Experiment 239 Ch. 06

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Acceptance. Peace. Fulfillment. Pleasure.

A month ago, Elaida would never have known that that was what she would feel as her lips slid up and down the cock in the Endurance Room, in perfect unison with the green line. An hour of 100% accuracy was now required to complete the stage, the time requirement having been gradually increased from the 30 minutes required previously. She might be on her way to her first ever flawless hour-long completion today.

For the first couple of weeks in training, she had sobbed with fear at the mere sight of the dreaded room. Now, she found she almost looked forward to it. The warm girth filling her mouth, the ridges sliding past her lips. It brought her to a place of calm, a place where all her thoughts fled her.

A place where she had cum, over and over and over again.

She had been permanently stuffed in all three of her orifices for the past week. During the day, she wore a chastity belt with dildos attached, keeping her pussy and ass comfortably full, and only removed if a particular Room required access. (There were no toilet routines or needs coded into Experiment 239 – they were deemed simply irrelevant to the training.) At night, of course, there were the intruders that activated once she lay down on her bunk – that particular routine hadn’t changed, and its familiarity now felt like a safe haven to her.

When not receiving Endurance training, a penis gag with a hole in the middle filled Elaida’s mouth. The initial gag at the start of the week was 1.75 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in length – relatively comfortable for long-term wear, but it increased gradually each day. Today’s gag was sufficiently long to push gently against the back of her mouth – once upon a time that would have made her retch, but now she barely noticed it. She was no longer sent to the Beginners’ mess hall for her daily feeds, but rather went to a different one for Intermediates, where the hole at the front of the gag could connect to a machine that dispensed her feed.

No longer did she repeat her name to herself in the dark silence of her room at night, to lull herself to sleep. No longer did she hold it close to herself as a precious gem, this last thread of connection to her old life. She still remembered it, but it wasn’t as important to her anymore. It wasn’t the mental sword it used to be, that she relied on to prove that they couldn’t take everything from her.

Now she believed that they could, if they wanted to. She was completely and utterly in their power – her body and mind both belonged to them. Yet, they let her have this – her name, etched in the deepest recesses of her mind. Oddly, the thought now brought feelings of gratitude and surrender to the fore, instead of fear and anger.

Elaida squeezed her pelvic floor muscles against the shaft within her as her lips worked the fake cock and the clover clamps attached to the wall tugged on her swollen nipples with her movements. She could feel another orgasm coming – she hoped that it wouldn’t distract her too much from following the line.

It didn’t. As her small body shook and quivered with the waves of pleasure enveloping her, and she cried out into the huge phallus in her mouth, her eyes remained on the line. In, hold, out. In, hold, out.


“Damn, that must feel good,” Sophie murmured enviously. Like 239, Sophie had a silicone cock deep within her at the moment. Unlike 239, she couldn’t cum from a stationary cock, no matter how hard she squeezed.

Anthony laughed. He was sitting in 239’s control room with his hand on Sophie’s almost-bare thigh. James had gone home early again today – the two of them had the room to themselves. Until anyone else entered, anyway. “You do know that a good blowjob is 20 points, right?” he teased her.

Sophie glanced around apprehensively. “Here? Now?” she questioned, doubt clouding her tone of voice. “That door doesn’t lock, Tony. Besides, I’m pretty sure Mason has cameras in every room of this place.”

“Not unless you want to, of course,” Anthony acceded. Outing herself at work was a limit for Sophie, and one that he respected. He didn’t want to cause any harm to her career or future well being.

Sophie fell silent, watching as 239 cleared the Endurance Room. The girl appeared to be almost sad to be allowed to stand up and leave. It was astonishing. “Huge change in her this week, wasn’t there?”

Anthony nodded his agreement. “I’m surprised, really. I was fully expecting it to take 2 or 3 months for her to reach this stage. Acceptance and consistent subspace usually only kicks in after a month even for the ones who had a complete memory wipe. And they didn’t need to struggle as much xslot with their sense of self.”

“The orgasms must be helping her along,” Sophie chuckled.

He grinned. “Yes, I’ve found that they can be extremely good motivation, mm?”

