The Deal Ch. 16

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Cindy and Diana looked around the empty apartment.

“I can’t believe that we’re done already,” Diana said shaking her head. “You really don’t have much do you?”

Cindy shook her head, “I moved here a little over a year ago with just a backpack of stuff. I have been so busy working that I really haven’t bought much except some books to keep me company.”

“I didn’t realize that you don’t have any furniture. You were smart to get a furnished apartment, but now we need to get you a bed, dresser and whatever else you want.”

Diana turned to see Cindy’s nervous face. Di smiled and put her arm around the girl, “Honey, I know you are not getting rich working at the restaurant and haven’t had time to save a lot yet. Don’t worry. You’re in a family now that takes care of each other. Trust me, other than Jamaica, Matt and I aren’t big spenders, so we’re doing fine.”

“Okay, but I would really like to do my share. Would it be alright if I paid you back?” Cindy wrapped her arm around Di’s waist and continued to look around the place she had called home for the last year. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be moving into the new home she had. Her hand tightened on Di’s waist hugging her from the side.

Diana smiled at the pressure, “I’m glad you’re so happy. It’ll take some time for us to get settled in together, but I’m sure it’s going to work out just fine. I wouldn’t mind making today’s purchases a welcome home present, but I totally understand if you’d be more comfortable paying me back.”

“This is just so different for me; it’ll take some getting used to,” Cindy smiled at Diana.

“Ahem, mind if I cut in?” Matt came over and swirled Cindy out of Diana’s arm hold. Jeff stood in the doorway wiping his hands, “Ah, the truck is half full; exactly what did you need my help for?”

Diana walked over and put her arm around his shoulder as the two watched the kissing teenagers, “Don’t think you’re getting off that easily buster; we have some furniture shopping to do next.”

Craig walked up behind his father, looked at his dad and Diana, then at Cindy and Matt, and shook his head saying, “Man, do I feel like a loser here. Everybody has a girl ‘cept me.”

Di turned and laughed holding out her free arm. Craig walked into the embrace, so Diana had a Lynn male on either side, her arms hung over both men’s shoulders. “It’s too bad Sue couldn’t be here today, but I think I might be able take care of you both later on all by my little self.”

Jeff jerked his head and stared at the smirking woman beside him, “Really? Miss Diana “no intercourse” Hughes turning a new leaf?”

Diana smirked up at Jeff and pushed her body into his, “Who said anything about intercourse? Girls have more tricks than just that up their sleeves. I really do intend to save myself like I did for David, but I fully realize David is gone and has been a long time. It’s time to live again, and I’m not getting any younger myself. I plan on having serious fun just no intercourse. That still leaves a huge playing field.”

“True, especially knowing you,” Jeff said and then pointed to the kissing couple. “We should break up the lovebirds, so we can get the shopping done and get into a little loving of our own.”

Di walked over to Matt and Cindy. “Gee, I thought you were anxious to get to your new home. I mean we can unload everything if you want?”

Cindy grabbed both of the Hughes’ hands and pulled them from the apartment, “You’re not getting rid of me that easily!”

Soon an empty black truck was sitting in the Hughes driveway. Jeff went into the kitchen to get a drink as Cindy and Matt arranged her few boxes around to make room for the furniture. Diana stood in the living room with Craig.

“Well Craig, we should be able to take care of the shopping if you want to go home for awhile. Just be back here at 6:00 for dinner and some ‘thank you’ fun.” Di ran her hand over Craig’s denim encased member.

Craig smirked, “I will so shoot Chip if he wants to do something tonight.”

“Well, just in case…” Diana dropped to her knees and unbuckled Craig’s pants.

Craig just stood there mouth open as he watched his jeans and underwear get pulled to his ankles.

Di kneeled and stroked her hand up and down the young stiffening flesh.

“Ahh, Mrs. Hughes? My dad, Matt and Cindy are around and we are standing right in the middle of your living room.” Craig looked down at the grinning woman.

“Trust me, there will be a lot more going on later tonight,” and Diana stopped talking and swooped down to engulf Craig’s cock.

“Oh crap,” Craig exclaimed. Jeff walked from the kitchen, leaned against the door jamb, and grinned at his son.

Diana held still and swirled her tongue around the flesh in her mouth. She reached both hands up and grabbed the boy’s butt and pulled him forward driving the cock deeper into her mouth.

Cindy and Matt both got drinks from the fridge then came up behind Mr. Lynn and stopped looking into the living room.

