Erotic Shorts

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Sleepy Sunday Morning

Wed be spooning, I’d lean back against you while you played with me, fingering me gently, lazily, stroking my get spot, rubbing my clit, maybe whispering in my ear until I trembled and came, holding me close as I slept, waking me with your hard cock spreading my lips and stretching me open, soft moans passing my lips, eyes fluttering, your fingers groping and caressing my breasts, pinching and rolling the soft pink nipples, kissing my neck as you filled me to the brim and stretched me open around your cock, withdrawing slowly, steadily thrusting back in, gripping my hip as I squeezed tightly around you, whimpering and pushing my ass back against you, begging for more.

Consensual non Consent

It was a warm August Saturday night, the moon was full and you were at work. I had showered, shaved and was stretched out in bed, sleeping under a thin sheet in a tank top and panties. The window was open to the balcony, a warm breeze blowing. A shadow appeared on the floor, and silently made it’s way across the hardwood from the balcony to the bed. It was silent for a moment, and suddenly I was dragged from under the blankets, hands pulled behind my back, wrists bound tightly but comfortably, I started to scream until a hard cock was forced into my mouth, a hand gripped my hair and held a steady pressure, a voice whispering “be a good girl and you won’t get hurt” as the cock was pumped in and out of my mouth, I could only see the moonlight glinting in the intruders eyes, and I began to suck, and lick knowing there was no way out.

His hands tore at my shirt, ripping it, my breasts heaving as I continued to suck, the rough hands pinched and rolled my soft pink nipples. I moaned around his cock as he withdrew it, rolling me onto my back, forcing my legs apart as he drug me to the edge of the bed, his mask moving as he smirked and chuckled at the moonlight glinting on the evidence of my excitement. He roughly rubbed my clit, making my hips jerk and back arch.

The cotton panties were roughly torn away and the head of his cock was rested at my opening, he gripped my jaw with one hand, a breast with the other and spoke “you’re going to love this you dirty little slut, I know you dream about a man who’d take you whenever he wanted, and I’m going to do just that” as he forced every inch of his cock inside me and I cried out, bucking my hips into his.

He began to fuck me, rough, fast and hard. I stretched around him as his words sank in and I realized who the intruder was. As he fucked me tears of joy filled my eyes, and I began to respond to the act of being taken like a common slut, by someone who loved me, and as you reached your climax and pumped me full of cum, I came with you.


I sat quietly in a thicket, watching the wolves, engrossed in their seasonal mating rituals. The musky smell of pheromones filled the air, as did the odor of ripped soil and spilled semen. The alpha had mounted one of the females, his jaws locked on her neck as he roughly fucked and bred her. The glint of a rifle sight escaped my notice until the cracking of a stick behind me made me spin around to see a man in camouflage and a rifle barrel pointed at me, in steady hands.

I looked into his eyes and he spoke, “Why are you here? These wolves are protected under federal law, no one is allowed near their den.” His voice was rough, it matched his appearance, dark eyes, beard, and wind-blown hair. “I have permission from park services to observe their mating rituals for the next few days. I am observing with no contact and no interference.” my voice was breathy and startled, face flushed and hot squeezing my bursa eskort thighs together to ease the aching pressure that had begun when the wolves had started. His eyes glinted and his nostrils flared, and he spoke as he lowered the barrel of the rifle, “I can smell you. I’ve spent enough time with these wolves to know the pheromones of a bitch in heat.” His face twisted into a smirk and his eyes glittered with lust.

I watched his face and spoke, a smile forming, “I bet you have a wonderful understanding of the lupine mating ritual. I know the act is primal and brutal, simply for the pleasure of the male and to breed the female. I’ve been watching them all morning, and I cannot stop wishing for a man to fuck me that way.” He propped his rifle against a small sapling and crouched, stepping into the brush, he spoke, “So little lady, you want me to claim you as my mate, to fill your tight little cunt with my hard cock and pump you full of cum? You want me to bend you over after I mark your body with hickies so every being knows you belong to me. You want me to dominate, claim and use you as my private little fuck toy until you can walk?” I felt the crotch of the jeans I was wearing get damp, and I breathlessly replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.” He came closer, and I smelled the musk, not the musk of the wolves, but the musk of the man, the pheromone that made my pussy soak itself and my knees weak. I did not move when he reached for me.

