Mistress Jessie Takes Over

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Author’s Disclaimer: This story is original material and is the intellectual property of its author. All characters in this story are entirely fictional are aged eighteen years or older. Any resemblance to real events is coincidental.

When I was a college junior, myself and our college band were going on a trip for them to play in San Francisco, California. We were actually all quite excited to bring our Tennessee twang to the uppity Californians and were even more excited to be on the trip, as we were being given plenty of free time and little supervision. I was listening to a variety of podcasts. I wasn’t in the band, I actually was with the school paper, reporting it. I was assigned to do this job, but really did want it, the trip I heard would be a ton of fun and whatever I wrote would at least be published. This was actually one of the few real stories I got to cover, and it all started with me posting chess puzzles, which often wasn’t published. Which was a step up from me writing classifieds which was the first thing I did. Either way, it would be nice to see “Henry Flory,” my name on the front page.

I was worried that people would be practicing their interests in the van, but, playing an instrument was a good way to earn everyone’s hatred. Few realized just how loud these instruments could be, especially in confined spaces. Looking at my books and podcasts, mostly hard hitting stuff on philosophy, economics, or science, a young freshman I didn’t know, her name was Jessie teased me, calling me a nerd. In that very loud, silly kind of way.

I was, but said, “Why’d you say that?”

“I’m just teasing, but I don’t know a lot of people who think reading about ancient philosophy is a good time. You know, unless they’re a nerd,” Jessie said teasingly.

I actually didn’t know Jessie very well, I discovered she played the clarinet, and was actually very attractive. She had a cute face and long, straight blonde hair that she tied back. She was dressed in a very casual way, but I could tell she had an athletic build. I did discover she actually played a lot of intramurals and also did boxing. She was a freshman, just turned nineteen, I was a senior, and 22.

We got down to the hotel for the conference, we were there two days early, so we partied it up the first night. I didn’t drink much, but was able to make myself some girly drinks courtesy of vending machine, and agreed to drink “in the spirit of a game.” So we played Kings and “Never Have I Ever.” I won the latter, being a total square.

We all were a bit buzzed by this point and someone suggested “Truth or Dare.” It actually started out kind of dull, but over time someone had outed herself as bisexual, one guy was in his underwear, two girls had French kissed each other, another flautist gave her instrument a blow job, a male student had filled his pants with ice cubes, and probably the best, two girls had their shirts off, including Jessie. Jessie had breasts larger than I expected, having never really seen her in anything but a sweatshirt thus far. She also had remarkably toned abs. I was casually taking truth, “yes” I was a virgin, if I could hook up with any girl it would be “the goddess that is Taylor Swift.” I stole a textbook from a classmate in high school (I thought he stole my book, so I intended to recover it). Maybe it was the alcohol talking or the fact I found her super attractive, but Jessie finally directed it at me, and I said “dare.” Jessie smirked, she took her socks off without reaching down, just letting her feet do the work. Her feet were reasonably sized, her toe nails were painted a bright pink, and her toes were nice and straight, “suck.”

She began scrunching up her foot, and when I tried to back out of it, the group got excited and I was pressured into it. For some reason, the chance to suck on these teenage feet turned me on so much, I wasn’t really crazy about feet, but I did find submitting to the will of this cutie to be amazing. I relented and pretended to be disgusted. As I was about to such her feet, Jessie told me to get on my knees in front of her it would be “a better angle.” I quickly obeyed the cute blonde and fell to my knees at her feet. She smugly put her feet up against my face, I found the scent disgusting yet erotic, and said “suck.” She had a triumphant smirk on her face as the group whooped and hollered as I did this degrading act.

Her feet were sweaty and dirty and tasted salty and disgusting, yet for some reason this was an amazing experience. My penis was throbbing in my pants as I tried to pretend, I was hating every second of it. After I finally got done with both feet, even though she kept pushing them in, and her legs were strong.

I said “Ugh, gross! I’m gonna brush my teeth!” I went in the bathroom and turned the water on, I did rinse my mouth out, but didn’t want to brush my teeth. I loved the taste of Jessie’s feet and decided instead to masturbate, which I did furiously thinking of Jessie’s feet and being on my knees in front of this bahis şirketleri pretty teenager. I exploded in a powerful orgasm. I cleaned myself up, splashed some cold water on my face and dried that off, and came out, still looking perturbed about what happened.

