A Trip To The Country

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We were a mismatched pair from the beginning. I was a long haired earth mother and she was a highly stylish cosmetics sales girl. Still, when I winked at her over a latte at the mall, she slid her high heeled toe over my Birkie and we were riding the roller coaster of girl love.

We decided one weekend that we needed to get away from the city. After much squabbling over whether we would go down to Chicago for a day of shopping or head out to the Kettle Moraine for some camping, we decided that I would pick the destination and she would pick our activities. I arranged for a weekend at a beautiful cabin in the country. There would a fireplace, a hot tub, a big bed, and lots of privacy. I couldn’t imagine what she was planning, but I spent lots of time trying.

We drove to the cabin and it was everything I hoped for, secluded, shaded, and picture perfect. We unloaded and decided to light a fire and relax in the hot tub for awhile. After soaking off our drive, we started playing around, the comfortable play of two people who have been together for a while. She sucked the spot on my neck that made me crazy while I lightly ran my fingertips over her clit. We messed around with the jets a little, taking turns positioning them over each other’s excited bottoms but always stopping before reaching orgasm. Finally our play turned serious and she was kissing me deeply and stroking me between the legs. I was riding the wave and thinking “I am the luckiest woman in the world,” when suddenly she stopped.

“Now it’s time for my planned activity,” she said. “Why don’t you step out of the tub, dry off, and meet me on the bed. I have a few things to gather up.”

Speechless and still very hot, I stepped out of the tub and moved to the bed. While I was lying there waiting for her to return, I started working on myself, stroking my clit and bringing myself back to the edge of climax. For the bahis firmaları second time, she interrupted me. “As pretty as that is to watch,” she said, “I can think of something that would make it even prettier.” And she pulled a bag out from behind her back. She came over to the bed and pulled a can of shaving cream and a razor out of the bag.

“What?” I said, “I shaved my legs, I’ve been doing it regularly ever since we slept together for the first time.”

“It’s not your legs I’m going to shave,” she said.

Now, I had always admired her hairless box, but I had never really wanted to try it for myself. Variety makes the world go ’round, I thought to myself, and besides, what about all of the razor burn horror stories I’d heard. “I don’t think so,” I said, “Maybe another time.”

But she responded by squirting my pussy with shaving cream. “It won’t hurt,” she said, “And I won’t ask you to do it again if you don’t like it.”

She started massaging the cream into my labia. It must have had some sort of menthol in it, because it felt warm very quickly. Consequently, I felt warm quickly too. I was enjoying her lathering me up and starting to moan and sigh again when she said, “OK, are you ready?”

I reluctantly agreed and she moved in with the razor. Slowly moving up and down my labia, stopping every now and then to rinse the razor in a bowl of warm water and admire my increasingly bush-less bush.

After a little while, she started talking to me while she was working. “You have a gorgeous pussy, you know that? It’s just exquisite. So smooth. So pink. So hot. I love to make love to you, to slip my fingers into your tight hole and pull them out all dripping with your juice and then lick them clean. Because what I love most of all is tasting you, putting my tongue on your clit and stroking you up and down, feeling you squirm under my mouth, and driving you kaçak iddaa over the edge. Now that you’re not going to have hair for a little while, I am going to spend a lot of time just looking at you while you lay there waiting for me.”

The entire time she was talking to me, I was getting hotter and hotter. I felt like I was on fire, and the muscles inside my pussy were clenching and clenching, aching for physical contact. This level of arousal was dizzying and almost painful in its insistence. Finally she announced that she was done, and she gingerly wiped the left over cream and hair away with some warm water and a soft cloth.

She said, “Do you know why I really keep myself shaved? It’s because it makes everything feel better. Everything you feel during sex is more intense when you’re shaved. Now, are you ready?”

I practically screamed my reply of “YES! Now, please now!” I expected her to dive in like she usually did, and like I desperately wanted her to do now, but she held back.

She started off just breathing hot air on my now bare pussy. I couldn’t believe that breath could feel that hot and that good. Then she tentatively stroked one of my labia with her tongue, ever so gently. The sensation of her warm tongue going up and down so close to my clit was painfully exquisite. She moved over to the other side and I was driven equally mad by her movements. This was torment, but it was so delicious, I wanted to tell her to get on with it and drive me to my orgasm, yet it all felt so good, so new, so amazing, that I held back and just allowed her to continue.

It was right about this time that I noticed the mirror on the ceiling. Now I’m not usually a mirror on the ceiling kind of girl, but I immediately noticed how different I looked without hair. She was right, I was pink! And the sight of her lapping at my pussy was beautiful. I kept my eyes locked on her image kaçak bahis in the mirror as she continued her handiwork down below.

After working on both of my pussy lips, she moved her mouth down and tickled the tender tissue between my hole and my ass with her tongue. The feelings she was giving me with her mouth had me turned on to an extent I had never been before. She slid her fingers in and out of me and I watched them disappearing inside my hole in the mirror. I rocked against them and my moans were now so loud I was afraid someone on the distant road might hear me. I was approaching orgasm and for the third time she pulled back.

I lay there catching my breath and she started working her fingers again, and talking. “I didn’t let you cum that time, did I? Well, that’s because I haven’t licked your clit yet, and I really want to. I love the inside of your pussy, and I’m not ready for this to be over. So when you’re ready, I’m going to eat you up and you’re going to cum all you want…OK?”

I nodded my agreement and went back to enjoying the ride her fingers were giving me. She pushed me slowly to the edge with her soft touch, and this time I let my orgasm build slowly. I started moaning again and finally I said, “Please, do it now, please lick me!”

And she dove in. My now smooth pussy was pushed against her face and she was licking my clit just the way she knew would make me cum the fastest. I started moving my hips to the rhythm set by her tongue and the movements grew as the climax grew. In the mirror, I could see me thrashing around on the bed, and I could see her hanging on to me and loving every minute of it. I was bucking and rocking and finally with a rush of heat that poured over my whole body, my back arched and I was cumming. And cumming and cumming and cumming. Over and over again until I couldn’t take the stimulation of her mouth on me and I gently pulled back.

She responded by coming up from between my legs and wrapping herself around me, spoon style. We lay there together peacefully as I tried to figure out how on earth I was ever going to repay her for that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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