Hot Sex with a Big Girl

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Anti Feminism

Robert Engle was a single successful guy. He lived in a spacious townhome. He dated a sexy, bodacious blonde who loved him. The only problem with her lately was she wanted to get married. Her friends were all getting married and she wanted to be engaged.

She was always up his ass about getting engaged. She even stopped giving him sex which irritated him to no end. He was tired of dealing with her and went on a hunt for sex.

He had the gorgeous girlfriend with nice tits and a great ass. He was just looking for somebody to choke on his cock and swallow his cum. He wanted to have anal sex with some chick. He wanted dirty, sweaty sex. He did not want to kiss and cuddle and watch chick flicks.

He wanted to have sloppy kisses and have some chick choke on his cum that he would shoot down her throat. He wanted to fuck a bigger girl. He liked fat chicks because they did not get much sex and when they had a nice guy paying them attention, they would do just about anything to please.

Robert was a great catch. He was tall with muscles in all the right spots. He was tan and had a great smile. He was that guy who had perfect teeth. He had blonde curly hair with blue/green eyes.

He manscaped and did not have any hair on his body. His groin area was smooth which showed off his big cock. He was long and thick. His hot girlfriend did not like to give him blowjobs and never let him cum on her big titties. She liked very vanilla sex. She was a hot girl and fucking her made everybody else jealous.

Robert just wanted to have some hot, dirty, sweaty sex. He wanted to find some chunky girl to get busy with. He went on his phone and started looking for a hot girl to have sex with. He found a few chicks that looked perfect for his outing.

He swiped some chick named Veronica King. She was a chubby girl with a pretty face and looked nice in her picture. She had big tits and rolls of fat on her stomach. He wanted to fuck her for sure. They chatted a bit and he asked her if she would like to meet at “The Hole.” It was pub close to a cheap motel where he would take her to mess around.

She was thrilled and said she could meet him within the hour. Robert took a shower and got ready and drove over to the bar. He would make small talk with her and take her to a motel for a quick fuck. He knew she would be up for it.


Robert arrived at the pub and ordered a beer. He waited a bit and noticed Veronica. He stood up and waved her over.

“Hi Robert!”

“Hey Veronica! Nice to meet you.”

Robert noticed that Veronica eyed him up and down. She smiled at him and was quite pleased with how attractive he was.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Sure. White wine would be great.”

Robert called the bartender over and he got Veronica her drink. Robert was going to try and flirt with her. She was perfect. She was a big girl. Big ass and round watermelon tits. She had a beautiful Gaziantep Escort Telefonları face. She would be perfect to be Robert’s playtime fuck.

“You are quite a pretty lady. I bet you have a lot of boyfriends.”

“I do okay. I am surprised such an attractive man like you, would be available tonight. Is your girlfriend out of town?”

“Nope. I do not have a girlfriend. Maybe if things go well, we can go out. You are a looker Veronica. You have such a sexy body.”

“You must like fat chicks!”

“Baby you have a voluptuous body. Shit! I’m so fucking hard looking at you.”

Robert grabbed Veronica’s hand and rubbed it over his cock which was getting hard.

“Feel that! It is because of you baby. You are making my dick come alive. I hope we can make love tonight. I want to show you a good time. Do you want to get out of here? There is a hotel close by. Come on baby!”

“Okay. Sure.”

Veronica drank her drink fast. She wanted to have sex with Robert. He was a very sexy man. He was saying the nicest things to her.

“All finished. Let us go.”

Robert threw some money and a tip on the bar. He could not believe she said she would go with him.

He was hard and horny and could not wait for a fuck with her. He planned on having his dick sucked and fucking her butt. He wanted to drill her. She was willing and ready. He could tell she wanted him.

“Why don’t you follow me to the motel. It’s not too far.”


Veronica had a BMW. Robert was impressed. She was dressed classy and hoped she wanted to have some nasty sex. He was turned on and ready to have a hot night. He was not going to think of his perfect girlfriend.

Veronica followed Robert closely. He pulled into the cheesy motel. Veronica pulled next to him. Robert went over to her and she opened her window.

“I will get the room. Be right back sexy lady.”

Veronica was over the moon with Robert. He seemed into her and she hoped he would want to date her. She would do anything he wanted and would make sure to please him.

Robert came out with the key.

“Ready sexy lady? The room is right over there. You are making me hard baby. My dick is throbbing for you.”

Veronica took his hand and they walked to the room. Robert kept plying her with compliments. He planned on getting his dick sucked and fucking her butt. He wanted to cum on her big tits.

Robert opened the door and they walked in. Robert grabbed Veronica and kissed her on her mouth. Their tongues danced in their mouths. Veronica unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

Robert was not wearing underwear. She helped him out of his pants and took off his shoes. She put her hands on his semi-hard dick.

“Love your cock! It’s so big!”

“It’s all yours baby. Why don’t you suck it? I really want to feel my cock in your hot mouth. Don’t be shy baby!”

Veronica took off Robert’s shirt. She continued kissing his mouth. Her hands were pulling on his now hard cock. She took off her shirt and unhooked her bra.