. “Feel better?” Jessie asked me, sounding somewhat genuine, but still triumphant in a sense, she also flashed me a playful wink.

“Yes,” I said, Jessie scooted over on the bed she was sitting on and tapped for me to sit next to her.

I sat next to Jessie. I craved Jessie’s attentions and new ways to be dominated by this cute, athletic girl. I was confused by the wink, did she know how much sucking her feet had turned me on?

As it went around to the next player, Carly, a drunk, full-figured senior and oboist chose Jessie and Jessie confidently smirked and chose “Dare.”

Carly smiled and said, “I want you to French kiss Henry. You should know what your feet taste like too!”

Jessie turned to me and before I could even react set upon me pushing me down. The group was whooping and watching. As much as I wanted this, I didn’t have a real choice in the matter, she was far too strong for me to stop. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I began running my fingers through her soft, golden hairs. I had little experience with girls and this became one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Then it was over, as Jessie pulled away, smiling, still quite triumphantly.

The game wound down not long after, and we all returned to our rooms. I was hoping to get some quality sleep, but couldn’t stop thinking about Jessie and her feet and how despite them having a taste I knew should be repugnant, was a sweet and savory delicacy that I would prefer be in my mouth more than anything else and how her strength, combined with her pretty mouth on mine was so powerfully erotic. I tried reading, I felt a need to masturbate, so I did in the bathroom again, eventually falling into a fitful sleep.

As we had gotten in early, I woke up at about 0800 in a hope to go see the sights. A text from Joey, the conductor was inviting people to take a tour and maybe get lunch somewhere nice. I had a nice fresh yellow pad ready to go, possibly doing an article on that aspect of the trip as well. We were not leaving though until 1000, so I had a little time. I relaxed with some music and began contemplating last night. I still felt torn between what I thought I ought to feel and what I actually did feel, I figured that my philosophers, like Marcus Aurelius, would have known how to feel, but little was there about being turned on by feet, or if not feet, a very attractive dominant woman. It was peaceful, I was enjoying having my own room. I also knew the paper never really audited hotel rooms, so room service was absolutely an option for me. I had picked up the menu in my room and began browsing through it.

Around 0815, there was a knock on my door, I was greeted by a cute blonde freshman. Jessie was standing there wearing the same smile, subtle and yet confident. She was wearing a knee length strapless yellow sundress. It teased a little cleavage. She was wearing makeup today, although not a lot. Her feet were on full display, she was wearing fashionable flat sandals. She was carrying a relatively large black purse.

“Hi Henry!” said Jessie.

“Uh, hi Jessie,” I said back, “what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing, I just didn’t see you at breakfast, and, well, you don’t seem like the kind of guy who likes the gym, but I checked there too, I was there at 7 anyway….so I figured I’d go check on you in your room!” Jessie said cheerily, she walked right past me into the room, despite not having been ushered in. She flopped down on my bed and dropped her purse on the floor next to her. I was wearing what I had fallen asleep in, a big grey t-shirt from the school we got during orientation and silver athletic shorts. I had socks on my feet, not trusting the hotel floor. Jessie sat down on my bed and began playfully dangling her sandal on her right foot up and down.

“So, what made you come here?” I asked the much more feminine freshmen.

“Oh, not much, wanted to see how you were doing and wanted to maybe talk or something,” said Jessie. She let her sandal drop to the floor and crossed her legs the opposite way and let her left sandal fall.

“Listen, Jessie, last night was just a silly game, you didn’t have to kiss me and it doesn’t mean you and I are anything more than friends right now,” I said nervously.

Jessie chortled before continuing, “I had fun with you last night, did you enjoy yourself? Did you enjoy sucking my feet?” Jessie stuck her feet out and scrunched them only a few inches from my face. They were so inviting; it took every ounce of mental fortitude for me not to suck on them and confess it.

“What happened is what happened,” I said flatly.

“Oh, come on,” Jessie teased, “Okay, for an easier one, you liked the kiss, right?”

“I suppose I did,” I said.

Jessie seemed enthusiastic, bahis firmaları I still had no clue why she decided to track me down.

“I hope you’re having breakfast,” said Jessie.

“Yes, actually,” I said, “room service.”

“Did you order yet?” Jessie asked.

“No, I was about to,” I said.

