Spring Fling Ch. 02

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Although this is Part 2 of Spring Fling, it can be read alone.

Being an ‘adult’ absolutely sucked, I sighed to myself for the hundredth time, staring at the bed above me.

There were 31 ’18 year old adult’ high school women here at the university’s spring break program. We were all in a bay that slept 48 in bunk beds. While I was fortunate to get a lower bed, there still was no privacy. Bunks were only a couple of feet away on either side, plus the bay wasn’t exactly dark. Worse, the windows flooded the area with light as soon as the sun rose. Going to the toilet at night took you from a dimmed room to blazing brightness, and I was glad I was far enough away from the door to avoid getting constantly woken up. There were only 10 working outlets in the place, so we had to schedule charging our phones, and cell service was spotty, while inside. Worse, the showers were in an open freaking bay! There were 12 shower pipes but only 3 shower heads, plus they were in complete view of the 4 sinks that we had to compete for. There was no air conditioning, just a couple of fans humming all night long. The ‘kids’ on the other hand, only weeks younger than me, got to stay a hotel with the teachers, about 20 minutes away.

I lay silently in my bed, sweating in my thinnest tee and shorts and tried to fall asleep. The problem was I was hungry, and not for food. I hadn’t been able to rub one out since I got here six days ago, six days since Kevin had eaten me out in the front seat of the U-haul. Every other minute, I seemed to reminisce about that moment, only now I couldn’t do anything about it. I had even tried to get off in the toilet stalls, but it was bright as hell, the lights buzzed, and the toilet seat was way too uncomfortable. I was starting to consider going for a late-night walk to find a secluded spot, somewhere. I wondered what Kevin was doing at that moment.

Maybe he was laying on his bed, stroking his hard cock as he… Okay, stop! That is not helping at all. I sighed again.

Completely aroused, I tossed and turned all night long, waking the next morning barely rested. I decided to go straight to the dining hall, hoping the showers would be emptier when I returned. I ate alone, the only one from our group up so early. I left the dining hall, still bleary-eyed, and trudged back to the barracks. I paused, my mouth hanging open, as the most amazing thing transpired. Kevin and five other guys ran by me, skin glistening with sweat as their powerful legs drove them effortlessly onward up the hill. I gawked, staring at them until they vanished around the bend. For a moment I even considered following them back to their barracks to throw myself at him. I was a horny wreck all day.

The camp was difficult academically too. Classes started at 8:00 and ran to 4:00, and my lunch break didn’t line up with Kevin’s. I did my homework on my bunk until dinner time, sometimes getting to sit near Kevin, other times not, then back to the barracks for more studying. He always said hello, but there were always lots of other girls around, girls who seemed to have fun things to say to him and I just didn’t know what to do. And what would I want to do? I was a wreck. That night after dinner, and yet another failed attempt to talk to Kevin, I tried to study but soon gave up. Finally, I left the barracks and wandered off. I found a bench by the creek and burst into tears. I never even heard Ellen come up.

“Hey, you okay?” she asked as she sat next to me.

I tried to wipe my eyes and pull myself together, but it was too late. She hugged me lightly. Ellen was pure class, just looking at her, you knew she came from money. A petite blond that was what all the guys wanted, she looked like a cheerleader. I wondered why she hadn’t gone on some fun spring break somewhere else.

“You want to talk about it?” she asked as she rubbed my back. I shook my head. I mean, what was I going to say? ‘I’m so horny I can’t think straight’ wasn’t something I wanted to tell her. “You missing home?”

I burst into tears again and started blubbering, inadvertently mentioning Kevin.

“You’re crying about Kevin? Why? He’s so nice and is like always saying hi to you and stuff. What happened?”

I tried to explain that ‘nothing’ had happened, which is why I was upset, but somehow, humiliatingly, Ellen caught on that I had never had a boyfriend. And so, I confessed again that I was basically a five star virgin.

“Basically? What do you mean? You’re either a virgin or you’re not.”

“Well, like, ah…Kevin…um…went down on me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, he…yeah.”

“Wow, that’s awesome! Do you know how many blowjobs I had to give my boyfriend before he went down on me? I’m so jealous. So, like, what did you do for him?” I just looked away. “Nothing? He just, like, went down on you?” I nodded. “And you did nothing in return? Well that is just rude. You need to pay him back, girl! No one likes a taker, and it gives you a bad name. You need to pay him back.”

Yeah, duh! That was literally the problem I was crying about.

