The Book Store

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Four blocks down from her townhouse was her favorite book store. Her days were very long sometimes and it was a great place to go unwind. She’d always arrive during her lunch hour since there were less people during that time of the day. It was a little, quiet getaway with a small coffee shop just inside near the front door. Soft music always played since there was a small area to buy CDs as well. Big, puffy couches and chairs were in the back, surrounded by tall bookcases which went as high as the ceiling, with large, rolling ladders that slid side to side along the shelves.

Briskly walking in the cool air, the sky began to get darker and darker. The street light changed and she quickly crossed approaching the front door. The door swung open as a couple held it for her, cradling there coffees while they past by her on the way out.

Stepping inside, glancing off to the left, she gave her quick wave to the familiar lady standing at the front counter. She walked toward the back, noticing a line of people hovered around the coffee shop as saxophone music filled the air. Three wooden coat racks lined the wall as a couple talked to one another in a hushed tone. Hanging her jacket on a free hook, she walked toward the bookcase. The sign above read ‘Romance’.

“That is perfect.” she thought to herself.

Walking casually down the rows of books, her finger tips touched the backs of each novel, looking for one that would catch her eye. Looking just above chin level, she sees a beautifully colored book and grabs it, studying the back.

“You don’t want that one.” a man says, his voice peeking through the parted books.

She looks up slowly. “Yeah, why is that?” she smiles, wondering what the rest of him looks like with only the sight of his eyes.

“There is not enough passion, in my opinion.” he says, his deep, brown eyes continuing to stare.

Her eyes become trapped in his as a moment of silence is caught between them. Shocked by his response, she looked back at the book , searching for something to say.

“Got a better one?” she asks.

“Yes, I do. You see the next shelf up? There should be a couple dark red books there. Unless of course someone has bought all of them” he chuckles.

Her eyes leave his as she scans the shelf above looking for a red book. “This one?” she asks, as she pulls it from the shelf, holding it within his sight.

“Yes. That is it.” his smile widened.

‘Wild Nights’ was scrawled across the cover of the book. She looked up at him to see him still staring. “Thanks! I’ll check it out.” she said as she smiled back at him.

“Anytime.” his smooth and warm voice spilled over the books between them.

She turned to lean her back up against the books, opening the cover and flipping through the pages. Stopping at a page, she began to read a little. Candles, wine, soft touching and slow kisses start to spill from her lips as she read a few paragraphs under her breath. Her lip pressed between her teeth as she saw a scene in her head, reading more of the passion that was promised by the stranger.

“Looks like you have found something there.” his soft voice was heard once again.

“Uh huh, it is going to be hard to put this down. I am hanging on every word.” she said, leaning her ear back into the bookcase and listening to his voice.

“I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so, but your perfume is very inviting and with my favorite book in your hand, it is very exciting to stand here and watch you read it.” his soft voice lingered just over her shoulder.

“I don’t mind at all.” she said, making him feel at ease with his forward comment. Moments passed as she continued to read. Shifting her weight, she became more restless as the pages turned at a quicker pace.

“You look sexy standing there biting at your lip as you read along.” he paused. “The man in the story has you wrapped up in his passion.”

“Mmm, he is kissing her passionately now. What woman doesn’t like the time and effort that a man takes to kiss her?” she whispers back to him.

She heard a loud thud and looked down at the end of the bookcase. A man knelt down, picking up a book that he dropped. She turned toward the bookcase and his eyes are gone. She looked around, no trace of him.

Walking to the edge of the bookcase, she looked down along the rows, trying to see if he was standing nearby. Two big sofa chairs, back to back, with only one woman sitting quietly, reading to herself. Still holding the Wild Nights book in her hand, she walked over to the big, empty chair, sitting down to get comfortable. Figuring he’d left, she began to read. Quietly, the woman behind her stood and grabbed her bag as she turned to leave, looking for another book.

Sinking into her chair, her thoughts wrapped up in the story. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his touch, stretching out past the words on the page.

