Lustful Sleep

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Angie awake to the sounds of what she thought was her roommate in pain. She rushed into her room only find her roommate Ann withering and moaning with her hand down her panties and her face contorted in the most intense orgasm Angie had ever witnessed. Not did she have at least three fingers plunging into her wet pussy her other hand was giving her left breast a real workout. Angie watched in amazement as Ann pumped her fingers inside her own wet pussy making a loud squishing sound with each plunge. Ann’s face looked tortured by the orgasm that rocked her while Angie couldn’t believe what she was watching her roommate do to herself it ended just like that. Ann had a smile on her face and was sound asleep as her body relaxed and the deep breathing of sound sleep was all Angie could hear. Stunned Angie watched for a few more minutes before returning to her room.

Angie lay there so turned on that she couldn’t sleep, all she could do was think about what she had seen Ann doing in the next room. Oh the hell with this she thought as she reached into her night table draw and removed the large dildo she used when she just couldn’t get laid. This was her favorite toy and she knew it well, it was thick and long just like she liked her real cock. Angie moved it to her lips and licked the large head to moisten it before she guided it into her wet pussy. Mmmmm she moaned as it entered her slowly, oh yes that’s what I need right now as it filled her pussy so full. Angie moved the toy slowly at first and faster as her orgasm began to rush through her body. Oh yes, Oh god, that feels so good she moaned as her hand worked the dildo deeper and faster into her soaking wet pussy until the orgasm subside and she fell almost instantly into a deep sleep.

The next morning Angie greeted Ann as she entered the kitchen to eat breakfast before work. Angie watched her fix a cup of coffee and sit down to a large bowl of cereal. Angie couldn’t contain herself another minute and asked Ann if she knew what had happened last night. What are you talking about Ann asked with a puzzled look, Angie said you don’t know do you, what happened Ann asked. Well I don’t know how to say this but you woke me last night moaning very loudly. I went into your room thinking you were hurt and your hand was shoved up your pussy and you had the hardest orgasm I have ever seen anyone have in my life. I was not Ann said, I would never do that and you know it. How dare you say such a thing to me like that, Ann left the kitchen and almost ran out the door to her car. Angie stood there shocked at her reaction to what she told her.

It was late that night before Ann returned home. Angie tried to talk to her and Ann told her to just leave her alone she would move out just as soon as she could. She wasn’t going to live in a house were people said such horrible thing about her and that she would pay her rent for the rest of the month but she was leaving just as soon as she could. Angie was shocked as she listened in disbelief at what she was hearing, why are you so mad she asked, well if you don’t know then I am sorry for you Ann said. Hey look everyone masturbates at some time in their life so get off your high horse and admit you did it. I will not Ann shouted back at Angie and I wish I never moved in here she said slamming her bedroom door behind her.

Angie just sat there not believing that all this had happened. Well if she won’t believe me then maybe she should move out. I don’t need this orhangazi escort shit she said as she went to her room to watch some TV and get ready for bed. Hell if I had an orgasm just half as intense as what she witnessed last night I could go without sex for a whole week she said to herself almost laughing out loud. Angie watched a few shows waiting for the Tonight Show to come on which was her favorite show since she was a teen.

All right at last my show Angie said as she slipped into bed pulling the cover up and turning the lamp off. Jay was great he went through the mono and she laughed at every word. Just as he announced his first guest Angie heard that sound again. She sat straight up in bed, that bitch is at it again she said. I’ll teach her she said jumping out of bed heading straight to the closet grabbing her camcorder and running to her roommate’s room. Angie turned the camera on before she entered the room, she aimed it at Ann as she withered and moaned louder than the night before. Her hands pounded her pussy like a piston in a race engine. She worked faster and harder without missing a stroke she slammed her fingers deep inside herself and her moans and cries of passion filled the room as Angie recorded every last second of the most intense orgasm she had ever seen. It was more powerful than the night before if that was possible. Angie felt her own pussy begin to get wet from watching this act of passion. Oh my God she said as Ann brought her fingers to her lips and sucked her own cum from her wet fingers before driving them back inside her soaking wet pussy. This is just more than I can stand Angie thought as she recorded with one hand and began to stroke her own pussy with her free hand.