“Look, Alanya Escort escort it’s spring break,” she continued, “so you can do anything you want. What goes on spring break stays on spring break, am I right? Like, at home, I am the perfect loyal girlfriend, but here I get to be wild. My goal was three but looks like I might make it six! Though, now, Kevin will have to wait.”

I stared at her, boggled. Did she just imply she had been with three guys, while here? How the…?

“But, shit, girl, you need to get a move on! It’s, like, Thursday already, you need to…wait…but you said you were basically a five star virgin, so, like, you’ve never…” I nodded. “And so, you probably don’t know where to start.” I nodded. She thought for a moment and then nodded. “Okay, well, I think I can help. It’s spring break after all, and you want to reciprocate, right? Yeah, I’ll set it up for you. I’ll help you out.”

Before I knew what was happening, she had bounded away. Like, literally skipping as she left. I buried my face in my hands and laughed in disbelief before heading back to bathrooms to freshen up, like she said. Her plan was to have Kevin meet me at the Blackrock overlook in 30 minutes. She was crazy! I couldn’t help but giggle as I washed my face, cleaned off my glasses, put on my nicest tee and headed over. It felt so surreal! I laughed to myself at the craziness of it all. And then, right on time, Kevin and Ellen emerged from the forest trail. My heart went into overdrive.

“Hey Abby, Ellen says you have something to ask me.”

I glanced between him and Ellen, grinning like a loon and blushing furiously. I looked to Ellen, who was nodding supportively, and I tried to figure out what to say.

“She’s just shy,” Ellen finally chirped and hopped over to my side. She led me a few steps away and whispered in my ear. “Ask him if you can suck his cock.”

My eyes bugged out in disbelief at the suggestion, but she was already leading me back to Kevin. I stood in front of him mutely, my face surely glowing in embarrassment. Ellen nudged me, causing me to stumble.

“I…I…,” I stuttered, and Ellen nudged me again, with a nod. Was she serious? I looked up at Kevin’s cute, confused face. Oh, what the hell, can’t get any nuttier. “Can I…uh…suck your cock?” I said, barely suppressing a maniacal laugh.

The shock on Kevin’s face was immediate, but then a slow grin spread across his face. “Excuse me?” he grinned, his eyes boring into me. “I’m not sure I heard you correctly.”

“Can I suck your cock?”

His smile broadened. “That sounds really nice. What caused this sudden offer?”

“Well, I…uh…really liked what you did…ah…in the U-haul, and, like, I wanted to pay you back.”

“Oh, hey, you know, you’re not obligated at all. I just wanted to make you feel good.”

I glanced at Ellen, unsure of myself but she nudged me on. “No, I, like…um…want to.”

“You sure?”


“Well great.”

I smiled up at him and suddenly realized I had no idea what came next, but a moment later Ellen piped up.

“See Abby? I told you he’d be totally up for that. Now first, you have to get him interested. Let him kiss you.” I looked at her in confusion and she sighed before pushing me forward, my hands landing on his chest. “Here, put your hands on his shoulders, good.”

As she pulled my hands into place, I looked up just in time to see Kevin lowering his face to mine and my eyes slammed shut. Ellen didn’t pipe down, though, standing right there and whispering in my ear through my first kiss. His soft lips on mine, his strong arms holding me, Ellen carrying on about how cute we were.

“Open your mouth and let him lead. Good! Isn’t that so nice?”

God, it was so nice, our tongues sliding over each other. Mercifully, she fell quiet and allowed me to lose myself in the kiss. By the time she started talking again, I was already past caring.

“Okay, so now, we really need to get things moving. Get him hard. You should be able to feel him against your belly,” she said and slipped her hand between us to grab his junk for a moment. “You’ll feel it when he gets hard. Meanwhile, you’re going to let him explore your body with his hands. This turns guys on. First, he’ll lower his hands to cup your butt.”

He did exactly that, cause me to rock into him even more as I moaned into the kiss. His hands gripped my ass, kneading it, as sensations I had never felt before washed over me.

“Okay, now he’s going to slowly move one hand from your ass up to your breast. You should feel him starting to harden.”

Kevin’s hand slid up my side and cupped my breast. I mewled into his mouth, just a mindless robot following her directions, my hips now squirming against him. I could feel something stirring down there. His thumb found my nipple and began rubbing it, his mouth now nibbling on my neck. God, I had no idea my neck was so sensitive.

“Now he’s going to slide his hand up under your shirt and open your bra.”

His hand on my skin was even more amazing Alanya Escort bayan and I clung to his shoulders as my knees wobbled. He found my bra clasp and easily flicked it open before sliding his hand around to caress my bare breast. I was lost in sensation.

