My Story

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It was one of those days the sort you just know that you should have really stayed in bed. I crawled out of bed at 5 a.m. that is what you have to do when you are going to move cattle in the middle of summer over here in the land of Australia, if you don’t do that by the time you get out in the paddock you will find the whole mob scattered around under any shady trees they can find and try and move em , not on your life!

So here I am crawling out of bed at that ungodly hour, get dressed, grab a slice of cake, cool glass of water and then off out to get on the motor bike; of course in keeping with my feelings of the moment the rear tyre is flat.

I push the bike over to the compressor and pump the thing up. Well at least something went right, the tyre looks like it will stay up with out having to mend it. Fill it up with petrol check the oil and finally I can start it and go round up the errant cattle who have jumped the fence and got in the wrong paddock,

The grass is very tall and thick,

I get the cattle in a sort of a mob and head them in the general direction of where they have to go. One stubborn critter decides he does not want any part of moving and heads off at top gallop, I set off after him, straight through a galvanized burr bush I ride, unfortunately I do not see the 2 feet high log buried in the bush, the bike hits at about 20 miles per hour, it stops quickly how ever ,I do not!

I fly through the air and luckily for me land in another galvanised burr bush, which absorbs most of the force, but they do not call them “Burrs” for nothing and I look down and there is blood all over my arm, I think I have cut my self badly, but on closer inspection it is just the thorns which have punctured my arm, so I give it a brush to get ’em out, hop back on the bike and set off after the steer which has stopped a few yards away as if to grin at my predicament .

I manage to get him rounded up and back to the mob, feel ling pretty marmaris escort sore and sorry for myself, I do however manage to get the mob back in the correct paddock.

I get back home, get undressed and have a cool shower, I have been out riding for about 5 hours and I feel very sore and sorry for myself, the cold water makes my body feel a bit better apart for the stinging of the water on the cuts from the thorns.

I dry myself, go into the bed room and just crash on the bed naked, and I am soon fast asleep. I vaguely hear the dogs barking, but I am too tired to do anything about it.

I must have gone back to sleep because the next thing I am conscious of what seems like a heavy weight on my back, I am lying face down on my chest, I smell the wonderful aroma of perfume, and feel soft hands gently squeezing my wrists I am gradually wakening, but far from awake I can feel the back of my neck being kissed and licked which is quite a pleasant feeling when you are not quite asleep, and not yet awake.

The body which is lying on my back begins to rub itself up and down, I can feel dampness down around my ass , the body sort of rolls a little to one side with one leg beside mine and the other between my legs. It begins to push up and down against the side of my ass, quite hard now and quite rapidly.

The breathing is quite loud, the pressure as it thrust against my ass is very strong now, my ass feels very damp now I can smell that unmistakeable odour of female sexual excitement, I just love that smell, a husky female voice says “Raise you ass up a bit” I am awake enough to comply; the thrusting is very hard now, the breathing extremely loud the hands are squeezing my wrists very hard and finger nails are digging in to me.

She pushes down onto my ass very hard and I feel her wetness pouring onto my ass it is like someone is squirting me with one of those big water pistols filled with warm water, the smell of sex is very very strong, my ass is totally marmaris escort bayan drenched, the dampness has flowed down onto the sheets the bed is very wet down there.

The body collapses down on to my back breathing hard still, no longer moving just lying there. I am wakening a little now but still far from fully awake; I have no idea who has been taking liberties with my body. Not that I mind of course.

She rolls off my back and gently caresses my back with her hands, it feels very nice. Her hands travel down the centre of my back and caress my very damp ass, she rubs her fluid into my body and her hands press my legs apart, and her fingers gently push against my anus gently rubbing in a circular motion around and around they go.

I feel one finger probing into me, gently it penetrates my hole, it seems quite deep in me now, she gently pushes it in and out, in and out it feels quite nice!

I just lie there and let her do as she wants. She moves her finger nearly out of my ass and she then pushes in with another finger; my anus resists the intrusion of the additional finger and squeezes on to them, but she just pushes in a little harder , my ass feels full , she is thrusting in and out a little faster now, gradually I become accustom to the feeling and my ass relaxes more, she pulls back a little and she adds another finger to my tight hole and continues with her in and out motion,

I have never felt like this before in my life, this is a totally new feeling to me and I cannot say it does not please me because it does! My ass is feeling quite dry now dried from the friction of her ministrations , she must be aware of this, because I feel her remove her fingers and after a moment or too I feel dampness back around my delicate hole the fingers push back into me, only this time there is an additional one, she now has four fingers in my ass, it hurts a little as she pushes in and out, but the pleasure outweighs the pain,

I raise escort marmaris my ass up a bit so she can have better access to my tender hole. It feels so full, and yet so good. I feel her pull back and I assume she must have bunched her fingers and thumb together, I feel like some thing huge is penetrating my ass, it really hurts a lot I scream out “Fuck that hurts” she takes no notice of me and seems to twist her hand a little and I feel it push right into my ass, (damn that hurts) but at the same time it feels so good.

Slowly at first she moves her hand about in my tight ass, gradually pushing in and out a little faster, I cannot describe just what I am feeling now, an intense pain and a feel of sheet ecstasy, nothing I have felt before has felt like this.

For the first time since I was aware of her my cock has become hard, very hard , I am now fully awake; the pleasure and pain ensured that, she must have sensed that and she withdrew her hand from my ass.

I roll over, barely looking at her I grab her body and push it down onto the bed, I move on top of her and thrust my very hard cock very forcefully deep in to her cunt , it goes all the way into her so easily, she is absolutely sopping wet, I can hear squelching noises as I thrust into her, in and out I thrust, she is screaming something, I have no idea what, I am too intent on fucking her as hard as I can.

Her cunt is so wet, her odour so strong she is squeezing my cock with all the force she san apply with her cuntal muscles, she squeezes as I thrust deeply into her.

She relaxes a bit as I pull back and squeezes as I thrust back into her. The feeling is so intense, I feel I am going to cum very soon, my cock shudders as I thrust into her.

I feel my orgasm commencing and my seed shoots into her. So good it feels her pussy is squeezing the last drops of cum out of me, I feel so good and for the first time I actually look at her. I have never seen her before, she is quite lovely, light red hair nice breasts ,exquisite body and one of the prettiest cunts I have ever laid eyes on ,I have no idea why she is in my house, but I sure am pleased she took advantage of my body.

And that is my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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