Cindy giggled, “Well, that’s something escort forumları I never saw in my apartment.” She smiled as Matt reached his arm around her shoulder. She purred and rested her head against his collarbone, all three staring at the groaning teen and bobbing head of Diana.

Diana just kneeled and drove her head back and forth on Craig’s stiff flesh bobbing faster and faster as she squeezed his butt.

“Ahhh” groaned Craig as he exploded into Diana’s mouth. Diana held still and swallowed.

“Wow, she made that look easy,” Cindy said.

Jeff laughed, “That, my dear, is a very trained professional at work.”

Diana got back up smirking, “I prefer to call it being experienced; sounds less hookerish that way.”

Jeff smiled, “Call it anything you want as long as I get some of that later tonight.”

Diana walked over, grabbed Jeff’s soda from his hand and chugged back a swallow before kissing him on the mouth, “With pleasure, Mr. Handy moving man.”

Craig finished buckling up and grinned sheepishly at the group in the kitchen doorway, “Okay, well, I guess I’ll be going then. See you guys later tonight. Ahh…thank you Mrs. Hughes.”

Diana looked at Cindy and winked, “Everybody seems to be thanking me for giving blow jobs lately – what is up with that?”

Cindy snorted on her own soda while Matt and Jeff cracked up.

Jeff waved a hand, “See you later, son.”

Diana looked at the group, “so how about some lunch at the mall and then furniture shopping.”

Soon the foursome was walking through the mall; Diana and then Cindy stopped staring into the entranceway of Victoria’s Secret. The two looked at each other while Matt and Jeff watched them. Diana put her arm around Cindy, “Sometime soon, when we don’t have the boys with us, you and I are going to do some serious shopping in there together.”

Cindy giggled, “I’ve never had anything like that stuff before; that’ll be so cool.”

“Tell you what ladies, how about Matt and I entertain ourselves in some less pink stores while you two have fun here.”

The girls looked at each other grinning and, hooking arms, skipped into the store.

Jeff put his arm around Matt’s shoulder, “You, my boy, are one lucky sonofabitch.”

“Oh yeah,” nodded Matt.

The two men wandered down the mall hallway with visions of frilly, lace clad bodies swirling through both of their heads.

After several stops, Jeff and Matt returned and sat on the bench outside of the store and waited until the two beaming girls came out carrying many pink-striped bags.

Cindy sat next to Matt giving him a big kiss, “Sorry that took so long.”

Matt smiled, “Did you have a lot of fun?”

The two girls grinned and nodded excitedly.

“Well, then it was worth it,” continued Matt who got up along with Jeff to stretch their stiff limbs and, taking the bags from the girls, continued strolling together towards the food court.

The foursome made quick work of their lunches and headed to one of the local furniture stores.

Jeff and Matt tested out a comfy sectional couch while the girls looked through the bedroom set-ups.

Jeff Lynn leaned over towards Matt, “So you think this’ll take as long as the lingerie shopping?”

“I doubt it, but with those two you never know,” Matt answered.

It really wasn’t that much longer before a bed set, dresser, desk, bookcase, chair and set of lamps were arranged in the back of Jeff’s truck.

Jeff, snapping his phone shut, walked over to Diana as she stood next to her car. “Well, Craig’ll meet us at your place to unload. See you in a few.”

Di leaned forward and gave Jeff a big kiss, “You bet. Thanks.”

Cindy leaned over to Matt as they sat against her car, “I love how affectionate your mom is…” but was interrupted by Matt’s lips locking on hers.

Cindy purred and swung her arms around Matt’s neck, “Oh, like mother like son; how nice.” She returned the kiss deeply.

Jeff and Diana noticed the two. Jeff whistled, “Hey, get a room you two!”

Cindy pulled back from her embrace, “working on it Mr. Lynn, but a girl’s got to have her priorities straight.” She smiled and returned to her kissing.

“Wow, does she fit in with your family,” Jeff told Diana then, shaking his head, returned to his truck.

Soon the Hughes homestead had all the furniture within the doors, but it was several hours before Cindy and Diana had the perfect arrangement figured in the room, much to the dismay of the sweaty men.

Jeff collapsed on the bed, “how many ways can two women think to arrange a couple of pieces of furniture in a small room? You two are worse than Sue and my Cindy. Good lord.”

Diana flopped on the bed next to him reaching over to rub her hand over his groin, “Aww, do you have achy muscles that need massaging? How about you boys finish bringing the boxes back in here while Cindy and I order some Chinese and sort through our purchases today so I can slip into something more comfortable gaziantep escort forum later?”

