

Christine sighed, then ruffled her daughter’s hair affectionately. “As long as you’ve thought it through, sweetie. You know I just want you two to be happy.”

“Thanks, Mommy,” said Emily.

“You’re such a good mother, Sis,” said Krissy.

She kissed Christine on the cheek. Her cock was painfully hard from watching Jaime and Emily fuck, and it poked Christine’s ass when she got close.

Emily’s eagle eyes spotted Krissy’s massive erection, and she licked her lips at the sight. “Hey, Aunt K, I’ve still got two holes free if you want to use one of them.”

Krissy was sorely tempted by the idea of shoving her cock down Emily’s slutty little throat. She knew Christine wouldn’t approve, however.

“That’s a very generous offer,” Krissy said. “But I don’t think it’d be a good idea.”

“You shouldn’t be trying to have sex with your parents, Emily,” said Christine sternly. “I can accept that you’re totally in incest-love with your brother like I am with Krissy, and that it’s something none of us can help, but offering to fuck your aunt is just depraved.”

“She’s just being polite, Mom,” Jaime said, coming to his sister’s defence. “It’d be a bit rude for her to fuck me at the breakfast table and not even offer herself to anyone else. You raised us to have some manners, after all.”

Emily latched on to the excuse, even though her offer was clearly out of family-sluttiness rather than politeness. “Yeah, that’s right. And since I’m offering; would you like me to lick your pussy while I get fucked, Mommy?”

Christine was also tempted. She wasn’t any less affected by the god-like hotness of her children than anyone else, she was just more determined to resist it. There were times when they tried her willpower right to the limit.

“No thank you, Emily,” Christine said regretfully. “You just finish up with your brother, then we can all eat together as a family.”

“Mmm, ok,” said Emily cheerfully.

Christine and Krissy each got a mug of coffee and sat down at the table. Jaime hadn’t stopped pounding Emily since they arrived, nor was there any indication that he was slowing down at all. Christine feared she may have made a tactical miscalculation. It only got worse when Krissy started jerking herself off while watching the super-hot siblings go at it.

“Krissy! Don’t jerk off to this,” Christine said.

“Oh, you’re right,” said Krissy. “What was I thinking?”

Krissy stood up and took off her robe. Her glorious milf body, with the addition of a magnificently hard cock, was laid totally bare. Krissy bent her sister over the table, flipped up the back of her robe, and slammed into her pussy in a series of smooth, graceful motions.

“Why jerk off when there’s lovely sister-pussy to be used?” Krissy said. “You’re always thinking, Chris. I love that about you.”

Christine wanted to protest, since that clearly wasn’t what she meant, but much like Emily she couldn’t resist a good, dirty fucking by the sibling love of her life. She knew she was setting a bad example by letting herself be used like the sister-slut she was, but Krissy’s cock felt so damn good inside her.

Unlike her mother, Emily was unreservedly delighted at the sexy turn of events. She didn’t often get to do any family activities with both her parents. In fact, given that it had only been a few days since she’d learned Aunt Krissy was her daddy, it was probably fair to say this was the very first time. It gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling that they could all share such a beautiful bonding experience.

“Fuck Anadolu Yakası Escort me, Jai,” Emily moaned. “Fuck your sister’s tight pussy while Aunt K pounds our mommy right next to us.”

Emily and Christine’s heads were fairly close to each other. Emily couldn’t help herself, and she kissed her mother deeply as they were both slammed over and over by their respective siblings. Christine was so turned on that she didn’t fight it. She kissed Emily back, and was soon wantonly making out with her naked, teenage daughter.

Behind them, Jaime and Krissy exchanged a smile. Without a pause in their rhythms, they wordlessly raised an arm and fist bumped.

The family fuck-fest continued until all four of them came at the same time. Jaime released torrents of cum into his sister’s form-fitting vagina, while Krissy did much the same to Christine.

“Mmm, my uterus is getting stretched out with cum for the first time,” Emily said with orgasmic delight. “I can feel it filling up beyond its maximum capacity while my brother’s dick is still pumping inside me.”

