Golden Bikini Ch. 02

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Ass Hot

The next couple of hours were that kind of relaxing busy that only comes with kids, as the couples grilled burgers and danced around with the babies. Sarah was loosened up from her afternoon in the sun and her intense orgasm in the shower, and it was clear to Kyle that she was feeling great because every comment she made was full of flirtation and innuendo. After the huge burgers and the piles of sweet corn from supper were demolished, Kyle and Brad took the babies to the living room and fell into spots on the huge, comfortable sectional to each feed their baby a bottle while they talked. Kyle could see Ashley and Sarah perched on barstools in the kitchen, but couldn’t quite make out their conversation as they sipped glasses of wine and chatted lightheartedly. Kyle and Sarah were planning to stay over at Brad and Ashley’s, and it was soon time for the babies to start their bedtime routines. Kyle handled bedtime at home, and he loved the time alone with their infant son in the evenings, so he scooped up the kid and told Sarah to take his spot on the couch while he did bath and bed time. Things went quickly, and a little over half an hour later he emerged from the downstairs guest room where he’d laid down his son in the pack-n-play.

He heard Sarah’s tipsy giggle from the living room, and he walked quietly towards the kitchen. Actually, he mused, it was really her drunken giggle, because she only really started to laugh this way once she was well past buzzed! He heard Brad’s voice, and walked into the kitchen to where he could see out into the spacious living room. He realized that Ashley was gone with her son as well and he watched with amusement as Sarah slapped competitively at the deck of cards that she and Brad were playing with in the middle of the carpeted room.

“Ha, suck it!” she shouted, as Brad picked up the small pile of cards into his hand, and she tipped back her wine glass to take a large gulp.

“Ugh, you’ve got me for sure,” Brad moaned with a smile, as he tried to organize the huge hand of cards that he now held. Kyle grabbed another cold can of the summer lager out of the fridge, and fell back into his spot on the sectional to observe the end of the game. Sarah was looking fantastic, in a white tank top with a ton of tan cleavage and short, tight booty shorts that barely covered as much as her bikini bottoms had as she sat cross legged on the floor. Ashley came out from the direction of the nursery and poured the rest of the bottle of wine into her glass before walking into the room.

“Who’s winning?” She asked, grinning at her husband with a hand on her hip.

“Well, I just paid her back with a big pick-up!” he replied gleefully, and Sarah held up her double-handed fan of cards with her face twisted into dramatic sadness. Sarah pulled three cards from her hand and slapped them down, and Ashley laughed and walked to where Kyle was on the sectional. Her short sundress was unreal, and Kyle could just see the bottom of her bare ass as it bounced with her walk past him. She lay down onto one elbow the opposite end of the sectional with her feet towards him and took a long drink of her wine while Brad and Sarah played on. Kyle snuck a glance at her as he took a drink, and about sprayed his beer across the room. Ashley’s entire tanned ass was uncovered and aimed directly at him, as she lay on her side with the hem of her skirt pushed up slightly by the cushions! In stark contrast to the tan skin, a shimmering golden pair of thong panties ran between her ass cheeks, tightly pulled against her pussy as they ran up out of sight. Her right hand idly played with the hem of her dress, and as he watched she ran her nails gently across her sun-kissed skin while she called out a playful insult to the players on the floor below them.

Kyle couldn’t believe his luck, and as he forced a distracted grin onto his face and tried to keep his eyes on the cards, the image of that bright gold strip of panties was burned into his vision. He casually looked over at Ashley again, and this time he did choke a little on his drink! Her long beautifully manicured nails weren’t running over her skin anymore; now her hand lay still on her ass, but the end of her long middle finger had slid under the golden material and disappeared a little ways into her pussy! Even as he watched, she slid her hand down and her entire finger slid smoothly inside! His erection was almost immediate. She had to know that he could see her. On the floor, Brad played his last card, and Sarah howled in despair as she dropped her remaining cards on top. Out of the corner of his eye, Kyle saw Ashley slide her hand up her leg, her long finger appearing from beneath her panties like a magic trick. He stole another glance, and saw that her tan skin had a bright wet trail across it from the passage of her dripping finger. This time she looked over at him and hit him with her most wicked grin; she did know exactly what she was doing!

