Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 02

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The following is a continuance of a story I posted a little while ago. Not sure this really works on its own, so please take a little time to read Part 1, I hope you like it…Best wishes CC.


I woke early, immediately feeling the warm weight lying over my tummy. Momentarily confused I turned and felt my face touch the soft hair of the sleeping woman sharing my bed. Kate was asleep on her front, her face turned away and her left arm across me with her hand curled protectively under my ribs. I smiled hugely, remembering. I eased myself slowly from the bed, determined not to wake my sleeping lover and padded softly to the bathroom. Washing my hands I looked into the mirror, studying my reflection. Nothing so different on the outside, but inside my body was singing. Smiling broadly at myself I walked back to the bed and looked down at the outlined form of Kate, still fast asleep on her front. I could have looked forever, but the room was cold so soundlessly I slid back under the covers. Moving close to Kate, I luxuriated in the warmth and soft citrusy smell. She stirred slightly so I placed a light kiss on her shoulder blade and a hand on her back, feeling her relax back into a deep sleep. Kate’s skin felt so warm and soft and I allowed my hand to roam lightly, feeling down her spine and across her strong shoulders. I stopped my exploration at the swell of Kate’s bum, debating whether to continue; my decision made easier by a dreamy sigh and the subtle way Kate’s legs parted slightly.

Emboldened, I continued my journeying using my fingertips to caress Kate’s thighs and bum, feeling the tiny goose bumps and little muscle quivers that followed my touch. I let my long fingers traverse the cleft of Kate’s buttocks and dipped between her thighs causing the sleepy girl to stretch like a cat and moan softly. She was wet and warm and opened up to my dainty probing. I felt Kate shift slightly, raising her bottom and opening her legs further, allowing me total access. In one movement, I slipped a finger inside her very wet opening and dragged it slowly out and up across her already swollen clit, eliciting another sleepy moan. Using my teeth to gently bite her shoulder, I repeated this slow manoeuvre again and again until Kate’s hips were rocking and her hands were gripping the pillow, signs of her impending orgasm obvious by the muffled sounds and gasping breaths. Suddenly Kate stiffened and I felt an increase in the warm wetness beneath my fingers, before she was jerking and shuddering beneath me. I slowed my finger movements, allowing Kate to gently come down from her climax and moved to her face to kiss gently on her flushed cheek. Kate breathed deeply for a few minutes before smiling and sleepily announcing,

‘That was the most deliciously perfect way to wake up!’

‘I’m glad you thought so.’ I murmured.

‘You know what would make it even more perfect?’ Kate’s question was accompanied by rather cheeky grin,

‘Tell me.’

‘How about… a nice cup of tea?’

Laughing acquiescence, I swatted her with a pillow and climbed out of bed. Slipping on my robe, I descended the stairs grinning like an idiot when I saw our coats and boots carelessly covering the floor of the hall. I remembered; milk and no sugar, and returned carrying the mugs of hot tea carefully. It was past dawn now and the room was softly lit. Kate was sitting, smiling and propped up on pillows. She accepted her tea gratefully and sipped at the hot liquid, her beautiful blue eyes on mine. Setting the cup down on the night table, she slowly removed the duvet covering her and leaned back, allowing me to see her fully for the first time. Swallowing hard I took in the sight of her nakedness. Her strong shoulders and large firm breasts outlined slightly by the summers tan lines. She had large rosy pink areole and her erect nipples were just a shade lighter. Her stomach and thighs were hard and toned, evidence of her exercise routine, but she was curvy and sexy. Blond trimmed hair covered her mound and she raised and opened her knees to let me see her pink and glistening folds.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Setting down my mug I started to sit but she stopped me. One hand grasping at the belt of my robe,

‘Uh uh,’she scolded, ‘your turn’ and tugged the belt loose.

I shrugged out of my robe and let it slip from my shoulders, standing naked before her. I wondered what she would think. Dark eyes and brown hair that curled at my neck and ears; olive skinned with high cheek bones, a gift from my Spanish mother. My breasts were small in comparison to hers and while not as fit, I was slender with endless legs. She stared and her eyes seemed to dilate,

‘You’re so stunning Alex…come here!’ It was a command.

