Izzy and Ren Ch. 01

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This is just all based on some daydreaming and fantasizing I’ve been doing… then I started writing it down and started to like it! The characters are if course fictitious and over 18 years of age, however are both virgins having never really even gotten to first base properly…. yet….


There might be more to come on this… see how I feel.


“Do you guys need anything?” Ren’s mother looked back at them over her shoulder as she entered the garage. Ren could hear the sound of their car’s doors opening and slamming shut as his father and brother buckled themselves in.

“No thanks! We’re good!” Ren’s eyes drifted to Izzy, who’s soft brown eyes were focussed on the TV screen, with a PlayStation 2 controller clutched lightly in her delicate hands.

“Okay, see you later!”

The door closed with a thud and the muffled sound of the car’s engine kicking into life was heard as Ren’s mum got in the car.

“So, what do you want to play next?” Izzy’s face turned to Ren and caught him staring at her, which made her smile.

“I uhh.. I have a few ideas…” Ren replied, suddenly questioning everything he’d been planning on doing and saying since he’d invited Izzy over in the first place.

“I mean ummm… We can play Fifa and Tekken when everyone else is here, you know?” It was suddenly tough to look at Izzy’s face and his glance shifted across the floor and the walls. “So i wondered if we do something else.” He looked up at her and on seeing she was staring straight back at him, he locked her eyes. “Something we can’t do with either of our families watching.” He confirmed as he saw the faintest shadow of a smile cross her face. “Together.” He finished.

Izzy smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders with indifference like she didn’t really mind much either way.

“I’m good with that Ren, but i still don’t really know what you’ve got in mind…”

Ren smiled, then hesitated slightly and his eyes automatically returned to the sofa beside him.

“Well umm.. I just remember that time we went swimming.. And before you jumped in the water you kinda showed me your tits,” Ren sheepishly blurted all at once unwilling to let himself stop.

“Yes,” Izzy said slowly, smiling back. “I kinda flashed you my tits you mean, for like, 20 seconds!”

Ren smiled as he looked at her and relived the memory. “I just kinda wondered if maybe I could see them again, but this time up close?”

Izzy stood up at once, and before Ren knew what was happening, she sat right beside him in exactly the place he’d been staring to avoid her eyes; and no longer wearing her shirt.

It was so amazing to Ren, just seeing Izzy’s body up close like this in a way he really hadn’t before. He knew this was the same girl who’d been hid close friend for years, and he knew that there had always been this body right there with him positioned just beneath a layer or two of clothes… but suddenly to have her right there, so near he could see the individual stitching across the top of her bra… He felt a level of excitement thst just seemed too much to be completely overcome by a simple shirt being placed back over her figure.

Suddenly Izzy’s hands were reaching round behind her back and moments later, her bra got flung to the floor exposing two small perky breasts.

Ren felt his eyes double in size, and was perfectly aware of his hard dick now quite obviously pushing to get free of his pants.

Ren looked at Izzy, but she didn’t even seem slightly perturbed by this and was just smiling at him like they were together playing a game.

“Can… Can I touch them?”


Ren’s greedy hands reached out and squeezed and groped every inch of exposed tit they could reach. Even if he lived forever, he didn’t think he could get enough of Antep Escort Bayan feeling these boobs. He looked to Izzy’s face again, and she just smiled at him amazed at how much pleasure her two boobs could create.

As he felt drool begin to build up in his mouth, there was only one thing to ask.

“Can I suck them too?”

Izzy resumed her nonchalant attitude and replied, “If you want.”

Mmmmmm… There was only one thing better in the world to groping Izzy’s tits, to Ren at that moment; and without a fraction of a doubt, it was sucking Izzy’s tits. They were so soft and delicious, as if two tit brand panna cotte had just grown, attached to Izzy’s chest. He flicked her firm nipples softly with the end of his tongue, and otherwise made out in every sense of the word, with her beautiful areolas.

Looking up at last to Izzy’s face once more, lights danced around it and there was something in her eyes he could never remember seeing before in his life.

What was this? What was going on? They were friends by chance because of hanging out in the same place for a few hours a few days; and suddenly he’d felt and tasted both of Izzy’s breasts, and her face was just gorgeous in a completely different way to any he’d previously known existed! Her eyes! So soft and caring… Her cheeks! So perfect and sweet… Her lips! Oh God, her lips!