“Rematch!” Sarah cried from the floor, sweeping Bayan Escort Gaziantep up the cards and starting to quickly shuffle. Brad just laughed and agreed, and he clambered up to get them two beers from the refrigerator. Ashley sat up on the couch as Brad left the room, and grabbed Kyle’s knee as she pulled herself out of the couch to get to her feet. Kyle was frozen in place, looking in disbelief at the wet spot that her finger had left behind on his skin as she swished her short skirt back out of the room behind her husband. Kyle realized that Sarah was talking to him in a conspiratorial murmur and he hadn’t processed a single word. “What?” He asked, blinking and focusing on her face.

“I said, this is so great, and I love what your dick does to me!” she said quietly, a satisfied smile turning up the corners of her mouth as she leaned towards him. “I’m so wet right now, mostly still from your cum, but this night just has me feeling really good!”

“Mmm, that’s hot!” Kyle replied, shifting in his seat. He flipped around on the couch to lay on his stomach and put his head closer to where she sat to trap his boner underneath him. “I’m so hard right now, and I’d love to pound you again to put all that wetness to good use!” She shot him a provocative smile and then crawled over to him to kiss him deeply. Kyle’s head was pounding; he was so turned on but he knew that there was a lot of night left before he could fall into the bed with his wife. Their kiss kept going for a few long moments, when Brad came back into the room and hooted at them.

“Looks like you two need to go spend some time in the hot tub!” Brad said, wagging his eyebrows at Kyle.

“Not yet sir, sit down and take your beat down!” Sarah retorted, as she pulled back and gave Kyle a slow wink. Kyle just grinned and shook his head at her, still hard enough to drive a hole into the couch and just about horny enough to try it. He’d never had two women openly hitting on him before, even in his college days, and it was incredible.

“Come help me take the cover off of the hot tub, Kyle,” Ashley called from the kitchen. Sarah shot a silent laugh at him, knowing that he still had to be rock hard, and Kyle pulled a quick maneuver to tuck his erection into the waistband of his shorts and pull his shirt down to cover as he stood up. He detoured to grab another summer lager, and followed Ashley out onto the deck. It was already getting dark, with the backyard lit only in that last glowing light of a summer evening, and the air smelled sweetly of summer barbecue and pool water. The hot tub was built into the side of the deck, so that it was tucked back for privacy and out of the way. Ashley was already on her knees by the cover when Kyle slid the door closed and headed towards her. Her little sundress was showing a lot of the golden panties as it pulled up, and he tripped over his own feet as he got to her. Ashley just flipped the cover back away from them and hopped down to the grass beside the hot tub.

“Grab your side and we’ll flip the whole thing off of the back,” she said. They easily lifted it off and set it onto the little shelf against the fence that was made for it. Ashley hit the bubbles and bumped up the temperature. “Ok great, it’ll be up to temp in a little bit,” she said, wiggling her fingers in the water. She turned to him and jerked her thumb at the pool. “Want to go for a last swim of the evening to cool off before we jump in the hot tub?”

“Yeah, the cool water would be great! My trunks are inside,” he replied, moving to jump back onto the deck. She grabbed his arm and said, “I hate wearing a swimming suit after dark, just take off your clothes and jump in with me!” She let go and reached down, pulling her tiny black sundress over her head. She was outrageously sexy, her small breasts on display in a black lace bralette and the low-rise golden panties shimmering in the dim light. She looked around the back yard, set back against the woods and completely private from their neighbors, and grinned.

“I don’t know if…” Kyle started, but Ashley stepped forward and grabbed his shirt.

“Wait!” He said, but she lifted it up his chest. After a moment’s hesitation, he pulled it the rest of the way off. She was looking at the head of his cock, still poking up through his waistband, with her lips slightly parted.

Kyle finally felt a wave of confidence. He hooked the waistband of his shorts and boxers and slid them down. Ashley stared at his fully erect cock for the second time that day. She murmured, “I’ve been fantasizing about having that inside of me all day. After our little show time earlier, I tried to fuck Brad when we went upstairs to change, but he was already dressed when I got there and wanted to get the grill lit.”