“I see you have gotten to the part that leaves you breathless with anticipation.” his voice came from behind her. With a small movement, İstanbul Escort his breath was at her shoulder, his finger tips placed at the tops of her shoulders. “I think you should buy it. It looks as though you like it.” his voice was at the edge of her neck, giving her chills as they flowed down her neck and all over her back.

“I think I’ll do that.” she said, her voice heated.

He shifted his weight and his breath was at her other ear. “Maybe I’ll see you next week when I come here and then you can share one of your books.” his tone was filled with adventure.

“I just might do that.” she said, struggling to find the words.

“Alright. You enjoy that book. I would love to know what you think of the ending.” he said, quietly moving away from her ear, getting up and walking down the row of books toward the front counter. Only the back of him was seen as she looked up at the last minute, catching a glimpse of him as he walked away.


One week passed and every night she read from the book. The passion was just as he said it would be, which was more than she ever expected. Work was tough, not being able to concentrate, always watching the clock, wanting to get home so she could crawl in bed and read more each night. The images of the couple in the story just haunted her. She would see his eyes and feel the writer’s words melt her body.

“Lunch time!” she said to herself, taking another look at the clock. Clicking her computer off, grabbing her bag with her keys in her hand, she walked out the door.

“I wonder if he’s already there.” she thought as she crossed the street. It’s all she thought about for a week. She kept replaying his voice in her head, as if she was afraid that it would stop and she would be unable to hear it again.

Reaching the front door to the book store, she glanced off to the side with an automatic wave. The lady at the counter brought her hand up, smiling back at her. With no line for coffee, she walked over, sliding a couple bucks onto the counter toward the cashier for a hot double mocha. Glancing around the store, she didn’t really know what he looked like, but she couldn’t help herself, wanting to know if a man would be staring back at her long enough to give away his identity.

She picked her coffee up, moving toward the back of the store. Approaching the bookcases, the large soft chairs were empty. Just a few people scattered around the store with books braced under their arms. A couple stood at the help desk, looking books up on a computer. She set her cup down on the little table in front of the chair, hanging her jacket on the coat rack. Casually walking down the romance section, every so often she glanced up to see if his brown eyes would be peeking through the books.

Further down the bookcase, she stumbled onto the erotic section. “Seduction. Now that’s something you can always get better at.” she laughed to herself, grabbing the book off the shelf.

“Do you think you need more help in that area?” a soft voice lingered from behind her.

She froze. “I think improvement is always a good thing.” she said, turning around slowly, seeing him leaned up against the bookcase. Her mouth was slightly ajar, not able too break her stare.

With a book in his hands, he stepped closer to her. “Your so right.” his smile curled at the corners of his lips. “So, what book are you going to share?” he stepped closer, just to the side of her shoulder and then turned in front of her to lean back up against the bookcase.

“Hmm, well, my choice is completely different. Mine is more on the adventurous side, but I’m sure it would lead to intense passion.” she said, winking at him.

For a moment he stood there enjoying the look on her face. Her smile filled with the adventure she spoke of. Finally breaking the stare between them, she started to walk away from him. A couple more steps and she leaned down, her fingers finding the pick she spoke of.

“This is it.” as she went to turn around, he was standing directly behind her with only the book between them.

“What do we have here?” he said, pulling the book from her hands, but his eyes hadn’t looked at it yet. Her feet felt heavy, like they were bolted to the floor, wanting to back up, but powerless to do so. “101 Nights of Great Sex. By Laura Corn.” he said with a puzzled look in his eyes as he looked up at her.

“It’s not what you think.” she giggled under her breath. “It’s like a fun game that becomes addictive. Especially since the pages are sealed. They read, ‘For Her Eyes Only’ or ‘For His Eyes Only’.

“Now, how am I going to see if this book is any good if I can’t read it?” he said quickly, almost disappointed.

“Well, I guess you’ll need someone to play the game with.” she said wickedly.

“I suppose you have your favorites?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah! I like number 5 ‘Sweet Surrender”. And number
4 ‘The Body Tease’.” she said, without giving him anything to go on.

