After Practice

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Johnny laughed as he thrust his hips harder, letting Mason gag around his cock. “I’m sure Emma would love to see this,” he said. “I bet she’d be interested to know –“

Mason moaned around Johnny’s cock and reached a hand down to cup himself through his sweats. He was desperately hard now, and he couldn’t stop himself from rocking up against his own hand. Johnny saw his face redden even more then looked down and laughed again. “Like I was saying…I bet your cute little girlfriend would like to know her big strong man loves sucking my cock.” He pulled out to slap his cock against Mason’s flushed cheek while Mason gasped for air. “I could send her those pictures any time I want, you know. Or that little clip of you begging for my big dick in your throat, that’s still saved on my phone.”

Johnny pushed his balls into Mason’s mouth, first the left then the right. “Yeah that’s it loser, lick my balls,” he groaned. He rubbed his shaft against him so that his cockhead left wet traces all over Mason’s face and in his hair. Johnny grabbed a fistful of hair and wrapped it around his thick cock then picked up his phone to snap a quick photo. Of course his own face wasn’t in the picture, but it would be easy to recognize Mason. “Keep your eyes open canlı bahis for the camera,” he ordered. “I want to make sure everyone can tell how much you love this.”

Mason moaned involuntarily and looked up at Johnny’s face, finally averting his gaze from his cock. “That’s right, slut,” Johnny said. “And don’t stop worshiping my balls.” Once he had taken a picture that clearly showed both Mason’s face and the hand still working between his legs, he saved it and set his phone back down on the locker room bench by his duffel bag. He brought both hands around to the back of Mason’s head now. “Open up wide, bitch,” Johnny told him.

Johnny stuffed both swollen testicles into Mason’s mouth, forcing his lips to stretch open wider. Johnny had always enjoyed the feeling of a warm, wet mouth on his balls and it didn’t really matter if that mouth belonged to some random slut or to his girlfriend — who was studying business a few hours away, and didn’t put out enough even when they were in the same place at the same time — or to the dipshit rookie on his hockey team who the coach wanted him to mentor. It was a little sad how desperate the kid was for a taste of cock, but Johnny didn’t really give a shit about what Mason wanted. He had to relieve the bahis siteleri stress of captaining a D1 college team somehow. Mason was a convenient toy to use and taunting him about it was pretty fun because his family, his friends and especially his girlfriend all thought he was the kind of uptight Christian who would never even have sex with a girl before getting married.

“You know, you’ve really gotten a lot better at taking my cock,” Johnny praised as he started to fuck his mouth again. Mason moaned around Johnny’s cock and started stroking himself faster. Johnny let his cock rub up against the roof of Mason’s mouth before pulling Mason’s head closer to his crotch, forcing him to take his dick in deeper. Johnny kept going until his length was fully buried inside and his wet balls pressed against Mason’s chin. He loved the way Mason would struggle at first, letting him enjoy the feeling of Mason’s throat muscles massaging his cock. Johnny pinched his nostrils shut for a few seconds and gave him a few quick, hard thrusts, always keeping most of his shaft inside. He laughed when he felt both of Mason’s hands push against his thighs in panic. Johnny let Mason push him back a couple inches before letting go of his nose and again using both hands bahis şirketleri to keep his head where he wanted him, mouth still stuffed full.

“Keep your hands to yourself, freak. Or I won’t let you have the privilege of tasting my cock after next practice,” Johnny warned. Once Mason brought his hands back down — one darting back into his sweatpants — Johnny started fucking his throat in earnest. He could feel Mason moaning over and over as the sounds vibrated against his shaft. Johnny couldn’t care less if the kid got off, but it did feel good. The high-pitched sound of Mason’s moans combined with the messier wet sounds of his throat and the slap of Johnny’s balls on his chin, loud in the otherwise silent locker room.

Finally Johnny felt his orgasm coming, his legs shaking a little as his fat balls tightened against Mason’s chin. He gave Mason a few more hard thrusts before holding his head flush against his groin and unloading his balls down his throat with a loud groan of satisfaction. Johnny relaxed his grip on Mason’s scalp and fucked his mouth shallowly through the aftershocks. He looked down at Mason’s sated expression. Mason’s right hand was still holding his cock, but he was limp and there was a big wet spot at the front of his sweats. “Might wanna change again, eh?” Johnny said, smirking. He pulled out, tucked his cock and balls back into his pants, picked up his duffel and walked out. He was going to be a bit late for class, but who really gave a fuck?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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