She scooted over the bed slightly and dragged me down into the space she had vacated. She then proceeded to touch me, really touch me, all over. She took her time, slowly moving her hands and fingers, using the lightest of movements. She lingered over the hollow at the base of my throat, kissing me and using her tongue to feel my pulse. Her fingers trailed down my arm and her tongue licked circles in the crook of my elbow. My skin tingled and burned canlı bahis şirketleri with each pass she made over me. Hours seemed to pass and I squirmed and wriggled as she continued her exploration of my body. My long legs, my feet, my back and shoulders; they all received attention, and every so often she would return to my face and kiss me tenderly. I was so aroused I believed myself to be floating, curiously detached from myself and focussing solely on the part of me she was touching.

‘Do you know how good you feel to touch?’ she whispered, using her tongue on the shell of my ear to send a shock of renewed excitement through me.

‘I know how good it feels …but oh god I don’t think I can take much more of this,’ I was practically begging, wanting release and yet willing her to continue.

‘Alex… Alex,’ this was whispered into my neck as her lips moved south once again. Her fingers dipped between my legs and started long slow caresses as I felt her warm mouth cover a nipple. She quickened her fingers, stroking lightly over and around my clit while the suction at my breast increased. I couldn’t think; I couldn’t concentrate as the two wildly erotic sensations competed for my attention. I was aware of my breathing, harsh and ragged and a growing pressure in my pelvis, building, building, my god when would it stop?

‘Kate, oh god… Kate…Katie.’

Suddenly it hit me, a huge crashing orgasm, blindingly white hot at first and slowly, sweetly carrying me back down to earth. Kate’s arms wrapped around me, pulling me to her, instinctively knowing I needed to be held tight. Pressed firmly against her I allowed a single tear to sneak from the corner of my eye. Feeling it on her skin, she pulled away, stroking the path it took with her thumb. Mesmerising blue eyes held mine and I felt she was about to speak…when the doorbell rang!

It rang a second time, accompanied by loud impatient knocks and we both sat up suddenly.

‘Better go and see,’ she prompted, eyebrows raised.

‘Bloody hell!’ Muttering, I grabbed my robe and clattered downstairs. Opening the door cautiously I saw Maggie, fraught and harassed.

‘Alex you idiot, you ran off last night with my car seats in your car and now I’m stuck with two kids with places to go and I can’t take them anywhere and you, you are still in bed…!’ She paused for a much needed breath, suddenly catching sight of my appearance. Messed up hair, flushed cheeks and ‘just fucked’eyes; she took it all in and her hand flew to her mouth while her eyes gave a perfect approximation of an ‘Oh shit’ moment.

‘I’ll get them; she pushed past me, reaching for my keys on the hall table. I still hadn’t said a word and I blushed as she picked up the two coats from the floor and shoved them in my arms.

I was pushing them into the hall closet when she returned with my car keys.

‘Alex?’ Kate’s blond head appeared over the banister with classic timing.

‘Hi Kate, morning’, Maggie beamed up at her and winked at me rather theatrically. She reached out a hand and cupped my chin gently.

‘About time girlie!’

Maggie left as hurriedly as she had arrived.

Kate slowly came downstairs wearing a borrowed bathrobe and biting her lip,

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to be indiscreet.’

‘Don’t worry.’ I reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. ‘Maggie would have been the first person I told anyway…maybe not quite as quickly as that, but…’

Kate laughed and leaned up to kiss the tip of my nose,

‘I’m starving, feed me!’

And so our relationship started.


My first day with Kate was spent almost entirely on the sofa. Cold and wet outside, I lit a fire in the stove and made us a pile of toast and some good coffee. We sat curled up together and munched in silence for a while watching the flames flicker behind the glass.

‘Why didn’t you say anything to me about the way you felt?’ Kate didn’t beat about the bush much!

I swallowed hard, the toast suddenly a huge lump in my throat.

‘Well, I wasn’t sure and I was afraid and I’m very, very cautious’ was my lame response.

‘Maggie said you liked me.’


‘Last night…when you ran out. I was upset and I told her that I wasn’t sure that you liked me but the signals I was getting were so strong I was totally confused.’

I stared at her amazed, ‘And what did she say?’

‘She said, nope Katie, I think the problem is she likes you too much. So I jumped in my car and drove here as fast as I could.’

‘I’m glad you did.’

‘But that doesn’t explain what you were so frightened of. I felt an almost instant attraction to you, I felt you might be gay, but you were so, so…well, brittle sometimes.’

I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. I felt her hand touch mine and so began to explain.