Jeff hopped up clapping his hands, “Alright boys, let’s hop to and get this party started.”

Soon Diana, Jeff and Craig were sitting at the table eating and laughing.

Jeff looked towards the hallway, “So they might be going at it like rabbits now and you don’t mind a bit?”

Diana smiled, “You know they’re good kids, Jeff, and won’t do anything stupid. I’m sure eventually things will start to happen but only when they’re ready for it.”

The conversation stopped as they heard a door slam and a frustrated bark from Matt before another door slammed.

The three looked at each other as Diana got up, “Well, let me see what that was all about.”

Diana walked to the first door and knocked, “Matt, honey, can I come in?”

She opened the door after hearing “It’s open.” She walked in and sat on the edge of the bed looking at her reclining red-faced son. “So?”

“It’s Cindy. She is pushing me into having sex with you guys tonight while she unpacks. I just want to relax with her. But she won’t leave it alone. She was even trying to guilt me into it. Why can’t she just leave it alone?”

“It’s because she’s scared, honey. She’s not ready yet, but, at the same time, she doesn’t want you to feel that she is holding you back.”

“I know all that mom, but she won’t listen to me. It’s driving me nuts.”

Diana leaned over and kissed her son softly, “I’ll go and see if I can talk to her.”

Diana stepped out of the room closing the door and looked at the Lynn men still in the kitchen, “Keep eating boys, everything’s fine. I’ll be with you shortly.”

She walked back to the next door in the hall and knocked.


“It’s me, Cindy. Can I come in honey?”

“I guess so” came the muffled response.

Diana walked in to find Cindy lying face down on the bed, her head pressed into her pillow. By the shaking of her shoulders, it was evident that she was crying.

Diana sat down on the edge of the bed and started to rub the girl’s shoulders. “So?”

Cindy turned her puffy, red, tear-streaked face toward Diana, “I just want Matt to be happy and not miss out on things. And now he’s all mad at me.”

“What exactly is he missing out on, honey?”

“Well, you know. The party tonight and the fun stuff you’ll be doing.”

“Scoot over.” Diana told her as she laid next to Cindy still rubbing her back and shoulders.

“Sweetie, if he joins us tonight, he will be missing out on a lot.”

Cindy stopped crying and looked at Diana. “What do you mean?”

“He’s done everything that we will be doing tonight already. What he has never done is help you set up and enjoy the new life that you two are starting to share together living here under the same roof. Of course he got upset; you are shutting him out of what he so desperately wants to do. How many times have I told you – he doesn’t want me; he wants you. To him, a quiet night with you, setting up your room together sharing the experience, is infinitely more appealing than sex with us.”

“Do you really think so?” Cindy chewed on her lip as she thought.

“Honey, I know so.” Diana nodded.

“I didn’t think of that.” Cindy rubbed her hand across her eyes.

“Didn’t he tell you that?” Diana reached over and straightened some straggly hair around Cindy’s face.

“Well, yeah, kinda, but I thought he was only saying that to make me feel less guilty.”

“Okay Cindy, you really need to stop doing that. Believe Matt. When he says something he truly means it. Never doubt how much he loves you. I told you that it’s all about comfort zones, but that means both of your comfort zones. You’re Matt’s big comfort zone not sex. Trust me, he’ll wait until you’re ready, no matter how long that will take and with a lot less frustration than if you keep pushing him towards me when he doesn’t want to. Let him tell you what will make him happy; don’t try to figure it out for him. And make sure you do the same – let him know what you want.”

Cindy leaned over and hugged Di, snuggling her head into the older woman’s shoulder. “I am such an idiot; I really screwed up, didn’t I?”

Di laughed, “Hey, when we’re in love sometimes things get a little confusing. What we think is the best thing can really be the worst. Just talk and listen and it will all work out. Okay?”

“Sure, but he’s all mad at me; what do I do now?”

“Oh, you’re a big girl; what do you think you should do?”

“Go to him and tell him I’m sorry. Then invite him to help me unpack.”

Diana hugged her close, “See? You’re not an idiot at all, sweetie.”

Cindy snuggled in tighter, “Thanks mom.” After a minute the two got up, stretched and walked out of the room. Diana watched as Cindy straightened her hair, rubbed her hands over her face, took a deep breath and went over to knock on Matt’s door.

Diana heard some words come from Matt as Cindy opened the door gaziantep escort forumları and walked in closing it softly behind her.

Diana smiled and walked to the doorway into the kitchen. “So, how are you boys doing?”

