Together Forever Ch. 1

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Gina and Tiffany had been friends for as long as they could remember. They had lived across the street from each other for 18 yrs. Now they were both off to college. Because they were going to the same college they knew they wouldn’t loose touch with each other. Feeling more like sisters than just friends they we sure to keep their promise not to drift apart. It wasn’t until a few months later that made that a complete reality forever.

Gina had just been dumped by her new boy friend. This had been the second time since entering college. Tiffany naturally went to lend support to her about the erstwhile boy friend.

“I think I’m going to give up on boys completely and go lesbian.” Gina cried. This was the third time Tiffany had heard Gina say this and she came prepared this time. Tiffany didn’t think of herself as a lesbian nor did she thing Gina was. So she had purchased a surrogate male. She had one of her own for about a month now after loosing her cherry to a rather tall bass player in a rock band. Discovering an orgasm was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. She wanted to share it with Gina but she wasn’t sure if the last boy friend had gotten her to go all the way yet. She figured that that was a negative or he wouldn’t have dumped her.

“No you don’t need to turn lesbian on me. I do how ever have something that will make you *feel* better.” Tiffany said with a sly grin on her face.

Gina seeing the look Tiffany had on her face she was intrigued. Not asking any questions because she knew that she would get her answer soon enough. Tiffany picked up her back pack and pulled out a black plastic baggy.

“All your troubles will ease away with this.” and with that Tiffany wiped out a 9″ jelly vibrator. The exact same model she used when she was having a lonely night.

“Oh, my!” was all Gina managed to eek out. Staring wide eyed and jaw on the floor, Gina reached out for it and grasped the first vibrator she had ever seen. She knew what they were from the other girls at school talking about them in low tones in the locker room, but had never actually thought about it.

“Well you seem speechless aren’t you going to say anything besides ‘Oh, my!’?” Tiffany jeered. “I got this for you on my way over here. Mine is just like that” Again Gina’s jaw dropped.

“You have one?!” Gina asked “Do you use it?”

“Well, duh silly of course I use it”

“I had no idea, when did you first get it?”

“About a month ago, I’ve been wanting to tell you I just needed a good reason first.” was Tiffany’s reply.

“I had no idea.” Gina repeated. Tiffany getting frustrated that her friend didn’t even seem to want to use it at all started to think of ways to turn Gina on.

“Hey, I have an idea.” she said “Lets go down to the club and try to turn on as many guys as possible!”

“Oh you are such a tease!” said Gina liking the idea. She was just as much a tease if not more so than Tiffany. After all she was still a virgin.

After picking out the perfect outfits from Gina’s wardrobe, which wasn’t easy because Gina dressed on the prudish side, they walked to Tiffany’s car. Tiffany was wearing the tightest jeans she had ever worn, Gina was one size smaller than her, and a dress shirt tied between her breasts. Boots with 4″ heals, and a few items of jewelry. Gina was wearing cutoff’s to the mid-thigh also with a dress shirt tied between the breasts. She was wearing sneakers however, something Tiffany tried to talk her out of. Gina won by saying she liked dancing in sneakers because she could move her butt easier, less balancing issues.

Tiffany was a few inches taller than Gina but was proportionate to Gina. Both had 36c cup breasts and weighed in at 115 lbs. The biggest differences between them was they’re faces. Tiffany had a very angular face that was almost elven. Gina how ever had very defended features that helped her from using lots of makeup. Tiffany’s eyes were blue and she had black hair, while Gina had green eyes and brown hair.

The two of them together was something to talk about with the guys over a beer or two or four. The second they stepped through the front door in the club they were Escort Bayan the center of attention for all of the single men in the place. It was a veritable sausage fest anyway. Tiffany spotting a guy she thought she might like to dance with right away, but she knew that Gina was going to need some prompting to make a selection.

Moving over to an empty table, which was a surprise in itself the ordered some drinks and scouted the men. Gina turned down all of the first 10 suggestions Tiffany threw at her. Tiffany knew what Gina’s tastes were and was purposely selecting the opposite. She had seen on guy already who would fit the bill nicely but saved him for number 11. Pointing him out to her, Gina lit up with excitement and nodded her approval. The guy totally oblivious to the conversation was seeing them looking at him. He had been watching them from the moment they walked in. Just as every other single guy had. Gathering his courage he walked over to them.

“Hello, my name is Charlie, would you care to dance?” he was looking at Tiffany the entire time. Tiffany thinking this an interesting twist accepted figuring it would only get Gina more into wanting to dance with the guy. Gina sat an pretended to pout while Tiffany danced with “her guy”. Mean while the guy that Tiffany had first seen when the walked in came up to Gina introducing himself as Ron and asked her to dance. She thought what the heck and accepted his offer. Taking his hand and almost dragging him next to Tiffany and Charlie started to dance as sexily as she knew. Wanting to turn on Ron as well as Charlie.

