No Longer the Little Church Girl

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Growing up I was an uptight little church girl, who thought being erotic was making out in the church bathroom. As I have aged and have met the right man who makes me feel so sexually comfortable I have new thoughts about what is erotic.

It was one of those typical weeknights, he had worked hard all day, and I had chased 3 kids all day. We were both beat. I remember glancing over at him in his chair; he was drifting off, half watching television. Out of nowhere I felt this wetness between my legs, I unzipped my pants and stuck my hand on my bald pussy, sure enough I wanted him to fuck me.

I slowly got off the couch, not wanting to wake him quite yet. I pulled off my jeans and panties, my hand brushed against my pussy and it quivered. It felt good to touch myself so I quietly sat down on the couch and stuck a finger in my pussy. I brought my knees up to my chest so I could watch my finger slowly go in and out of my pussy. My mouth watered with the anticipation of licking off those tasty juices. But I had something else in mind; I knew how I would awake my worn out man.

My man was a tired boy, he had been up early working out in the heat all day long, but his pussy knew just what would arouse him. I got off of the couch, took my juicy finger and slid it in his mouth. If anything were going to wake him up, the taste of his pussy would do it.

By this time I was no longer mom of 3, I was feeling like his little slut. His pussy was aching for his cock. Thankfully for me my finger did the trick. As I slid the finger in his mouth, he awoke and threw my half naked body to the floor. He spread my legs open wide with his arms and started to lick my pussy. My body was overjoyed. I could feel the juices of my pussy flowing all over his tongue. I grabbed his head with my hands and pushed him in further and deeper. His tongue was now rubbing my clit, my hand slid up my shirt and I started to slowly escort gaziantep bayan pinch my nipples. I could feel my face getting hot; I wanted his cock inside me so desperately. Tonight I had a feeling he wanted to play; I was going to have to wait awhile for his cock. Suddenly he stopped licking my pussy, he looked up at me with those eyes and shot me a smile and told me to go get undressed and lay on the bed.

I sat up on the floor and looked at him, he was getting undressed. His cock looked like it was ready for his pussy. I looked at his mouth; I could still see my pussy juices on his lips. I got up and went to him, pressed my half naked body against him and kissed off my juices. Oh my god, they were so sweet, they sent a huge erotic rush throughout my entire body. All I wanted to do was be fucked. But being his good little slut, I did what I was told, I went and finished getting undressed and laid on the bed.

It seemed like I laid there forever, I thought that I should have a little enjoyment while I was waiting so I reached down to stick my finger in my cunt, I just wanted one more taste. I lay there on the bed; I was sucking my juice off of my finger when he finally walked in.

There was this all over tingle in my body when he reached down to play with my hair, he brushed it back and then handed me a mask and told me to put it on. I lay there naked, unable to see what he was doing, I heard him digging around in our sex drawer, the next thing I knew, he had my arms and he was trying them to the head of the bed.

Eagerness filled my body; there was this impatient sensation inside of me. I liked what I felt; I liked not knowing what was going to come at me. Then I could feel his body getting closer to mine, his lips we on my nipples, softly kissing them, my body quivered with joy. He worked his lips up my body; gaziantep escort cim cif bayan meanwhile his hand was in my pussy, as he kissed my lips and slid his tongue in my mouth, I could feel his third finger reaching inside my pussy. As I slid my tongue in his mouth, I moaned, all I could think was about his cock.

I lay there with my moist pussy wondering when I was going to have his cock inside of me. He slowly got up. I felt more anticipation not knowing what was next. I wanted my hands to be untied so I could touch myself as I rolled my head back and forth. He spread my legs open, then I could hear a noise that by itself almost made me cum, it was my vibrator. He slid the vibrator in my pussy; unfortunately for me it was only on low. He turned it up to about medium and stuck it all the way in, stretching out my tight little pussy. Then I could feel a wonderful surprise, I could feel his tongue on my clit, rubbing it back and forth. I yearned for my arms to be untied so my fingers could dance through his hair as he sucked on my clit. I could feel him turning the toy up to hi speed. He was sliding it in and out of my pussy, still sucking on me. It was so intense; I could feel my pussy grabbing the toy, wanting to cum on it. Just as my body started to tense up, he stopped, he took the vibrator out of me, I could hear him laugh with delight. He loved to tease me.

To me this is so erotic, not knowing what I will get in my pussy. Getting so close, but then he takes it away. I love the anticipation and I loved being teased. I could feel his body crawling up mine, his lips touched mine, then his rock hard cock slid in his pussy. He immediately started to fuck me hard, pounding me with his cock, I could hear his balls, slapping against my ass. With all the excitement I immediately could feel myself start to cum, I moaned, my body cinsel bilgiler got tight, and I squeezed his cock like it had never been squeezed before. I could hear the juices as he pulverized me. I could tell he wanted to cum; I squeezed harder and harder, trying to get him to cum. But he surprised me.

He pulled his cock out of me and I could feel his hot body over my face. He told me to open my mouth and he slid his cock inside. I got to lick my cum off of it, just the thought of how erotic it was, my body started to tense up again and I came again while sucking on his cock. His cock filled up my mouth, his body was moving up and down so it could slide in and out of my mouth smoothly. I finished cumming and I moaned with pleasure. I wondered what could possibly be next. I sucked on his cock harder and harder; I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. But I was denied, he took his cock out of my mouth.

I felt him untying me, he took the blindfold off of my eyes, and I was free. I looked up at his face, he had that look about him, and he wanted to be fucked. I rolled him over and wrapped my legs around his body. My pussy went down on his cock; I leaned down and kissed him, licking his lips with my tongue. He grabbed my breasts, starting to pull and twist them hard, pinching the nipples. If I was going to cum again this would be how, the pain my nipples felt, just made the juice in my pussy flow more. My bald pussy slid up and down his cock, then with one hand he reached for his paddle. He started to spank me, with the sting from the paddle and the pain in my nipples, all I could do is cum all over his cock again. I fucked him harder as I started to cum; he smiled and called me his little slut. The intensity of my orgasm was almost too much, I screamed in his ear and continued to fuck him. I wanted him to cum so bad, I road him and road him, not stopping or slowing down. Then I could feel it, I could feel his body start to tense up as he came, I could feel his hot juice inside of my pussy.

My cunt was full of his cum; it continued to grab his cock, making him squirm. He was truly amazing, I leaned over and kissed him and told him I couldn’t wait to be fucked again. He has brought out this erotic girl, his little slut, far from the teenager making out in the church bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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