My First Time Being The Middle Man

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This is a fictional story at this point. It is a fantasy of mine and I will fulfill it one day.

I have always wanted to be double teamed by two men. I fantasize about it all the time. When I fantasize about it when I jack off I cum really hard.

It was a Saturday night and I had invited a friend of mine over. We have done 69 before and swallowed each others cum. He knew of my fantasy as I ha told him about it more than once.

“Hello Terry,” I said into the phone when he answered.

“Hi Bob.” “What’s up,” he replied.

“You want to come over and do a 69” I asked.

“I would love to,” Terry said enthusiastically. “But I have a surprise for you if you want it.” “Check your phone for a pic I am sending.”

“Will do.” “Hang on.” “I’ll check it out and get right back with you.”

My phone signaled I had a new text. I opened the text and their was a pic of a very beautiful 8 inch smooth cut cock. All I could think of was how that would feel in either of my orifices.

“Damn Terry,” “That is one beautiful cock,” I said into the phone. “Who is it.”

“Just a friend of mine,” He replied. “Just found out he wants to act on feelings he has been having.” “He wants to know what it would be like to be with another man.” “I told him that you and I get together and 69 and about your fantasy.” “Mind if he comes along?”

“Not at all.” I almost squealed like a horny little girl. “Please bring him with you.” “I would love to see that beautiful cock up close.”

“So would I,” replied Terry.

We set a time for 8 that night. I watched T.V. to keep my mind off what was about to happen. Around 7:30 I got in the shower and almost jacked off but held off. I washed and rinsed off and got out of the shower. I had just finished drying off when I heard the doorbell ring. I decided to just answer the door naked. What was the point in getting dressed I thought.

“Is that you Terry,” I said through the door.

“Yes.” “It’s me and Ron,” he replied.

I opened the door and they came in. I shut the door and turned around. Ron’s eyes went straight to my cock.

“I hope you don’t mind my being so forward not having met yet.” “But you have a beautiful cock,” Ron stated.

“Not at all Ron.” “Thank You.” “And from the pic Terry send me you do to.” “I would really like to see it live.”

With that said, Ron and Terry began to get undressed. They laid their clothes on a nearby Ataşehir Escort chair. After they had both fully undressed I walked over to where they were standing side by side. I went down on my knees and took both their cocks in my hands and started stroking their cocks.

“So Ron.” “Terry tells me you have never been with another man.” “How do you like it so far?”

“It feels great,” Ron said. “Wish I had tried this years ago.”

“If you think this feels good you should love this even more.”

I leaned forward and took the head of Ron’s cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around the head. Slowly I took more of his cock in my mouth. He was moaning loudly.

I took my mouth off his cock and asked. “How about now?”

“Oh fuck it feels wonderful,” Ron said. “I don’t know how much longer I can last.” “I never thought it would feel so good to be with a man.” “You suck better than any woman I have been with.” “I thought about this for years but never acted on it.” “Wish I had sooner.”

“I don’t want you to cum yet,” I said. “I’ll let you rest for a bit.”

I turned my head and took Terry’s rock hard cock in my mouth. I already knew I could take his whole cock in my mouth. I slid my lips down until my nose was touching his belly. He let out a loud moan as I slid back up his cock and dove back down again burying his cock completely in my mouth and in my throat.

“Damn Bob,” Terry cried out. “I love when you take my cock in your throat.” “Didn’t I tell you on the way over Ron that Bob was one of the best cocksuckers.”

“Yes you did Terry.” “I have never had a blowjob feel that good.”

He was moaning and fighting hard not to cum while I stroked his cock. I would move my hand on his cock to match the bobbing of my mouth on Terry’s cock.

“Bob,” Rob said. “I want to know what it’s like to suck a cock.” “I’m ready to try it.” “Let me suck you for a bit.”

“Okay.” I said. I got up and traded places with Ron beside Terry. Ron got in front of us and went to his knees. He took both our cocks in his hands.

“How do they feel,” I said to Ron.

“They feel great.” Ron replied. “It is better than I had imagined.” “So hard yet so soft feeling at the same time.”

He stroked us a few minutes. I figure he was trying to find his nerve to take a cock in his mouth. But after a few more strokes he leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. He slid his mouth Acıbadem Escort down until the head of my cock touched the back of his throat. To my surprise he had no gag reflex and with another push he took my cock in his throat.

“Damn Ron,” I shouted. “Are you sure you have never sucked cock before.”