Robert could not believe how big her tits were. They were enormous. She left her skirt on and dropped down to her knees. She shoved his left ball into her mouth and sucked it and rubbed the other ball with her hands.

Robert was loving her mouth which was making him hornier.

“Baby suck my dick! My cock is throbbing baby!”

Veronica opened her mouth wide. He pushed his cock down her throat. She loved his cock and began sucking it. She made all the usual cock-sucking noises while massaging his balls.

Robert was enjoying the pleasure she was giving to him. He held her head and pushed more of his cock down her throat. She was choking and her eyes were tearing up while he fucked her mouth hard. She loved his cock.

What surprised Robert more was she pushed her finger up into his butt. She was massaging his prostate which drove him wild. He could not hold back and blasted her mouth with a shitload of cum.

“Fuck! That was so hot! Baby, I have never had that done! That made me so fucking horny.”

“Take your skirt off! Let me lick your pussy now. I bet you taste so good baby.”

Veronica knew that she pleased Robert. She took off her skirt and lay on the bed. She had not had sex in like a year. She was not groomed in her pussy area. She was embarrassed because he would probably find it revolting.

“Baby, you’re a hairy babe. So sexy honey!”

Robert had never licked such a hairy cunt. He would make her scream in pleasure. He was going to fist her and make her cum buckets. She would be horny and then he would fuck her good.

“Ready! Baby, I’m going to make you scream.”

Robert kissed her legs up to her hairy pussy. She was quite plump and had many rolls of fat in her stomach. Her legs were like tree trunks and her pussy was hidden in her bush. Her pussy hair was quite thick and smelled a bit fishy.

Robert would lick her quickly and finish her up with his fingers and fist. She would love it and cum buckets.

Robert dove into her pussy. He pulled back her hair and moved his tongue over her pussy lips. Her clitoris was hidden but he found it and sucked on in. Veronica was moaning and her pussy was wetting up nicely.

Robert pushed a few fingers into her pussy and fucked her hard with them.

“Oh Yes! Yes! It feels so good. Jesus!”

Robert sucked on her clitoris and moved his fingers inside of her fast. Veronica was thrashing around on the bed. She was extremely wet while he finger fucked her. He pushed more of his fingers into her. Her juices were pouring out of her pussy.

Robert had never fisted a girl but wanted to try with Veronica. He pushed his fist high into her wet cunt. He fucked her hard with his fist. She was screaming in pleasure. Robert’s cock was hard as a baton. He needed to fuck her.

“Baby, you are such a sexy woman. Get on your hands and knees! Can I fuck your gorgeous ass? Baby! You are such a hot woman.”

“Sure. Please fuck me. Oh God!”

Robert was ready. He pulled her buttocks wide and pushed his cock into her butt. She must have had anal before because it was extremely easy getting into her butt.

“Oh Baby! Your ass feels so good. Fuck!”

Robert got into a good rhythm. He thrusted his cock in and out of her. He rubbed his fingers up into her pussy which was soaking wet. Her butt felt nice on this cock.

“You are wonderful baby! Your butt feels so nice. Can I cum inside of you or can I cum on your big tits? I would like to cum on your titties. Can I baby girl?”

“Sure. Cum on my titties!”

Robert pulled out of her big butt. She turned around and lay still on the bed. Robert pulled on his cock and blew his load on her tits and big belly. When he was done, he massaged it into her skin. It was so fucking hot.

He lay on the bed with her. He kissed her and pushed his fist into the panting hot lady. She loved the sex he gave to her.

Robert was impressed with Veronica. She gave the best head he ever got. He liked her trick with rubbing his prostate. He had never had that delight before. He liked fucking her ass and fisting her pussy was incredible. He would want to see her again.

“Baby, that was incredible. We must exchange numbers. I had a great time.”

“Me too. Your amazing in bed. Am I dreaming?”

“Baby. You are not dreaming. Give me your phone. I will put my number in your contacts. Are you available this weekend? I want to take you out. Anywhere you want.”

Robert really liked her. She was a great lay. She allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He liked her and would see her again. He would suggest she shave her pussy though.

“Baby, next time bring a razor. I will shave you baby. Buy a douche too. I want to eat your sexy pussy all night. You need a little upkeep though.”

Veronica was embarrassed but wanted to see Robert again. She would do anything that he said. She wanted to fuck him again. He was the hottest guy she was ever with. She really got turned on when he called her baby.

“I better go baby. Do you know how to get home?”


“I will call you soon. I am so happy I swiped you baby. You are my goddess!”

Veronica was over the moon. She hoped Robert was not full of shit. She really liked him and wanted to see him again. Robert got dressed and kissed her passionately and left.

He felt like a million bucks. He did everything he wanted. He kind of liked Veronica and would call her again. He had the hot girlfriend that did not really like sex. Veronica was a hot fuck. She was fat and had rolls of belly fat and her pussy smelled like fish.

However, she let him fist her. She sucked his cock and did not care that he held her head. He fucked her ass and came on her massive tits. Robert would keep his fat chick. He liked that she pleased him.

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