With a chuckle, he looked Escort Bayan down, flipping through the sealed pages. “Hmm, Fire Down Below, Yield To Temptation, and Taken by Surprise.” he read as she watched his lips curve around the words. He leaned forward, just inches from her lips and then turned his face. “Mmm, wearing that awesome perfume again, I see.” his voice dropped, becoming softer again. “Tell me, because I am so curious. Did you like the ending to the book?” his breath was so close to her neck she almost felt like shaking.

Her head turned slightly as if she was offering it to him. “Yes, I did. It was full of passion. It made it hard for me to get to sleep.” she said with a small sigh as he pulled the book away and dropped his hand, placing it at her lower back.

With a very small tug, he pulled her closer to him. “I have an idea.” he whispered.”Let’s go out on a date.” his soft voice purred at her ear. “I can tell you this. I would love to play your game.” he said, as chills covered her neck, waiting for him to touch her. His grip became lighter until she felt his hand leave her back. The seduction book dangled from her finger tips. She could barely hold onto it as it was suddenly grabbed by his hand.

“Here, you might need this.” he laughed wickedly.

“What makes you think I want to go out with you?” she said quickly, trying to appear in control of her emotions.

“Because I have you breathless with anticipation.” he began to laugh, seeing her face redden and then become flushed. “So, how about it? Going to take me up on my offer?” a wink of challenge covered his eyes.

“Your on!” she said, crossing her arms over the book in front of her. “Where and when?” she asked quickly, before loosing her nerve.

“I’ll meet you here, next week, same time.” he said.

“Okay. I’ll see you then.” she smiled back at him.

A long pause caught between them once again, as if he didn’t want to walk away. There was a look in his eyes, like he wanted to kiss her, but also wanted to wait. She stood there torn, wondering if she could pull off what she desperately wanted to have. She had this need to just walk out the door with him, but knew that he wanted her to wait.

“Are you going to tell me your name?” she asked, as he started to move.

“Next time. It didn’t stop you before, I don’t think it will stop you now.” and with a wink, he turned, walking away from her, leaving her standing there wanting so much more.


It was time once again. Knowing she’d have a date with him made the week much easier. Without wondering if he’d show up, it put her mind at ease. Throughout the work day she would daydream often. His plan to go out had her on the edge of excitement. Where would they go or what did he have in mind for her?

She had plans of her own by buying the seduction book, but the temptation of him calling the shots was much better. Just standing next to him in the book store was hard enough, his voice so hypnotizing it left her searching for her words.

Already at the book store, she stood in the romance section, waiting for him to show. Arriving a lot earlier, she decided not to work up to the last minute this time. She walked along the books, not paying much attention to them as before. Reaching the end of the bookcase, she turned to go back the way she came, her fingers lightly going over the back of the books while walking along.

“High heels, a sexy, rather short skirt. Hmm, all for me?” his voice came from behind her.

She stopped suddenly, knowing it was him, feeling him stand just behind her.

“I guess I’d better take you somewhere nice.” he said, chuckling.

“And where might that be?” she asked, not turning around, as goosebumps were felt at the back of her neck.

“My place.” he whispered softly.

Her nerves shot through her body suddenly. “He’s going to seduce me.” she thought, taking a deep and long breath.

“I am going to make you dinner.” he paused. “I hope you’re hungry.” he slipped his hands onto her waist, slowly turning her toward him.

Her eyes glanced down, seeing his big, warm hands holding her hips. Her smile increased with each passing moment as she turned, finally facing him. His deep brown eyes were like warm chocolate just melting her where she stood.

“Shall we go? Or did you find another book?” he asked with a smile.

“Umm, no, just waiting for you.” she smiled, her eyes shifted, looking around his muscular neck just below his ear.

“Okay then, let’s go. I’m starved!” he released her waist, his fingers began to slowly slip in between hers. Leaving the book store, they walked out into the parking lot. “This is me.” he points, his truck just ahead of them.

Reaching the door, he unlocked it and with a smile, he held the door open for her. His eyes catch her long beautiful legs stepping up into his truck as she slid up into her seat. With a long look at him, he began to shut the door as she crossed her legs, watching his eyes break away just as Eskort he shut the door. Getting into the truck, his seat belt slid across his chest as he started the car.

