Sex Education Ch. 04

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This chapter is much longer than the others but it seemed to work out well. This chapter is about family incest so if that offends you please stop reading.

There is also some bisexual content described so it that offends you please be warned.

Also, I apologize in advance for any typos, missing words etc. As I’ve said before I’m a writer not an editor.

If you’re still with me I hope you enjoy this and future chapters.

Oh, I almost forgot, your positive comments are always appreciated.




The day was already warm when Jason and Brianna picked me up a little after eight in the morning. On our way to the beach we drove over and picked Cindy up at her house. When we got to the beach I was surprised to see that it was already getting a little crowded with other beachgoers. We setup at our regular spot on the beach and, I have to tell you, watching Brianna and Cindy as they spread the towels and blanket on the sand and then putting suntan lotion on their young bodies was a guaranteed hard-on getter for me! Cindy’s tits were definitely overflowing the material of her bikini top and Brianna was wearing a small bikini bottom that didn’t match the top and it showed the distinct impression of her camel toe when she turned a certain way.

I was glad that Cindy joined us, she and Jason were hitting it off and the four of us really had a great time. Brianna was reading a paperback and I managed to fall asleep for a very short nap only to be interrupted by Jason purposely dripping water on me after he and Cindy had returned from a swim in the surf.

A little later in the day I was reading and the girls were down playing in the waves that came up to about their waists and occasionally a little higher. Jason kept his eyes on the girls, especially Cindy, and he said, “Hey man, you’re missing a great tittie-show…look at those things bounce.” I looked at Cindy and Jason was right; each time she’d jump over a low wave her tits bounced erotically on her chest even with her bikini top holding them tightly in place. I also wondered if the water made Brianna’s camel toe any more evident…I hoped it did.

“Whew, I’d love to slide my dick between those nice warm tits and tittie-fuck her,” Jason said quietly as he continued to watch Cindy. “You ever do that?”

His question really surprised me. “Um, no—not yet.” I answered.

“I did, once; I came all over her throat and chin—it was incredibly hot.”

“Who?” I asked. I knew all of his past girlfriends and I thought he’d told me about all of their sexual escapades, especially one like that.

He hesitated as if he was sorry he’d said anything. “It was um…Megan…my ex-girlfriend,” he said unconvincingly.


I didn’t believe him. Jason could never keep something like that a secret for very long. Besides I was pretty sure that Megan just didn’t have tits large enough to do that with. I was about to press the point further but the girls were just returning from the water. I immediately noticed the impressions of Brianna’s nipples in the fabric of her bikini top and I wondered what it would be like to tittie-fuck her—then I thought about tittie-fucking my mother and I knew that all I had to do was ask. Undoubtedly she’d agree as a part of my sex education.

Later I went down to the water to take a swim and after a few minutes Brianna joined me. We stood in the low surf, talked and just kind of hung out together. A couple of times she almost lost her balance as we jumped some of the smaller waves. After one particularly strong wave she held my hand to help steady herself. Under the thin material of her bikini her camel toe was very pronounced and we went deeper into the surf, mainly, to hide my throbbing hard on. A little time later a large and completely unexpected wave suddenly knocked both Brianna and I off our feet and we clung together as we scrambled to stand back up. Our arms were around each other and her tits were pressing against my chest and she laughed and sputtered water out of her mouth. A second, and even more powerful, wave hit us again knocked us down. As we were tossed in the wet, strong turmoil, several times her hand brushed against my hard cock that was trapped in my bathing suit. We both were laughing, and still holding each other as we managed to finally stand in the chest deep water. “Oh, my god,” she laughed. The wave had pushed her bikini top up to her neck and completely exposing her beautiful naked breast. I was glad that we were far out enough in the surf that no one on the beach seemed to notice. “I wish I could just leave my top off, it feels so free and natural but,” she paused. “Sometimes everybody’s so uptight about sex,” she said wistfully. She pressed her naked breast against my chest for a moment as we just looked at each other. I I was sure she could feel my hard on against her body. She put the top back on and smiled at me with a mischievous look in her eyes czech harem porno as she reached back to re-tie the bikini strings.