When he ripped the cotton t-shirt I was wearing and sliced the straps of my bra and pulled it away, I didn’t move when he yanked my jeans off my hips and cut my lace panties. My face was flushed, my breasts heaving, dripping wet in anticipation as I lay naked in the brush with this man looming over me, muscles rippling as he stroked his hard cock and looked at me. He leaned over me, lacing his fingers in my long hair, holding my head back, kissing me roughly, trailing kisses and bites from my lips down my neck to my shoulders, marking me with his teeth. The sound of the wolves fucking rang in our ears as he moved lower, marking each supple breast with bites, sucking and licking, moving down to my thighs, biting each before inhaling deeply, the air thick with pheromones, and burying his face between my thighs. My hips rose from the ground as I whimpered and cried, his tongue spreading my lips and tasting my cream, teeth nibbling at my clit, until I’m bucking and begging to be fucked. He rises onto his knees, face wet, eyes full of savage lust, and urges me onto my hands and knees, facing the mating wolves. The entry is sudden and swift, his cock spreading, stretching and filling me to my limit, hands gripping my hips. I watched as the alpha mounted another female, and the scent of the man’s musk filled my nose, sending me into a primal frenzy. I pushed back against him with each brutal thrust, his nails digging into my skin one hand gripping my hair, the other a breast. As I came, over and over again on his cock, he continued to fuck me, roughly, deeply, with every intention of filling my womb with seed. One final thrust, the tip kissing my womb and he filled me, and it ran out onto the ground when he released me. He was gone before I could rise from the ground, and the wolves had gone to den. I was alone, surrounded by musky air, dripping evidence of my possession.

Ravaged by a Savage

It was a warm August evening, I was walking through the woods, the leaves were falling softly, and the sun glinted in my long brown hair and striking blue eyes.

It was quiet, my simple cloth dress brushing against foliage as I moved, mocassins silent on the forest floor, twin braids bursa escort bayan swaying with my hips as I walked.

The silence was shattered by screams and the acrid smell of smoke, in the distance, the village was burning, and the late afternoon sun and roaring flames glinted on stone weapons and headdresses.

I froze in my tracks, and heard a war cry and pounding feet as my eyes fell on a tall red-skinned man with long black braids and an eagle feather headdress racing toward me.

I turned on my heels and ran terrified, having traded with the local tribes and made friends with many of the women and children, but the men looked on with glints of greed in their eyes.

I knew the name of the savage that chased me, he was the son of the chief, and he had not taken a wife. I felt branches whipping against my body and face, and I did not care, the sound of his pursuit growing closer.

I knew the creek was close and thought maybe I could get away if I only could reach the new settlement. The sound of water filled my ears and I had a fleeting moment of hope before something snatched my ankles and yanked my legs out from under me. I screamed and it was cut short by a calloused hand covering my mouth, a hard, hot body pressed to my back as I was pulled to my feet.

His voice was rough, sending shivers down my spine as he spoke, “Why did you run from me little maiden?”. I trembled as he held me and squeaked out a reply “You were burning our village, I don’t want to die.”.

My body shook as he laughed, a deep throaty laugh that gave me goosebumps. “Little maiden, you are mistaken, the men of your village kidnapped the wife of the chief. We came to bring her home and were attacked.” My eyes widened in horror, but I believed him,

the men in my village were cruel and cold, taking what they wanted with little regard for others. I slowly relaxed as he held me, his chest pressed to my back, strong arms wrapped around me, resting below my heaving breasts. He chuckled softly in my ear, resting his forehead on my shoulder, and spoke “You’ve been on my mind little maiden, the men of your village call you Elizabeth, it is a Christian name, in my tongue, it means fierce woman, and you are fierce and wild at heart. I’ve seen you in the woods, and watched the way you move, silent like the mountain lions of this area, and just as graceful. You fill me with a longing little maiden, that I have borne for long enough.” As those words passed his lips and the breath tickled my shoulder he pressed my hips back and I felt something, hard, hot, and long, pressed against my back.