Charlie however was to enthralled with Tiffany as she, having a little more experience, was busy dancing quite sexily herself. Tiffany looked over and almost lost the beat when she saw that Gina was dancing and that it was with the guy she thought she would be ending up with at the end of the night. Moving along without Charlie realising Tiffany positioned herself so she could watch Gina and Ron dance while Gina watched her and Charlie dance. At the night went on each woman danced with five guys each and had danced with Ron and Charlie six times each. By now the two guys had hard-ons inside their pants and Ron’s even had a small wet spot indicating he wasn’t wearing any underwear. It was about 3 am and the girls were fairly drunk but not to the point that they would be stupid. Getting the phone numbers of both Ron and Charlie, having no intention to calling them, they walked out swishing their asses as the left.

“Wow that was fun!” exclaimed Gina.

“I know I haven’t had that much fun since the prom.” agreed Tiffany “You remember when Bobby started getting a little too excited?”

“Ha ha! Yeah I do. He tried taking you right then and there.” replied Gina “My date had to pull him off you. You are too good at that Tiff.”

“What about you poor Charlie didn’t know what to do. He had you all over him and by the looks of his pants you were having quite and effect on him.” Gina blushed at that.

“To tell you the truth he was having an effect on me as well. I’ve never felt so sexy. Not to mention I’ve got this peculiar feeling between my legs.” This was the exact moment Tiffany had been waiting for all night. This was the reason she had spent $60 in beers and shots. Not to mention the $30 on the vibrator.

“Well you know have the perfect thing to take care of that.” said Tiffany.

“I do? Oh you mean the vibrator don’t you?” came the obvious response.

“Well, yes I do. Why do you think I bought it for you. This is so you don’t have to go all the way with a boy and still have your fun.”

“Umm I’m afraid I don’t know how to use a vibrator.” said Gina rather sheepishly. Tiffany hadn’t thought about that possibility. Then she figured what could it hurt. She could show her “sis” how to use it.

“Well I’m sure I can give you a few pointers.” Gina didn’t seem to mind that on bit and actually thanked her for her generosity. “Hey, what are big sisters for?” Tiffany was actually only 2 days older but she was definitely not her sister. Gina just laughed at their private joke.

Once in Gina’s dorm room, one she actually had alone, Gina jumped onto the bed and picked up the phallic device looking it over. Finding the switch and flipping it made it whir to the call of action. The suddenness and power made Gina jump a little. The size slightly made her nervous and she wasn’t too sure she would go through with it. Tiffany smiling at her best friend as she look at her new toy. Walking up to them and turning off the vibrator Tiffany withdrew it from Gina’s hands.

“Ok first of all, I wouldn’t recommend starting off with it on. It’s much more fun if you build up to orgasm first then switch it on. I’ve had a few fantastic orgasms doing this. Or you can have it on and put it up against your clit just as you are about to orgasm. I’ve had on hell of an orgasm like that. I just found that out last night.” Tiffany went on about the different techniques which included a twisting motion and a anal penetration, which Gina didn’t seem to interested in…. yet.

“What happens if I break my cherry?” asked Gina with a worried look on her face.

“Who’s going to know besides you?” assured Tiffany “Besides, guys don’t really know what they are doing. I doubt they would know if a woman is a virgin or not, or how to tell. Gina still feeling the burning itch between her legs couldn’t refuse any longer. Tiffany was starting to say goodnight when Gina got a frightened look.

She doesn’t expect me to do it for her, Tiffany thought to herself. “What’s wrong sweety?”

“Umm, I thought you said you were going to *show* me how to do this.” was Gina’s some what shakily. She did expect me to do it for her, was Tiffany’s thought.

“Oh, ok sweety. Umm, just a sec ok?” Tiffany ran out of the room without even waiting for a response. Making it to her dorm room in record time saying a quick hello to her roommate and grabbed her vibrator without even attempting to explain to her roomy what she was doing running out of the room with a vibrator. Making it back to Gina’s room panting and hoping no one had seen her with her *guy*. After catching her breath Tiffany sat next to Gina.

“Ok, here’s what we are gonna do. I’m going to sit across from you on the bed and I want you to do exactly as I do, understand?” Gina’s reply was only an affirmative nod of the head. Tiffany nodded back and started to undress, when she noticed Gina wasn’t following suit she gave her a stare that jumpstarted Gina into action. Gina had been so into watching that she had already forgotten she was supposed to follow along. Both of them removed their tied shirts slowly. Tiffany wanting to take her time and Gina wanting to follow exactly along. After the shirts the jeans were slowly peeled off.