“It probably doesn’t help that this is the time of the month that I get so horny,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m always horny,” I said. Immediately wishing I hadn’t said it. It sounded dumb. Brianna laughed as we waded through the water toward the shallow surf near the beach. When we were out of the water she glanced at me and said with a smile, “You’re always horny? You’re just like Jason, at least we got a good sex education, so that helps,” she laughed as she turned. Her statement, especially the words sex education, really jolted me! What did she mean by that? Is there even the slightest chance that she knows what my parents and I are doing? Why would she say that? I wondered. I just stood there looking at her as she walked toward our blankets. Jason and Cindy were watching us return so I tried to act natural…at least my hard-on had gone down and wasn’t so noticeable.

The rest of the afternoon we all had a good time in the water and on the sand and as it worked out I was never alone with Brianna again the rest of the day. We left the beach late in the afternoon and stopped for burgers on our way home. I finally got to the house about eight p.m., just as it was getting dark. My mother and father were in the spa on the patio, naked, and I waved at them before going to my room and getting undressed. I needed a shower to rinse the sand and sunscreen off of my body before joining them in the spa. As I stood under the shower the hot water felt good running over my naked body, I still couldn’t shake Brianna’s earlier remark about sex education. Maybe it wasn’t just the words that bothered me, maybe it was the way she said it? I had the feeling that somehow she knew what was happening between my parents and me…but that couldn’t be possible, I kept telling myself.

I closed my eyes and thought about Brianna lying on a bed, her hands pressing her luscious breasts together as I was straddling her chest and stroking the warm flesh between her naked breasts with my cock. I could almost hear her voice softly urging me on…anxious for me to ejaculate streams of cum on her neck and chin when I came on her. My imagination gently shifted back and forth between Brianna and my mother as my partners in the erotic act.

After my shower I left my room to join my parents in the spa. Just the thought of what would undoubtedly happen made my cock tingle and throb as it began to get erect. As I passed by my parents’ bedroom I saw my father putting the small flash drive back in his bedside table. My curiosity was very strong and I was very curious about what was on it but I continued to the spa on the patio.

As I started to get into the spa I caught mother looking at my cock before I slipped into the warm water. I sat next to her and immediately I felt her hand on my thigh close to my cock. I reciprocated by placing my hand high on her thigh, the tip of my little finger just above her clitoris. After several minutes my father came back and joined us. His cock was extremely hard and he seemed proud of it as he took his time getting into the spa.

“Mmmm, that’ll feel good a later on,” mother giggled as she looked at my father. “Very nice,” she added.

“All for you my darling,” he said as he stroked it, then added, “wherever you want me to put it,” He sat in the spa directly opposite mother and me. Mother asked me how the beach was and the three of us chatted about it for a while. A couple of times mother asked me some questions about Brianna. Although she’s never said anything directly, I began to think that she might suspect how I feel about Brianna. The fact that Brianna’s my cousin was even more embarrassing.

Under the water Mother was stroking my cock in a very gentle way by pulling my foreskin all the way over my cock-head before pulling it all the way down again. My little finger had parted her labia at her clitoris and I was lightly rolling it from side to side. Before long father moved over and sat on the other side of mother. I felt his hand press against mine as he stuck two fingers into her vagina and started to finger-fuck her. Mother took father’s cock in her other hand and she was playing with both of our cocks as we sat beside her in the spa. Our dual assault on her cunt made her spread her thighs apart as far as she could, giving the two important men in her life more access to her sexual treasures.

Mother was clearly enjoying the attention father and I was giving her.

“Oh god, you both are turning me on so much,” she said softly. “Let’s go to bed where we can be more comfortable.” The three of us got out of the spa and dried off before going into their bedroom. Father and I both had raging hardons which didn’t escape mother’s attention as she lay down on the bed. I was so horny I could hardly wait until I could get between her legs and fuck czech mega swingers porno her but I sensed that this time my father would be the one to fuck her first as I watched.