“Do the others in the simulation really not cum at all?”

Anthony snorted dismissively. “Nope, not at all. With the complete memory wipes mandated by Mason, they lose that ability permanently. He thinks pleasure only distracts a slave from serving her Master.” His tone of voice made it quite clear what he thought of that belief. “Part of the reason Experiment 239 cost so much was the selection process. We had to find the most orgasmic applicant who also fit the other requirements, then make sure the partial memory wipe removed some of the ability so she had to relearn it in the simulation, while keeping the maximum capability intact. Wasn’t easy. But so worth it.”

Sophie shook her head, laughing softly. “You know – a mere few weeks ago, that would have sounded like hogwash to me. I understand now, though.”

He chuckled as his thumb stroked the inside of her thigh, exploring the boundary where the top of the stocking met bare flesh. “Indeed. I quite miss having you wear that little remote-controlled vibrator, except I know that the you of today would be cumming 10 seconds after I turn it on.”

Their eyes met.


“Go put it on. I know you still have it in your bag.”

She squirmed in her seat, inadvertently letting out a little moan. “Tony, I won’t be able to hold it…”

“Orgasms are free until you leave this building. Of course, you are also free to NOT cum, if you’re afraid to be seen doing so.”

She pouted at him, but rose to her feet nevertheless, tugging her pencil skirt down her thighs. “Jesus, that’s bloody sadistic!”

He winked at her. “Just the way you like it. And while you’re in the toilet, tweezer clamps on nipples, please. Do NOT remove the dildo.”

Sophie’s face was flushed when she returned, and he could see her nipples standing at attention, even beneath the material of her shirt and push up bra. She grudgingly seated herself beside him again, folding her arms over her chest.

Anthony gestured towards the screen. “So, here’s the deal. The next time 239 orgasms, I’ll turn it on. For 5 minutes.”

She cursed under her breath.

“Ready? Oh, look, it’s the Caning Room. That one’s new this week.”

Sophie squinted at the screen, her attention riveted in spite of herself. “Do we really need all that faux machinery for a caning?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. It tones the thigh muscles at the same time.” A roguish grin spread across his features, creasing the crows’ feet at the corners of his eyes. “Besides, it’s fun. Watch.”

Sophie saw that 239 was hyperventilating as she was locked into the frame – clearly, she wasn’t quite so used to this one just yet. The girl was standing in a half-squat, her ankles locked into metal cuffs anchored a foot apart on the floor. Instead of the usual armbinder, her wrists were placed on either side of her neck in a contraption that looked much like a portable stockade. The plate anchoring her neck and wrists was hooked up to an extremely intimidating-looking frame.

Once she was secured, two droids bearing canes moved in from either side, stopping just beneath the bound girl’s buttocks. 239 let out a muffled whimper through the penis stuffed in her mouth as the rear of her chastity belt automatically retracted, forming a G-string that fully exposed her round cheeks to their impending fate.

Sophie blinked. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” Anthony beamed. “James really outdid himself on this one.”

“He came up with this?”

Anthony nodded. “I usually give him an outline, but this time it was all his idea. That boy really is getting into his job, huh?”

Sophie laughed uncomfortably. “Umm. I’m not quite sure I want to think about him in that way…”

At that point, the machinery in the room whirred into action. The frame moved downwards, bringing 239 into a full squat with it, and the droids flicked their canes upwards at the same time. 239 screamed through her gag as two pink lines marked her buttocks.

Sophie winced. “Ouch. That sounds pretty brutal.”

Anthony stroked her thigh reassuringly under the table. “The first stroke can often be the hardest, as you might have noticed. We didn’t warm her up – her endorphins aren’t flowing yet. This was done on purpose, actually – pain tolerance is part of Mason’s graduation test, and you can bet that that sonofabitch won’t be warming anyone up.”

Indeed, with each pain-seared squat, 239’s screams receded, finally turning into xslot Giriş little moans. The cane droids moved slightly after each stroke, rotating through a range of positions that left the girl’s buttocks a somewhat even shade of pink.

