Remember When Ch. 04

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Edited by luvtaread

“As you guys know Katy and I met at college.” Mel said, “At the time we were friends, but were hardly lovers. Then as finals week approached in the spring of my sophomore year our little minx here made her move. It started out as nightly massages.”

“Hey I know that trick.” Ashley said smiling at Katy.

“Well it worked on Mel, so I figured why not,” the blonde said mischievously.

“Who said I was complaining?” Ashley asked.

“Ladies.” Brandon said amused and quite turned on, “I believe Mel was telling a story.”

“Thank you Brandon,” Mel said as the other two quieted down, “As I was saying it started as massages, massages that got more and more sexual each day. First was my ass, then my tits, before she finally began covertly fingering me. The next night though Katy was done messing around…”

Mel could feel the pressure of her classes and keeping up her business as if it was a physical weight. Katy’s massages had helped, but they just weren’t enough, despite the increasingly sexual nature of them. Mel was only left craving more from her sexy friend.

She was not sure which made her more uncomfortable that she was enjoying the massages so much or that since she had been receiving them she found herself more and more attracted to her new best friend.

Mel found herself unconsciously staring at Katy’s cute butt as the blonde walked away. Often times when Katy fell asleep watching a movie Mel found herself not only staring at the blonde’s body, especially those gorgeous tits, but lusting after it as well.

It was a fight with herself that was only adding to her tension. It made it hard to relax during the massages and so Mel never got the full release she needed. That night Mel asked for another massage.

“Okay, but on my terms Mel, no exceptions.” Mel so desperate for the feel on Katy’s soft hands that she agreed. “Excellent, you bursa escort bayan know the drill I’ll be there in a moment.”

Mel left and stripped before lying on the massage table. Katy came in and it started out like a normal massage. Then Katy was ready for the front.

“Turn over,” Katy said in a firm tone.

“Katy, I’m…”

“Mel did you not agree to do everything I say?” Caught Mel nodded and Katy said again, “Then turn over.”

Reluctantly Mel did and she laid on her back with her eyes shut awaiting Katy’s soft hand but they never came. Instead Mel felt soft lips touch hers. Her eyes flew open to discover Katy’s deep brown eyes looking back at her as they kissed. Mel was repulsed only for a split second before returning the kiss. Mel wrapped her arms around Katy as she felt the blonde’s soft hand explore her tense body. First Katy massaged Mel’s tits, then stomach and inner thighs. Finally, Katy dropped her fingers into Mel’s now dripping wet pussy

as Mel released her.

“My, my so very tight, it seems this spot needs the most attention of all baby.” Katy said with a smile. Mel could only moan in response the pleasure was so incredible. “Or do you want me to stop because this is inappropriate for friends?” Katy asked, throwing Mel’s excuse the past few days back at her.

Mel was too far gone to respond. “I thought so,” Katy said. “I think we both know we are much more than friends now baby. Don’t think I haven’t felt you staring at my ass, or lusting for me when you thought I wasn’t looking. Stop fighting it Mel and give into me.” Katy said as her thumb found Mel’s clit. “Let me pleasure you, let me make you cum.” Not long after Mel felt Katy get on the table and straddle her thighs.

“Look at me lover, open your eyes and look at the body you have been lusting for.” Katy said and Mel opened he eyes. Katy was magnificent, her big tits, her toned bursa anal yapan escort stomach and between her amazing legs a golden furred slit glistening with arousal.

Katy smiled, “Do you like my body Mel? I bet you do. Especially these,” Katy said playing with her big tits. “All the boys want my tits but I only want you to have them they’re all yours if you want baby.” Then working her own wet slit she said, “And look how wet you’ve made me baby, all for you, but first I think it’s time you came my dear.”

Katy then leaned over Mel and began sucking the red-head’s tits and fingering her pussy. Mel quickly became lost in the feeling as Katy worked. When Mel regained use of her arms she grabbed at Katy’s tits and began massaging them. Katy moaned in response and moved up Mel’s body and kissed her all the while never stopping her fingering.

As Katy’s thumb found Mel’s clit she broke the kiss and whispered in Mel’s ear, “Oh keep massaging my tits baby that’s just how I like it.” Then after speeding up her fingers in Mel’s pussy she whispered, “Come on baby cum for Katy, you’ll feel so good after, just stop fighting and cum for me baby.”

Just then Mel felt her world explode as pleasure like she had never known washed over her again and again. Vaguely she felt her pussy clamp down on Katy’s small fingers as fluid gushed from her spasming pussy.

“There doesn’t that feel better?” Katy asked stroking hair from Mel’s face like a mother.

“Much,” Mel said feeling totally relaxed for the first time in weeks.

“Good because I want to do something else, just sit back and enjoy.” Mel watched then as Katy moved down the table and buried her face in the red-head’s pussy. After that all of Mel’s ability to think or speak were gone until she had a screaming orgasm sometime later.

When Mel recovered she was full of lust for bursa rus escort the other woman and rising from the table she picked up Katy and carried her to an adjoining bedroom. As Katy fell on Mel’s large bed. She was immediately straddled by the red-head. Mel began kissing and caressing very inch of Katy she could reach. After discovering the sensitivity of her lover’s tits Mel made Katy cum just by sucking them. Mel then proceeded to finger Katy to an orgasm before burying her face in the blonde’s crotch and eating her to another climax.

“So how was that baby?” Mel asked when she was finished.

“Great, but I got one more surprise for you. Let me go get it.”

Katy came back holding a long thick strap-on.

“Oh no, you are not fucking me.”

“Of course not, not unless you want it. No this is for me darling I’ve always wanted to try this. Come here I’ll help you put it on.”

Mel got up and Katy helped her put on the before lying on the bed with her legs spread and saying, “Come fuck me baby.”

Mel need no second invitation and soon had Katy screaming in pleasure as she fucked her new lover. When it was all over the pair lay naked together in each other’s arms.

“I dare say thing are going to be a little different around here now.” Mel said pulling her lover close.

“Yes, I think so.” Katy said.

“Like from now on you sleep in this bed with me every night, this is our bed now baby.”

“Yes dear,” Katy said with a giggle.

“…And after that we never looked back. We became a full couple although never too openly because of Katy’s dad.” Mel said concluding her story.

“That was also the last time for a long time I got to be really in charge, not that I’m complaining. I was just glad to get rid of the tension between us.” Katy said.

“I agree, but you got plenty of time to be in charge when we would pick up a random guy and boss him around.” Mel said in response.

“Yes, those were fun nights in the city. I especially remember that one time Brandon walked in unexpectedly.” Katy grinned.

“Oh, I remember hearing about that one, “Ashley said, “But I’d love to hear it again.”

“Sounds like a plan for tomorrow night.” Brandon said smirking.

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