Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: Billy Foursome.

After that night things were not the same at our house with Ma being gone. I had become the fuck toy of my Pa and brothers. The three of them would take turns with me from one day to the next. The oddest time was when I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water. Pa came up from behind me at the sink and cupped my breasts while he poked his erect dick at my ass. He then moved me over to the kitchen table where he bent me over and undid the snap on my pants. My pants were quickly at my ankles while Pa fucked me from behind. No sooner was Pa done when Steven jumped in and fucked me, and then Billy played caboose. I got trained by my own family and did it feel good too.

When Ma came back, things quieted down and my pussy got a bit of a rest, ‘ceptin’ for my Silver Surfer friend. In spite of Ma having fucked my brothers once, I don’t think she would cotton to that again. Nor could I ever imagine her approving of Pa fucking me, let alone my brothers. The family fuck-fest had come to an end. We would have to go back to sneaking around, with Pa being odd man out as Ma would know my scent instantly on Pa’s dick.

I had gone a few weeks without a good fucking, nor so much as a brother grabbing my tits when no one was looking. Was my pussy getting boring to them already?

I decided one night to put on a good show for Billy through the peep hole. In spite of things cooling down, he would still watch from time to time as I could tell by the closet thumps. Well this one night he was extra loud, so I did a slow strip in front of the hole and gave him close-up looks of my tits and pussy. I was hopin’ to arouse his Biggerstaff for a good fucking. It was Wednesday night. Ma and Pa would be at the church all night. It was good therapy for Ma for them to spend some time together and exercise her demon. I had a little demon of my own which bursa eskort needed some attention.

I heard some clumsy movement in Billy’s peep closet. I knew he was watching my up close and personal show for his eyes only. I even did a little Silver Surfer action standing at the peep hole. I wanted to get fucked and get fucked badly. I needed cock. I was hot wet and ready. I decided to pop butt naked into Billy’s room to get some cock. In opened the door and burst in on Billy….and his friends. There were two of them there, I knew from school. One was Chester, who I had dated once and gave him a hand job. The juvenile bragged about it, so I never went out with him again. The other guy was Daryl. He was a smart, slightly overweight fellow with blonde hair like Chester’s hair. My heart sank. I knew these boys had been watching me through Billy’s peephole. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me twice, that my own brother would invite guests over to watch his sister’s snatch.

I was a little angry. I stomped my foot and gave the boys an unintentional breast wiggle. “Billy! How could you bring your friends over here to watch me?”

Billy replied, “Well Sunny I didn’t. They are here to buy some pot. Then Daryl said he would give $20.00 to see you naked, so when you started your routine, I couldn’t help myself. It was easy money.”

I felt a little better knowing it wasn’t a grand design, but an impromptu voyeurism. But still, a brother should look after his sister, not exploit her. I suddenly realized I was naked in a room with boys. I turned to walk out, when Billy held my arm and said, “Don’t go. We know you came over here for a reason being naked and all.”

Billy had me there. I guess they would have never believed I got lost going to the bathroom. I didn’t say anything. Billy pulled me toward the center of the room where all three bursa escort bayan of them gathered around my naked body. I was trapped. My folks were out and if I yelled only Steven would come to my rescue and that wouldn’t help me at all. That would be just one more hungry cock to satisfy.

The boys’ hands covered my body. I had hands jockeying for position on my breasts, ass, and pussy. Billy held me and kissed me on the lips and then passed me to Chester who did the same. From Chester I went to Daryl. They all took turns kissing me and feeling me up. I was already wet when I came in the room and now I was becoming super horny. I was slowly forgiving Billy. My legs spread a little as fingers entered my pussy from what seemed like four different directions. My knees were getting weaker. The guys were undressing. With their shirts off I could feel the heat coming from their skin as it comforted me when they held me. After a few more feely-kissy spins around with the boys, their pants were gone. I now had cocks to touch and play with as I kissed the boys. In fact I hand both hands full of cock. I was going to get some dick tonight.

The big pass around, breast, and genital touching session ended when Billy placed me on his bed. I laid there spread leg and naked as Billy’s tongue lapped my pussy. Chester and Daryl gave me a breast massage.

Chester asked Billy, “Can I eat some of that too?” And with that the three boys took turns sampling my love juices. I would grab and stroke their cocks as they fondled my breasts. Soon I was sucking dick to no objection.

The eating of my pussy felt good. Billy did the alphabet song, Chester did side strokes and Daryl could curl his tongue and fuck me like a dick-now that was weird, but I didn’t complain. Finally I said sweetly, “Would one of you boys mind fucking me?” görükle escort

There seemed to be no problem finding a volunteer. Chester who was doing as side stroke stopped and mounted me. The dick sucking essentially stopped at this point, but I was still able to massage the boys and keep them hard while they found ways to touch my boobs. The boys took turns climbing on me. Once I had been dicked by all of them, we moved to a new position. Chester lay on the floor while I mounted him. This allowed my mouth, which seemed to be another orifice of interest, to attend to neglected business. I could easily take turns sucking two cocks while being poled. Being gang-banged was as much fun as that 69 stuff.

I was just getting used to this when the music stopped and the guys had to all swap positions. Daryl fucked me again and then my brother. I lost track of my orgasms at 2 raised to the infinity minus one power. I had all their dicks soppin’ wet and full of pussy stink.

Billy’s cock gave out first as he came in my mouth. The other two guys were “social cummers” as they both soon came after Billy. Chester shot a load into my mouth which dribbled out to my tits and Daryl was nice enough to fill my pussy with hot cum. I held my finger to my lips and said, “Not a word of this to anyone.” They all nodded in agreement. I kissed the boys goodnight on the cheek as they didn’t seem to want to tongue me at this point. I got some friendly pats on the ass as I heard my folk’s car pull in the drive way. We got done just in time.

My pussy felt satisfied, but I felt a little let down. The deep feeling of Billy’s betrayal was gone, but I had lost something that night. The deep love and respect I had for Billy had come down to Earth. I realized his feelings were not as strong as mine. I still loved the guy, but didn’t worship him as before. This evening damaged what little reputation I had left as word of this night leaked out. The gang-bang wasn’t so bad, but the constant denial of having sex with my own brother grew tiresome, as I would hear the snickers as I walked past the lockers at school. After graduation I decided it would be best to leave town for a while.

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