Tied up and Abused

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Big Dicks

There I was, my ankles tied to my wrists and spread wide apart over my head. Rodney ran his lube coated finger up and down my asscrack, greasing the whole thing and giving me an icredible sense of anticipation over what was to come. He then got more lube on his finger and greased up my asshole, inserting one finger slowly. It hurt a little. He thrust it in and out slowly, then more rapidly.

It began to feel better, when he added a second finger to the first. It only hurt a little, as he quickly expanded my hole to accommodate the action of his fingers. It began to feel downright good as he twisted and thrust. My cock began to harden. He slapped my balls several times with the other hand as I yelped in pain. He then grabbed them, squeezing gently, then more roughly, rolling them, causing me to scream in pain. My cock got harder, though, loving the abuse.

Martha’s mouth came down over my cock as he rolled my balls more gently. I like associating the gentle pain being administered to my balls with the warm sucking on my hard cock. Her mouth was good, taking me deep, sucking gently on my whole cock. Then she took me into her throat. She had sucked me off many times before, but her husband had never finger fucked me like this. I was starting to breathe harder escort haberleri under their ministrations.

Martha was gagging again. She had told me once that she loved to gag, because she knew it was part of pleasing to her man.

Martha pulled her mouth off my cock and it waved wet and hard in the air as I wiggled as much as I could trying to get Rodney’s fingers deeper into my asshole. It was pure pleasure now. I began to mewl and beg Rodney to bring me off. Suddenly he stopped and backed away from the table. I heard his zipper come down and looked down. He was extracting his cock from his pants. Though he wasn’t huge, it looked awfully large to me. he stroked it vigorously and It got hard very quickly. He jacked it several more times. “I’ve wanted to do this for years, Stu. And now I’m going to. And you are going to enjoy it.” I knew I would.

He inserted the head slowly and rocked back and forth gently, then pushed deeper. It never hurt a bit. I heard a high keening sound and then a voice begging to be fucked. I realized deep somewhere in my mind that it was me. Rodney began slamming deeper and deeper into my asshole. It felt great now, and I knew an orgasm was building deep within. He began squeezing escort hikayeleri my balls again, alternating gently with roughly. When he squeezed and rolled them gently I cooed with the pleasure; when he rolled them roughly, I would cry out in pain, but even the pain kept my cock hard and caused me to beg for more. I begged shamelessly as he slowed and told me to beg him to fuck him more.

“Don’t stop, Rodney. Please don’t stop! Oh God!! Fuck me, please, fuck me!!! Ohhhh! GOD!! Ohhhhh!!! FUCK!!! Make me feel your cock in me, man. FUCK!! Oh, fuck me more. Ride my ass , Rodney. Squeeze my balls. Squeeze them even harder. Oh God!! Hurt me, Rodney. Make me cry out more in pain. Oh fuck, Rodney, you’re hurting me!!!”

He then began slamming my ass harder and faster. I heard that keening cry of pleasure again and knew it was me. My prostate was being stroked and it was getting me very excited very fast.

At that moment, Martha’s mouth came down over my throbbing cock again, all the way down. She drove my cock deep into her throat. I heard her gagging, then I felt her drive even deeper, as her throat accommodated my cock. She was a great cocksucker and she was proving it now. Her husband got to watch as escort ilanları she sucked me off, gagged on me, then driving my cock deeper in her throat.

I began to come. I exploded as Rodney kept fucking me- hard. He was driving deep and fast, pushing me over the top. Martha sucked my thick white jism and swallowed it as fast as my balls could push it through my cock. I cried out in ecstasy, over and over, screaming out my pleasure, my voice wailing. My voice was incoherent, gibberish, really. I sobbed and cried in an ecstatic state, as my orgasm ebbed after a long time throbbing through my body.

Martha pulled her mouth off of my wet, clean cock. she had sucked it dry, for sure. She came over and kissed my mouth, kissed me deeply, exchanging her cummy saliva with my wet and hot slobber. Rodney’s wet and hot cock had softened some and plopped free of my gaping, abused asshole. He promised me it was red and slack, but that it would remember his cock the next time and open up for him more quickly. “So let that be a lesson. This will happen to you again, if you come over here again begging to be fucked.” I smiled at him, cause I couldn’t wait.

But I would wait a few minutes more, though, because he brought that slackening cock over and offered it to my mouth. I took it in, sucked it deeply and cleaned it off. I sucked on it several minutes, till it began to harden again. “Get it ready so I can fuck Martha,” he said. “She’s going to get it now. She richly deserves it. She did a good job on you, now she’ll do a good job on me”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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