Kyle’s heartbeat was pounding in his ears with her words, and his throat was thick with lust. He stepped towards her, and all he could think about was her tight body and warm, wet pussy. She pulled her bra over her head and then her shimmery golden thong down her legs and stood back up, her shaved pussy standing out in contrast inside the narrow tan lines. She stepped in to him and slid her arms around his back, holding her head back to look up at him as his hardness pressed into her belly between them. Her nipples were hard points as they pushed against his chest, and her lips parted in lust even as her wicked little smile betrayed how much fun she was having. Kyle slid his hands down the hot skin of her back and filled his hungry hands with the cute little ass that he’d been teased with all day. She wiggled in his hands, teasing his cock between them, and Kyle leaned his mouth down towards her parted lips. This time she giggled and easily slipped out of his arms, turning towards the pool and skipping across the lawn before she dove into the sparkling deep end. Kyle grinned and ran after her, matching her dive and blasting through the water in the bubble trail she’d left behind. He saw her just coming to her feet towards the shallower end and came up behind her, this time sliding his hands around her chest from behind with his boner coming up between her legs.

He got his feet under him and the length of his shaft rested against the length of her pussy, not lined up to plunge in, but pointing out through her legs with the pressure teasing her swollen clit. The feeling of that slippery skin was as hot as fire on his cock, and he groaned as he pressed into the swell of her ass to grind forward and move slightly across her clit. She moaned in response, and arched her back to press her firm boobs into his hands. He put a soft kiss on the sensitive skin of her neck, and she twisted her head hungrily towards him. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and kissed her deeply, and with one twist she spun the rest of her body around and wrapped her legs around his waist to dive into the kiss completely. His cock sprang up against his stomach again, and this time she did the grinding as she flicked the hard little nub of her clit across his shaft over and over while they hungrily made out. His hands started to explore her small tight body, so smooth in the water and so different than Sarah’s slightly softer curves. As he slid his fingers up into her hair, the sliding door of the house slid open and Sarah’s drunken laughter led the way as she and Brad came out of the house onto the deck.

Ashley gave one final grind with her clit, as she unlocked her feet from Kyle’s back and fell back into the water a couple of feet. Sarah and Brad were already in their swimming suits, and they stopped to look around the yard as their eyes adjusted and their dulled reflexes processed where Kyle and Ashley were. Sarah cocked her head and called, “Are you two swimming in your clothes?”

“No, silly, that wouldn’t be any fun!” Ashley called back.

“How… Oh!” Sarah exclaimed, realizing that her husband was skinny-dipping with her gorgeous friend! Kyle treaded water a little apprehensively as he waited to see what her next move was.

“Want to join them?” Brad asked Sarah, grabbing her around the waist.

“No way!” Sarah replied and Kyle tensed, starting to grow alarmed. His arousal was quickly fading, and he had a flash of fear that this night might end much less pleasantly than he’d hoped. “That water is way too cold, let’s get in the hot tub!” With that, Sarah slid her bikini top off and tossed it to Brad as she walked over to drop into the bubbling water. She turned around and the other three drank in the sight of her large tits with the hardened pink nipples pointing back at them. She grinned broadly at the looks, grabbed her own tits lewdly and gave her nipples a pinch as she dropped the rest of the way into the water.

Brad snapped out of his trance and grinned, “Sounds much better to me too!” He dropped his shorts, and an impressive boner sprang up to lead his way into the steaming waters. Kyle looked back towards Ashley to see what she thought, just as she grabbed his cock with both hands underwater! She had slipped beneath the surface to come back over to him, and now she quickly took his whole length into her mouth and throat as she slid her hands up his clenched abs. She came up dripping and laughing as she wrapped her legs around him again to put a teasing kiss on his mouth once more. He returned the kiss and looked over at his wife, who just shook her head with a grin and threw something at them. As it landed on the deck by the pool, he realized with a start that it was her bikini bottoms! He laughed, blew her a kiss, and then dropped underwater to carry Ashley to the bottom. She wasn’t ready, and immediately let go and started scrambling. He let her surface, but came up under her with his face between her legs to return her treat. He felt the soft firm lips of her pussy in his mouth, and as his tongue slid into her slit he felt the wetness of the pool change into the slipperiness of her arousal. The chlorine tingled on his tongue and the pussy juice was that perfect combination of sweet and tangy that always drove him wild.

