Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 11

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Ome Willem

Monday morning. I get up, get dressed, run a washcloth over my face and take a few sips of juice from the fridge. I also take out my lunch box and put it in my backpack.

I put on my coat, give Mieke, who is now also up, a big kiss and go to the car to drive to work.

The weather is bad and therefore it is busier than usual on the road. Fortunately, no traffic jam at the traffic lights near the city. I can almost park my car in the front of the parking garage again. I always start early. Then I can leave right on time, without the risk of traffic jams and then I still have something to do with my afternoon.

The mailbox is almost empty so I can immediately continue with some routine jobs.

But first I go to get coffee from the machine and immediately put my lunch box in the fridge. I’ll take a sandwich out of it for breakfast and want to take it to my desk.

Then I notice a peculiar smell. I open the sandwich and smell it better now. And I see it too.

Immediately the song from the children’s series “Uncle Willem” comes to mind. “Do you also like a poo sandwich?” was a very popular song with the children.

Mieke has given me a sandwich with poo. A thin layer of poo. “When would she have done that?” I question. What a kinky girl she is.

I understand that this is of course an obligatory assignment and without a colleague around I sink my teeth into the whole grain sandwich. It is not tasty, but it is “hot” enough to enjoy it. Together with sips of coffee I manage to swallow the sandwich quickly.

With a firm dick I walk to the disabled toilet where I can really be private for a while and quickly jerk off in front of the mirror above the sink. That’s the beauty of this toilet. The toilet bowl and washbasin are in one room and only one person can enter at a time. So a Bostancı Escort lot of privacy. And I often make use of that. Sometimes I also shove some poo in my face or something. I can also clean myself well above the sink if necessary.

Very satisfied I go back to work and can’t wait to go home to spoil Mieke as a thank you.


One afternoon, after eating a large slice of cream pie and a few cups of coffee, Mieke suddenly starts to moan. I ask what’s wrong with her.

“Suddenly I have a lot of trouble with my intestines. I sometimes have that after whipped cream. I think I should run to the bathroom!”

“I’ll run with you! I want to experience this. Can I lie under you in the shower?”

“Really? I think this is diarrhea! But I think it’s fine. You horny guy of mine! As long as you don’t swallow anything because that doesn’t seem safe to me.” she says concerned.

I nod.

We quickly walk to the shower and there I quickly take off my shirt and lie on the shower floor. In the meantime I pull my pants down as quickly as possible.

Mieke squats above me and lets her ass hang as low above my face as possible.

And then it comes. A thick stream of smelly diarrhea spurts from her shit hole. It clatters on my face and also flows into my mouth which I have left open out of curiosity.

The gunk smells a lot worse than usual but that is just extra exciting for me now. The dirtier the better! I am in such a mood and it cannot be crazy enough for me.

Mieke’s intestines simmer a little longer and a few more splashes come out, one of which lands in my eye. That’s okay. I’m so horny about this that nothing is too much for me.

This has been one of my big secret wishes for a long time. Just also out of curiosity. I now know that I also want to do this more often.

I Anadolu Yakası Escort smear the diarrhea all over my face like crazy and it gets everywhere. Also in my nose. It’s all so overwhelming. With her diarrhea in my mouth too, I am completely at the mercy of my perversion. I roll the liquid shit through my mouth and decide to spit it out anyway.

I hardly notice that Mieke just kept looking and now I hear her making an admiring sound.

“That stinks really bad! I can’t believe you can handle this from me. Very daring and very horny!”

She now squats over me again and says there is more to come.

With a big bang, another huge wave of poo comes behind. It all lands on my forehead and drips all over my hair. I now use both my hands to smear my entire head with it.

Then I notice that Mieke takes my dick in her mouth and starts to suck me hard. While I keep on smearing, I quickly get to the point where I spray my cum deep into her throat.

She bends over me and spills some cum from her mouth over my face. The perfect ending to a few extreme minutes.

On the grass

On a summer afternoon, in the warm sun, we are spontaneously making out on the grass behind our house. Not a person can see it because we have no direct neighbors here and you cannot see it from the road.

Mieke always enjoys the warm sun on her bare skin and sex in the open air always gives it an extra exciting dimension for her.

We made a few tasty cocktails with it. While Mieke is giving me a blowjob she takes a sip of her cocktail and immediately takes an ice cube in her mouth. Then she continues to suck and the ice cube rolls around my glans. That is a wonderful feeling because it feels alternately cold and warm. This makes my dick extra hard and sensitive.

I suggest doing Ataşehir Escort the same to her when I start eating her. She likes that and I take a sip and an ice cube and I lie down. Mieke crawls on top of me with her stomach on my stomach and also takes my dick back into her mouth.

Then I start licking her and make the ice cube turn around her tickler. Mieke moans loudly. Apparently this is very pleasant.

Then suddenly, without warning, she starts to pee while I am eating her.

“Keep on licking! Lick me while I pee.”

I keep licking her and greedily swallow whatever comes into my mouth.

Then I suddenly smell a heavy odor. She has farted and I can also see her sphincter getting wider and wider. Another fart follows and then, as I get hornier and lick her, I see the tip of a shit appear.

“Keep licking me!” she says.

Of course I have nowhere to go and I don’t mind. A big hard droppings fall from her shit hole onto my nose and stay there waddling. Then the rest follows. A good stream of almost yellow shit slips from her ass and a big sticky heap forms on my face and over my eyes. The mass stays there, sandwiched between her thighs, buttocks and my face.

I do my best to keep licking her and occasionally have to gasp with my mouth. Mieke starts to shake softly and I feel that she will almost come.

Then the time has come. With a heavy groan and loud exclamations she has a huge orgasm.

When she has calmed down, she straightens up and sits down in my face to spread the poo between her buttocks and my face.

“Jerk off. Then I will keep riding on your face.”

Her shit gets everywhere. In my nose, in my eyes and I lick and sniff what I can to give my senses the full sensation as much as possible.

It doesn’t take long before I cum.

Then she drops to my face with her full weight and a moment later I gasp and pat her back so she knows I need some air.

She gets up and looks at me in love.

“Shall we take a nice shower? This was lovely again, wasn’t it?”

I say, “Fantastic! I can hardly describe how happy and lucky I feel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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