“Can I kiss you?”

“Definitely!” And Izzy put her hands behind his head and pulled him in as if this were what she had been waiting for.

With the exception of what he had just done to her boobs, Ren’s experience at kissing was highly limited. He knew that it was about moving the lips, and the tongue got involved too; but it was difficult to think too much as his mouth was now pressed for the first time against the soft sweet lips of this girl, and he felt her beautiful dainty tongue in his mouth, and his in hers; his cock was practically jizzing to be free of his pants.

The kisses went on though, and Ren no longer cared about anything else. Izzy’s soft wet lips pressed into his own, and his getting to be this close to her, and actually even taste this beautiful friend’s mouth, was beyond amazing.

As he felt their mouths close and their long and drawn out kiss finally finished, Ren looked into Izzy’s eyes and had the desperate desire to make her smile.

Feeling suddenly awkward upon realising that she had now been topless for awhile, and he was still fully clothed, he fumbled with his trousers saying, “I guess you want to see…”

But was cut off by Izzy’s head flying down and her mouth wrapping around his cock the instant it had broken free of his pants.

Those beautiful lips, that moments ago had been pressed against his own, were now halfway down his shaft and sliding up and down as if it was what they were designed for. That beautiful tongue that tasted like juicyfruit-chewy and had so tenderly caressed his own mere seconds earlier, was now licking up and down and all around his knob, as if it were a lollipop with all variety of different tastes.

He couldn’t really even describe why this was such an amazing feeling, when just touching his bits at random and covering them with water or a wash cloth or clothes didnt feel any bit as the inside of Izzy’s warm mouth. The only thing he knew for a fact right then was that he wanted more! He wanted Izzy! And she wanted him! Or, she wanted his cock at least anyway…

And he wanted her too. “Izzy… my turn…”

When she finally pulled back from his dick, she loved as quickly as she had when she’d gone down on him to begin with. Moments later she was fully nude, And pushed him back to lay down on the couch, as she lay over the top of him, positioning her clean shaved pussy mere centimeters from his mouth.

Ren looked down his own body, and beneath this glorious display of bare pussy and arse that was above him, hung a pair of tits, and between them a mouth determined to keep on sucking his dick.

As he felt Izzy’s tongue lick repeatedly up and down the top of his knob, Ren stuck out his own tongue and gave her outer labia a few licks before, realising what in front of him, he dove in tongue first and made out with her pussy.

He felt Izzy’s moan on his knob, now resting at the back of her throat and getting gulped at. Becoming aware that it was her sensitive vagina he was now making out with, Ren began moving his tongue more slowly; still determined to taste every secret hidden within those beautiful outer lips, but with the precision and finesse that such a beautiful opening both demands and deserves.

He looked more closely too, feeling a deep appreciation for the perfection that is the female form. Two beautiful mounds of juicy flesh placed side-by side atop each leg, creating a valley of beauty, which was perfectly clean and bare except for one small, tight, pinched hole.

Somewhere in his mind was saying, “You know that’s where her shit comes out from, right?” But the rest of him was just too consumed by the fact that this was one of Izzy’s two most private places; a part of her that likely hadn’t been seen by another person since she was in nappies, and despite the impromptu nature of everything that had taken place in the last few moments, it was as beautiful and clean and ‘there’ as if Izzy had been preparing for this moment her entire life.

His tongue was drawn to it like a moth to flame, and he felt her throat catch around his knob. They were both in new territory both for things that they’d done, and had had done to them, and were loving every second of it. Ren moved down to show his newfound appreciation for Izzy’s perineum as Izzy pushed the newfound limits of her throat and gag reflex, bobbing further and further down Ren’s shaft.

‘This is some hottly contested skin estate,’ Ren thought as his tongue snaked along the thin ridge which was all that lay between the two glorious pink depths. Too far this way or that and you’ll hopelessly fall into either hole, but only of you’re extraordinarily lucky.

Today, Ren was the luckiest guy on Earth.

No longer able to resist, he moved down further, to the now soaking wet pussy entrance, and felt Izzy gasp and moan simultaneously as two of Ren’s fingers joined his tongue on this exploratory journey.

Although short on first-hand experience, he had a wealth of video gained knowledge from watching the professionals. He reached around to the inside of her stomach, and feeling a small, dense and spongy area, he pressed and rubbed it till Izzy gagged on his dick in pleasure.