Oh yes baby fuck that pussy of yours, that’s right Angie said as she watch her roommate fuck herself to another hard orgasm and just like the night before it ended just like that. Angie smiled as she removed her own fingers from her pussy and headed back to her room for another romp with her buddy in the drawer. Angie worked her pussy over good this time she was excited beyond belief from watching the show that Ann had given her.

Angie was up early the next morning and she set the VCR up with the tape from last night before Ann awoke. Angie sat in the living room waiting for Ann and it wasn’t long before she heard her in the bathroom doing her usual morning stuff. Ann emerged from the bathroom and headed towards the kitchen when Angie called her into the living room. I have something to shop you miss goodie two shoes and turned on the VCR. The tape showed Ann finger fucking herself withering and moaning, Ann’s hands went to her face shocked at what she was watching, this can’t be true Ann said as she watched herself humping her own hand as the orgasm rocked her body. Well Angie said after the tape finished, I am so sorry Ann said I had no idea that I was doing this. I can’t believe I did that to myself Ann said sitting down on the couch. Well you did and I will tell you this Angie said you made me so horny I started fingering myself just watching you. I am so ashamed of myself Ann said, well don’t be if I could have an orgasm that intense I would never leave the house Angie said with a big smile on her face.

Angie could I tell you something Ann asked, yes you can tell me anything, I have never had an orgasm while making love Ann said. For real Angie said in disbelief, you mean you cum in your sleep and nilüfer escort not when you are getting a hard cock shoved in you? Yes that’s what I am saying and I have never masturbated awake that’s why I got so mad at you yesterday. Wait a minute Angie said, let me get this right now, you cum in your sleep and not when you fuck a real cock and you don’t masturbate. That’s right Ann said letting her head hang down in shame, well I think its time you learned to cum while your awake Angie said with a big smile. I couldn’t do that Ann said as her face turned beat red, oh yes you can and I am just the person for the job Angie said as she jumped up off the couch and pulled Ann with her.

It was Saturday after all and they didn’t have to work so they had the whole day to get Ann off awake. Angie lead Ann into her bedroom pointing to her bed she told Ann to climb in and strip naked. I couldn’t strip in front of you Ann said as she turned to leave, Angie pulled her back and said oh yes you can if you want to cum you can and started to pull Ann’s nightshirt over her head. Ann didn’t fight as her nightshirt left her body naked except for her panties. Now slip those things off while I get us some things to play with, now where is that new toy she said rummaging through a drawer. Here it is she screamed as she held up her newest dildo, this has never been used so you may as well be first to see if it has what you need Angie said handing her the toy. Ann stood there looking at this thing, it was nine inches long, very thick and black. As far as your fingers were shoved up your pussy this just might do the trick now get ready Angie said with a sly grin.

I could never allow you to stick that in me Ann said, well I am Angie said as she jumped on the bed holding Ann down with all her might. Ann didn’t fight to long before Angie had her pinned down and helpless. Angie smiled at the sight of Ann’s mouth just inches away from her cunt, well now Angie said as she wiggled her hips forward just a little more. I think you are in my control right now so just lay back and enjoy it and after all I am just trying to help you remember. Ann relaxed a little as the odor of Angie’s pussy filled her nostrils, it was a strong odor after the work out she gave it last night and it was driving Ann crazy with lust. Ann wasn’t a lesbian she had never been drawn to woman before why was she getting so turned on my the aroma of hew roommates pussy. Angie leaned back just a little with the large black dildo and started to rub Ann’s clit with the tip. The more she leaned back the closer her pussy was to Ann’s lips and it was almost more than Ann could stand. Angie turned on the vibrator and started to move it through her clit slowly letting the vibrating tip massage Ann’s clit to relax her more.

