College Story

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This is a story from my freshman year of college. I was a troubled and angry guy who went to school in the woods of Maine. I drank too much and was oversexed. BUT I do still think this experience was hot and I come back to it from time to time.

During the first semester, I had been dating a girl named Kat for several months. Our relationship had started to go south over winter break. She had health issues and feelings for another guy and said we should take a break. I took that very literally at the time. I came back to school, started fucking other people, and so did she. But we also started seeing each other again. So it was weird. One night in late January I was at one party and she was at another. I had been nineteen for about a month. This party was in my buddy’s dorm room. It was meant to be a cocktail party, but that had devolved. Now we were just drinking. I was seven shots deep and flirting with some girl whose name I don’t remember. I felt pretty confident about it. Then my phone buzzed. It was Kat. I talked to her in the hall. She was drunk, too. She wanted to see me. Some creepy guy had been coming on to her at her friend Renata’s party and she didn’t feel good about it.

I told her at first, “I’m with my friends, I can’t…” I was not a gentleman.

She ataköy escort said, “It’s okay, Tom, I’m drunk, it’s fine…” But then I started to feel bad. Also I wanted to get laid. Even though it had only been a few days, I wanted sex. So I made arrangements to get a ride over to her friend Renata’s trailer home (remember, this was rural Maine). I stood outside in the freezing cold at 1:00 in the morning. Renata’s boyfriend picked me up. On the way over, I was surprised to see someone else in his car. Someone I knew. Her name was Becca. I’d hooked up with her much earlier in the year. We didn’t have sex, just did other stuff. But here she was, in the car, apparently friends with Renata, Kat, et al. We awkwardly greeted each other as I got in.

When we arrived at the party, most people had cleared out. The creepy guy was gone. Kat was in high spirits. We embraced and she kissed me using tongue. I had my arm around her for the rest of the night. We smoked her clove cigarettes and drank from her bottle of vodka. Kat was a year older than me. She was a black haired, pale skinned goth chick.

Becca stuck around but then she vanished. I assumed she gone home. When Renata and her boyfriend finally went to bed, Kat and I got busy. We pulled out the couch bed that bakırköy escort we’d already fucked on a bunch of times. We made out and I massaged her back with one hand. I unhooked her bra with that one hand, which I’d taught myself to do that first semester. In a few minutes, I was going down on her. I licked her really chaotically, pushing my tongue in, pulling out. I moved two of my fingers along her vulva. She was shaven with some prickles coming in. Maybe most women stop shaving after college because I had a fair number of completely shaven vaginas in my face just in those days. It was me fingering her that made her shudder and grab at my hair. Not the sloppy licking. It got sloppier as she got wetter.

Then we were fucking. I had so much more stamina then than I do now. I also had sex without a condom somewhat often. Kat wanted it that way- she’d insisted, and she was on the pill- but it probably wasn’t safe that I had sex with other people without protection, too. I moved in and out slowly and steadily. She inhaled in these fluttery gasps that were her trademark. She exhaled in sighs. She was trying not to wake the (trailer) house. But at some point she whispered in my ear, “Go as hard and as fast as you want…” So I did. I started giving it to her.

Sort of fuzzy on how we ended up in this position, but basically I remember her riding me and moaning kind of loudly. I had my hands on her waist and was helping her bounce. The alcohol helped me withhold my orgasm. And at some point, I heard a door open across the room. I thought, shit this is awkward…and a figure hurried across the room. I remember Kat saying, “Yes!” as the figure hurried, as if loving that we were being watched, but I’m not sure she noticed.

While this person was in the bathroom, peeing, Kat whispered, “Ah ah ah Tom, I’m gonna cum ah ah ah…” and I decided to hold in the tingling sensation in my cock just a little longer. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. As I shot my load inside Kat, the door to the bathroom opened and I saw who it was; it was Becca. She was staying here tonight. I could not believe it! She rushed across the room and shut her door and Kat sighed and squeezed me with her thighs and I kept cumming.

Afterwards, Kat and I had to clean up our, um, fluids from the sheets. Then before we fell asleep she asked me, laughing, “Oh my god, who the fuck was that?” I said I didn’t know but it wasn’t Renata.

Kat and I didn’t last. We officially broke up not long after. She is a mother of two already, married twice. But I do remember how, after we broke up, I did see her and Becca walking together on campus once. They were chatting. About who knows what. They didn’t see me. I moved on.

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