“I love the feeling of blowing a load inside your impossibly tight cunt,” Jaime whispered in her ear. “It’s definitely one of my top three favourite places to fill up with cum.”

“Ooh, top three, huh? Are the other two my ass and mouth, by any chance?”

“How did you know?”

Emily’s legs were a little shaky when she finally stood up. It wasn’t surprising, given that she’d been bent over being fucked from behind for hours. A figurative literal mountain of cum flowed out of her as soon as Jaime’s cock ceased to plug her.

“Oh, Emily, sweetie, don’t make a mess all over the floor,” said Christine. She guided one of her daughter’s hands to cup her pussy and keep the cum in. “Go empty yourself in the bathtub or outside or something.”

It was an exquisitely torturous feeling for Emily to have to hold all that gooey liquid inside herself. Her vagina was full to bursting, and was very much unused to the sensation the way her other holes were. She felt so naughty with her palm cupped over her slit keeping it all in.

With a big, lazy smile, Emily waddled to her mother and kissed her deeply. Their big, cum-infused tummies bumped together for a moment. Emily then kissed Krissy as well, and Krissy took the opportunity to get a sneaky fondle of her daughter’s tits.

“Come on, Jai,” said Emily. “Better get me outside. I can’t hold myself closed forever.”

“I’m on it.”

Jaime scooped his beautiful, naked sister up in his arms and carried her outside. Emily nestled happily against him until she was deposited on the lawn. With a sigh of relief, she removed her hand from her pussy and let the cum rush out of her.

“I wonder if I could work on strengthening my vaginal muscles,” Emily mused. “Maybe I could get strong enough to hold a full load in there.”

“Or we could tape your pussy up,” Jaime said. “Like we did to that stripper that one time.”

“Oh yeah. That’s a good thought. We’ll have to try it out sometime.”

Emily idly rubbed her clit as she felt herself empty out. Even though it wasn’t nearly as nice a feeling as getting filled up, it was still pretty hot.


Alyssa, the hot, eighteen year old neighbour girl, was running a little bit late that morning. Her alarm woke her up at the proper time and everything, so that wasn’t a problem. It was when she looked out her window at the lovely, sunny new day that she was severely delayed.

Jaime and Emily, the super-hot siblings next door, were naked in their yard again. Jaime’s yummy cock was as hard as always, which Alyssa suspected must be a medical condition. The only other explanation was that his own sister turned him on like crazy, which was preposterous.

Alyssa, like practically all attractive girls of legal age, slept naked at night. She remained totally unclothed now as she spied on the teen hotties in their yard. The morning sun caressed her smooth, supple skin, and made her feel totally at ease. Without really thinking about it, she brought a hand to her pussy and started rubbing her damp slit.

Due to some bizarre trick of the light, it actually looked like Emily’s pussy was expelling a large amount of cum right into the grass. She couldn’t actually be doing that, of course, because if Jaime was the only boy around, then he would have had to be the one to fill her up. What a ludicrous notion that was. Although…

For some reason, Alyssa felt kind of turned on by the idea of Jaime pummelling his sister’s vagina with his majestic erection. It was totally wrong, and was a very incestuous thing to ever consider, but somehow she couldn’t help it. The idea of such a hot brother and sister pair boning each other was really working for her.

Alyssa guiltily fingered herself while fantasizing about hardcore sibling incest. She felt like such a deviant. There was also a certain feeling of liberation to it. She was alone in her room, totally invisible to the rest of the world, unless anyone Pendik Escort looked in her window. She could be as bad as she wanted and no one would know.

As though timed by an ironic guiding force, Alyssa’s door burst open behind her. Karen, her mother, entered with no sense of hesitation, even when she saw what Alyssa was doing.

“Alyssa!” said Karen. “Stop masturbating and get ready for school. You’re going to be late.”

Alyssa squeaked and pulled her hand away from her pussy like she’d burned herself. She turned with a bright red face.

“Sorry, Mommy,” she said.

Karen was also naked, though in her case it was because she was a bit of a nudist. She thought that being naked was perfectly normal and healthy, but she’d struggled with getting her daughter to believe it. Masturbatory urges were also totally natural, and she felt bad that Alyssa was so embarrassed at being caught.