“Okay guys, stop,” Ellen hissed, pushing me back.

I staggered away and she pushed me down on the picnic table bench, quickly sitting beside me. As my brain finally caught up, I realized that we were still out in the open and other campers were come down the trail. Kevin sat on the table next to me, casually resting his hand on my shoulder, his leg raised to shield the tent over his crotch. Fortunately, the other group passed by with only a brief hello. No sooner had they reentered the forest than Kevin pulled me into his lap and we went at it again, this time with both hands on my boobs, worries about other campers all but forgotten.

“So hot,” Ellen sighed from the side. “It’s crazy, right? The things guys do to get turned on turns us on too. So hot!”

My hands had obviously left his shoulders and now were exploring his body as he mauled my tits, Ellen directing from the side.

“Check out how hard he is. Yeah, good! You did that to him. Are you ready? Okay, Kevin, I think you should come down to the bench.”

Ellen guided me to the ground, on my knees, between his legs. Kevin lifted his hips and pulled down his shorts, allowing his cock to spring free.

“Oh my God,” I gawked at its hardness, standing tall and proud. How the hell can he walk around with that thing in his pants? I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted it in my mouth. I lunged forward, but Ellen stopped me.

“No, silly! Haven’t you heard of consent? You have to ask for permission. You gonna get thrown in jail before you even get started!”

I looked at her for a moment before looking back to Kevin, an unbelievably intense look in his eyes.

“I…uh…can I suck your dick?”

“I’d like that,” he smiled.

“Here, let’s take it slow,” Ellen said, taking a handful of my hair and guiding me before I could just lean in. “Just start by kissing it. Watch him as you do it.”

She slowly guided me to the base of his dick and I placed a gentle kiss on it, my eyes looking into his. His grin twitched as I kissed him, Ellen leading me up his shaft.

“See? He’s dripping. After a guy gets really turned on, he starts dribbling precum. Lick it off, you earned it!”

I gave the tip of his cock a lick, tasting the salty fluid and savoring the look of lust on his face. I began letting my tongue out as I kissed his dick, licking his hard skin.

“It’s awesome, right? See this nub here? The whole head is sensitive for guys, but that nub is the most sensitive. When you want him to cum, focus here. Until then, avoid it. Okay, go on.”

I leaned up and took him in my mouth, my eyes rolling up into my head as his velvety hardness filled my senses. “Look at him! Oh my God girl, you’re making him feel so good. See, guys are strong and can get aggressive, but he is controlling himself. Guys get carried away and grab your head and make it rough, but he’s being so nice for you. He knows it’s your first time, he’s letting you set the pace.”

I stared dreamily into his eyes as I worked, long minutes passing as I noted his furrowed brow, a focused snarl on his face as I worked. His hands clenched impotently by his side as I worked. Ellen wouldn’t shut up.

“So hot! You don’t know how badly I want to pull you off and take over? Kevin, you gonna save some for me? No? All for little Abby’s hot mouth?” My pride soared as he turned her down. “So hot! Look at him! He probably can’t even remember his own name right now. All he knows is that you are making him feel so fucking good.”

His face twitched and he trembled, a grunt escaping from his throat.

“You’re getting him close! So now, when he cums, you focus on that nub, right? Rub it hard with your tongue. Abby, you’re going to make him cum!”

He twitched again and then tensed, his cock growing even harder. Suddenly he threw his head back and groaned as thick ropes of cum filled my mouth. Ellen was cheering on from the side, actually clapping. I didn’t know how much I could hold in my mouth but did my best.

“Now don’t stop, until he is finished! Make sure you keep it all in your mouth. Good girl!”

Finally, his spasms subsided, and he slumped on the bench, breathing hard, his eyes on mine.

“So hot! Now lean back and show him his cum. Good! Now swallow, yummy! Show him your empty mouth. Good. Now, thank him.”

“Thank you for letting me suck you.”

“Thank you for making me feel so good,” he replied, somewhat breathlessly.

“Aw, what a cute couple. So sweet!” Ellen sighed. “Okay, now it’s cuddle time.”

Ellen pulled me up into his lap as he tugged up his shorts. I slumped on his chest as he held me, both of us breathing hard.

I reached up for a kiss, but he leaned back. Ellen snickered.

“Sadly, guys don’t like to kiss after getting blown. Escort alanya Afraid it’ll turn them gay.” She shrugged, “Boys. Well that was fun, yeah? I’ll let you two alone, but it looks like it’s about to rain. I’m sure you can find your way back.”