Anthony grinned at Sophie. “I think she’s getting close.”

Sophie had completely forgotten about the vibrator nestled against her clit, mesmerized as she was by the spectacle unfolding in front of her. “Oh, fuck…”

True to his word, the vibrator buzzed to life (the bastard had even set it on high) as soon as 239 exploded into her first series of quivering screams.

Sophie didn’t last long – there was no contest, really. She had been on edge for days, and watching the slavegirl on the screen, coupled with the taboo and apprehension of the semi-public situation… The orgasms shattered through her body one by one, leaving her shaking and gasping and gripping her chair until her knuckles turned white. She did her best to stifle her screams, but still they rang out, potentially audible by anyone just outside the door.

Anthony watched her with great amusement, and finally turned the vibrator off after 5 minutes had passed. She gasped for breath, glancing wildly around as she tried to smooth her disheveled hair. “Did anyone come in?”

He chuckled. “No. But if anyone does right now, I would worry less about the hair and more about that skirt if I were you.”

She glanced down at herself. In the heat of the moment, she hadn’t quite realized that the bucking of her hips had raised her skirt a good bit above her pantyline. “Oh, fuck,” she swore in a low voice, tugging the errant hemline down as far as it would go. “Jesus fucking Christ, my panties are soaked through…”

Anthony glanced at his watch. “Yes, I think a change of clothes would be in order.” His voice was similarly low, but the words were succinct. “It’s 6.15. Would you like to head on home first? Take off your blouse and skirt, leave everything else on. I want to see you kneeling in a ring gag with your hands cuffed behind your back, when I walk through the front door.”

She blinked at him, still groggy from the aftereffects of the orgasms.

His eyes narrowed just a touch. “If you’re still here when 239 hits her next orgasm, dear, the vibe will stay on.”

With a little squeal, Sophie leapt to her feet and hurried out of the room. She was walking frog-legged and still a little unsteady, but there was no way in hell she’d survive a second round so soon!


Night had fallen, and Anthony and Sophie were both reading side-by-side in her plush king-sized bed. Despite only having been together for a few weeks, it felt almost as if they had known each other for years. Comfortable silence reigned in the room, broken only by the soft pattering of rain outside.

Sophie put her book down, stretched, and smoothed down her dark red curls. “Tony. Are you going to the adults-only company Christmas party?”

Anthony put his own book down, turning to look at her with an eyebrow quirked. “Yes. Are you?”

“Of course.”

Sophie did not follow the sentence up, but he remained quiet, letting her organize her thoughts before she carried on. Finally, she spoke up again. “I thought we could, you know. ‘Come out’ there. Nothing is too risque for that party, after all.”

Both of his eyebrows flew upwards at that. “You… are you sure, Sophie?”

She nodded, turquoise eyes fixed on his with the utmost seriousness. “Yes. I don’t want us to hide any longer, Tony.”

He slipped an arm around her bare shoulders, lost in thought for a moment. “You know I’d love that more than anything else, Sophie. But your job… do you think that might impact it?”

She shrugged lightly. “The entirety of our corporate mission revolves around producing sex slaves. The Director has one following him all the time. I think we’ll be okay.”

A warm smile spread across Anthony’s face as he kissed her on the forehead. “That would be the best Christmas gift of my life, Sophie.”

She laughed. “I would hope so!”

“So… on all fours, naked and leashed?” he grinned

“I think I’d like to be a serving tray,” she mused, grinning in return.

Anthony chuckled, a gleam appearing in his eyes. “You mean like 239’s training? Tray attached to nipples, on impossibly high heels, with punishment if anything drops?”

“Of course.”

“Only if I still get to hold the leash.”



“Jesus, Tony!”

A throaty chuckle. “You did say ‘impossibly’ high heels, yes?”

“These aren’t even high heels! What are they?!?”

Anthony lifted a boot out of the parcel that was sitting on the dining xslot Güncel Giriş table, turning it around in his hands. “I believe they’re called ‘ballet boots’.” He lifted his gaze to meet Sophie’s, a roguish smile on his face. “I personally think they’d look quite good on you.”

