My Cowboy, My Lover Ch. 02

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The next few days with David were some of the most memorable of my life. Not only was he great in bed, but he had a wonderful personality to go along with it. We spent hours laying together laughing, joking, and playfully teasing each other into an erotic frenzy over and over.

On his last night in town I was so nervous. Wondering when or if this could ever lead anywhere. I finally realized that I had to just relax, and enjoy where we were now. That night I bathed and pampered myself. Enjoying my new found femininity that had come along with my experiences with David.

Anxiously, I waited to hear the sound of his tires crunching on my driveway. We didn’t waste any time, our hunger for each other was to great. I lead him into the guest room, and we stood at the edge of the bed kissing. I felt his hands sliding over my body and I shivered with desire. His hands slid up the backs of my legs, cupping my ass, pulling me to him. I pushed into him, feeling his hard chest and even harder cock rub against me. I moaned into his mouth as we shared a deep kiss.

His eyes never left mine as he removed first my shirt, then my shorts, finding me bare and silky smooth underneath. Rope roughened hands came down upon my sensitive skin, and I pressed into him. Moaning with delight as the palm of his big hand covered my breast. Cupping it to bring my hard, pleading nipple to his hot, greedy mouth. Thousands of tiny bolts of electricity shot through me at the feel Urfa Escort of his tongue lapping at my nipple, his teeth teasingly grating across it.

Fully nude, he lay me down on the bed…spreading my legs open to him. The look in his eyes was one of pure lust mixed with a need so strong it rocked me to m core. I watched him, his body shadowed by the moonlight coming in from the window as he undressed before me. I’d seen his body every night, gloried in the passion and the release it had brought me, but looking at it now was as if I was gazing at him for the first time again. I could feel myself, dripping with need for him.

My body trembled as he climbed on top of me…I ran my hands along his back, feeling his muscles contract beneath my touch. Chills ran threw me as I felt his hot breath on my neck…and he ran his tongue over me…fingers gliding across my creamy skin. Stroking me higher and higher, making me burn with need to feel his cock pressing into me. He came to me then and I realized he hadn’t taken off his last barrier. I was puzzled for a moment until I felt him start rubbing his hardness against me. The friction of his underwear making my clit tingle and harden with desire. I rode him then, and his teasing cock on a wave of utter exctacy as I climaxed against him, drenching him with my cum.

“Please David, I can’t take anymore. I need you inside me. Fuck me!”

With that I rolled him over, and yanked at Urfa Escort Bayan him, freeing him of his underwear and engulfed his cock. Sucking him had become my new favorite thing to do. I held him for only a moment in my mouth. My need to have him filling my aching pussy was to strong. Straddling him, I slammed down on his cock and stilled myself.

“Oh God, you feel so good. I love the way your cock fills me.”

“That’s it, ride me. Take that cock.”

I felt his hands on my hips, guiding me, urging me on. With every thrust I felt him bottom out inside me. his balls slapping against my ass. Never before had I wanted someone so desperately. I leaned back, getting into the rhythm of it. Cupping my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples. His hands gripped my hips, and threw me over on the bed, him falling on me. He held me tight then, stilling me when all my body wanted to do was move I writhed against him, my body begging him not to stop, to keep fucking me, and to fuck me hard.

He teased me then. He thrust into me, using agonizingly slow strokes. It was almost as if he wanted to prolong the feeling of being inside me. I was like a madwoman. My pussy hungry for his thick creamy cum to be shooting inside me. I wanted to move, I had to move, I had to make him cum.

“Please David, harder. Please, I need it so badly. I need to feel you cuming inside me.”

That’s when I felt it. He reared back and came plunging Escort Urfa into my depths. Deeper and deeper, he pounded me with ever thrust. I could feel his groin, slamming into me. Pushing me further and further up on the bed. I grabbed hold of the bed posts, anchoring myself, and thrust my hips to meet his every thrust. Slamming back on him as hard as I could.

“Oh yes! I’m gonna come David,”

I screamed, crying out as I came on him and bathed his cock in my sweet, tasty cum. Over and over he thrust into me, my pussy convulsing on his cock. Desperately milking him, I heard him moan and felt his cock swell inside me as he kept thrusting into me. He came shooting and shooting inside me. I could feel it, hitting the back of my walls, warming me. It felt so very delicious to feel his hot cum jetting inside me, filling me.

He collapsed on me then, still inside me, and I could feel the mixture of our cum leaking out around his cock, running down in between us. I felt so deliciously wicked. I wanted to have pure, animalistic sex with this man until the sun came up and he left me, maybe for good. We shared orgasms that night, over and over, until finally we lay spent, snuggled together and drifted off to sleep. I watched as the sun slowly came up to shine across my cowboy’s face.

The next morning left us both wondering if we’d ever see each other again. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and promised to write and call as often as we could. We are still in contact although we’ve never been able to be together again. Who knows, maybe someday we will. For now though, I have the memories of David, my cowboy, my lover. Memories that I will always cherish, and that still leave me wet and wanting him.

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