He pulled his mouth off my cock and said, “Never.” Ron said. “But once I took your cock in my mouth I knew I wanted all of it.” “I love how your cock feels in my mouth.” With that he dove back onto my cock and buried it in his throat.

“Damn Terry.” “I’m glad you brought Ron with you.” “Not only did his cock feel good in my mouth but mine feels great in his.” “Ron.” I said to Ron as I pulled my cock out of his mouth. “Show Terry how good you are.”

Ron slid his mouth off my cock and turned and took Terry’s cock in his mouth to the hilt. He worked Terry’s cock like a pro. It was obvious that Ron was into this all the way. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time he would suck and be sucked.

“Ron.” “Terry said he told you about my fantasy.” I mentioned to Ron.

“Yes,” he replied before deep throating Terry again.

“So what do you think about helping me fulfill it.” I said.

“I would love to,” Ron replied.

“Than let’s do it,” I said.

We moved to the bedroom where I got on the bed on my hands and knees.

“Being Terry has already fucked me you get the honors this time.” “Would you like to fuck my ass Ron.”

“Yes,” Ron said. Sounding like a kid that had just gotten exactly what he wanted for Christmas. “I’ve always wanted to know what fucking a man would feel like.”

I pointed to the dresser and said,” “Get that bottle of Aloe Vera and lube my ass and your cock with it.” “Let me work that beautiful cock of yours in my ass.”

“Okay,” Ron said.

He got the bottle of Aloe Vera off the dresser and got up behind me. He slid two fingers in my ass to lube it. He than lubed up his cock. I felt the head of his cock against my hole. I started pushing back as I took Terry’s cock in my mouth. I was finally fulfilling one of my fantasies and it was feeling wonderful. I pushed back until I felt the head of Ron’s cock enter my tight hot ass. Terry was now fucking my mouth as I took more of Ron’s sweet cock up my ass. I now had his whole 8 inch cock in my ass.

“Now fuck me Ron,” I said. “I want you to pound my ass how ever you want.” “If you want to stop now İstanbul Escort and then to make it last that is fine.”

Ron started fucking me hard and fast. “Oh fuck your ass feels so good,” screamed Ron. “So hot and tight.” “This is better than any pussy.” “Damn I wish I had acted on it sooner.”

Ron was slamming his beautiful 8 inch cock deep into my ass as Terry throat fucked me on the other end. It was all I had hoped it would be. I knew this would not be the last time I had two cocks in me at once.

I knew they were both getting close. They were both moaning like crazy. Their fucking had increased in speed and intensity. I was in heaven. I was about to get my ass and my mouth filled with sweet cum. A fantasy fulfilled.

“Of Shit Bob.” “Your ass feels so good.” “I’m ready to cum.” “Can I cum in your ass.”

“Yes.” “I want you to.” I told Ron. “Shove your cock deep in me and fill my ass with your cum.”

Ron started pounding me harder. He shoved his cock as deep as he could get it. I felt his cock twitch as the first blast of cum started filling my ass. At the same time Terry buried his cock in my throat and I felt his cock expand as he started shooting his cum down my throat.

“I’m cumming,” cried out Ron. “Oh fuck.” “I have never cum so hard in my life.”

He must have shot 6 or 7 huge ropes of cum deep in my ass. He didn’t pull out until he had gone completely soft. Terry shot a huge load down my throat and I sucked until I had it all. Before letting his cock fall out of my mouth.

“Oh damn that was good,” said Ron. “I know that I am now hooked and would love to do this again sometime.”

“You are welcome to join us again anytime,” I said. “And more than welcome to get together with me one on one at times Terry can’t make it.”

“I would like that very much, “Ron said.

“Terry.” “Thank you for being a good friend and helping me fulfill a fantasy.”

“You’re welcome my friend,” Terry replied. “It was my pleasure to help you with that.” “We will have to do this again sometime.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

Ron spoke up and said, “It was my pleasure as well.” “I’m happy you brought me along Terry.” “Thank you.” “Next time I want to suck one of you and let you cum in my mouth.” “I want to know what it’s like being Bob seemed to enjoy it so much.”

“That’s fine,” I said. But no pressure or judgement if you change your mind.”

“I won’t,” Ron said.

We all hugged and they left. I went and showered again to wash off the cum that was running down the back of my legs. That was one hell of a load Ron emptied into my ass. I know I want his cock buried in my ass again.

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