Hot Tub Special

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“When do you think the guys will be back, we seem to have everything ready for the barbecue?” Lindsey asked, as she put the salad into the fridge her tight cut-offs road half way up her firm butt.

“You know men, they get out fishing with a few beer and they can be gone all day and half the night. What do you say we have a soak in the hot tub? I’ll fix us a couple of drinks and meet you out there.” Candice laid out the cutlery on the table and turned to Lindsey her eyes sparkling. “We may as well relax while we wait for them.”

“Boy you read my mind, I’ll grab a couple of towels and see you in a few minutes then.” Lindsey turned and headed for the bathroom to retrieve the towels.

“I’d forgotten how well built you are, you’re so lucky to have those big beautiful tits girl. What I wouldn’t do for a set like yours, naturally stacked and smart too!” Candice arrived poolside with a tray laid out with a couple of Margaritas, crackers and canned cheese spread. Placing the tray beside the pool she stretched and undid the straps on her sundress.

As the dress fell to the ground Lindsey let out a gasp “Since when did you shave your pussy? Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

Running her hands between her legs Candice replied “Hank shaved it for me the first time and it’s easy after casino oyna that. Why don’t you let me do yours for you and then you can surprise Jim tonight? It really does feel wonderful, so cool in the hot weather and steamy in the cold! I’ll bring everything we need out here and do it in the good light.”

Returning a few minutes later Candice helped Lindsey out of the tub and onto a chaise lounge. She then proceeded to spread shave foam all over Lindsey’s exposed pussy. As she carefully ran the razor down the soft flesh she couldn’t help but let her fingers linger here and there on Lindsey’s beautiful bronzed skin. “You see it’s really quite easy when someone does it for you, just let me rinse you off with this basin of water and check out my handiwork.” As she slowly poured the water over the now bare pussy she noticed the new dampness appearing between the pink lips. “So you enjoyed that as much as I did? And what do you suggest we do now?”

Taking Candice into her arms Lindsey answered her with a warm wet kiss to her friend’s mouth. Dipping her tongue into it’s wetness she let out a long moan as Candice once again moved her long fingers along the now naked flesh between her legs. “It feels incredible, so smooth and soft and getting wetter by the minute!”

The two women canlı casino explored each others bodies, stroking, kissing, licking and fondling each other under the hot afternoon sun; totally unaware that their long lost men had arrived and were standing watching their antics. “Well, what have we here? You ladies don’t seem to need us around as much as we had hoped.” Jim drawled as he started towards the two beauties removing his clothes as he went.

“Come join us boys, let’s get our appetites ready for dinner or are you too hungry to wait?” Giggling, both women got to their feet and went into their spouse’s arms.

“I’m a little hungry now how about an appetizer?” with that Hank took the can of cheese and proceeded to spray it all over Candice’s high firm breasts. Passing the can to Jim he started licking the hard nipples clean of their new coating.

“What did you do sweetie, let me see that bare little bud of yours,” Jim was amazed by the look and feel of his wife’s newly trimmed snatch. Bending over her now laid back body his tongue darted along the soft folds relishing their smoothness and slippery wetness. Taking the cheese from him Lindsey sprayed it the length of Jim’s now hard cock and began licking him slowly running her got tongue the length of him, “Oh baby this is kaçak casino the best plate of hors d’ouvres I’ve ever had and free entertainment too. Careful or you’ll have more than cheese on those ruby reds of yours!”

Candice and Jim had moved to the shade of the awning and were enjoying the sight of their friends in such intimate abandon. Candice’s long fingers ran slowly up his cock teasing the tip with her manicured nails and cradling his balls. Kneeling in front of her Jim slipped his cock into her soaked pussy drawing her onto his lap and shaft at the same time. With several slow strokes he quickly brought her to orgasm, her thrusting hips teasing him into the same delirium. As he filled her with his hot seed he moaned in utter abandon.

Meanwhile back on the lounge Lindsey had succeeded in bringing Hank to a heart pounding orgasm all over her large breasts. Massaging the warm fluid into them, she came yet again as Hank thrust his tongue deep inside her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. “Oh Baby you do turn a girl on! What say we have a dip in the tub and some dinner? How about you two, do you think we’ve worked on our appetites enough?” Lindsey called over to her friends.

“I’ll start the barbecue, how about you fix us some drinks Hank?” Pulling his shorts back on Jim headed for the kitchen telling the girls “Cool off a bit while we boys get dinner started, you’ve both done enough for one day!”

“Well that was some fishing trip Jim I’ve never been skunked and had so much fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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