Angie laid the vibrator down against Ann’s clit and ran a finger through her wet pussy lips, oh yeah Angie said as her finger slipped inside Ann’s now soaking wet clit, I think you are ready for this now as she reached for the dildo. She moved the mushroom shaped head against her clit, slowly inserted just the large head into her while the vibrating dildo worked its magic. Oh yes she heard Ann say as another inch of the black monster slipped inside her, so we are liking this are we Angie asked as she moved the black monster in a little more. Ann was in heaven and she didn’t even know why, her body started to move to the motion of Angie’s hand action with the dildo. türbanlı escort Her moans of lust began to purr as Angie slipped more of the dildo deeper inside her.

Angie was focused on what she was doing and didn’t even notice Ann’s tongue begin to lick her inner thigh just a inch from her clit. Angie moved back move to have a better angle with the dildo when she felt Ann’s tongue slip under her panties and touch her clit. Oh yes Angie said as Ann pulled her panties aside to allow her tongue to enter Angie’s pussy. It was the first time Ann had ever tasted another woman and she liked the flavor and the aroma was driving her wild with lust. Angie moved off Ann for a brief moment to remove her panties and sit on Ann’s facing her cunt now instead of bending back to work the dildo. Angie leaned down and watched the massive cock slid all the way inside Ann’s hungry cunt as she moved it in and out she felt Ann’s finger enter her pussy and start to probe deep inside. Angie moaned as Ann’s tongue licked her clit while she ran two fingers deep inside her wet pussy. Ann moaned louder as Angie pushed the dildo all the way inside her pussy, she had all 9″ deep in her cunt and the steady vibrating was driving her over the edge. Ann began to moan louder and buck against the dildo as Angie worked it harder and faster. Angie was ready to explode herself from the licking and fingering of Ann and she rubbed her clit against Ann’s mouth as the waves of pleasure began to rock her body. Ann had begun to orgasm also and screamed out fuck my pussy oh god fuck me hard I need that cock in me.

Angie leaned closer and sucked Ann’s hard clit just as her orgasm began to explode. Angie loved the taste of a pussy being fucked and she sucked up the cum that was seeping out of Ann’s cunt as she slammed the dildo harder inside her now convulsing cunt. Ann screamed louder as she exploded over and over as orgasm after orgasm rushed through her body. Ann was so lost in lust she didn’t know what she was doing, her fingers slammed deep inside Angie’s pussy and she sucked up all the cum as it poured out around her fingers. Oh yes Oh yes I can’t stand it anymore, fuck me oh god fuck me Ann screamed as she orgasm for the last time. Angie slowed her pace with the dildo and slipped it out of Ann’s dripping pussy, Ann moaned softly as it popped out.

Ann quickly rolled Angie over and grabbed the dildo away from her, now its your turn to cum she said with a big wicked smile. Ann leaned down and kissed Angie passionately before moving down to her clit with the dildo in hand. Angie moaned as she felt Ann’s lips sucking at her now swollen clit and the vibrations from the dildo almost made her cum before it entered her. Ann moved the dildo around her lips and back across her anus as Angie moaned louder. She pointed the massive head at Angie’s clit and pushed slowly watching her pussy open to accept the mighty cock. Oh my god Ann said as she watched Angie’s pussy take every inch of the massive cock. I love this she said as her lips sucked away at Angie’s clit while fucking her with the dildo. Angie’s moans began to get louder as her cunt began to explode as a rush of intense orgasm filled her body with more pleasure than she had ever known. Angie bucked her hips to meet the thrust of Ann’s hand, she screamed in desire fuck me damn it, fuck my cunt hard, as the orgasm took control of her body and soul she squealed with pleasure as she came over and over again.

Ann lay beside Angie as they both relaxed and tried to regain some control over what had just happened to them. Ann smiled as she kissed Angie and said thank you for freeing me at last. I will never be able to tell you how happy I am at this moment. Angie smiled as Ann moved down her body with a sheepish grin on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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