Jeff looked carefully at Di. “Fine, but we’ll be happy to leave and take a rain check if that would be better for you guys.”

Diana gave a sexy chuckle, “Are you kidding? I just bought some new slinky stuff that I’m dying to try out. If you boys clean up in here, I’ll meet you in my room in about fifteen minutes, okay?”

The two men just gave wide grins and nodded enthusiastically getting up while grabbing the left over food. Diana turned and skipped down the hall into her room.

******* *********** *************

Cindy, after shutting the door, walked over to sit on the edge of Matt’s bed and stared at the floor.

“Matt, I’m sorry. I really blew it.”

Matt shifted over and swung a leg around so that Cindy was sitting between his legs. She settled back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her neck.

“Well, at least we are an official couple – we had our first argument,” Matt said as he kissed her neck.

“I was thinking about what I thought would make you happy rather than what was really making you happy.” Cindy continued.

“You make me happy,” Matt breathed into her skin.

Cindy shifted around pulling back from Matt to stare into his eyes, “That is the most incredible thing anyone has ever said to me.” She launched herself at him pushing them both onto the bed as their lips locked together.

After a minute, Cindy pushed up to stare down at the beaming boy, “So, you ready to open some boxes with me?”

“There isn’t anything I’d rather do.”

And Cindy knew with all her heart that he was speaking the truth.

********* ************** *************

Jeff and Craig stood outside of the closed door grinning at each other. Jeff reached out and knocked on the door.

“Come on in boys” came a voice that sent shivers down their spines.

Jeff opened the door, and they stepped into the softly lit room.

“Holy shit!”


Diana stood by the bed smiling. She had made up her face in soft mascara and red lipstick and had covered her entire body in oil. She wore a red see-through open front baby doll top with a ruffled edge in red fuzz which stuck close to her skin from the oil. Her arms and legs were encased in red mesh ending in red gloves on the hands and bright red knee-high boots on her legs. She did a quick twirl which swung the top out from her nude body.

“So boys, you like?”

Craig nodded mutely as his father growled “We like very much.”

She slinked over to the men and purred, “Are my two hard working men ready to exercise those muscles a little bit more?”

Jeff shook his head, “Damn Di, I swear you have gotten hotter with age.”

Di leaned up and crushed her lips into his and then drew back, “why thank you kind sir.”

She turned to run a gloved finger over Craig’s chest, “So Craig, heads or tails?”

“Huh? Oh, err… heads I guess?” stammered the boy.

Diana grinned and pushed the boy backwards towards the bed.

“But Mrs. Hughes, where’s the coin?” asked Craig before he was pushed onto the bed.

“What coin? That means I’m gonna blow you while your father fucks me in my ass.” Di reached down and started to unzip the glazed-eyed boy’s pants.

Jeff started to take his clothes off, “You definitely have gotten hotter with age.”

Diana just kneeled by the edge of the bed between Craig’s legs and swished her ass at Jeff.

Craig pulled his shirt over his head and leaned back on his elbows while he watched the grinning woman yank his pants and underwear off his body and tossed them across the room. She leaned forward and let the ruffly edge of the baby doll run over Craig’s cock tickling it lightly. Her gloved hands grabbed the flesh and twirled around it sliding up and down.

Jeff came up behind Di and flipped the baby doll up. He reached down and swiped his throbbing stalk across her thighs coating his flesh in oil.

Diana turned her head to look at Jeff, “Go ahead, I already used plenty of oil.” Then she swooped down and inhaled Craig’s cock.

Jeff smirked, “I have wanted to do this my whole life” and, lining up, he pressed in and, groaning, sank himself completely into Diana’s ass.

Di groaned loudly into Craig’s flesh sending massive vibrations throughout his whole body.

Slowly, Diana’s head bobbing matched the thrusts of Jeff into her back passage.

Matt and Cindy stood in the doorway, holding the cans of soda they had just gotten from the fridge, staring into the bedroom.

Cindy noticed Matt’s grin, “What?”

Matt shook his head, “She’s finally getting her fantasy of two at once.”

Cindy looked back in at the groaning trio, “That is so hot.”

Matt looked at his flushed girlfriend, “Do you want to go in and watch?”

Cindy pulled her eyes from the bedroom and grinned sheepishly at her boyfriend, “You know, I really do like to watch that, but not now, not tonight. I want you all to myself with no distractions.”

Matt looked once more at his mother with men pounding into her from both ends, “Sounds great to me.”

The two quietly pulled back out of the doorway and, holding hands, went into Cindy’s room.

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