“Oh, it’s ok, sweetie. Playing with your teenage cunt is a totally normal thing, and is not something to be embarrassed about.”

Karen trapped Alyssa in a naked mother-daughter embrace. Their breasts and pussies pressed sensually together in a totally platonic way. Karen stroked her daughter’s hair with a reassuring touch and hoped she hadn’t done any permanent damage to her sexual growth.

“You’re not mad?” Alyssa asked.

“Of course not. I want you to play with yourself whenever you feel like it. Just not when you’re going to be late to school.”

“Thanks, Mommy.”

Alyssa snuggled against her mother’s soft, motherly body. Their boobies rubbed together, and Alyssa felt her nipples stiffen. She felt a weird, tingly sensation in her body. Normally such a tingle would indicate sexual arousal of some sort, but that seemed very unlikely when all she was doing was pressing against her totally hot mom while they were both naked.

“Mom?” she asked.

“Yes, babygirl?”

“This isn’t sexual at all, right?”

“It certainly isn’t. I keep trying to explain to you that nudity doesn’t have to be sexual.”

“Right. I was just making sure, because I can feel your tits and pussy, and your skin is so soft and warm against mine. That’s all.”

Karen cupped Alyssa’s cheek in her hand. “Listen, I’m your mother. It doesn’t matter how sexual something may look or feel, it will never be anything other than platonic and familial. You’re my little girl, and that’s what you’ll always be.”

Alyssa nodded. “So if I grab your tit like this,” she said as she fondled one of her mother’s breasts, “it doesn’t mean anything?”


“Or if I rub your mommy-cunt?”

Alyssa slid her fingers up and down the slit between Karen’s thighs. She was incredibly turned on from touching her mother in such a way, and it only confused her all the more that it was apparently ok.

“Yes, that’s still totally platonic, Alyssa,” Karen assured her. “Although you really shouldn’t touch Mommy there if anyone else is around. They might get the wrong idea.”

“Oh sure,” said Alyssa.

Alyssa pushed a single finger inside her mother for a moment, just to test. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked on it. Every little thing was making her hornier, and she couldn’t figure out why.

It had been made clear to Alyssa that sexually molesting her mother was not actually sexual at all, so that shouldn’t turn her on. And even if it was sexual, this was one of her parents she was feeling up, and so therefore such contact should gross her out. That was basic biology. She just couldn’t make sense of it.

“Looks like your sexy little friends are outside already,” said Karen as she spotted Jaime and Emily through the window. “You should get dressed and go play with them before school.”

“Sure, Mom. I’ll do that.”

Alyssa wasn’t sure just how her mother would react to knowing just what ‘playing’ with the neighbours meant these days. Maybe she’d be cool with it. Maybe she’d even have a reason why getting pounded by Jaime and basted in his cum wasn’t sexual either. It was hard to say with her mom.


Emily had pretty much drained by the time the cute neighbour girl showed up, though she’d done her best to close her uterus and keep a backup supply of cum inside. It was difficult working those new muscle groups. Her poor womb had been sexually ignored up until now.

Alyssa had chosen a short little skirt and a sexy, tight top as her outfit. She was kind of on edge after her failed masturbation and super sexual non-sexual encounter with her mother. Part of her was hoping Jaime would appreciate her appearance, and maybe do some inappropriate things to her.

“Hey, guys,” said Alyssa. “I see you’re both naked outside where everyone can see you. Again.”

“Hey Allie,” said Jaime. His gaze traveled from the cleavage displayed by her low-cut top, down to the edge of her skirt that left most of her thigh bare. “You could take your clothes off and join us being naked if you want.”

“Honestly, Jai,” said Emily. “If you want to put your penis in her, just ask.” She rolled onto her knees, then stood up. “Politely, of course.”

“Yeah,” Alyssa echoed faintly, “just ask.”

“What was that?” asked Jaime.

Alyssa shook her head. “Nothing. Just… been having a weird morning, is all. We should, like, probably get going.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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