Now Mother’s Gone Pt. 02

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Chapter 1, The morning after a morning after

The day after your unplanned trip to the sea was a Friday. The second to last Friday before the school term came to an end. You woke up to find your daughter still lying next to you, awake but simply watching you. Waiting…

You grabbed hold of her and rolled on top, pinning her arms up beside her head. A wicked little smirk spread across her face. Her eyes burning up at you, daring and seducing. You had her trapped bodily, but with the bond you shared both knew what this meant. She wasn’t going to school today. She had broken down that final wall of yours. You were going to fuck her and fuck her… just as she wanted, and you were powerless to stop yourself. Leaning in for a kiss you already felt your erection brushing against the prickling short hairs of her crotch. While you were distracted by the dance of tongues she quickly pulled one arm free, toppling you down closer to catch on one elbow. That free hand reached straight for your cock, lining it up with her own entrance.

She bit your lower lip, pinching the sensitive flesh between her teeth and pulling: not hard, but enough to prevent you regaining your balance. Enough to show you who was in control. Then she pulled you into herself, eyes locked to yours and not blinking once as your entire length was devoured by her pussy. The process was all one long, slow push. A steady, constant pressure that gave her body plenty of time to adjust to every inch of you as it arrived. Only once your balls were resting against her ass did she release your lip and break her stare. Closing her own eyes and biting her own lip instead, as if to savour the moment you reached her centre.

Then the spell was broken. The beast inside of you woke up to find itself buried in a foolish little girl who’d left her legs wide open. You began thrusting at a pace far too violent for this time in the morning, causing her to gasp and grab the headboard, else be crushed up against it. You heard a startled pigeon leap off the window frame outside as your daughter let out a series of startled but laughing yelps. She kept her eyes closed but beamed like the sun as you slammed yourself into her, her bent knees swinging wide as her hips ricocheted off the mattress.

Soon enough she was pressed up against the headboard, her neck having to twist at an angle while her shoulders began banging wood to wall. You pulled her back from this, never stopping your thrusting assault on her innards. Scooping her legs together you pulled them up onto your shoulders so that you were now pumping down through her, directly toward the bedsprings. She opened those lids once more and challenged you with fluttering lashes. Were you fucking her? They seemed to say. Screwing this innocent little angel in the morning light, when by all that was right she should be already skipping to school with her friends, pleated skirts flicking in the breeze. It only made you drive into her harder, which of course was the desired effect. Her knees were nearly either side of her head now, she reached out her own arms to hold them, mainly to stop them crashing into her own ears. She pulled herself further open to you, every shift of her hips bringing a new angle to bore into her from. A new combination of muscles to grab at you as your cock delved and drowned in her.

There were so many sensations to draw from her, so many of her own bundles of nerves to ignite. Each one hiding a new reaction. A new gasp or gulp or giggle. A new clench of her stomach or buck of her pelvis. A wriggle of her toes or scratch of claw like nails. Now you had truly claimed her it became obvious… you would struggle ever to find a reason not to be inside her. That great descent had passed… What point was there in struggling against lesser slopes?

You took her legs back off her, pulling them up, up and together. She was still a small and light framed girl, you could grasp her ankles in one hand and lift her ass up off the bed. Most of her weight fell back on her shoulders, but her hips could swing like a pendulum. You slammed against them as fast and hard as you could, her voice answering each meeting with a sharp yelp. Once again her gulping passages drew your climax toward them. You held it off as long as possible, a trial of strength and stamina as you taught her this old man still had lessons of his own to teach a cocky young pussy.

Then, when you could wait no longer, you pulled out and slid between her thighs, a welcome return to previous haunts. Your load splashed up the length of her, from belly to forehead. You let the spurts paint abstract patterns across the little slut, while she huffed and panted her way back down from blustery heights. You dropped her feet and collapsed back on your haunches, admiring your handiwork. She was a splayed out mess of a girl, arms and legs wide and dripping with cum. She stared up at the white ceiling and let loose that ever so familiar peal of laughter. The morning had barely begun. You laughed too, realizing that seeing her like that already had you back up to half-mast.