Mother turned on her left side and pulled her right leg, the one on top, all the way up toward her body. In this position her pussy and anus were completely available to enjoy. She was caressing her naked breasts and her breathing was rapid. She moaned as father positioned himself above her. His eyes seemed locked-on to her cunt. He was slowly stroking his cock as he straddled mother’s right thigh and moved closer to her cunt. It seemed as if, for the moment at least, he wasn’t sure which of her holes to fuck. He began teasing mother’s swollen clit with the engorged tip of his penis. Each time it passed over her clit it sent an erotic shiver through her sensitive, anxious body. Before long he reached over and opened the drawer of his bedside table and pulled out a large tube of KY lubricant. I saw the flash drive in the drawer before he closed it and it rekindled my curiosity. Turning back to my mother he directed the head of his cock back slightly and began rubbing it on mother’s anus. He stopped for a moment and handed me the tube of KY and with a deep, lust filled voice said, “Get your mother ready for me.”

I knew what he meant and as he continued teasing her exposed clit with his hard cock, I squeezed a glob of the clear lubricant directly on mother’s tight anus. I worked the lubricant around mother’s anus with my fingers— I took my time getting her ready. I couldn’t believe how turned-on I was, not to mention that my precum was actually dripping slowly out of the end of my cock. I was totally possessed by my own desire and pure lust for what was happening at the moment.

“Let me make it easier for you men,” Mother said as she rolled over on the bed and got on her hands and knees positioning herself directly in front of her husband’s hard dick.

I squeezed another large glob of KY directly on her hole to work it inside her. With two of my fingers I concentrated on her anus before I pressed them past her tight anal ring and easily slipped inside. I worked as much of the KY onto her tight hole as I could and I could feel her muscles relaxing. In moments she was ready to be fucked. I spread the remaining KY that was still on my fingers on the head of my father’s cock-it just seemed like the normal thing to do…so I did it. I could tell he enjoyed it even though he kept watching me getting mother’s anus ready for his intimate anal assault.

“Direct me in, son,” my father said. I took his hard penis in my hand and directed the swollen head against her puckered hole. I held it steady as my father began to gently push his head against mother’s anus until it finally yielded. I watched as his swollen, purple head disappeared inside her. She let out a loud cry as father’s cock continued to fill her hole. “Oh fuck baby that feels so good,” my mother groaned. Once father’s cock was completely inside her he hesitated before withdrawing it almost completely out of her. In moments he began a steady rhythm as he fucked her ass. Mother pushed her hips back each time his cock filled her. The room was filled with her soft moans and mother’s occasional whimpering. I couldn’t get over how erotic her naked body looked.

Soon the whole room was filled with the sounds and the vision of intense anal sex—of my father roughly fucking my mother in the ass. I was holding, fondling, and stroking my own cock as I watched them, knowing that in moments I was next.

Mother’s tits, hanging from her chest, bounced violently each time father rammed his hard cock into her hole. Her moaning was constant as the pleasure seemed to spill out of her. Father was beginning to moan in a deep voice that sounded like a growl. Several minutes passed as they fucked and I simply watched them.

“Donna, I’m getting closer, do you want me to cum in your ass or pull it out and cum on your back?” Father groaned to her.

“Don’t pull it out! Fill my ass with your hot cum…I know I’ll cum when you do…just empty your big balls and fill me with your hot cum…fill me so our son watches us!”

Mother reached out and took my hand in hers, held it tightly and squeezed it several times as her pleasure ran through her. Their tempo became frantic as their naked bodies slapped together in delicious, mind-numbing lust. Father was fucking mother hard and she couldn’t seem to get enough.

“Fuck Donna, fuck Donna,” father said loudly. “I’m about to cum!”

“Yes, cum in me…fill me!” She demanded.

“Here it comes! FUCK DONNA I’M CUMMING IN YOUR ASS…NOW!” His face was contorted with the sweet intensity of his orgasm and powerful ejaculation. “Oh fuck Donna…fuck,” he moaned.

Mother emitted a sharp cry as her body began to shudder, “I’M CUMING TOO! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck! I can feel your cum baby!” Mother held her breath czech pool porno for a moment, her body shuddering before moaning and crying out, “Yes, oh fuck me Baby!”

Mother’s words turned to moans as my father continued to pump her ass full of his cum.