‘When I finished Uni, I was recruited by large law firm and was sent to work in London, I didn’t really want to live there but I wanted the job. London seemed huge and soulless but I settled in quite well and decided to stay, even bought my first flat. One of my initial accounts was a large cosmetic company. I worked quite closely with their head canlı kaçak iddaa of Marketing Communications, a French woman called Sabine Dumas. She was older, quite glamorous really; confident and funny. After the account closed, she invited me to an event. I thought she would have invited all of her female colleagues, after all it was about make-up, but when I arrived it was just me and her. I was flattered and very young. To cut a long story short, she carefully and thoughtfully seduced me; it felt very right, I had never been very attracted to men and I knew that this was what I wanted. After 6 months, I moved in with her and rented my flat out.’

‘Were you happy?’

‘Yes, yes I was. And I was in love, I was working hard, earning lots of money, life seemed perfect.’

‘What happened?’

‘We were together for four years, I had never considered the future or our age difference, I just assumed we would always be. Then one day she said it was over, that she didn’t want to watch me seeing her get old and she was moving back to France. Just like that!’

‘Oh my god, Alex, how awful, what did you do?’

‘I argued, I shouted, I promised her age didn’t matter, I begged…nothing worked. Eventually I got the point and moved back into my flat, I thought my heart was going to break.’

Kate was by now holding my hand and kneading it gently in hers.

‘I stayed working hard and tried to mend and then one day I saw her. She hadn’t left and she was with someone, someone young and pretty and doting, just like I had been. I figured her for a liar, decided I had to move far away, so I sold the flat and came up here to work. I lived a few months with Tom and Maggie while I found this place to live. Can’t have been easy for them, Harry and Emma were still babies.’

‘Ok, so you had your heart broken. I can understand how hard that must have been, but it doesn’t explain you reticence to try another relationship.’ Kate’s voice was gentle and comforting.

‘That’s not all of it,’ I replied slowly

‘Tell me.’

‘Well, I moved into the house, work was fine, I was becoming quite comfortable. I started a yoga class twice a week. I met a woman; really liked her and we became friends. We would meet for lunch sometimes in the city, have drinks after work. I figured maybe we could have more. God, I got it so totally and horribly wrong.’

‘Let me guess, you made a move and she wasn’t interested?’

‘Yes’, I looked at her aghast, ‘has that happened to you?’

‘God yes, many times.’

‘Really! Shit…doesn’t it make you feel, well, awful?’

‘Sometimes,’ she smiled gently, ‘I get over it, why didn’t you?’

‘She called me…’ I gulped loudly, my face beginning to burn remembering the shame I had felt. ‘She said I was…’

‘Alex don’t,’ Kate interrupted, ‘just don’t say it or think about it. I’m here and I think you are beautiful and I want to be you.’

I let out one short sob and she grabbed me, holding me tight with her hands in my hair. She pulled away from me slightly and started to plant tiny kisses over my face and hair and neck, making little reassuring noises. Soon she was kissing me in earnest, passionate and authoritative and I found myself falling back onto the sofa, holding on as she transported me back to the world where nothing existed but her. Kate made love to me on that sofa, in front of the fire and later we realised we had rolled on the toast and we both had strawberry jam in our hair. This sent us racing, giggling to the shower where she initiated another round of slow sensual love making. We washed each other’s hair, something I found extremely intimate and sexy and something that was going to become a ritual in our lives together.


We settled into an easy routine, spending our weekends together and trying to find time together during the week. Kate still lived in student accommodation and enjoyed spending as much time away from it as possible. It seemed effortless; we were both very different and yet had so many things in common. I loved to cook for her, she fixed my wonky curtain rails and we spent days re-decorating my study. There seemed to be permanence about her and I quickly lost my fear of hurt and rejection.

We had to spend our first Christmas apart, she had committed to a ski holiday with some faculty members and I was due at my parent’s house for their festivities. I had an uneasy relationship with my step-mother, it had always been so but this was lessened by the noise and fun of being with Tom, Maggie and the kids. Late one evening Tom and I were putting the world to rights over a bottle of Talisker and I opened up a little,

‘She hates the fact I’m gay doesn’t she?’

‘It’s not that she hates it, she just doesn’t know how to handle it’ he said wisely. ‘And anyway, I think you scare her a little, you look so different, and you must remind Dad constantly of your mum, she’s always had issues with that.’

‘You have got to be kidding me Tank, She is scared of Me!?!’

Tom nodded a little drunkenly, ‘Yep, I know these things, see…’

Maggie interrupted us,

‘You two are really going to feel like shit tomorrow if you don’t stop drinking that canlı kaçak bahis vile stuff and go to bed…now!’