Brows furrowing in skepticism, Sophie reached out hesitantly to take it from him. “How on earth does anyone walk in these?!?!”

He actually laughed, the fucking bastard. “Damned if I know. You’ll have a week to practice, though!”

She carried the pair of boots over to a chair, still glaring suspiciously at them. “I doubt it’ll be enough.”

“Here, let me.” Making an over-dramatic swooping bow, Anthony knelt to lace the boots onto her petite feet.

It took the better part of 10 minutes, but they succeeded.

Sophie made an attempt to rise, then immediately flopped back down into her chair, groaning. “And I thought the 5 inch heels you kept getting me for work were bad…”

He chuckled and bent down to put a strong arm around her shoulders. “C’mon, Sophie. I’ll give you 20 points if you manage to walk in them unaided by tomorrow.”

That perked her up. “Really? I’m at 80.”


Making a face, she attempted again to rise. Holding on to him for dear life, she actually managed it this time, standing on the very tips of her toes. The muscles in her thighs strained with the exertion of maintaining her balance. “This is even harder than I thought it would be!”

His hand moved down to her buttocks, stealing a good squeeze. “God, I love how they make your butt look,” he murmured admiringly.

Neither of them could really tell how it happened, but in the space of mere moments, Sophie found herself bent over with her upper body pressed against the table, begging him to enter her as he ran his hands all over her slender form, her satin slip bunching up at her waist.

“You haven’t earned 100 points yet,” he warned her, even as he obliged her by pressing the head of his hard cock against her sopping wet entrance. But he went no further, rather opting to smack his hand harshly against her buttocks, leaving a pink handprint that contrasted starkly with the pale flesh.

“Please, Tony…” she wailed, too deeply caught in the warm, welcoming embrace at the cusp of sexual ecstasy to be any more coherent.

“No.” Several more slaps, harsher, closer together. She didn’t quite feel pain, not the way she knew it, but rather an overwhelming sensation of pure pleasure with each strike. Her clit was burning, aching for release…

“Remember, Sophie. No cumming,” he reminded her sternly, leaving the final imprints on her already red bottom. And then he slid into her.

She tried, tried to focus her mind on something else, tried to clench her muscles to keep the pleasure at bay… but it was impossible. She could feel his girth moving back and forth within her, rubbing that spot just so. His hips smacking against her tingling buttocks each time he went all the way in, his fingers gripping her hair to hold her head upright, his other hand squeezing her nipple roughly. Her calves and thighs screaming from the unnatural posture forced upon them by the infernal boots, his grunts of raw, primal pleasure. And then the explosion of warm, sticky seed deep within her…

Her guttural screams echoed across the estate as she gave in to one of the longest, loudest, most earth-shattering orgasms of her life. She didn’t know when, but at some point the cock inside her was replaced by several fingers, with more of them grinding at her clit. On and on and on, the waves rose and fell, her legs buckling beneath her and the table supporting the entirety of her weight. Her ejaculate mixing with his and spewing both out between her thighs, forming a gushing stream that culminated in a gigantic puddle on the floor.

She finally found herself lying in that puddle, shaking and gasping for breath and even crying, although she didn’t know why.

Strong arms enveloped her in an embrace, gently rolling her away from the puddle. As the world came to light around her again, she found Anthony wrapping a blanket around her and tsking. “Ah, Sophie. What are we going to do with you?”

Feebly, she attempted a guilty laugh. “Uh… minus 20?”

“Minus 30. That’s the second time!!”

“Worth it.”

“I bet it was. We need to think of better punishments for you,” he grumbled, shaking his head as he stooped to begin unlacing the boots on her feet. Then he stopped. “Aaahh. Yes.”

Sophie blinked. “Uhh. Should I be worried?”

“You’ll keep these on. For the entirety of the time that you will be home for the next week, except for bedtime. AND minus 30.”

She winced. “Oooh. That’s rough, Tony.”

“Just the way you like it.” With a self-satisfied grin, he smoothed her hair back from her face in an affectionate gesture. “Good thing I bought the waterproof ones, huh?”

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