Granted, my sex education was still all very new but I’ve never seen my father cum this hard before. Even as they slowed each following pulse of his cock made his body jolt and moan softly.

My parents both came hard and their bodies seemed to recover more slowly than usual. I was so incredibly horny I could hardly wait to fuck mother. My father slowly pulled his cock out of mother’s vagina and I’ll never forget the sight of his white cum as it slowly seeped from mother’s well-stretched and well-fucked anus. Father moved to the side of mother on the bed as I took his place behind her upturned bright red ass. Spread her cheeks with my hands and saw another large glob of cum starting to ooze out of her anus. Father surprised me when he reached over and took my cock in his hand and placed the head of my cock against mother’s cum filled opening and said, “Push yourself inside your mother and fuck her. She’s close and it won’t take much to make her cum again.” I did as he said and I watched as my cock disappeared into her body, filling her completely. Mother moaned loudly as my cock filled her anus and I began to fuck her. I’d never had anal sex with a woman before and I was surprised at how tight her anus felt around my cock even though, between the KY gel and father’s cum, there was plenty of lubrication.

Father got up from the bed and went into the bathroom leaving mother and I alone for a moment. I reached around her body with my right hand and held her right breast as I kept pumping my cock into her ass. I lost track of time. “Damn I whispered!”

“What’s the matter baby?” She asked.

“Mom, I don’t know how much longer I can hold it back. I’m so close,” I groaned. “I’m about to cum! I don’t think I can hold it back any longer. I want it to last but I can’t.” I was angry at myself that I couldn’t last longer but fucking my mother’s naked body as she knelt on her hands and knees on the bed before me.

“Let it come baby,” she moaned. “Let it cum inside me…I want every drop of your cum inside me! Just like your father. Fuck my ass baby, fuck me…fuck your mother.”

Her words were all that it took for me to loose complete control. I started fucking her as hard as I could and after only a few strokes my orgasm slammed into me. I could feel my cum rushing up from my balls and out the end of my penis and into her beautiful anus. I’d never felt anything like it before—it was different from vaginal sex. The intense feeling of my orgasm rolled through me as I pumped my cum into my mother’s anus. My father had come out of the bathroom and was standing beside the bed watching us.

We stayed in the same position as our orgasms subsided; enjoying what we’d just shared. I felt my cock softening and, even though I wasn’t ready to pull it out of her anus, there was little I could do…it was coming out. When my cock slipped free of her hole it was followed by a large white stream of cum that ran over her cunt lips and onto the bed. Father immediately reached for the cum and with his fingers spread it all over mother’s stretched anus, and cunt. He even spread what was left on my soft cock. I didn’t care, it felt…good!

Mother’s pussy lips and anus were smeared with cum as she got off the bed. “Come take a shower with me,” she said as she held out her hand. I went into the shower stall with her, the warm water felt good as it cascaded over our bodies us as we washed each other off. Mother soaped my cock and balls and anus, washing the lube and cum off of me. When it was my turn, I returned the favor and lathered her body from her tits to her cunt…I admit I washed her pussy a little longer than necessary. I turned her around and washed the cum off of her well-fucked anus. The fact that we were taking a shower together made me hard again not to mention the incredible feeling of her feminine hands as she handled my penis.

After we were clean we embraced and kissed each other passionately I could feel her naked breasts pressing against my chest as our tongues dueled erotically. Her breath was warm and feminine. It was very obvious that mother was still horny and wanted more sex. “I want to look deep into your beautiful eyes as you fuck me. I want to look deep into your eyes as my vagina holds your cock as if it will never let it go,” she whispered. “I want to feel your cum deep inside me…warming me from the inside.” Mother took my cock and gently rubbed the head gently against her sensitive clitoris as she let out a low moan. We stood under the shower for a while, still embracing as we enjoyed the touch and desire of each other’s bodies.

When we finally got out of the shower we toweled ourselves off and before leaving the bathroom mother dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. It was only about half-hard but quickly hardened when surrounded by her warm mouth and lips. I watched as she repeatedly took my full length into her mouth and throat. Her dark, wet hair hung down in tangled strands that covered most of her face.

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