It islahiye escort was quite possible you wouldn’t survive this daughter of yours.

Chapter 2, A sickness they cannot deny

Once the head-rushes had worn off you realised you had better phone her school and let them know she would be… indisposed today. A task that was made considerably more difficult by the fact she was shoving her round little ass in your face while swallowing you whole down below. Her puckered star of an anus winked at you while the number rang through, causing you to wriggle a finger into it while your thumb played with the folds below. All of which was quite hard to leave out of your voice while a stern, middle aged secretary took your details.

The woman was surprisingly ferocious in her interrogation of you, as if the possibility that you could be lying to get your near-adult daughter out of a non-consequential day of school was a personal attack upon her. You stuck to guns though, claiming the girl must have eaten something funny last night. A claim which nearly choked the subject in question as she tried her best to distract you with her deepthroating efforts.

In a spark of genius you feigned anger at the secretary’s doubts, exclaiming: “Listen! She’s throwing up right now if you want proof! I’m trying to hold back her hair while I waste time talking to you!” Then holding the phone near your child’s coughing and spluttering as she almost tried to breathe your cock into her lungs. The woman was much more apologetic after this, making you feel slightly guilty for tricking her so. She was just doing her job after all… and if she really knew what was going on…

The task was done however, the rest of the world was suitably pushed away, its billion eyes pointed away from what occurred within these walls of yours. You and her were free, for three whole days, just to delight in the company of each other. You continued to dip that index finger in and out of her anus, thumbing her pussy thoughtfully. Watching her devote herself to sucking at you as if this was simply how she would spend any free minute from now on. This was going to be a long weekend. A very long weekend.

In fact neither of you even left your bed that day, not for longer than to go to the bathroom or fill the one dirty glass you had up here with water. Even then she would drag you to the toilet with her, tugging at your penis while you managed to gulp down at least a pint or so of liquid replenishment. At one point she made you piss between her legs as she sat on the throne, whether simply to save time or as a growing fetish after her experience on the beach you did not know. The entire day devolved into a hot, sticky mess. The room slowly becoming a sauna of body heat and sweat, baked from the outside by a jealous sun that wished it could see more within.

You opened your windows wide, catching the occasional fresh breeze to flap your curtains and praying the constant animal sounds your daughter made would not carry too far. Still, it did not help much and the girl seemed to be revelling in the overbearing, slimy oppression of it all. She even pulled the covers over you for one bout of love-making, trapping you both in a dank, hot womb of nothing but each other. You rolled together in that red darkness, a mass of sweating limbs and tender flesh, unsure where one of you began and the other ended. You would simply lick, fuck or suck any alcove or prominence that emerged before you, grasping through the sensations of her doing the same. It stank and choked you and oven cooked you in all the horrible ways that fleshy bodies could torment each other. It was incredible, and horrendous. Yet another pinnacle of your sexual explorations of each other, even as it was the lowest place you’d dug to yet. She came, you came, she came again. Time could not find its way into this darkness.

Finally you simply had to drag that cotton roof off, tossing the sodden thing to one side as you shot yet another burning load into your daughter’s twat, currently riding you as she had once before. She toppled backwards off you as you both suddenly emerged, panting like newborn lambs. Then you both just lay in damp patches of your exertions, legs still entwined as last dribbles of semen slipped from both of you.

It took a long while for either of you ramshackle collection of body parts to be able to move. The younger one dragged herself limply up into your arms. A decision was made that not eating all day was at least part of the issue. You ordered pizza, amazed that it was already late enough in the evening for such not to seem strange. The clerk on the other end of the phone spoke so normally, as if today was just another Friday like any other, out in that world beyond your love-den.

It caught you both in a panic when, 20 minutes later, the food arrived… neither of you having moved or thought about how to deal with this eventuality. Your daughter jumped up and grabbed one of your t-shirts, slinging it over herself. You hated to think islahiye escort bayan what the pizza boy would think, as she swayed out the door and downstairs, her hair sticking up at all angles and bare legs shaking unevenly. Still she managed her heroic task, dragging the boxes back up and laying them open straight on the bed. You both ate ravenously, and felt all the better for it, possibly aided by simply having a short period where your bodies weren’t hyped up on hormones and excited nerve endings. You flicked the television on to some crap porno she had left running some forgotten day earlier. But both simply fell into a contented doze, listening to the over-forced yelps of some underpaid actress.