“Mind if I join you?” Jessie said, grabbing the menu and writing down her order with the pen and pad that came with the room. I was having a western omlette and homefries, she was getting pancakes and a side of bacon. We also both had toast and preserves, which came with every meal, I had rye and she had white.

My room had two chairs, they were kind of comfortable, and Jessie sat down opposite me, closer to the door with her back to it, we made some small talk until the food came. “I need to get some information on the band trip for the paper, seeing you’re billing room service to the paper, can I ask you a few questions?” I decided this would be a safe topic.

“One time at band camp….” Jessie said, then she burst out laughing and said, “Allison Hannigan is, unfortunately, a liar. What did you want to know?”

“Do you mind if I record?” I asked.

“Sure, go ahead,” said Jessie.

I put my recording device on and said “Can you please state your name, class, and instrument as well as today’s date?”

“Jessica Ashley White, freshman, clarinet, and for date, how about Henry Flory?” Ashley winked and laughed.

“Very funny,” I said, trying to stay composed, “maybe try telling me the day and the month.”

“April 23rd.” Jessica said, “I didn’t know you’d disapprove.”

I was seldom at a loss for words, but I wasn’t sure if I’d want to date Jessie. She was cute, I admit that, especially in her sundress, and had this kind of playful confidence, perhaps even a little impudent, but I found it quite charming. Most girls aren’t cheeky like that. Fortunately, the moment passed quickly when we were interrupted by room service. I turned my device off, so the paper would pay for the food.

I asked her if she was looking forward to seeing the sights today.

“Yeah, but I was thinking of going a bit later, I like to do my own exploring and a big trip would be cumbersome, you should tag along,” said Jessie, “besides, I’m a lot more fun!”

I was awkward, but even I knew this cheeky teen was flirting with me, I didn’t know what to say. I actually was liking her sass and thought she might be more fun to hang out with.

“What kind of preserve do you like?” Jessie asked.

I responded, “Um…what do we have? Oh, I think I like the peach. You?”

“Hang on,” Jessie said, she had a mischievous smile on and grabbed the peach preserves and before I could even ask what she was doing she put her feet on the table, her food aside, but her heels were right on my potatoes, “Lick up!” said Jessie.

“Jessie, come on, this is utterly disgusting and inappropriate,” I said, trying to suppress my instinct to dive right in at this dominant teen’s feet.

“Stop denying it, Henry,” she said, “something woke up in you yesterday. I am just trying to wake up your fantasy more. You think I’m pretty, right?”

I was considering saying something about how inappropriate this was, I managed to squeak out a “Yes.”

“Good. I won’t tell anyone, and I know you’re still eating those potatoes and will lick the peach preserve off, then maybe we can hang out all day today, if not, I’ll be very disappointed and will have to see if there’s another guy on this trip who’s submissive like you.”

I decided it was worth it, “Okay, Jessie, I find you super interesting and–” I didn’t get to finish. Jessie jammed her foot inside my mouth. I tasted the peach preserves and their sweetness with the salty taste of her foot. It felt disgusting, but only initially, then it was the finest thing I could ever taste. I loved this cute teen taking this kind of control. She flashed that triumphant smirk.

“Isn’t this great?” asked Jessie, knowing I couldn’t say much of anything with her foot in my mouth. She wrapped her other foot around the back of my head to keep me in place. “Keeping on sucking, you know you love it!”

Jessie withdrew her foot and began really mashing her heels into my potatoes. She wasn’t being subtle at all anymore and ran her feet into my omelet. She ensured plenty of egg was on her foot and said, “eat up!” She had her phone out and began taking pictures as I ate my breakfast off of her beautiful feet. I was so humiliated yet had never been more aroused. Occasionally she’d take a bit of her breakfast with a fork, she had placed it to her side to avoid entangling her legs with it. Fortunately, I had tea and cranberry juice to make my mouth at least feel clean.

Her feet had made contact with everything on my plate. Some might say my food was contaminated, but to me, it was blessed. She laughed and teased me as she took the pics, “maybe I should caption this one ‘Beta Bitch Boy’s Breakfast?'” I moaned and pleaded with her to please not kaçak bahis siteleri to post the pictures. She finally let me remove my mouth, giving my forehead a light kick to hasten the disengagement. I panted to catch my breath…then Jessie spoke, “Okay, okay, I won’t post the pics online, but I think it goes without saying that we’re not leaving with the band to go on that tour. We’re going to play together. You love it, don’t you? You like it when I call you ‘bitch boy’ too, right?”