Tiffany reveled in the feel of air against her hot and moist pussy. Gina feeling it too closed her eyes for only a moment. Popping them open again to keep a keen eye on the action unfolding before her, literally. Tiffany now had her bra off and was working on her panties. Once they were off she sat on the bed and turned twards Gina fully nude. This was the third time they had ever seen each other fully nude. How ever it was the first time both of them had seen each other turned on.

Their bodies seemed different somehow to each other. Nipples erect, pussies inflamed and moist at the entrance. They took a moment to look at each other before Tiffany continued. Keeping an eye on Gina she started massaging her breasts keeping clear of her extremely sensitive nipples. As aroused as she was, she was sure she could have a mini-orgasm just by having someone bit them because the bass player had done it to her causing one such orgasm. She pushed the thought that naturally came to her, about having Gina doing it for her.

She settled for a slight tweak and pinch. The result shocked her as she reserved a mini-orgasm anyway. Moaning in a quavering voice, she took her other hand and tweaked and pinched the other nipple as well causing an even more intense feeling. Rubbing her breasts again she moved her left hand down to her bush. Moving this in a circular motion just above the clit she could feel it growing, even moving past it’s sheath. Looking over for a second to make sure Gina was following along made her almost gasp at the sight before her. Gina was wantonly rubbing her pussy and obviously was enjoying it. Tiffany took a closer look and was surprised to see the actual size of Gina’s clit. Though hers was longer it was huge compared to Tiffany’s almost the size of a pencil eraser, while Tiffany’s was about the size of the lead.

“Ok, Gen, take the *guy* and place it at your entrance. Like so.” Tiffany placed hers at her entrance just so and started twirling it. God how she loved that feeling. She never seemed to get enough. Hearing the first moan come from Gina she looked up to see Gina, mouth open, hips moving and the vibrator almost a full inch into her. She was actually skipping ahead. Tiffany not really caring much at this point returned her concentration back to herself and her pulsating pussy. Slowly pushing the head of the vibrator into her vagina and gave a moan of her own.

This attracted Gina’s attention for only a moment but it was enough to turn her on even more. She started to push it in further and further till it hit a restriction. This caused her to stop fully and look down to see how much she had taken. Only three inches were sticking into her and she wanted more.

“Tiff?” Tiffany looked around confused for a moment not expecting her name.

“Oh, uh yes?”

“I’ve reached my cherry what do I do?” genuine concern showed on her face.

“Oh, here just a sec.” Tiffany leaned over and grabbed Gina’s vibrator. She moved it out then back in an inch and did so for about a minute with a twisting motion as well. The stimulus didn’t go unnoticed by Gina and was quickly on her way to an orgasm, but she wanted to have more in her. Suddenly Tiffany jerked the vibrator forward and there was a quick moment of pain in Gina that passed almost as quickly. Soon she was enjoying herself very much and was displeased when it stopped.

“I think you can take it from there, I on the other hand I have, umm, neglected myself and need to finish what I started.” Tiffany said with a smile. Gina returned the smile and took control once more. This time she was able to push a few more inches into herself before she had to withdraw and push again. Inch by slow agonizingly blissful inch Gina got almost the whole thing into her. She was very close to orgasm but had no idea of that. Tiffany however was very sure that she was going to cum soon and could tell Gina wasn’t too far off herself.

“Ooookaaay, Gina turnnnnn it onnnnnn NOW!” Tiffany flipped her switch and shoved it all the way in just as her orgasm first started it upward climb towards complete bliss. As soon as the vibrator kicked on it caused her pussy to clamp down, something it had never done before and Tiffany knew this was going to be a mega-orgasm. Taking in a big breath of air she started a squealing noise that moved on to a low guttural moan. Her hips literally shaking the bed.

Her entire body was shaking as her orgasm ripped through her again and again. Gina on the other hand heard Tiffany say now and it almost startled her causing her to fumble enough for the switch that is slipped out and when I did come on it was resting on her clit. The effect of the vibrator on her enormous clit which was already stimulated beyond the breaking point made Gina scream, luckily the walls were of foot thick brick or someone would have heard them.

Gina managed to get a hold of the vibrator and stick it back inside before the full orgasm hit her. She too was now shaking the bed and moaning like a mad woman as her own orgasm swept through her inexperienced body. Tiffany was still going when Gina started to come down. In fact Tiffany couldn’t seem to stop she was so totally possessed by her orgasm that she passed out.

Laying there twitching Gina though she had hurt herself and started shaking Tiffany gently. Tiffany’s eyes opened up immediately and looked around like she didn’t remember where she was. Then it hit her the vibrator was *still* going! Smaller multiple orgasms were crashing on her body and she had to take it out. Panting like she had just run a marathon and feeling like it to she look over at Gina and gave her the biggest smile she had. They fell asleep together that night.

Gina masturbated once before Tiffany woke up and had a delightful orgasm but not as strong as her first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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