Chapter 3, In darkness we awaken

It was dark when you awoke, very dark. It would’ve been pitch black if not for the dim light of a television idling on its screensaver, one of the advantages of living just beyond the edges of town. You felt surprisingly refreshed, considering the day you’d had. There was little desire or need to check the time, but you couldn’t have slept more than 3 or 4 hours. Pizza boxes still littered the bed and the covers were piled up in one corner of the room. You felt relaxed. Peaceful. Content. Dark things were moving in your world, but you were detached from them, a shadow in a hole of your own.

Your daughter lay next to you, propped up on some pillows and still wearing your old t-shirt. Her head lolled to one shoulder and she was drooling slightly, as always when in the depths of sleep. Her legs were askew, still naked and free. The bouncing logo on the television caused wandering views between them, flashing brief glimpses of her tender young pussy. You simply lay back and watched her for a while, marvelling in every soft curve and tight bend as they were revealed, then hidden once more.

What an innocent thing she looked, when drifting so far away. Though you dreaded to think what she might be dreaming. This was how your darker self must have come upon her, all those nights you could not remember. Had you really done so in your sleep? It seemed beyond belief. But even now, having given in to the truth of your desires, you could not recall being the beast that took her virginity. You were almost jealous… of yourself. Of being that being that claimed what it wanted without fear or remorse. Even now you were plagued with doubts. With worry for the future. What had she made of you, your cum-splattered child? What had you made her? Would her mother ever see what her absence had wrought?

You had crept closer, as such questions chased you. Gently reached out to touch her. To stroke her hair, feel her soft breath upon your chest. You just had to check if she was still real, every moment you lived this twisted fantasy. Still more human than angel, flesh than porcelain. Some men paid fortunes for plastic dolls and clever robots. False imitations of this erotic playmate you had produced quite by accident, out of thin air and broken condoms no less. You found yourself already rubbing your erection against her leg. Sliding it over her thighs toward that jewel at their centre.

She was yours now and always. You could no longer doubt it. Inside and out you were welcome, each square of soft skin ready and waiting. You carefully maneuvered around her, not wanting to wake her… not yet. Lined up with her entrance, you danced your tip in her folds. Enjoying the feel of soft flesh slowly warming. She began loosening already, dampness crawling out to meet you. Even unconscious her body had played this game enough recently to know what was needed. As you dipped a little into her, her lips sang slight murmurs. But she still didn’t wake, even as you slid forward an inch. You bobbed then just here, for a little while. The silent, secret pleasure of fucking the very edge of a ghost. A sleeping beauty’s tight rim. You could not resist for long though. You pushed on into home.

She woke up of course, but not all the way. Dancing on the ridge of her dreams. You had her in your arms, sat up against the headboard. She yawned heavily as you pumped into her, so relaxed with the situation as to make you believe the same thing had been happening in both worlds. Her arms drooped over your shoulders and hands clawed at your back, just like a cat stretching out its first carpet scratch of the day. Still dopey, your child leant over your shoulder, as she had once done when needing burping as a baby. Content to let you use her as long as no input was required on her end just yet.

You picked her up a bit and kept going, pushing up and in at an unhurried pace. No need to shake her violently back to you. Whatever you might be, the beast in the night was still buried. You were just you. Father to an angel. Fucking her till she flew. You lifted her higher and higher, till her weight tipped you backwards, landing you awkwardly on a greasy pizza box. She rewarded you with a kiss, simple and soft. Thanks for the rude awakening and proof that she was now alive once more. Her own hips took over that escort islahiye precious rhythm, bobbing still careful and slow. You had all night after all. No need to rush things right now.

It took a good long time for either of you to cum, nerves dulled by a day of use. That did not stop you from trying though, shifting position throughout the night. By dawn you were both exhausted once more, drifting back to sleep still locked together. The mere sun couldn’t rouse such a partnership, two champions of love pushing out to find the very edge of their limits.