I didn’t say anything, but was my penis up and as sturdy as Gibraltar. I loved this. “You can admit it,” Ashley said.

I quietly said, “I guess so.”

“That’s good! I think you’ll like being my bitch boy too!” Exclaimed Jessie, “Will you?”

I normally would completely deny this, it was pretty shameful, but Jessie’s pretty face framed by flowing blonde hair, athletic body, beautiful legs, and heavenly feet let me know that I could be her bitch boy and should. Freshman or not, I wanted to be led by this cutie.

“Hell yes,” I said quietly.

“Good boy! Most guys would enjoy being a bitch boy more often if they opened themselves up to not having to be in control. But you’re not like most other guys! Now your first order is for you to let the band know you aren’t going with them today,” Jessie said.

I picked up my phone and texted Joe, I said I was staying in at least for a bit, I had overslept and had some work I had to do. I handed my phone to Jessie who saw the text approvingly.

“Good boy!” purred the cute athlete, “now…..just because we’re across this table from one another, let’s arm-wrestle. Tell you what, if you win…you can choose what we do the rest of the day. If I win, I get to choose!”

“I’m not really sure I’m comfortable making that bet, the cost is too grave,” I said. I was never that strong a guy and Jessie looked quite fit.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” she said, “it’ll all be fun stuff no matter what.”

I relented finally. It probably had more to do with me deciding I wanted to be more dominated by this bossy teenage queen than anything else at that moment. Proof of her physical superiority would be a good way to cement that.

My right hand gripped onto Jessie’s. I pushed with all my might, but her arm couldn’t budge. She just sat smiling, even rolling her eyes, “you can use your other hand too. So I did, and still nothing. My hands were bigger than her hands, but two arms weren’t budging her arm. I was grunted and pushing and she was just playfully smiling. She then said, “okay.” And easily slammed both of my hands down. “By the way, I’m a lefty,” she said with a triumphant smile, she seemed to be glowing in triumph. I hung my head only to see my penis at full mast in my pants. I was deriving immense erotic pleasure from her power.

“Go sit on the bed,” Jessie commanded. I went to sit on the foot closer to the door and she went over to the door and made sure it was properly locked and closed the curtains without so much as acknowledging me. Standing with her hands on her hips she said, “Okay bitch boy, clothes off, NOW!” The way she shouted “now” made me jump. I began slowly removing my clothes and managed to get down to my underwear. “Those off too, bitch, hurry up!” Being somewhat modest, I was hesitant to take them off, especially when she remained dressed. She finally just pulled them down and yanked them off. My rock hard erection sprung out. I felt so embarrassed and she picked my clothes up off the bed and threw them to the far side of the room and told me to put my hands on top of my head and to stand so she could inspect me.

She strolled back and forth with both silliness of a college sorority girl and the firmness of a military officer and said, “hmm, your penis is larger than I thought, about average in size.” I blushed, causing her to chuckle. “Muscle definition is, predictably, lacking. You’re kinda cute though, so I’ll probably keep you. You may sit down again.”

I sat back down on the bed, she put her hands back on her hips, pausing to run one through her long blonde hair which had dipped over her face. “Let me ask you one question, how does it make you feel, bitch boy, to be losing to a girl, one who is younger than you and yet totally in charge of you?”

I thought for a moment and said, “I thought I would hate it, but it just feels so erotic and natural too.”

“I figured as much, bitch boy. I know you like being called that, but I’m not Jessie anymore, bitch, I’m Mistress, We can act normally in public, but in private this is how it will be, is that understood?” Jessie had levied a question, but really it was a command.

“I understand, Mistress,” I said.

“Good boy,” Jessie said.

“Now, if you misbehave, bitch, I’m going to have to punish you and remind you of your place,” Jessie said, a hint of mischief in her voice, she was smiling with excitement.

“W-what are you going to–” I started, but Jessie slapped me across the face, hard. She really was strong, I actually fell down, fortunately onto the bed, not the floor.

“SHUT UP BITCH! You don’t get to question your Mistress! Your punishments will be what they are bitch boy!” said Jessie loudly, “you know what, stand in the corner, I’ll be right back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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