He flicked her clit with his tongue a few more times, and then surfaced in front of her. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled happily before diving away towards the steps leading out of the pool. He followed hungrily, animal instincts surging up as he yearned to catch her tight little body and fuck her senseless. She got to the steps and lay back on her elbows, heaving chest coming out of the water, legs spread open to welcome him in. Kyle slid up the length of her body, his dick landing against her clit again, and she gave a vicious thrust to hump against him.

“Get inside me, now!” she whispered raggedly into his ear, and he pulled back to let his erection line up with her pussy and started pushing slowly into her. It wasn’t fast enough for either of them. She wrapped her legs and thrust, slamming his cock into her as deep as he could go. She dropped her head back and moaned, quivering as he filled her up and her body got the final jolt from her clit. He got his eyes back open as he rested inside of her, and looked over at his wife with Brad. Sarah had laid back on the deck, her beautiful large breasts cupped in each of her hands with Brad’s head between her legs. Brad was barely visible, still in the hot tub, but judging by the movement of his head he was eating Sarah’s pussy just the way she liked it.

Kyle looked back down at Ashley, and she was looking at him. “They’re doing the same thing,” he told her, leaning down to kiss her softly.

“I hope she fucks him as good as this,” Ashley replied, and used the muscles of her pussy to give Kyle a squeeze. Kyle found that he had the same thought, and with that he started to slowly draw out of Ashley’s pussy and drive back into her with that same force as the first thrust. Ashley was frantic, and her wanton horniness was driving Kyle crazy. They started grinding deeply, and Ashley’s breath went ragged and she started a low continuous moaning.

She turned the moan into a, “I’m going to cum, don’t stop!” Kyle instead ground into her as deeply as he could, feeling her swollen clit between them and pulling her tiny firm ass cheeks further apart to drive as deeply as he could. She went wild, with her body spasming all over and her pussy giving hard clenching thrusts. Her wetness underwater was unbelievable, and Kyle gave her two more grinding thrusts before he froze, desperately holding off the orgasm rushing down on him too. His balls throbbed, but Ashley came to a rest before he lost control and the building orgasm stopped just in time. Her eyes fluttered open and the shimmering blue was deep as she held him firmly and gazed up into him.

“I want more,” she nearly growled, and pushed him gently out of her. Kyle throbbed, and nearly went wild as his dick protested leaving the tight squeeze of her pussy. “Come up on the deck,” she said, patting the boards. Kyle crawled out, and saw his wife on her belly now, with Brad standing in the hot tub and pounding her from behind. He lay down by Ashley and his swollen cock was sticking up as hard as he had ever been. Ashley crawled out of the water too, but stopped by his dick and met his eyes as she slid his length into her mouth again. His dick was still slick with her juices and she sucked and licked while kneading his balls. Kyle loved it; Sarah had never licked her own wetness from his dick before and the dirtiness of it was driving him wild. Ashley stopped as his orgasm started to stir again, and crawled the rest of the way up him. His dick was soaked with her saliva, and her mouth was still wet as she dropped onto him. He flicked his hips down, and the moment he lined up with her hole she buried it in herself again.

This time she started rocking her hips and he met her rocking with thrusts in and out. The firm impacts of his skin into her clit had her gasping again, and he felt his balls swelling with pressure as he grew closer with her. She rode him like that for what felt like hours, and he was lost in the feeling of that tight little body fucking him for all she was worth, matching his strokes back into her. He opened his eyes and stared up at the stars, desperately holding off his climax, and he felt her building again. Her wetness increased and she started that low continuous moaning again as she held his biceps and exploded on him again. He almost made it. She came, and Kyle soaked it up while he watched her eyes roll back in her head and every muscle in her body spasming again. He wanted to ride it out and let her go again, but her final thrusts sent a little gush of juices dripping down his balls. With a growl, he flipped her over, holding her head with one hand and her ass with the other. He caught the rise of his orgasm, and finally let go of his hold on it. Ashley was laid back, arms and legs open, soaking up every stroke and begging for his cum. Kyle felt it build and timed his strokes perfectly, exploding into Ashley’s already soaking wet pussy and pulsing in her over and over. He came to rest still inside of her, and she leaned up to kiss him again.

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