Chapter 4, We damage ourselves when living dreams

Saturday became a blur. You woke around noon, this time to find she had started before you returned to the world. A bobbing pair of ass cheeks greeted your sleep-glued eyes, she rode you casually, facing away, watching inane daytime television. So engrossed in the show that she kept watching even quarter of an hour later, when you tipped her onto hands and knees to finish in her doggy style.

So the day moved on, much as the last. You finally left the bedroom at least, but the surroundings made little difference. The parental pair of you fucked from room to room: Alighting on tables. Bending over sofas. Perching precariously on chairs. Neither had slept or ate enough. Neither were particularly fit. By mid afternoon you were shooting dry blanks at or in her, your body unable to produce baby-making liquid fast enough; but you kept going anyway… an orgasm without such being a separate experience in itself.

Besides it wasn’t like the girl needed any more coating. The pair of you were a despicable mess of each other’s bodily excretions, dried on or left dripping. It was vile, in such a refreshingly horrific way. You felt you could do anything to this dirty little whore-urchin of yours, as her body leaked lubricant from both ends. Yet eventually the novelty wore off. Your last few screws of the evening became grumpy affairs, tiredness and discomfort leading both of you to start simply barking erotic demands at each other. You weren’t willing to stop of course: This two-part orgy had been going on for so long now that ‘not fucking’ seemed an entirely alien concept. Each just wanted to give and take their fill in the most efficient way possible.

It all had to stop when the next takeout was ordered though. Your daughter threw on some other old t-shirt that had been lying around: back to front, inside-out and, seeing as it was hers, completely unsuitable for covering her still bare lower-half. She couldn’t have cared less. The delivery boy wrinkled his nose up in surprise when she appeared, unsure whether to be aroused or horrified by the view he was granted. However he was chased off the doorstep when he asked such an impertinent question as “What’s that in your hair making it stick up so much?” He clung to the money she’d thrown at him, counting himself lucky she had said ‘keep the change!’ at the end of a long line of expletives. Perhaps it later became his story of pride when shared with mates round the bar. Gradually becoming more embellished with each telling until he almost ravaged her as much in his mind as you had in real life.

Meanwhile your daughter and you slumped in a darkening lounge. Munching in grim silence and wallowing at the thought that after this you’d probably have to start screwing again. Instead, a truce was made. A very long and very soapy bath was needed, and neither of you would be allowed to excite the other for the whole duration. It was like slipping into heaven, entering those soon-to-be-murky waters. With food in your bellies and layers of grime finally lifting, all seemed relaxed and hopeful once more. You washed each other diligently, avoiding sensitive spots to the best of your abilities. Then lay back and simply floated with each other, as you had so many times before. Of course sleep claimed you both nigh instantly, resulting in a rude awakening some hours later, with stiff necks in icy water. You wrapped your little girl in towels and carried her upstairs, the pair of you settling in her bed, where clean sheets and unused covers awaited.

The next morning you suffered for your excesses. Waking up was like being birthed through a window, your daughter’s soft mattress more like a bed of nails. Oh how you ached. Every bone and muscle roaring at you that spending two days and a night continuously fucking someone much more energetic and spry than you was a recipe for disaster. Not that said hyperactive nymph seemed in much better shape, for all her flexibility. You both just lay with each other, groaning, until it became obvious not moving was as painful as doing so.

As she slid off the bed you nearly laughed at your child’s toes-turned-in waddle, until you glimpsed how red and sore her pussy looked. She was still so new to sex after all, you should have realised going to such extremes would rub her tight inner self raw. You had been far too caught up in her enthusiasm as a lover to fulfill your restraining role as a father. Your cock fared better, having previously dealt with the whims of a sex-addict, yet you had to keep reminding yourself: she was not her mother. Still, the girl held herself high and proud, clearly showing much more concern over your near-petrified muscles than her own glowing genitalia. She heaved you up and pushed you all the way to a hot shower, like a mother sparrow shepherding her overshadowing cuckoo chick.

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