Ren’s knob was in a world of dizzying sensation as Izzy’s worn throat muscles hopelessly convulsed through swallowing, gagging and gasps of pleasure. Ren kept his fingers manipulating her G-spot, moving his head further down to explore and taste even more.

Expecting to reach her clitoris first, he was surprised to meet a soft fleshy bulb slightly sooner. He probed in further and felt a slight dip, and realised he’d now licked both her pissing hole and shitting hole, and loved both.

Moving on, he did reach her clit, as Izzy’s throat reached that critical stage and he felt her gag reflex just stop as he was knob and shaft were now sliding up and down her neck. He licked her clit using the middle of his tongue in long repetitive strokes and felt her body quiver in response.

Izzy bared down even further, and Ren was scared for just a moment as she pulled her head back off his dick, until she turned around and sat her pussy directly down on top of if. Ren welcomed her tits to his chest, as they made out even harder than before, without a care for where the other’s mouth had just been.

“Oh my God!”

“Fuck yes!”

Izzy’s pussy was beyond amazing. The soft pink skin he had just been licking was now doing wonders to the entirety of his dick, as she moved back and forth on him and rotated her hips. It seemed to be doing the trick for Izzy even more, as her breathing quickened, her thrusting sped up, and suddenly she was crying out in her ecstasy as Ren felt her pussy reach orgasm with her hot pussy juice now coating his member.

She pushed herself to sit up with his dick still inside her and short of breath, her face slightly windswept but smiling.

“Did you cum?”

“No,” Ren shook his head.

“Good,” said Izzy. “I did; but I want your cum in my stomach, just not like this!” She smiled at him and got up off him fully. “But first…” she left hanging as she went and bent over the edge of the second sofa, causing Ren to sit up to properly look at her.

“Come on,” she said. “You’ve earned this!”

Ren smiled as he saw her legs spread and back arched enough to reveal the whole area his tongue had journeyed.

“What?” He questioned. “Fucking your pussy from behind?”

She looked back at him like he’d just asked an incredibly stupid question. “No you idiot. Fucking my arse.”

She reached around and spread her cheeks apart fully, and cursing himself for wasting time, Ren jumped up and pressed his dick against her still wet, tight back hole, slowly opening her up, and slowly inching inside. He did his best not to hurt her, feeling this was her first time, and pausing every time she gasped in pain. He reached around to rub her clit, and it wasn’t long before he had reached full penetration and slid cleanly and quickly in and out, feeling the tight squeeze of her rectum pushing him further and further toward cumming.

This was it, Ren knew he was close, as he looked down at the amazing sight of Izzy’s arse slamming back and forth against him as he fucked her arse harder and harder.

“Now! Now!”

Izzy twisted herself around and Ren’s dick slid clean out of her to be replaced almost at once by her mouth working his knob as she jacked him to completion.

He exploded onto her tongue, and Ren looked down to see Izzy now with her mouth wide open, and his jizz covering her tongue and filling her mouth further and further with every pump.

As he felt himself finished and wiped the last pump of cum off on her cheek, he smiled as she gaped her mouth to show him all his sperm, before gargling and swallowing it all.

Ren smiled down at Izzy, and Izzy back at him, when they both were snapped to attention by the sounds of the garage roller-door opening.

“Shit!” Ren gasped, as they grabbed their clothes from the floor and threw them on just in time before his family came back into the house.

“Had a good time you two? Give us a hand with the groceries!”

They stood up to help pack everything away, and to Ren, there was suddenly a whole new world of possibilities in life.

“What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?” Ren’s mum asked?

“Oh, you know,” Ren began as he looked at Izzy, who couldn’t help herself but to smile broadly back at him.

“I thought we’ve been practicing the game in here,” he gestured to the PlayStation, “I thought maybe we’d go to a park or something and try for real.”

“Well that sounds like a great idea. Izzy, are you…? Ohh.. uhh… Well umm… Be safe, you know you two. Behave yourselves. Swear to me now you will!”

Ren was surprised to hear his mother’s tone as he assured her they’d be good and took Izzy’s hand and walked her to the front door.

“Was she okay?” Izzy asked quietly as they stepped outside together.

“I think so… Come on!” Ren leant in to kiss her on the cheek, and then realised what his Mum had seen that had given her a change in attitude. Izzy still had the cum on her face from where he’d finished cumming and wiped his dick off earlier.


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