We snuggled for a while as the clouds darkened, enjoying the feel of each other. Too soon, it started to rain, and we dashed back, Kevin dropping me off at the dorm. It wasn’t until that night, after the buzz had worn off, that the realization hit me. I had made him feel good. No one had taken care of me and now I was hornier than ever. At some point during a fitful night, a plan formed, which is how I found myself outside the boy’s barracks first thing in the morning. After a moment’s hesitation, I knocked on the door. Tom answered.

“Hi, is Kevin here?”

“Uh, yeah I think so. Yo, Kevin!” he shouted in the barracks. “Yeah sure, come in, I’ll show you his bunk.”

I sputtered that I would wait, but he was already leading me in. I hadn’t actually planned anything and didn’t know what to do, but I followed in. My jaw dropped at what I saw: a hallway, not an open bay like we had. Before I knew what was happening, I was standing in Kevin’s ‘room,’ though he wasn’t there. I looked around in amazement. The guys had strung up ropes throughout the bay and clipped sheets on the them to give each of the guys their own room. Genius! There were only eight ‘adult’ guys, so the room was actually quite large. As I was still admiring the construction, Kevin walked in behind me.

“Hey babe, nice seeing you here.”

I spun to face him, clad only in a towel wrapped low on his hips. My eyes bugged out, instinctively dropping to his crotch as I stuttered my apology.

“Oh! I…I’ll leave, I mean…”

He dropped off his toiletries and flicked on his music before turning to me. His eyes were hungry, wolfish as he approached. I backed up until I ran into the wall, where he cornered me and cupped my face. My mind went blank, my hands pressed against his hot, bare chest. His dark pink nipple was right in front of my face, music playing from the side. He gave me a hungry look for a moment and then leaned in for a kiss.

“I’ve been thinking about you, babygirl,” he growled as his hands found my tits.

We went at it hot and heavy, trying to keep quiet. I heard other guys moving around as they got ready just behind the sheets shielding us. He pulled my tee off and opened my bra to fondle my breasts. His towel vanished, as I discovered when he guided one of my hands to his rapidly hardening cock. He murmured that we had to be quick and I sank to my knees. In no time, I was giving my second blow job, slurping him off as I looked up at him, his arms braced on the wall behind me as I worked. He snarled down at me as I brought him to the brink. Suddenly he pulled away and started stroking himself. I stared into his soul as he started to cum, heavy ropes splattering across my bare chest. Finally, he was spent and flopped over on his bed.

“Fuck! Hell of a way to start the day,” he grinned, sitting up on an elbow.

I looked down at my cum covered tits and glanced around for something to wipe it off.

“No, babygirl, wear it for me. Rub it in.”

And so I did, rubbing his cum into my skin, as I watched him dress. We left his ‘room’ together, practically colliding with Soo Lin, who was with Jason. I was so dazed I didn’t even look away as she blushed scarlet and looked at the floor. We all left the barracks and headed off to breakfast. Somehow, I ended up sitting across from Kevin, while Ann took a seat next to him. Was I supposed to sit next to him? Soo Lin was sitting next to Jason. Once again words seemed to fail me, though Kevin would occasionally ask me a question.

That day, as I took my final exam, I was acutely aware of the way my tee stuck to my skin. I could smell him on me. I could feel him on me. I could still taste him. Fuck, I was hot. I don’t know how I passed my exam; I don’t remember a single thing about the test. I finished and went to find Kevin, who still had 2 hours before his exam finished. We hadn’t made any plans, but I hoped to be able to get with him tonight and let him take my virginity. I was totally ready.

I returned to my bed and took a shower, primping myself as best I could. I was down to my last change of clothes, so it’s not like I had much to choose from, plus, I had barely packed any makeup. I tried to distract myself by going for a walk, but it was all just one long, horny afternoon. As I wandered, I replayed the events of this morning and began to realize the odds I was up against. There were 31 girls here and only eight guys, but I was pretty sure that two of the guys and girls were couples. So, I was up against 29 women for Kevin’s attention. I resolved to win this competition, at least for tonight. Kevin was going to be with me tonight.

I was extra bold at dinner, forcing a seat next to him. He even kinda sorta draped an arm over me at the booth, thought it wasn’t actually on my shoulders. The problem was I had no idea how to advance the situation. Worse, they had an ‘end of break’ event that ran that night, so I really didn’t have much chance to get him away from everyone. Finally, the party broke up and Ellen walked right up to him and hugged him. My heart went into overdrive, fearing she was stealing him away.

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