It Takes Two – Act 01

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Young Jim left the Midwest to become a Star in Hollywood, a tale of so many and so very few ever make it at all, let alone make it big. But yet another casting call finds him in line at six in the morning, a chili morning at that.

While in line he meets Dad, his story mirrors Jim’s for the most part Dan has been at it far longer. He has been rewarded with a few background roles and even spoke in a couple of commercials. But far from the Star, he dreamt of being.

The two strike up a conversation which if nothing else seems to make the time go faster. Finally the doors open and one by one the hundred or so possibilities step up. One by one they’re meat to the four onlookers, then told to go to the left or right.

It seemed like a good mix and when Jim’s name is called Dan is quick with good luck. Jim is told to stand off to the right, and then Dan joins him following the directions given. One of the four executioners calls out, “All on the left thank you, better luck next time. Fifty hearts died that moment and fifty more found new heights.

A second round finds the boys on the left this time, they had little hope left. that was until the change and this time the right side was excused. Now it was far easier to count heads and that count stood at twenty-four and both guys within them.

Many were to change places yet not the two new friends, Jim looked to Dan for information but even Dan had not seen such a thing. To add more confusion they were now being called in two at a time. Dan offers he has heard of this, one of the two advances and the other sent home.

As it became their turn they wish the other luck as surely one of their hopes will surely be crushed. They are lead down a long hall and into a small room, both boys recognize the short fat man as one of the four judging them but neither of them know who is is. That mystery ends when he announced he was the Director of the movie they’re hoping for a part. He adds that it isn’t a large Anadolu Yakası Escort scale film and it only pays Scale. This means nothing to both boys as they were not expecting more.

Fat man: Now the good news, we are looking for two to Star in this film and l like you two.

The boys are thrilled and have no way to contain it, jumping around and down to thanking the fake plant in the corner. It took that long for the director to gain their attention once again.

Fat man: “Settle down boys, I’m not done nor have l given you the parts yet.”

The boys are now cold sober as they listen in.

Fat man: “Okay Boys, l like what I see in both of you, there’s great chemistry there and that’s what l need for my staring leads. My movie is about two guys which are both Gay, so there’s kissing. The sex we can fake but you have to be okay with kissing each other.”

Jim: (looking at Dan) “I’m not fucking Gay dude!”

Dan: (Pushes Jim on the chest) “Well I’m not Gay either, fucker.”

Fat man: “Boys, boy’s, I don’t care if you’re Gay or not. But if you won’t kiss we are done here. So what is it, kiss or done?”

The boys huddle off to the side “l need this dude”… “so do l, but man. Shit, what are we going to do?” The Fat man grabs their attention one more time.

Fat man: “Look I’m heading out for a couple of weeks, I’m going to pick two more guys and l will let my assistant work with all four of you. l want you two but if you can’t get past this, you’re SOL that’s Shit out if luck. I’ll see you in two weeks, Now get out if here.”

The woman outside the director’s office gave the boys direction to another room, the office of his assistant. The other two hopefuls were already there. She gave them the time and were to return in the morning. As Jim and Dan made their way out they had words of the situation.

Jim: “Dude, those guys are Gay, we don’t stand a chance, fuck!”

Dan: “Come on, the director likes Avrupa Yakası Escort us. Don’t give up yet, l need this.”

Jim: “Yeah, we’re actors right so we act as Gay and no more.”

Dan: “Right on, we got this. Catch you in the morning.”

The next morning they met back up, the other two guys were their also.

Dan: “Fuck dude, they’re already kissing.”

Jim: “Maybe we should practice too.”

Dan: “Really? Fuck it, kiss me.” (The two kiss like they would their grandma, the one they don’t like.)

Jim: “We’re fucked.”

Dan: “Pretty much.”

The four are brought in and ran through the paces. at the end of the day the assistant asks them to hang on, she waits until the other two leaves and set the boys right.”

Assistant: “look if it was up to me l would fire you right here and now. But my boss sees something in you which I don’t. But if you guys can’t kiss better there is no way even he is giving you the role, fit it, or don’t come back.”

The boys decide to go to Jim’s apartment to figure things out, they thought maybe some beers might help. (Liquid courage as they say)

They tried a few more time all ending in badly. Since they were buzzed Dan was going to spend the night and in the morning they would figure out if the keep trying or to just give up.

Laying down but neither asleep yet Dan looks over at Jim, he is obviously masturbating. His first reaction is to say what the fuck dude, but as he was horny also he chose to join in. Doing so he found himself wanting Jim as he strokes away, and maybe with too much enthusiasm as Jim turns to see Dan jacking away.

But his reaction was not to have one as he kept pace all along. Now with eyes on the other Jim breaks the moans filling the room.

Jim: “Do you think we should?”

Dan: “I’m up for it if you are”

Then Dan came over to Jim and lowered his head to Jim’s member.

Jim: “What the fuck Dude! l was talking about practicing İstanbul Escort our kissing!”

There were an awkward few seconds then Jim added to what he had to say.

Jim: “l mean if you’re willing, l would be okay with you sucking my dick. l mean l would like it if you’re still willing.”

Dan has no response, instead, he wraps his mouth around Jim’s cock and goes for it. Jim gives his moans of approval which only feeds Dan to do more and try harder.

Dan: “Stop, stop. l want to try yours but l know if l cum I’ll chicken out.

With that Dan starts in on him, gobbling up his cock.

Dan: “fuck dude l got it real big, how about you fuck me with it? You know for the Part we’re after.”

Jim: “Fuck, l was thinking the same thing. l got some lube, hang on.”

By the time Jim scrambled to find the lube Dan was on all fours and waiting. Dan was counting the seconds until that cold lube hit his hot ass. A very pleasant surprise when it was Jim’s warm tongue that attacked his manhole first. Dan’s stroking of his cock while being tongue fuck only made him want Jim’s cock even more.

Dan: “Come on and fuck me, l want your cock inside of me, now!”

Sometimes wishes are granted and in a few heartbeats, Dan’s was.

Dan: “Fuck that feels so good, like you’re coming out of my dick.”

Jim: “l know, this is great. l want you to fuck me too”

Dan: “Cool, just as soon as you cum in my ass. Hurry, l want to feel you, fill my ass!”

Jim: “oh, fuck, I’m going to cum!”

With that Jim slammed Dan’s ass hard for a few more times before exploding inside of him. Dan didn’t hesitate, grabbing the lube and coating his back door.

Dan: “come on, I’m ready.”

Jim strokes his cock back to life “okay, I’m ready now” and with that, he goes balls deep in Dan’s ass. It was a short but sweet ordeal and now the two buddies lay side by side catching their breath. With the movie the last thing on their mind they kiss nevertheless and kept on until the Sandman took them away.

Needless to say, they crushed it the very next day and got the part. That was after the assistant saying how amazed they came after just one day. Jim: “Were actors, it what we do, pretend. Right, Dan?”

Dan: “You bet your sweet ass.”

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