She was right, I did feel like shit, but I also remembered what he had said and it did give me a little more insight into me complicated relationship with both my father and step-mother.


A little less than 5 months after Kate and I met we noticed a subtle shift in our relationship. It started with a phone call in the middle of the night. Maggie had gone into labour and, as planned we rushed over to watch the kids. We sat nervously waiting for news as the children slept.

‘Tank loves all of this; I think poor Maggie will spend the rest of her life popping out babies’ I joked.

‘Why on earth do you call him Tank?’ Kate wondered.

‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ I smiled, ‘he loved the stories, I used to read them to him when he was little, and the name stuck.’

Her brilliant blue eyes fixed on mine as she began to realise the depth of the bond I had with my brother and I felt my heart begin to thump a little faster.

Tom arrived a little after dawn, elated with news of another daughter. Maggie was well and the baby was fine so Kate and I drove back to my house to shower and change before making a visit. I was introduced to my tiny niece and was cradling her gently when Maggie announced they had decided to call her Connie. I started to cry softly as I looked down at the miniature version of Maggie with my mother’s name. I looked up and found Kate gazing at me, her own eyes filled with tears, her expression both full of yearning and sadness.

Kate was quiet and thoughtful throughout the rest of the day. I waited for her to voice whatever it was that was bothering her. Clearing up after dinner, she blurted it out,

‘Alex, do you want children of your own?’

‘Kate, I’m not…’

‘Because if you do,’ she interrupted,’ I’m not sure I can help you through it…I mean it’s not what I want.’

‘Can I…’

‘I saw the way looked you at Connie and I know you have a strong caring instinct, I just don’t want to get too deep with you if we want different things.’

She was crying now, mad at herself and confused at this new situation so I pulled her close, holding her as she fought against me slightly.

‘Listen to me Kate, you must listen. No I don’t think I want kids of my own, it doesn’t seem to be what I am.’ I held her face and forced her to look at me, ‘but…that doesn’t mean I can’t be one hell of an Aunt, does it? Yes, you saw me instantly connect with Connie, just as I did with Emma and Harry before; of course I care for them, but having children of my own had never been part of my life’s plan and I doubt it ever will be. Does that answer your question?’

‘I didn’t want to lose you’ she whispered, and she clung to me, sobbing and nodding.

I held her tight for a very long time

Not long after that, I again had to make another extended business trip to the US overseeing more mergers. I was away for nearly 4 weeks and missing Kate nearly killed me. I concentrated hard on work and called and messaged her whenever possible. She became quiet and more remote as the weeks passed by and I began to worry. I kept asking her if she was OK and she kept replying she was but I knew she had a problem and waited, trusting her to tell me when she could. On my return I was expecting an empty house, and was surprised to find Kate in the kitchen. She flew at me, a blond bundle of kisses and caresses and passion that left me reeling after 4 long weeks apart. We didn’t make it past the stairs and afterwards we lay glued together, kissing gently.

‘What has been wrong with you, I was worried, you have hardly been talking to me at all?’ I murmured into her soft lovely neck.

She sat up quickly and attempted to get up, but I held her back, beginning to panic

‘Answer me Kate!’

‘I missed you,’ she said simply,’ I missed you so much; I hated being apart from you.’ Suddenly she was holding onto me tight, tears flowing, ‘I love you Alex, oh god, I love you so much…I never felt anything like this before, and I’m so…so…scared!’

My heart seemed to burst. I sat on my stairs, holding onto this beautiful woman and realised the truth,

‘Don’t be scared Katie’, I sobbed into her blond citrus smelling hair; ‘don’t be scared darling, I love you too!’


Kate moved in with me 2 weeks after that and the next chapter in our life together began. Years passed and we both fell more deeply in love. She was a passionate, almost aggressive lover. She liked to be in control, mostly of herself and her own emotions. She liked to tease me. Sometimes over breakfast she would suddenly begin kissing me, her hands roaming over me, instantly making me feel warm and aroused. Just as quickly she would depart either for a run or work, leaving me laughing over my frustration. Throughout the day a series of naughty, sexy texts would suddenly appear on my phone making me blush and wriggle with the anticipation of getting home to her. Sometimes though, she could be soft and yielding especially early mornings when she would cuddle me half asleep, half awake. She would lay back and allow me to gently explore her, not talking but guiding me with little sighs and movements until she would cum with gasping cries. And then she would curl up against me, sometimes falling back to sleep, and I would hold her quietly with my heart full of love for her.

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