It was a beautiful drive along the curvy roads as small talk went on. Her mind skipped back in forth between watching him grip the steering wheel and how every so often he’d make eye contact while he drove. His intense smile just left her staring at him.

“Would you like music?” he asked, stopping the conversation in mid stream.

She couldn’t have cared less about the music, but she couldn’t expect him to do all the talking and she wasn’t sure if she could keep the conversation going. Her mind was just lost in the unknown of what was to come of the night.

“Sure. I like almost anything.” her grin held hidden secrets.

The conversation continued with an occasional personal question, which she was all to happy to answer.

“Here we are.” he said, smiling over at her as they arrived at his house.

“Wow, beautiful place! I love the great big windows.” she looked on while they pulled into the driveway.

“Thank you.” he said, his truck stopped and then he jumped out.

Quickly jogging around the truck, he got to her door as it swung open. A deep penetrating smile, he stepped up to the edge of the open door. Turning her knees toward him, she could feel his eyes, sliding between her warm legs. The stockings she wore rubbed together as her thighs touched. She was sure at the angle in which he was standing, there would be very little hidden.

“Here, let me help you.” his arms stretched out, waiting for her to slide into them.

Pressing her hands at the tops of his shoulders, she began to slip into his arms, his hands cradling her. Slowly she slid down in front of him, his lips just inches away from her’s as her feet finally touched the ground.

“Thank you.” her hands remained at his shoulders.

His hands shifted from under her arms, around to her back. “Your welcome.” his soft touch kept ahold of her.

She felt his hand reach up behind her back, threading into her hair, dangling from her shoulders. Completely motionless, she waited for him to kiss her.

“Mmm,, that sweet scent. Where did you apply it?” he asked with a husky voice, under his breath as she felt him pull her hair, tilting her head back.”Here?” as his lips came closer to her ear, only to feel his nose brush her earlobe, back and forth. “Or was here?” his breath now danced down her neck, stopping at the dip in her shoulder. A small but tiny kiss was left there, sending her knees sinking. Her grip became tighter at his shoulders.

“There are many more places where I’ve left that sweet scent.” she trembled under him.

“A treasure, worth the find.” he said, with a wicked tone.

He toyed and teased around her neck, never delivering the kiss she desperately wanted. Her back arched up toward him, offering her body to him and yet he continued to take his time enjoying her body.

“Still going to have dinner?” she spoke up, shaking beneath his arms.

“Yes. There’s nothing to fix up. It is already done.” he said, not distracted by her question, brushing his lips just under her chin.

“I thought you were starved?” she hoped he’d just pick her up and take her into the house.

“Oh, but I am.” his voice was deep and intoxicating.

His hand suddenly released her and she felt a small breeze between them as his warm body stepped back from her. With a small wink, he slipped his fingers into hers, pulling her away from the open door to his truck. The door shut and he turned, tugging her hand, pulling her along.

“What’s your favorite color?” he asked, out of the blue, walking up the steps to the front door.

“Red” the smile began to cramp the cheeks on her face.

“Good choice. Although, you really do look great in black.” he said, winking at her, unlocking the door as they went inside.

Leading her into the kitchen, his fingers went into the neck of her jacket, pulling it from her shoulders. “Make yourself comfortable.” he said, dropping her jacket into the chair at the dinner table.

His jacket fell into the opposite chair as he left his keys on the table. She walked behind him as he approached the refrigerator. Leaning up against the cold, granite island, parallel to the refrigerator, he turned toward her with a bottle of red wine.

“Care to do the honors?” he asked, with a deepened smile.


He turned away from her, pulling a drawer open, grabbing the wine opener and then handing it to her. With her glass filled and his sitting next to the wine bottle, she began to walk toward the dining room table. A long oak table stretched the length of the room. Enough to seat 12 people with high chair backs and no table cloth, she stood looking out the windows.

She felt him come up behind her and stop. “Close your eyes.” he said, as her heart began to race.

With her eyes shut, he took her glass as she heard it set down on the table in front of her. Very softly, he put his arms to her shoulders, moving her forward. Stopping her for a moment, he then turned her, lifting her up and then setting her down on the table. A few moments passed, her breath picked up more and more as each second went by.

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