He breathed roughly and spoke again “I’m going to catch you little maiden, I’m going to let you go and hunt you through these woods, and when I catch you I’m going to take you, and claim you and make you mine.” He placed a soft kiss on my neck and released me. For a moment I did not move, turning to face him I could see the desperate longing in his eyes and the stark evidence of his arousal, barely hidden by his breechclout, and as my body reacted, I turned and ran. The trickle of water became a roar as I raced toward the creek, hoisting my dress and leaping over fallen logs, and dodging obstacles as I strained to hear him pursuing me, the creek was in sight, 200 yards across a sloping forested patch. I was within 10 feet of the water’s edge when I was pinned against a towering oak, the bark pressing into my back, strong arms trapping me on each side, warm lips crushing my own as I melted into his embrace, and warm dampness between my thighs. He breathed deeply, smirked, and spoke as he gripped the hem of my dress, görükle escort “I can smell you little maiden, I can smell how much you need me.” his voice made me shiver.

I looked into his eyes, they were filled with lust, tenderness, and a burning savage desire. The warm evening air blew past my legs, swirling around my thighs, the dress was rising past my hips and my breath hitched, breasts heaving as he pulled the cloth over my head, my long braids falling over my should onto the pale creamy skin of my breasts. He sucked in a deep breath, letting it out with a hiss, as his eyes moved from my eyes to my quickly hardening nipples. They were soft pink, breasts large and spilling out of his hands as he cupped them. His lips moved from mine to my jaw, down my neck, nibbling, along my shoulder, stopping to bite and suck the flesh, leaving his mark, and moving across my collarbone and down to the nipple, taking it into his mouth, sucking gently at first, then harder, biting gently, pinching and rolling the other nipple with his fingers as I moaned and trembled, leaning into the tree for support as my legs lost their ability to hold me up.

He scooped me up and sank to his knees, laying me on the soft forest floor, supporting himself on his arms above me and spoke roughly, “I hope you’re ready little maiden, my little wild cat, because after this you belong to me, every inch of you belongs to me.” The words brushed over me like silk, as he moved the thin buckskin cloth separating his cock from my sight. My eyes widened and I whimpered at the impressive sight, and he placed the head at my entrance, slick with my juices, and thrust. The scream that came from my lips was silent, as he buried his cock inside me to the hilt. I stretched around him as he pushed inside my tight wetness, and gripped his shoulders with my hands, panting and bucking my hips into him. He groaned and began hard, fast, deep pumps that withdrew completely and pressed back in, stretching, filling, and claiming me.

The forest rang with the sounds of breeding, animalistic breeding as he moved me to my hands and knees, face pressed to the forest floor as the sound of his hand landing on my ass rang in the hollows and between the trees. He thrust, gripping my hips and roughly filling me, fucking me like a bitch in heat, with the intent of breeding me, filling me with cum, and marking me with his seed, his pheromones, so every living creature and man would know who I belonged to. I screamed into the leaves, rocking back and meeting each thrust with gusto, tightening around him with every thrust, reaching orgasm after orgasm until his arms came down beside me, his back pressing into mine, he pulled my head to the side and bit into my shoulder, as he came and filled my womb with seed. We collapsed in the leaves, panting, hot, and exhausted.

He brushed the hair from my face, pulling me tight against him, cock still buried deep, as he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear “My little wild cat, what a beautiful bride you will make, and what beautiful little braves we will have.”


When I give you head, I’m gonna start by kissing each thigh, each testicle, up the underside of the shaft to the head, then run my tongue from base to tip, gently taking the head into my mouth and sucking softly, massaging with my tongue, slowly working my way down the shaft, taking as much as I can into my mouth, sucking harder, bobbing my head, looking up at you as I do with my baby blue eyes, moaning softly around your cock, cupping and fondling your balls, holding onto a leg for support, pulling off and nibbling the vein on the underside of the shaft, licking to the head and taking it into my mouth again, sucking and licking, using my hands to stroke what I can’t fit, watching your face and sucking your cock until you make me stop because you can’t stand it anymore and have to fill my tight wet pussy with your hard throbbing cock to pump me full of cum.

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